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  1. Do you have a joint account in germany that the money would go into before transfer? Normally would be more of a gift tax if you are not the person that inherited the money. Movement of the money between spouses would not trigger a usa gift tax.  The cleanest way to move the money is from a german joint account then into you usa account. If from the spouses account to yours then there could be questions asked. If into a german joint account first then to your own account i think no issues. But you will need to report the german balance before tranfer with fbar in the tax year. sometimes they flag large transfers for money laundering wanting to know the source and reason. I dont think you have a issue if married but, Even if not gift tax goes to the person giving  the gift and if a german not filing usa tax would not apply anyway. Just opinion not a professional. No idea if there are issues on the german side of this
  2. The listing says holiday house. You would need to verify if it could be registered as a full time residence or not. I would guess not for the price. Also house money is fairly high for a small unit. There was a beautiful detached holiday home near me..but not allowed to register as a perimary address or live permanently. Dont know the area so not sure how much affect that has. In my town in the harz there are 45sqm apartments with pool sauna etc that you can live full time. Buy for 15k but house money is almost 550 a month. And area has little work.
  3. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

  4. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    The bigger question is do these payments need to be reported on a german tax return. I have asked my steurberator is not sure. Anyone have any info?
  5. A1 certificate

    I had no certificate or test but i went to review with my lawyer. Did mine in berlin. By the way from another post somewhere think you now need to take some test about living in germany as well..cant remember the deutsche name of it. I gues a change from march of last year.
  6. I think it totally depends on your view and understanding of your company. Dont believe ther is a one size fits all approach  on this as long as you follow your noticification period for leaving that part is not really up for interpretation, but maybe someone will have better input. 
  7. I was part of a downsizing shortly after receiving mine going to alg1 there was no issue. What you will need to do is comply with the terms of your ontract extension so you dont have legal issues with that.. i e proper termination process.  You also will need to arrange insurance etc. If you have any dependents on family visas with you when you need to extend those you will need the right income etc to get those extended.
  8. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    Mine were direct deposited. There was a link at one time you could go to to co firm your banking info on the first payment. Might want to look for it on irs website if this is still active. I had to do this because i did not have a previous refund with banking info on the system
  9. Betriebsrat - works council

    I know in our company the wc had outside legal council they could consult with but do not know if this is a standard thing i was at a large company. And i do think there is some tit for tat  negotation that goes on between wc and companies at times. I.e. maybe allowing a change to save jobs etc. But this is just my opion i have never been on the wc
  10. Betriebsrat - works council

    Where i worked the works council had to approve every external hire and internal transfer to new positions. In my own case moving from USA to germany they had to approve including the benefit package being offered
  11. Bathroom renovation costs

    When i first decided to try it i was not expecting much but was completely surprised with the result. Wiped down walls with acetone 2 coats of semi gloss white over fairly dark beige. Did not sand anything, but 8 tiles that had raised designs. Sanded thise flat and cant be seen. I dont think i would use on the actual shower walls myself, but all the rest ok. I even had a few place i had some glue from floor tile and removed it from painted walls without issue. I also do not think i would go with full gloss as it would be too shiny
  12. Bathroom renovation costs

    I just redid 2 small bathrooms and showers in the apartment we purchased. Old ugly 1980s tiles. Painted tiles with obi tile paint and came out much better than i thought. Used click vinyl stone look flooring and glued over shower walls and floors. Actually 2 layers of ceramic are already on floors and walls. I looked at the acrylic panels decided against. The old sink was to wide and i hate euro style small vanities and wall mounted sinks. Anway i purchased 2 kitchen sink cabinets with standard counter tops cut the width to 40 cm from 60. (Due to how narrow batroom is) if you have a wide batroom you could use full width)  All in for vinyl tiles, paint, vanity, sink and faucet, shower doors, shower fixtures and medicine cabinet under 1000 per bathroom. Plan to paint the shower bases later.  Went from beige 1980s nightmare to chic white bath with black slate walls and modern fixtures. I tried to upload pics but my files are way to big.   
  13. I took a quick look at data costs for germany under the link and unless i misunderstood it indicated the lowest rate for data at .01 cent per mb so that is 10 per gb with a data plan (not sure if there is a cost for that on top) and without a plan .20  cents and charges to make outbound calls and send txts This is extremely expensive unles you are a world traveler all year long and dont know where you will be next, and the co venience is worth it. you can get a prepaid plan for most of eu for as low as 8 or 10 euro with a few gigs and cancel at any time. What were you paying with vodafone. A  vodafone callya no  contract plan with 10 gigs is 20 euros a month
  14. You must cancel at least 3 months before rhe start date if you missed this o  the 24 month initial contract it renews for 12 months. You then still must cancel 3 months before the start date. If you know you want to cancel you can do it even 9 mos before the contract date. But you still must pay to the end.  Make sure they send you a copy of the contract cancellation . This way you wont miss the 3 month window. You have to pay to the end of the contract and not using the phone does not change this
  15. job contract terminated before pregnancy

    How long have you worked in the job? This will really drive how much if any garden leave or seperation pay you would recieve. There is sort of a general german standard and then sometimes more if part of your contract or negotiated by your works council. to get a year you would have had to work there a very long time. The unlimited contract is not giving you a big windfall of seperation pay. Especially if you are offered Nother position. If you go to unemployment they would pick up your insurance cost with current provider if you are public. We had a lady that was pregnant during our reduction although i dont know the detials. she somehow got all her maturinty things to. But she was close to delivery date at seperation.