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  1. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

    Hi guys. Thanks for all the answers. SpiderPig, I hope you don't get made fun of just trying to pay your rent and get some food on your belly...   1. I notified my emplyer via phonecall (I don't have any family here and couldn't walk, so I couldn't go to the post office or to my work), as it was an emergency surgery. I also told him how long I'd be out. 2: If the work incapacity lasts more than three calendar days, the employee shall provide a medical certificate of incapacity for work and its probable duration not later than the following working day. I have it 3: The employer is entitled to demand the submission of the medical certificate earlier.   It's not that I'm looking for revenge, but he only told me I was fired on the 15th and then wouldn't pay me up to when he vocally notified me. But yeah, I'm moving on..   I was working there for exactly three months. There was no talk of Probeitzeit, but this boss just makes up rules as he goes, so I've decided to not fight it. I'm currently waiting for the paper with my last billing statement saying the work is over to go to the Job Center. It's been a week so I'm going tomorrow anyways, because they also say you have to tell the JC no later than 8 days after. I'm hoping I can start the process without this paper.   Do you guys know if it's 100% necessary? (I'm sure it is, but it wouldn't hurt to ask).   Thanks for your answers!
  2. Hi guys! I work in Dusseldorf, let me tell you the background. I get paid 8 Euros an hour for 78 hours a month. I had to go to the ER to remove an infected tumor in the last week of May. So I call my direct boss and tell him so, and everything seems to go well. Well, this week, I go to give all my papers and they tell me I've been fired AND owe them money for the hours I didn't work in May which they paid me. I have all the papers. My boss will not defend me (they're all a bunch of snakes).   I would like to get the paper that I've been let go so I can go to the Job Center, but honestly, they managed themselves so badly that I also want them to pay me for however long I was out of work for medical reasons. I read that in Germany there has to be a certain official way of telling someone, and that isn't even how they did it. I would like to know what my chances are of 1) getting paid this money and 2) getting this paper while claiming they owe me this money.   I would like to say as leverage I also have the fact that they pay me less than minimum wage if they'd like to get the law involved...   Could you please help? They take advantage of every dummy here and I don't want to be a dummy...