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  1. This is similar to how a HMO works in the USA. For 50 euros a year there is no benefit whatsoever to do this. If you get a referal your hauzart is already copied on any results. If you go to a sepcialist without referral you can alsways add them to the forms there so they get those results as well.
  2. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Tina Turner, 83

    I think gordon is the only singer that when i bought a album i could listen to every song and all were great! He was proclaimed dead many years ago during a health emergency. Rip
  3. Best place to live - Bitte hilfe!

    I live near Braunlage in the harz region. I speak horrible german and have less language problems here than i had in Berlin. Housing is reasonable but these are small towns, so not sure how any special needs for your son would be such as in school. There are lakes all around but not sure about swimming as most are for drinking water. Lots of waldbads. There are 100s of kilometers of hiking and biking trails. Cross country skiing and small downhill areas also. There were spruce trees as far as you could see but not now...all clear cut for the bark beetle. But still nice and lots of nature. Houses in smaller villages that are liveable but may need minor freshening for a little over 200k can be found with land but you need to search. Some nice homes pop up in walkenreid and weida from time to time. Braunlage proper is not cheap. Many decent homes in and around the small towns in harz. But it snows quite a bit and winter can be long at the upper elevation towns. For money you cant beat it if you like small and quiet. People are friendly and you do need a car here.
  4. More than 1 salary source

    When our company made a major closing we had many employes took new jobs before the end of garden leave. I dont know what the options to do it was was called offically but they  were paid only  50% of the garden leave time and started their new jobs. They did need to make some arrangement with hr and works council to do this. Also it was a large closure with 70 people...but there were a lot that did this as many went to the same new company. 
  5. Schmerzbestrahlung (Low dose radiation therapy)

    My wife had this for terrible shoulder pain over several. In usa treatment was cortizone and pain pills..which both did not work at all. The low does radiation worked miracles and almost completely eliminated a years ling problem. Keep in mind shoulder and not thumb. She went 5 times actual treatment is about 1-2 min each time. There is no risk to this as the radiation is super low and should probably be used more than it is. 
  6. Tips on bathroom renovation

    Disregard my post did not pay attention to the you dont want to DIY part. The price is about what my neighbor paid for about the same with fixtures but that was 2 years ago pre inflation times. 
  7. Tips on bathroom renovation

    Tile paint the walls..I have done 2 complete bathrooms they came out beutiful. I would reccommend semi gloss not gloss. I used obi brand. Covered ugly 1960 beige with flower prints. Took 2 coats. Just a wipe down with acetone first. And sand the tiles that had raised prints. Secret is to use a high quality micro foam roller. Yes it smells for  several days. Do the floors with solid vinyl click flooring they have beautiful stone patterns. But only 100% vinyl as its waterproof. Lay directly over old floor. You can use floor leveler first to fill the old grout lines. Although you can float it i glued mine. I would not paint the shower walls. You can also glue the click flooring to the walls match...a little complicated or buy thin panels that go over the tiles. Then just replace faucets, toilet etc. Also for vanity much cheaper to use a kitchen base cabinet, counter top and modify to size. German vanities are rediculously expensive for what you get. All in I have 2 k for 2 complete bathroom remodels...with all new faucets, cabinets etc and they look great. We get compliments all the time. If i can figure how to post a photo i will but cant reduce the size enough. My bathroom also has 2 layers of ceramic.