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  1.     I have health insurance from care concept, very cheap and cranky but I am young and healthy and all. I think it is not Ba-Fin approved, though I was granted visa a few times in Düss using this insurance company. Is it a good idea to use it in Berlin for the extension along with proof that I have applied for KSK?  The ABH in Düss did said last year that i need KSK for next time but it might work differently in Berlin as stated in the PDF?   thanks to you both    
  2.   Thanks, Zeitbuch, for a generous post. I have actually moved to Berlin and this raises my hope up. I am away about 6-7 month out of 12 months last year solely for work related reason. I wonder if this can be considered to be the case as “not yet permanently grounded in Germany”.   And also I wonder (as this is a visa extension) if this point can be used against me? that I have little to no purpose to be in Germany? (I want to stay because I can see a lot of art exhibitions that my home country can’t provide), also my art project jumps from one country to another - means I don’t have enough reason to be in the other country either.   Sorry if it the word “artist visa” is irritating to someone. I am aware that theoretically there is no such a thing but I just thought that it would make my situation more clear to people.   Again to Zeitbuch, do you know if this document is accessible in English from anywhere? It is super useful and I want to master it. Kudos to you!  
  3. Hi all,   I know there are many post about KSK and artist visa but I don't seem to find the answer for my case.   So I was granted artist visa about 7 months ago but I have been away for art related job on and off and I just start my application process with KSK recently.   My visa extension is approching and it is likely that I will not be able to get into KSK on time for my visa extension. Can i ask if anyone has successfully extend their artist visa while still waiting for KSK? Can I bring email exchange document with KSK so that the ABH knows that it is not like I will not get into KSK?   Or perhaps the ABH would give me fiktionbescheinigung until I get in to KSK?   Am I going to be kicked out of German soil?
  4. Hi all,   I work as a self-employed and last year I visited my home country (non-EU) and purchased a new laptop there. As a rule of thumb I know that laptop can be filed for tax return with depreciation of three years.   The problem is, does this rule work in the same way if I did not purchase the laptop in Germany? On the invoice there is my name and my home coutry address and my home coutry tax number - should I contact the shop to change all this information to my German details (they said they might be able to do it)?   I only have a few list of tax return since I only start working in November so I think getting a steuerberater might be too costly for last year tax filing.   Thank you!