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  1. What will my US car need for TÜV?

    As mentioned subaru is not a brand that is common here although it exists. In my opionion used car prices are currently very high in the us...they have went up more than here. So it would be a perfect time to sell avoiding the cost of any conversion, transport if you are paying it etc. As well as all the hassle to do all the hassle of tuv after a move. Also keep in mind unless you ship it back selling it here would lead to a big loss. Germans want to see service stamps from the day the car is new which you will not have and also that fact that it was not a germany sourced  car will strongly affect any later resale.
  2. I would not push for any quotes as then he will present that as his cost. And if there is damage that was preexisting the quote will just reflect repairing damage you did not do. Not sure if you have a good case as neither he nor you have a really good contract and or proof  of when damage ocurred  from either side. Before doing anything talk to a lawyer for perspective on your case and see if they say you would be in a good position.  I would not offer to reapair the cabinets. If you have legal insurance you can do anphone review of basics with their lawyers for free. I would have no further communication until you decide how to proceed. If lawyer then let them respond, and see if he even pusues you. If no lawyer then pay the 130 get a written confirmation everything is settled. There are sitez where people rent caravans and trailers throught a site like airbnb. They have some standard contracts and insurance. Did you rent from one of those or through a listing like in ebay klingen?
  3. When i came here was also a question as to wether i could qualify to get the public insurance option as i was 57  but since first time in germany i was able to. My insurance broker contacted sbk and did a preenrollment before i took the job. I receved a written confirmation from sbk confirming this.  Once we got here i just needed to send my address and photos. I would not have accepted the job without it due to private insurance cost. Maybe you can do this on your own through the krankenkase if your deutsche is good enough. I thought at the time i was told if i previously had public i could get back in even is not a citizen or resident but not sure on this as i did not apply so paid little attention to the info
  4. Yes good point on the insurance. Although i have a friend that does this with her caravan and she does have a policy that allows it somehow. 
  5. You should have taken date stamped pictures of the caravan before pickup before pickup and after return as well as made a walk through marking down damage and both signing off before and after as well. Especially because you are renting from a private party. Now you are sort of in a he said she said type problem. He could be bluffing do you have legal insurance? Even with legal insurance with deductible could cost you more than the 130. Maybe easier to chaulk it up as a lesson learned for next time. If you do pay make sure you get a release from anything further in writing. Good luck. Also maybe picture you have could work but seems like you are saying it does shwo the damage very well?
  6. At your age make sure you price in your heath insurance cost as it will not be cheap. If you had public insurance the last time you lived here you might be able to come back in but i would verify that in advance. If not its would be private which for age will be expensive. Just a fyi
  7. water softening system for the house

    Yes had one in usa.helps with dry skin not sure for hairloss, but hair will be softer. Does help keep hot waters work better as they dont scale up as well as dishwasher and shower heads. Shower doors have less water spotting and for sure clothes wah better as the detergent works better. If at all possible its best to have kitchen faucet cold water line not on softened water as it does softened water via  sLt based softner has a different taste. But this is not always easy to do due to plumbing. If water is really hard it will make a noticeable difference
  8. Container extension to home, yes, no, and maybe?

    Very good point first find out if the installation was properly permitted. If it was then the biggest concerns for containers is always how they are insulated. They tend to sweat and can have mildew/ventilation issues. If they have opened the entire side then less of a issue but if the entire container is used with just a small enterance door then it would be a bigger issue. Also has a roof been built over the container? If not rust and water leakage long term. The biggest issue would also be impact on resale value. It might be okay for you but will it be ok for a future buyer. There would be no easy option to replace it. Lifespan will depend on how well it was originally constructed and maintained. Many container conversions are do it yourself projects which would be a big red flag. Get as much detail as you can
  9. You need to look how many days of travel is covered under annual policies. Its not unlimited. Some are 45 day or 6 weeks annual and usa may be less or specjfically limited.  Look at the terms of your policy as all are different. You might be ablle to buy additional time if needed.
  10. Try the big furniture stores like mobile max mobile, roller , poco. Etc. I dont live in munich so dont know what is there. The time issue can be resolved by asking which brand ships faster before you start confguring it. Each stores have mutiple brands and some are much faster than others. Also if you can make a preconfiguered sale kitchen that they advertise work they sometimes can ship fast. The more you customize the longer it can take. As mentioned if you can buy a display kitchen they are changing out then super quick and cheap. 4 k will buy a lot of kitchen installed and easily cover all appliances. I spent 6700 but have closets, eating area, backsplash, lights oversized upper cabinets, big frig and apothoke cabinets, special sink and faucet. Without the upgrades and normal cabinets sizes would have reduced price by 2k or more easily.  You aslo save money by not putting the frig and dishwasher in cabinets  and getting stand alone appliances
  11. De-registering from ALG1

    On other thing to consider is imapact to your visa status depending on what your situation is? Also alg1 is paying into and building credits to the pension system as well so you need to evaluate all of this to your particular circumstances.
  12. De-registering from ALG1

    He did not register as a freelancer..that i know. Just told them was looking for business oportunities and had the funds to pay his own insurance.
  13. De-registering from ALG1

    One more thi g do not tell them you are taki g a sabitcle but rather you are looking into private businees oportunities
  14. De-registering from ALG1

    Yes you can do this you tell them you will become privateer according to one of my cowrkers...means like looking to  start a business. And yes you must make sure to start paying your insurance. Which with no income is around 200 a month. Dont believe you can earn money frelanccing during alg1. Also any unused portion of alg1 that you stopped you could restart later. So if you terminate 4 months early the 4 months can be claimed later. I beleive you have up to 4 years if you had no other job between at your last rate. Could be 2 years this i cant remeber the detail. My co worker basically delayed his alg1 a year as privateer due to taxation in same year as abfindung payment. They will not approve a german course i already asked. At least in my case they would not.
  15. I would be very careful of the camera thing in germany, and would not mention this to the landlady or police. Could come back on you as illegal depe di g on circumstance