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  1. Benadryl anti itch

    We just bought benadryl 8mg capsules at the grocery store in denmark. Its the uk non drowsy version here.
  2. Are there any conscientious doctors in Berlin?

    I can write a book on all the negatives. What i can strongly recommend is go to poland and pay yourself...its not expensive at all. The drs in my opinion  are better there and they take there time, well at least because you would be paying. My wife had a endoscopy and bloodwork as well as a long gastro cost around 200 euros. Dr spent nearly a hour with her. You can look up on line and schedule all you need done. We went to a clinic in poznan but think a bigger place in warsaw or krackow would be even better. I could give you a referral for a very good polish opthamologist in germany but she is in clausthal in the harz