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  1. they will either send you a collapsable crate that is prepaid to their facility and shipped to your door in germany or you do a per cube price that you pack and ship to them. I would assume you can transport it to their facility youself or hire a carrier, Then they also deliver to your door in germany (cheaper than the collapsable pallet). They then build a container out of all the shipments..took about 6 weeks. They do the import paperwork and you build a pack list with their forms. My shipment came in through the neterlands. No one was close to their rates but was 2017 and remember container costs have skyrocketed in last year as well as transit time. We shipped 3 pallets we packed ourselves no loss or damage
  2. Bathroom damaged, trying to use Haftpflichtversicherung

    Who did the repair? Where you there when the did it? How long where they there? Did they have to retile most of the shower? The price is rediculus even if a expensive design unless they had to remove and replace half the wall. Do you have a detailed bill from a plumber?