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  1. Hello i think if you are limited to name and where from you are going to have a issue especially if you go on your own without a lawyer. Others have had to privide a full official gothe test result fo a1. As a a minimum start learning what would be basic questions and answers when you got here, where you live, size of apartment...basic stuff. Accent and grammer not the important part. Can give you good laywer ref for berlin want to see what they tell you. Wish you luck whatever you decide
  2. My german is pretty bad but i can understand and speak really basic german phrases like you should have some knowledge of after 33 months. I was told worse case they would decline the settlement and there is a possibility to extend blu card but i never went into what that process was or how much time would be given
  3. Correction appointment was in march before virus shutdown of office and they mailed may card which was new process
  4. I just did my permit from blu card at 33 months in berlin. I had no a1 test or certificate and my german is terrible. They only àasked a few simple questions to see my passport this throough me off becuase asked for reseinpass and i just looked dumb as germans commonly say passport, my address, my eye color, 2and where i worked . Done . But i had a lawyer that did the process and she said technically a cert is not needed and with a lawyer they will not ask for one. Second she also said if you are well above minimum blu card salary they tend to be easier as they believe you have less chance to go on benefits. I also transferred from same company in usa so had 25 years total service with 33 months in germany. Lawyer came and that helps reduce questionss so total time was like 10 minutes. Cost about 1k.
  5. Versorgungsausgleich and US Social Security

    The actual page off ssa is not well written because unless you dig further you could be lead to believe they get your full benefit, they dont. If they did your divorced spouse would get more than a actual spouse.   So go further to see spouse benefit which is what a qualified a qualifed  divorcee will get, 50% max based on their age at starting. Only upon your death do they then qualify for your full amount as a survivor benefit.    At their full retirement age, the spouse’s benefit cannot exceed one-half of your full retirement amount.
  6. Versorgungsausgleich and US Social Security

    SS will not take money away from me.  Instead, STBEW will have her monthly SS payout increased to match mine   I do not believe this is correect. If she does not remarry she is eligiable to draw the spouse benefit on your accout which is 50% of your amount or she can choose to draw her own benefit on her earnings whichever is higher. Also her actual payment is  really based on your age at draw and her age. If shes starts say at 62 her payment is only 75% of the 50 percent as she has not reached full retirement age. (Actual deduction is based on age and birthdate) She only gets 100% of your benefit when you die as a survivor benefit. 
  7. Moving from Germany to US (Need Advice) i used them to move 3 very large pallets to germany  and worked great with no issues. They delivered to door in germany. I  gave the drivers extra and they delivered all my boxes to 3rd floor. No one was even close in price coming here. They also move back TO USA. But you must pack your own boxes and they pallet ship. Took about 2 months to get here. Link is for return moves from europe. I will use when we go back
  8. Moving to Munich from USA

    A few comments forget bringing the car. With the virus car prices should plunge as there is lots of inventory building and if you are not looking for a luxury car there are great deals here. More important is is your usa license from a state that fully transfers to germany? If not that's a whole other issue. Second I would recommend you lose your usa license and get a replacement before you come as they will keep it when you get a german one and if you move back you have to then get a replacement.  I would start as public first and do not underestimate kmportance of english support. You mention ease of english. You have not tried to get a dr appt..most drs do most receptionists don't. Tkk probably has best english web support I have sbk they have almost zero english support ..the glossy sales brochure in english was great once you get to real web you need to use all german. I finally got a english advisor after threatening to move to tkk. And now sbk is ok has never denied anything and I've had a lot, they also have annual classes and things. But don't think english in daily life is the same as some shops or restauarnts, drs offices, Gov offices even Vodafone support will not be easy to deal with in english. My german sucks and after 3 years I still struggle to get many things done.
  9. Coronavirus

    No worries, meanwhile in germany the first in country transmIssion in europe and  
  10. Health insurance for US business trip

    I have used care concept for a short duration policy. I never filed a claim though but was recommended by my broker long ago. Not expensive and takes 10 min on line. They have various policies so you have to look carefully. Some info in english but not all.
  11. Coronavirus

    Correct and why i said early research. Just a information source from drs outside china reporting their findings and interpretation,  take as you wish. But it is not something to ignore. As krieg has indicated, personally I put little credibility in numbers reported by china. Others may choose to believe them. 
  12. Coronavirus

    So some early research in the lancet a (respected medicine site) is indicating a 83% infection rate of those exposed and 15% fatality rate. And out of cases  i think 1% infected carriers with no symptoms. Very preliminary but if it is this bad you are not going to see any government start saying it. There is potentially nothing they can do and don't want a general panic and global economic collapse.  Chinas reaction and already having lack of supplies does  not align to how many cases they are reporting. Numbers coming out from there do make any sense. Panic no and not going to help anyway, concerned and not taking it too lightly absolutely. What is strange is no report of infections from anywhere in central or south america which has a very high percent of chinese. So either they are not correctly reporting or there is abnormality in the pattern for some reason. Here is a link its not the lancet site but it references it. If you do some searching on internet you can find the lancet but a lot of the posts are more scientific in format.  
  13. Coronavirus

    There are several comments out of china that should raise the concern. They are already indicating that people are contagious before symptoms and symptoms are 1 to 14 days after exposure. They are also already saying the virus is rapidly mutating and transmission is becoming easier. In addition they are already saying they are out of supplies that does not seem to be a few thousand exposures. No reason to panic but a reason to be somewhat concerned for sure. When china says a situation is grave... do the math.
  14. Problem with Nebenkosten after moving out

    is the owner trying to say you owe the  10 euro diff for all 3 years you lived there? The nebenkosten In the contract is a estimate and you should have received a annual statement showing the actuals he should have asked you then to make up the difference if actuals were really 10 euro more After the year one statement The contract amount is not thereal share of nebenkosten it could have been 20 more not 10 or only 70 a month and he owes you money. Do you have the annual statements?  If not ask for them not sure how far back you can be required to pay he should have caught it at year one. In my case my nebenkosten was reduced this year by 100 per month  as it was to high and i got a large refund.
  15. Buying property in the US / property tax

    Here are 2 links that you can research details on cities  such as schools , crime, etc and see comments from residents and ask questions. Some of the info that you were looking to be providedby a seller agent cant be done do to laws on what they can provide. It really up to you to do due diligence