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  1. You need to look how many days of travel is covered under annual policies. Its not unlimited. Some are 45 day or 6 weeks annual and usa may be less or specjfically limited.  Look at the terms of your policy as all are different. You might be ablle to buy additional time if needed.
  2. Try the big furniture stores like mobile max mobile, roller , poco. Etc. I dont live in munich so dont know what is there. The time issue can be resolved by asking which brand ships faster before you start confguring it. Each stores have mutiple brands and some are much faster than others. Also if you can make a preconfiguered sale kitchen that they advertise work they sometimes can ship fast. The more you customize the longer it can take. As mentioned if you can buy a display kitchen they are changing out then super quick and cheap. 4 k will buy a lot of kitchen installed and easily cover all appliances. I spent 6700 but have closets, eating area, backsplash, lights oversized upper cabinets, big frig and apothoke cabinets, special sink and faucet. Without the upgrades and normal cabinets sizes would have reduced price by 2k or more easily.  You aslo save money by not putting the frig and dishwasher in cabinets  and getting stand alone appliances
  3. De-registering from ALG1

    On other thing to consider is imapact to your visa status depending on what your situation is? Also alg1 is paying into and building credits to the pension system as well so you need to evaluate all of this to your particular circumstances.
  4. De-registering from ALG1

    He did not register as a freelancer..that i know. Just told them was looking for business oportunities and had the funds to pay his own insurance.
  5. De-registering from ALG1

    One more thi g do not tell them you are taki g a sabitcle but rather you are looking into private businees oportunities
  6. De-registering from ALG1

    Yes you can do this you tell them you will become privateer according to one of my cowrkers...means like looking to  start a business. And yes you must make sure to start paying your insurance. Which with no income is around 200 a month. Dont believe you can earn money frelanccing during alg1. Also any unused portion of alg1 that you stopped you could restart later. So if you terminate 4 months early the 4 months can be claimed later. I beleive you have up to 4 years if you had no other job between at your last rate. Could be 2 years this i cant remeber the detail. My co worker basically delayed his alg1 a year as privateer due to taxation in same year as abfindung payment. They will not approve a german course i already asked. At least in my case they would not.
  7. I would be very careful of the camera thing in germany, and would not mention this to the landlady or police. Could come back on you as illegal depe di g on circumstance        
  8. Have you searched your address thouroughly on internet to see if it comes up with and websites linking to prostitution or illegal drugs etc. Its a first step and would at least give you soem answers or at least eliminate the obvious
  9. Problems Installing COVpass app

    Thanks krieg i got it! What I had to do for anyone else with same problem is. Change setting under security to download from unknown source via firefox search engine...does not work in chrome even if you allow unknown sources it still kicks you to google play. Then search for covpass apk in firefox, then download and then install. What a flippin pain!
  10. Problems Installing COVpass app

    I am not sure how to do this as i can only find the app in google store?
  11. Problems Installing COVpass app

    so tried to download this covpass app from koch institute via google play store..also tried another app to load the vaccination bar code. Both apps come up in google play that they can only be downloaded form germany. my google play account I guess is set to usa. I can see a greyed out field that says switch to germany which does not work. I have tried to change the country in google play via the process i found on the internet. nothing works. I tried to add a local credit card when I click on the tab it says it takes 48 hours but it never allows me the option to even add the credit card data which the process says is required. I will try not to rant here about another invasion of google into my personal life and why this app can not be installed directly from robert koch if they want to controll my life with this garbage for another time. I have read that others also cannot change the country as well with no solution that iI have seen. any ideas on how to proceed as I know in the future we wil lbe back to this ridiculus idea of a rapid tesst to go into anything but a grocery store and or carrying arround vaccination papers even if you have to wear a mask anyway. Any ideas here? anyone else have the same problem?
  12. When you bought the house was it a auction or you were able to inspect it and go through it. If you were able to inspect you should have also looked at all the mechanicals. Meaning you bought the house with the existing meter configuration. It is a inconviennce I get that but why should the neighbor pay anything to change a existing configuration? If the neighbor was willing to pay 1/2  you should have junped at it. ( what is the cost to move the meters? As for the sewage connection if you have no drainage issues why would it be worth spending money to separate it just because. If in the future you have issues with drainage then your neighbor would need to pay half for the repair. I dont know in germany but in usa if you identify to many flaws to inspectors of what should be verses what is you can end up finding youself in a condemed house until issues you identified are addressed. Being right can be a very expensive lesson when you throw in legal cost, relationship cost and many other things. We have something similar in  my buildingof 7 units with a single water meter. The cost is spilt among all 7 units. The ferien wohnung owners dont think its fair because they dont live here(but they can and choose not to) they want to pay like 20% becuase it is expensive for them but they purchased knowing what the situation  was. Their stuck. I Think you need to evaluate costs you are spending verses real outcome, and what the real o jective is ie moving your meters. Just my advice  good luck in your adventure!
  13. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

    Just a question the person  who died and you arranged the funeral for .where you here in germany st that time to do this? If so then that asnswers all.  If not who contacted you about the death and requested you to arrange the funeral? And why woukd they not have contacted the guardian. Did you make the arrangements and pay directly to the funeral company? Or did someone in the home do this and you paid them? It would be rather unusual for the guardian not to arrange this  rather than you. 
  14. job offer

    Did the offer advise or have a date when you must sign by? You coukd delay some by asking questions related to the contract but if you delay to long they may withdraw the offer. It also depends on what field you are in how difficult it is to find qualified candidates. Foubht you can delay much and with contracts here quiting for another offer can have legal consequences. Other option is to contact the emplyer your a waiting on tell them you have another offer but would prefer to work for them and would neede a decision and offer within the week. They may view this a playing hardball and just say goodbye. It also depends on your field and competitveness. But just trying to delay and wait might anger your offer and leave you with nothing. Good luck. Witing or pushhing both have risks
  15. US v German Drug prices-- for health care journalist

    Could not agree more..simple cost comparisons of what it cost me in usa verses germany without all the other complex issues behind them are meaningless.