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  1. Tax payable on sale of UK Property

    Would any gain fall under Progressionvorbehalt given that the UK has first rights on taxing property under the DTA?
  2. UK Private Pension - tax free lump sum

    Would the lump sum fall under the german "Fünftelregelung"?
  3. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    If all else fails, this article says 20% is often accepted as the land value - so maybe try that?   https://helfer-in-steuersachen.de/index.php/inhalt/10-tipps-zur-anlage-v-einkünfte-aus-vermietung-und-verpachtung/300-tipp-1172-beim-hauskauf-aerger-mit-dem-boedenwert.html   nb. The other pages on this site are quite helpful for some of the detail on box filling along with the guide here on Toytown
  4. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    Mine are also leasehold which I think correspond to Erbpacht. I haven't found specific rules for the depreciation of that yet but for Erbbaurecht (where you own the building but not the land) you seem to take the price of the lease divided by the number of lease years. I guess ground rent is equivalent to Erbbauzins and therefore allowed under Werbungskosten.