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  1. Buying a house without realtor

    I just bought a apartment with no makler,  or any inspectors etc but I am very familar with buiding. If I was buying a actual separate house then I would hire a inspector and survey. Notar took care of all contacts etc. Keep in mind if your german is not great and the notar does  not speak great english they may insist in you hiring a in person official translator at your cost. First 2 notars i called nsisted on translator on site. In the end I found a english speaking notar that wrote contract in english and german and held signing in both for only a little extra cost.
  2. Blue card vs work permit
  3. Blue card vs work permit

    Its not just salary to qualify. It applies to only certain professions and you must have a university degree that is recognized. Main benefit is you can qualify for permanent residency earlier. At that time you must show language ability a1 at 33 months i think b1 at 24 but not sure on this. You dont need language at the time of issue.
  4. If i understand correctly your contract is being terminated? And you are in the "garden leave" period during notification? If my understanding is correct  then i can tell you I had a employee request this when our operation was being closed and mutiple terminations. HR also denied this my understanding for why is if it is unpaid this would then delay your actual termination date beacuase they must comply with the required notificatiom days so they dont want to do this. But if you are not going into work nor have no remote work you could just leave and not inform. Technically this is not legal and also has implications for insurance etc if you should be  away and injured etc but i dont think you will get unpaid leave approved during a notification period.
  5. Kundigung with Einschreiben

    I believe 20g means it can  be a standard size envelope and weigh up to 20 g..not 100% sure without seeing the detail
  6. Best strategy to take a sabbatical using ALGI

    If you have no income there is something called a savings rate i.e.  you are living on your savings it is around 190 euros a month for sbk.. i assume it is a standard accross all public insurance. I had planned to do this for a year while using my abfindung payment to tavel. Covid sort of killed the plan. But they confirmed in writing to me it was possible.
  7. Are you sure you dont have a on line account to review your payroll and download the monthly stetments? They maybe dont mail them to you. Also the anual tax summary normally only comes like in january or february.   I am guessing they are just going to pay out your unused vacation if your last day is the 15th. You said they sent you a seperation letter with what they will give you? If it more than 2 weeks it might be included in that. Does it have a detailed breakdown? To get your arebeitsbesceingung a week after your last day of employment is nothing out of the ordinary. By the way you can complelty create your arbeits ampt account for alg1 (and should) before you have this document. I.E. registering as looking for work on your own and then just load the missing document when you have it. Dont wait for this to create your accout.
  8. €250 mask fine in Munich today

    So today was stopped by the police while diving. WHY? Becuase I live in braunlage BRL, but I kept my old berlin license plate B and just had them change the address rather than paying for new local plates (legal) So they wanted to make sure i am not a tourist here. They claimed somone called the police but i really think they just saw the B. They were in front of me and i turned into my driveway. Just a fyi. They were friendly spoke excellent english and appologized and sail ales gut.
  9. Couple points: you did not repond to the question if you are on pribezeit or not. Having a contract does not mean you dont have it. What is in your contract?   If you are in probezeit this can impact notification period. Are they paying out you vacation in your last check?   Also even if they are late with your arbeitsbescheinigung what is important is that you notified arbeitsampt as soon as you knew you would be unemployed. Once they get the document they backdate your benefit you wont loose anything. We had people with 7 mos notice period on garden leave that still recieved th document after their official last day of employment.   Why did you not question where your pay statements where months ago? Not sure what you can do about this.   One thing you have to be careful of. If they just pay you money to compensate for not following the legal seperation period...2 weeks for you (or in your cintract) if NOT on pobreszeit. This can be a problem with krankenkase. Because they should be paying your insurance during the notice period. But with such a small period of time not sure it will matter.    
  10. Gas heater to electric. Allowed?

    You can look at electric storage heaters for heat or electric under floor heating. and then on demand electric water heaters for water. But you may not have wiring capacity for this. Also not sure you can legally do this as they were trying to get people off electric heat. Hot water heating via a electric boiler would be the least effective. Either way the monthly cost is very high, worse if apartment has poor insulation. We walked away from buying a electric heated apartment due to this. One other option is to just install a new biler for heat and put the water for showr dishes etc on a electri on demand unit. This way the boiler system should be cheaper
  11. Recently moved to Germany - any advice?

    Since covid most of the private schools all have interactive on line live classes day and night...but  if you need the formal integration course not sure on that one. You can look for schools in berlin and reach out to them. We live in Braunlage and my wife is taking a hybrid class from Berlin..mix of in class students  and on line over zoom.
  12. That would explain the issue as it seems law changed march of 2020. This will also i think make it all but impossible to get residence after 33 months with A1 as i assume the test would be in deutsch only? But valuable update for all ...thanks
  13. Hmm thats a little strange indeed. Did you originally enter on different visa type and the change blue card later? I came on blue card a never got a letter. My dependent wife even tried to get them to offer class to her, but she was told as we came under blue she was not eligible. I converted at 33 months without a telc a1. I think it might be a issue with the person handling your case. Are you in a area that does not normally a area with a lot of bluecards maybe?
  14. On  a blue card visa i dont even think you are even  eligible to take a intigration course at least not one paid by gov
  15. Hello thanks for your response. Not completly sorted out but made some progress, and hopefully soon will have a long term plan. Glad to hear you have a solution to your issue