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  1. These landshaft and forest worker roads are everywhere here in the harz. You do not see anyone using them except forest workers and some state and city vehicles, some farmers. Many small roads start unposted and end with forest and landshaft signs. Eveyone parks there and walks the rest of the way to the good views. Also anglier frei roads are intended access for residents that live there for access not others. I am not sure what the fine or violation would be for using them but I am sure ther would be one
  2. Moving to Germany Lower Saxony

    I live in lower saxony in town of 800 hohegeisse. We have 6 major supermarkets within 10 km all open until 8 pm. We even have a little local grocery store in town  that is open everyday and even on Sunday for 3 hours. Your city is much larger.  I am pretty sure rent will be much cheaper and you will not have to stand in line to see a apartment, but dont know details in your specific city. Lower saxony is great and for the most part people are friendly
  3. German visa for parents

    If your mother has no assests and is in the usa and in nusing care she should qualify that will pick up the tab that she cant pay. To my knowlede no chance of going to private insurance, doubt any private policy would cover her here and if they would she could never afford it. She also has no basis for a visa that i am aware of. Apply for medicaid in usa.   And also no need to post multiple times once is enough
  4. Buying a new car Need your advice

    If you are buying used from a new car dealer and certifed mfg warranty probably ok. If buying at a used car only dealer you probably have a higher chance of games a mileage changed than a private sale in my opinion  
  5. Experiences with appointments with specialists?

    Same question I have used sbks appointment booking many times with specialist appoinremnts months later only option given is try walk in or go to Er never to go private and they pay ...if you have had this wirk wouldbe very heplful to know how you got this to work as i would use it myself. I agree some but very few hauzart will help with appoints, i had one in berlin who was great wish i could find one here
  6. Experiences with appointments with specialists?

    Final a post i am extremely experienced with. I have a been fighting a nuero problem in Germany for 3 years, A CNS issue that gave me a second attack during the first corona outbreak. in March we had just moved form Berlin to the Harz, so did not have new neuro here, I delayed going to anyone as the whole corona stuff was new and at that time hospitals were limiting beds to 50% for potential corona patients. if you need to be admitted for your issue I hope this is not the case again. If you need to be admitted you will need to go through ER and be ready to fight with drs. My experience was first dr in ER told me I was still walking so he could not admit  me (unviversity hospital) I asked him so you want me to be paralyzed when i come back and told him to piss off and get me the chief of of ER and I had many records of my illness and 12 previous mris.   With a dirigend uberviserung you can contact your insurances appointment desk and this will help them to get you a appointment much faster than with a normal referral no...insist your hauzart add this. NOTE from my 3 years to getting a diagnosis I can tell you  stay away from neurologists that double as psychiatrists if you have a neuro problem, they are the busiest and frankly are not the best in nuero problems, had i known this before i beleive I would have had areal diagnsosis a long tiem ago. I went to one before the hospital who read my mris and scheduled a new mri and a new appt for 4 months later...that's when I went to the ER, had I followed his advise I may have been blind or paralyzed   So you need this. You hauzart needs to mark you uberviserung..."dirggend" (Urgent). The problem in Germany is the hauzart makes no effort to assist with specialist appointments . You CAN make a walk in to the neuro  or even in the university hospital most have a neurology day clinic. Corona affected walkins in march but at least here they are still available her today. be ready to wait. I have never heard of this idea that if you cant get a appt in a month you can go to a private pay dr and they will pay it. I would be interested to see something in writing on this. What the insurance will tell you is if you cant get a appointment then either do a walk in or if urgent go to the ER. Calling the hospital is probably a waste of time you will need to go to day clinic or ER. Take with you all yur medical records and any mri images   I currently have a diagnosis after 2 weeks in the university hospital  by they way it took them 3 months after discharge to get the promised follow up for my diagnosis, a rare cns disease that requires a rather dangerous treatment. I am still fighting as they recommend a pre vaccine plan delaying my treatment that is dangerous (per current medical research) and they refuse to change ..even after receiving the research info. I am now chasing a second opinion in germany...with drs identified by world orgs as specialists in my rare issue. In addition I am doing a virtual consultation with mayo clinic in usa. As mentioned by someone else. wrote a sr researcher at mayo on Friday he responded on Saturday, again on Sunday and by Monday mayo international was arranging for file uplaods wtc. cost $540 and well worth it,   Good luck If you have a significant nuero problem be ready to stand up for yourself as you will need to, and if significant don't hesitate to go to ER..time can be critical!!   
  7. It sounds like you have a relocation company helping? they should be guiding you on this as well as amending, visa etc. You mentioned they think you can get a blue card? I would have hoped this was vetted before you came, like your degree, position, salary all of that to ensure you can get a blue card. Before you can legally work you either must have the blue card in process  or have a regular work visa that could have been issued before departing the usa. What do you currently have? In my case I requested a normal work visa from the  German consulate in usa before leaving as the blue card can only be processed in Germany and it takes time to get the appointment's. Since I had a work visa issued in USA  I could work as soon as I landed. In either case the relocation support company usually arranges and escorts you to these appointments. If I recall they also wanted my apartment contract  for this appointment, which I used the temporary housing one.. cant remember the order as it was a long time ago.,    If you are in temporary housing you should be registering this address now to have a ameldung...which is usually needed along with blue card to open bank account and pretty much anything you do. once you find permanent housing you just register the new address for a new ameldung. when I came we had a really worthless guy working as our contact from the relo group...he helped with some things but I really had to push this guy and actually called the company to complain as he had another job that was his priority. The visa support company they had was top notch. If you have relo support they should be helping with lots of things, reviewing phone plans, electrical contracts, drivers licenses all of it..but based on your actual contract. Make sure you get what you are supposed to have
  8. mahnverfahren help

    I had this same issue when i first moved here.  Not a payment issue, but would not accept a order when trying to charge to my German sep account number or us credit card. You mentioned using same account for 12 years is this a german account or credit card? When i called they told me the same thing i could order by gift cards...I was really pissed. When I finally got a German  issued credit card they accepted it but first few orders were only for very small euro amounts. If I ordered bigger amounts they would cancel  the order. After placing a few small orders they changed my account and i can order whatever i want. Try ordering a small value order and see what happens.
  9. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

    You are correct we were "subject" to recall so it counted. In this case it seems to me they might  not even call it garden leave , if they unofficially just leave him on as a employee until end nov as his end date it would still count. It depends on what they show on the arbeitbescheinigung. Either way he must file now as he is in the 3 month window. 
  10. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

    I an american and currently on alg1 and just went through the process I am a permanent resident holder now. First as others have said if you leave  you can't transfer or continue to reieve benefits. You must apply now as your are within 3 months of your last day.    yes it is required for current employer to provide you with abeitbescheinigung from your current employer. Mine sent it 1 week before my last day of employment in your case nov 30. But they can send before. As for this from a previous employer i do not know but in the arbeitsampt app they ask for all employment details for last 5 years.   If you are on "garden leave" through november meaning they pay you like normal including insurance, social deductions etc. Then this time definately counts toward benefits and time for alg1 eligibility. But not if they just pay you a check like severnce pay. I know this for a fact as i had 7 months of garden leave and not working. All counted toward alg1 eligibility.   So if you had 24 months previous work in germany as well you should have 12 months entitlement   As for needing to leave after 3 months this is false per my immigration lawyer. She told me this can be a tactic used by the arbeitsampt to reduce benefit payment. Alg1 is a earned entitlement and not a social benefit. you have no issue as long as the blue card is not expired. She  even said there was a way to extend it if you have alg1 payments to benfit end date, But I got permanent residence before started alg1 so did not have to go down this road. She told me if they threaten this 90 day thing contact her she would send a letter to them and they would stop immeditely.  She told me she has done this many if your blue card has a long time left you may want to get a lawyer if this happens.    Actual application process is all online..but a little complicated. Hope this helps.
  11. Did you get this insurance through a broker or agent? Or just on-line through the company? If agent contact them. My agent has helped me with things like this in the past. If you have legal insurance you could call the lawyer constation line for advise normally free if you dont actually want to go further like taking actual legal action   I feel your frustration on being exhausted over these things.  It is so much extra effort to get anything accomplished. I myself have been trying to get a medical second opinion on a rare issue. Contacted 4 german drs a week ago reponse. Contacted a senior researcher at mayo clinic  in usa, he responded next day on a saturday, follow up on details sunday and today already working with international appointment team to send docs. If only everything worked so well. Good luck and stand up for what you are entitled to.
  12. I believe there is a office for federal benefits in the us embassy for those living in  Germany..not sure what the contact process is. But since you have qualified fo pensions in both systems I do not think they will add you usa work time. I know for pensions coming from more than one eu country they do this and create a single pension but dont think the do this with usa ssa.
  13. Correct about payment. Also I believe if you have earned enough credits in both systems to qualify for a pension they do not credit the other countries time. This would only apply if you fall short of work time to qualify. I believe in your case you would recieve a pension in both systems based on years worked in each. You need 40 qtrs which you have more than needed. However us ssa could be reduced by how much you recieve from germany. (Dont know if this applies to non residents)
  14. ALG I And Blue Card and Beschaft. jeder ARt gestattet! She is in berlin does immigration only and excellent
  15. ALG I And Blue Card and Beschaft. jeder ARt gestattet!

    Hopefully you have records for all of this because not sure how you were able to stay the 10 months of unemployment? when you file for alg1 they may question this as you report status for 5 years in the application. Im sure it would get reviewed closely if you ever file for permanent residence, and or when they need to approve another employer. Based on blue card you have not met the conditions to take any job and even at 2 years it is really still  "skilled" you would need to get a new job approved again at least based on my understanding.