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  1. Coronavirus

    No worries, meanwhile in germany the first in country transmIssion in europe and  
  2. Health insurance for US business trip

    I have used care concept for a short duration policy. I never filed a claim though but was recommended by my broker long ago. Not expensive and takes 10 min on line. They have various policies so you have to look carefully. Some info in english but not all.
  3. Coronavirus

    Correct and why i said early research. Just a information source from drs outside china reporting their findings and interpretation,  take as you wish. But it is not something to ignore. As krieg has indicated, personally I put little credibility in numbers reported by china. Others may choose to believe them. 
  4. Coronavirus

    So some early research in the lancet a (respected medicine site) is indicating a 83% infection rate of those exposed and 15% fatality rate. And out of cases  i think 1% infected carriers with no symptoms. Very preliminary but if it is this bad you are not going to see any government start saying it. There is potentially nothing they can do and don't want a general panic and global economic collapse.  Chinas reaction and already having lack of supplies does  not align to how many cases they are reporting. Numbers coming out from there do make any sense. Panic no and not going to help anyway, concerned and not taking it too lightly absolutely. What is strange is no report of infections from anywhere in central or south america which has a very high percent of chinese. So either they are not correctly reporting or there is abnormality in the pattern for some reason. Here is a link its not the lancet site but it references it. If you do some searching on internet you can find the lancet but a lot of the posts are more scientific in format.  
  5. Coronavirus

    There are several comments out of china that should raise the concern. They are already indicating that people are contagious before symptoms and symptoms are 1 to 14 days after exposure. They are also already saying the virus is rapidly mutating and transmission is becoming easier. In addition they are already saying they are out of supplies that does not seem to be a few thousand exposures. No reason to panic but a reason to be somewhat concerned for sure. When china says a situation is grave... do the math.
  6. Problem with Nebenkosten after moving out

    is the owner trying to say you owe the  10 euro diff for all 3 years you lived there? The nebenkosten In the contract is a estimate and you should have received a annual statement showing the actuals he should have asked you then to make up the difference if actuals were really 10 euro more After the year one statement The contract amount is not thereal share of nebenkosten it could have been 20 more not 10 or only 70 a month and he owes you money. Do you have the annual statements?  If not ask for them not sure how far back you can be required to pay he should have caught it at year one. In my case my nebenkosten was reduced this year by 100 per month  as it was to high and i got a large refund.
  7. Buying property in the US / property tax

    Here are 2 links that you can research details on cities  such as schools , crime, etc and see comments from residents and ask questions. Some of the info that you were looking to be providedby a seller agent cant be done do to laws on what they can provide. It really up to you to do due diligence
  8. Dentist overcharging for a filling

    If you have went for regular checkups and had the book stamped every year they will pay more for crown with 5 or 10 years of stamps i don't remember how many years are needed. But they don't pay that much to have it done.  And not sure how it will be with have work do es somewhere else first. If too expensive make a quick trip to poland and have it done there.
  9. Need temporary Internet help (fastest possible)

    I have had a gigacube for a few years. So things may have changed. It worked great when i use it and i only pay when i activate it for that month. I pay nothing when it is not used, but I bought the cube outright for around 100 euros if i remember correctly. Its been several years so plan could have changed.i even used it when i was in hospital for a week and they had no wifi
  10. Buying property in the US / property tax

    I just noticed the link and looked. If a listing says tons of work it means unless you are a contractor run. The low tax basis is shown based on sale price nit appraised value. Its not the actual tax, you need to see the assesed value to know actual tax which is the actual amount you would pay. As soon as you will buy and renovate this amount will go up to the renovated values. In a home this age it could have asbestus, lead paint, need a complete rewire etc maybe need as much as purchase price in renovations or more. 
  11. Buying property in the US / property tax

    If your are getting the tax amount from a web site be careful if it is a condo or apartment the amount shown could just be the hoa fee for monthly maintainence and the tax is on top of that. you must verify the actual fees and tax through a realtor. Get your own relator to help search. Also taxes and interest on mortgage are deductible IF you exceed standard deduction which is about 23k Now  if married filling jointly. Tax differences between states are significant this is why so many move after retirement to save cost.
  12. Do you like living in Germany?

    Generally no but I like the ability to travel easily and inexpensively in Europe. The cost on some travel Packages one can find sometimes seem unreal. I recently went through a down size and job loss and we are moving to the Harz from Berlin. So far my experience there has been totally different than berlin. The people and neighbors have been approachable, friendly and helpful even in the rathaus!! So i might change to loving Germany. I know i love the cost of living 260 a month warm with a view, the owner even took us for lunch after signing the contract.. will keep you posted if the good feelings grow stronger. Oh i do love german separation packages negotiated via a works council that why moving to Harz now is possible
  13. Immigration & Family lawyer

    Oops i just noticed you said family and immigration after posting I think she only does immigration
  14. Immigration & Family lawyer

    Try katja ponert , link below the consult price is closer to 170 with tax but this cost is regulated and set in germany. I highly recommend her I am using her now for my residency permit. In the past we consulted her for other issues she will tell you if she does not think something will work rather than taking your money and then later telling you something was not approved And send you a bill. Her english is perfect as well T +49 (0)30 536 33 99 -0
  15. blitzed in a right hand drive car?

    Once you get the ticket you have the option to report you were not the driver and provide the details of who was
  16. It seems you never really notified them of you dissatisfaction or gave them a chance to address your issues. Once you found your own apartment did you advise them and give the opportunity to accompany you to showing and assist with contracts etc? I think you have a problem with applying for 2 apartments they found first if you are going to dispute the did not meet your needs that could be argued as they did if you applied for 2 of their showings?   in our case i had a paid consultant but i also did my own searches and found the apartment we took but he still came along reviewed the contract, helped set up electric etc. and by the way he was not very good either. Doing this as a fill in job   By the way if you found your own place i hope you hade someone review your contract unless you are a fluent german speaker.   You really need to review their terms and then a lawyer to see what they would advise but i am not sure you have sufficient comms with them to demonstrate they have not delivered especially after  trying for 2 of the showings. Good luck german contracts don't usually favor the consumer unfortunately.
  17. Employer not paying sick days

    Sounds like you have taken the right approach and taken proactive actions. I had a similar situation with a employee who had been promised a promotion by a previous manager no longer here, and I had no possibility of making it happen even if I wanted to due to budgets. Yes you are probably to late for the insurance if you do not have it. Make sure you have the degree side covered for the blue card if you do get the needed salary. There is a site you can search to see if it is already certified..without it the degree piece salary may not change your situation. A I think but am not sure the timeclock for appplying for the shorter residency permit with a blu card will start over on the new job when you meet the salary requirement. I am not sure on this maybe someone else can confirm
  18. Employer not paying sick days

    I would agree with need to be looking now and a layer might be a good move asw you have potential issue with your zuegnis that you will need later. I dont believe you can repair the current situation. Do you have a works council? have you contacted them? You mentioned in other posts you need 6600k per year additional for blu card...based on  the blu card salary levels this would be a huge salary increase after proabation  around 15%. Would that new salary level have put you above collegues with many years of experience? That level of salary increase would many times require a promotion and job title change.  Do you also have a degree that is in the blu card database that meets the requirements? Your discuss talking with hr...was this dicussed with your manager, before going to hr? I know in every company I have managed once hired HR can do nothing about salary ...increases becomes part of the department budget process and salary planning and that amount that might be the entire departments budget or your manager has no way of obtaining that amount of budget. What is clear you need to document and plan to move on. But also take a step  back with a big picture view of  the situation and review your actions as well...being overly hard on the salary instance proably has contributed. Your manager could have been blindsided by a HR commitment he or she has no way to possibly deliver. Do you by chance have legal insurance?
  19. Employer not paying sick days

    how many of your sick days were without certificate? At least at my employer less than 3 days in a row require no certiifcate at all and in that case nothing is filed to insurance that detials the reason for illness. 
  20. Canadian notary needed for closing apartment sale

    I had the same request for a document on my USA house sale..The US Embassy in Berlin has USA notary service. I would assume the Canadian one would be the same. If I recalli just went in with my docs and waited in line. I cant see why you would need a german notary in this case. For the US service the cost per page was rediculous and way above the normal cost or free service I would have gotten at my bank in the USA.Still way cheaper than German notary costs
  21. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    Well I can attest to the fact that Berlin is the worst for this after having traveled extensively over the last 2 years in Germany. Other areas people are much more helpful. We just signed a contract for our future retirement apartment in the Harz this weekend. The landlord actually came with his wife, and in-laws and then after we went trough everything invited myself and my wife for lunch at the local restaurant…we almost fell over and were not sure we understood him correctly. At night we walked around the village and everyone said hello as you passed…I think we were so surprised we were the rude ones and forgot to respond back. On Sunday morning the little grocery store was open for about 2 hours I think for the Sunday school kids to buy candy, the 2 teachers with them kept insisting I go to the front of the line to pay. So I can personally say there are pockets of unexpected friendliness, we are looking forward to our permanent move date there.
  22. I would agree with RedMidge and see someone to speak with about your feelings and situation. The blue card actually has a negative to actually get a job that matches the visa the salary requirement is quite high for many jobs, especially in Berlin as salaries here are much lower than other areas(dont know in your field). Second a lot of smaller companies really do not know the process about he blue card. Then you have the certification of your degree if not already done. That can take time and is not a guarantee it will be approved. Have you searched the database to see if your school has any approved degrees listed or if any linguistics degrees are in the database...sorry I dont recall link for it but it is searchable. As far as your cv and job search how are you covering the issue of having a job for only 2 months than nothing afterwards? This can be a very big red flag. Are you filling the gap by showing you are in German classes or something in your CV? I know from working with my local managers when even hiring contractors a hole in working or very short job periods usually is frowned upon heavily. We are in the process of closing my operation and the German employees are so concerned about this they all want to find a new job now even though many have several months of garden leave coming They dont want to risk going on garden leave and not have a job to start immediately after the last day. I think you need to have a local review your cv and cover letters to ensure you are projecting the right view and have not made a simple error that gets your cv bounced without even being reviewed. A cover letter will be a very important part of that to explain away the no work period.
  23. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    If and when they are exremely rude I do not give them a pass. She spoke english to him, so she obviouly understands. I do agree at times it is a english fear thing but not always. My wife is Hispanic and somewhat timid and has had this issue several times...she is shy about standing up but the one time she had enough and stood up the issue resolved immediately. Her response on one of those ocassions was "Yes I know is should speak better german that is why I am studying everyday, but you also seem very stressed and unhappy in your job, have you considered looking for something more enjoyable". Interesting part was after a very startled look the mood changed immediately. Now when she goes the same woman  is a Chatty Cathy and wants to practice english and spanish and is overly friendly. I have dicussed this with my german collegues and they also have issues with Drs office so its not just a rcial thing..some brush it off others say they will not put up with it and give it right back. Completely looking the other way when it is over the top allows the bully crap to continue.
  24. English speaking dentists that use Nitrous Oxide

    Yes finally found one  they have nitrous and I think aslo more types on anthestic, in fact he wants you to feel no pain so no faces if you ask for it. The son Alexander is my dentist and speaks excellent english and is actually a fantastic dentist..just had a root canal and he saved a bad tooth. no trying to upsell anything and on public insurance. We have been to a couple others in Berlin and he will stay our dentist..I think he is better than my old doc in the US. Gas is more pricey than USA like 80 euros but it is available.