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  1. Hi, Does anyone know a manual therapist office that accepts walk in patients? I don't mean "sign up for weekly appointments forever and when in need call me and there's a good chance I'll find a free slot that day". I mean, I call in only when in pain, wait reasonable time and get treated and it's how they work, not that they make an exception for me because I am long standing patient. Of course paid privately. Note, I don't mean "Umfal Chirurge". I mean the likes of physiotherapist, osteopath or french chiropractor. Thanks in advance
  2. And what you think of a following idea. Let the kid go to one of those schools without Abitur, with less pressure for academic skills, so that she gets more time in the afternoons for studying arts outside of school. Then worry about Abitur later. I imagine that wouldn't look good for HR depts too. Would it make it difficult to go to college? 
  3. teenager shoplifting

    There's also a lesson in terms of building valuable relationships with school friends. A "friend" of my teen have once used my teen as a carrier of some candy (worth less than 1 eur), and in-house detective caught only my teen, while the originator run away. Later on we were invited to the Police where they gave a talk, like described in earlier post. All worked well I suppose and I'm sure it wasn't necessary for the in-house detective to inform the police. We asked our teen to think of distancing from the other. It doesn't work that way. I spoke to the other teen's father, and he was obviously told different story, and his teen is saint, so that route was a dead end. Overall I don't obsess over it much. I was pushed into helping some other kid nick some cheap items too, as a kid. We all wanted to do it once to try how it feels.
  4. I just double checked and the school near me accepts children from 1st grade, and while I imagine there may be a chance to join 7th grade, if there are free spots, I have to consider, that my kid would feel alien not coming from Waldorf school.
  5. Thanks for replies! I read elsewhere that Waldorfschulen have more difficult Abitur. Also to get a place at a Waldorfschule the child would have better chances if she started from the Grundschule with them which is not the case.  
  6. Hi, I couldn't find any recent discussion on that in the older posts. Note I'm not asking about state vs private or international. I'm looking primarily at German state schools, international would be an added bonus perhaps, paid might be a blocker for me.   I'm looking for a decent secondary school for artistically (visual, graphic, performing arts) talented kid. It feels like it would be a waste and source of stress to let her go to gymnasium with academic profile. Some gymnasiums and sekundarschulen offer artistic profiles but looking at websites I have doubts about how good the arts tracks are. I am starting this thread hoping for someone with first hand experience to share.   Or maybe to put it another way - is there a way to know which schools alumni tend to be artists later on?