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  1. Computer hacking

    Hi everyone, recently I have noticed my account has seen failed hack attempt from China.  Have others experienced something similar?  
  2. How does a Wohngemeinschaft work?

    You misunderstood me. It is not about cornering you (or any other landlord) under allegations of discrimination. It is about understanding THE LAW (which is easier for a layman to understand using specific cases) i.e. exactly up to which point it is discretion and beyond which it is discrimination. Or is it (= "no" decision) always discretion, no matter what!
  3. How does a Wohngemeinschaft work?

    Fair enough, as long as it goes both ways, and it involves sharing private spaces. Do they also apply for letting independent (unshared) rental properties? Or should it be determined objective financial (and rental) history alone ? AGG = Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz
  4. How does a Wohngemeinschaft work?

    Are such questions allowed under German AGG?  
  5. My partner's cousin has lived entire 2 years duration of her Masters program in a privately run "Studentenwohnung" in Frankfurt, that was also rented out to blue collar workers (using legal loopholes), and effectively was nothing short of a slum. Police visits during loud Saturday parties, tenants subletting to multiple illegals in single seater room, filthy kitchen, tenants using water in toilet to clean themselves (instead of toilet paper): she has experienced it all. She was vocal, proactive, took photos whenever she could. She successfully helped evict 3 illegal squatters. Filthy kitchen was far tougher to tackle; but she did not back down and did "tit for tat" reply whenever possible. She was herself POC which helped her taking a stand (being immune against random racism allegations) Now the authority has entirely stopped renting out to blue collar workers. Now the Wohnung (from where she moved last April) is almost entirely rented out to foreign students (mostly South and East Asians) who also cook 4 warm meals a day, but are much more law abiding and tends to follow rules and adopt better cleanliness norms if enforced.
  6. How's a simplistic "take it or leave it" comment without any nuance: a good comment? She actually said what the nuisance creating tenants want.
  7. Work culture clashes

    You are correct with this observation. My sister who works in Academia thinks there could be basic mismatch in work ethics. E.g. foreign researchers preferring longer, lax, unaccountable working hours (intersperse with many socialising breaks) over Germans preferring serious work for 8 hours. I have rarely experienced anything similar working in rather homogeneous Insurance industry. But it doesn't help holding rigid Germanisation as a basic must-have, when entire EU (and many first generation skilled workers) have de-jure Equal opportunity in German Labour market, which has been de-facto denied using diverse arguments, private ownership, language proficiency, Azubis are more plug-and-play etc. Germany being undesirable to skilled migrants could be detrimental for the economy.
  8. Bank transfers to Switzerland

    My sister has a 2-years contract with ETH Zürich as Post Doctoral Researcher in Biochemistry Department. She wants to transfer a part of her German savings to Switzerland (about 10K). Will normal Bank transfer (SEPA- Single Euro Payment Area) which also applies for Switzerland (but with exceptions): be the cheapest means of transfer? Is it better to do payments in Euro denominated credit card (which charges real time floating exchange rate, and no additional transaction charge)? Thanks in advance !
  9. Work culture clashes

    @MonaMon Calling someone fishbrain is not passive-aggressive but direct insult, and needs to be addressed to HR. But then again in Germany HR is virtually relegated to Admin roles and rarely assume any role in conflict resolution or defining standard code of conduct at workplace and leaves it to common-sense, which is often variants of might-is-right / take-it-or-leave-it / my-turf-my-rule /whatabouterry. @optimista Sorry for your experience.  I have experienced something similar. Given that I have mostly worked as external at client location, the jurisdiction of mobbing at workplace were often blurred. Had loads of completely project specific assignments (often time critical) assigned as elementary and obvious.I always tried to maintain clarity (e.g. time logs in shared excel sheet), accepted assignment with pre-declared minor caveats, maintained neutral body language: all these helped to some extent.
  10. Work culture clashes

    During Corona crisis I have been temporarily working for an Insurance client in their Düsseldorf based small IT office, which is largely empty in current days. I share my room with 4 other workers, only one of whom is regularly working in office as he is training a newcomer Graduate hire. I have noticed the communication style is exceptionally harsh by the standards of office culture, which is usually distant but mild mannered. The senior colleague is in his mid 50s and his art of knowledge transfer is not in form of straight statements, but in form of open ended questions and corrections in multiple iterations. The questions are often posed as fundamentals, this makes even minor corrections appear to be fundamental deficiencies. I have noticed the new employee to get frustrated with constant volley of questions and corrections, which often nears of dressing-down. I have tried to leave the room when discussions get particularly heated, in an attempt to send a message. While the general idea is useful as it encourages newcomers to think on their feet and helps clarify basics, I am not sure if going overboard with total lack of empathy, is productive?  Have you guys notices something similar?
  11. Living in Germany, working in Switzerland

    If you are resident in Germany, you are mandated to pay Krankenversicherung (irrespective of employment status) but the amount of Krankenversicherung is determined by your employment status (Public insurance: proportionate to your salary; Private Insurance: fixed amount provided your salary exceed Beitragsbemessungsgrenze) Determining the amount of Health insurance premium is tied to your salary, and here comes your work contract in concern to German authorities, who would expect you to pay German taxes if you work in CH and reside in DE.
  12. Living in Germany, working in Switzerland

    Is this 60-Tage-Regelung für Grenzgänger Steuern? Does it require explicit consent from employer, and the latter bears burden of proof that such an arrangement is unavoidable? If yes, what are the acceptable evidences of 60 nights stay in CH? Thank You
  13. Living in Germany, working in Switzerland

    Is this 60-Tage-Regelung für Grenzgänger Steuern? Does it require explicit consent from employer, and the latter bears burden of proof that such an arrangement is unavoidable? If yes, what are the acceptable evidences of 60 nights stay in CH? Thank You
  14. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    I know dozens of middle class skilled BAME / POC First generation migrants who are against mass migration from their own (and certainly other) Developing countries.