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  1. I went through similar thing in march...could not get someone for a official hadover and sign off. Lawyer said take tons of pics videos and a witness and send keys via registered mail. At that time lawyer also told me kaution does not legally need to be returned until correspinding nebenkosten statement is up to almost a year in the extreme.that surprised me. So i would not expect a quick return. Also as john has asked if you just bought legal insurance it will not cover your lawyer you need it 3 or 6 months in advance i think depends on company. In the end i worked it out with owner and a suragate person to sign for her and got my kaution back in a month. I did however have to advise a lawyer would be involved. Good luck
  2. Cities near forest or mountains

    Hello mlynn if you have any questions Just pm me we have been to almost every town and city within 80km of the harz from the towns with 3 buildings to the bigger cities, so can give you some inputs if needed. We live in a small town at 1800 feet elevation and drive to the big city if needed so the reverse of your plan. The big surprise is our little town grocery is even open a few hours on sunday! And town dr open saturday and sunday. People here are very friendly in general
  3. Cities near forest or mountains

    Don't overlook the Harz area. Weather this year hotest day a little over 80 most 70s. Not humid. My wife and i just were talking about how perect the climate is here. You dont mention if you are needing to work or not. 1000s of km of hiking and biking trails as well as cross country skiing..but snow this season was only a couple weeks total so winter is mild. Goslar is a unesco city medival with many beutiful post and beam houses pop over 100k. Or gottingen is a college town. It is north near hannover _braunschweig, which are also 30 min to the harz park. Mountins more like smokeys highest peak is brocken at around 3000ft ...there is a daily steam train, that runs through the area from the small villages. Yourhousing dollar would go much further here than areas in Bavaria. Something else to consider. Keep in mind you will find forests almost anywhere in germany there are many forested areas that ring berlin even.
  4. Car licence plate different size (Importing)

    I recently changed the state my car was registered in after moving from berlin, If i am not mistaken i think there was something on one of the forms about needing a different size plate..but dont remember the details
  5. Registering a new car using online services

    Also my experience at having bought 2 cars at new cars dealers one used and one new. I negotoiated free registration into the deal and tuv and they took care od everything. I did have to leave my passport. Took about a week in berlin. Had no issues.
  6. Hello i think if you are limited to name and where from you are going to have a issue especially if you go on your own without a lawyer. Others have had to privide a full official gothe test result fo a1. As a a minimum start learning what would be basic questions and answers when you got here, where you live, size of apartment...basic stuff. Accent and grammer not the important part. Can give you good laywer ref for berlin want to see what they tell you. Wish you luck whatever you decide
  7. My german is pretty bad but i can understand and speak really basic german phrases like you should have some knowledge of after 33 months. I was told worse case they would decline the settlement and there is a possibility to extend blu card but i never went into what that process was or how much time would be given
  8. Correction appointment was in march before virus shutdown of office and they mailed may card which was new process
  9. I just did my permit from blu card at 33 months in berlin. I had no a1 test or certificate and my german is terrible. They only àasked a few simple questions to see my passport this throough me off becuase asked for reseinpass and i just looked dumb as germans commonly say passport, my address, my eye color, 2and where i worked . Done . But i had a lawyer that did the process and she said technically a cert is not needed and with a lawyer they will not ask for one. Second she also said if you are well above minimum blu card salary they tend to be easier as they believe you have less chance to go on benefits. I also transferred from same company in usa so had 25 years total service with 33 months in germany. Lawyer came and that helps reduce questionss so total time was like 10 minutes. Cost about 1k.
  10. Versorgungsausgleich and US Social Security

    The actual page off ssa is not well written because unless you dig further you could be lead to believe they get your full benefit, they dont. If they did your divorced spouse would get more than a actual spouse.   So go further to see spouse benefit which is what a qualified a qualifed  divorcee will get, 50% max based on their age at starting. Only upon your death do they then qualify for your full amount as a survivor benefit.    At their full retirement age, the spouse’s benefit cannot exceed one-half of your full retirement amount.
  11. Versorgungsausgleich and US Social Security

    SS will not take money away from me.  Instead, STBEW will have her monthly SS payout increased to match mine   I do not believe this is correect. If she does not remarry she is eligiable to draw the spouse benefit on your accout which is 50% of your amount or she can choose to draw her own benefit on her earnings whichever is higher. Also her actual payment is  really based on your age at draw and her age. If shes starts say at 62 her payment is only 75% of the 50 percent as she has not reached full retirement age. (Actual deduction is based on age and birthdate) She only gets 100% of your benefit when you die as a survivor benefit. 
  12. Moving from Germany to US (Need Advice) i used them to move 3 very large pallets to germany  and worked great with no issues. They delivered to door in germany. I  gave the drivers extra and they delivered all my boxes to 3rd floor. No one was even close in price coming here. They also move back TO USA. But you must pack your own boxes and they pallet ship. Took about 2 months to get here. Link is for return moves from europe. I will use when we go back
  13. Moving to Munich from USA

    A few comments forget bringing the car. With the virus car prices should plunge as there is lots of inventory building and if you are not looking for a luxury car there are great deals here. More important is is your usa license from a state that fully transfers to germany? If not that's a whole other issue. Second I would recommend you lose your usa license and get a replacement before you come as they will keep it when you get a german one and if you move back you have to then get a replacement.  I would start as public first and do not underestimate kmportance of english support. You mention ease of english. You have not tried to get a dr appt..most drs do most receptionists don't. Tkk probably has best english web support I have sbk they have almost zero english support ..the glossy sales brochure in english was great once you get to real web you need to use all german. I finally got a english advisor after threatening to move to tkk. And now sbk is ok has never denied anything and I've had a lot, they also have annual classes and things. But don't think english in daily life is the same as some shops or restauarnts, drs offices, Gov offices even Vodafone support will not be easy to deal with in english. My german sucks and after 3 years I still struggle to get many things done.