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  1. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      You had me until there.  I see no problem in choosing other tools to do your tasks, you want to take photos with a camera, listen to music from a walkman, pay in the shops with your physical cards, check your whereabouts on a paper map, keep your appointments in a physical calendar, etc,  it is all OK.   The issue is you think we are "permanently connected" when we carry our phones, yes, I know there are people like that.  But I assure you, I use the phone mostly only when I need to do a task (the ones you do with other tools) and that's it.   I am simply concentrating all the tools in one device, and that device is really good at that.   And I think there are plenty of people like me, probably we are the majority.  But the ones glued to their phones are the ones who get the attention.
  2. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      I am not a young shaver anymore and I carry the phone most times because I find it extremely useful.  As a start I use it to pay for things.  Then to communicate (mostly via IM).  If I am shopping (not in the supermarket) I might use it to compare prices (with damn Amazon) and check if I am getting a good deal. Some supermarkets offer nowadays promotions and coupons via their app and you get the digital version of the receipt in the app too.     I have kids as well, so I like to be available for emergencies.  I use a lot the GPS function too, not to tell me the way, but to tell me about traffic and cameras.   And if I have to wait somewhere my eBooks are synced in the Amazon Kindle app.     Funny enough I always disliked talking on the phone and I am happy the whole world is catching up with me.   
  3. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      Many people under financial struggle can buy the monthly pass for 27,50 EUR.   And you would be surprise, plenty of the fare dodgers can actually afford to pay the tickets, it is not always about the money.  Sometimes it is about what you can get away with.
  4. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Maybe they shouldn't outsource the controlling to crappy companies that pay minimum wage to the controllers and then offer 50 cents for every one of the first 12 fines they give in the day and then 1 EUR for every fine after that.   Because then everything they care about is giving fines to everyone they can.    Truly #BVG #WeilWirDichLieben 
  5. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

        Beg to differ.  The tickets are valid as well for local transportation, and I assume this is the way the tickers will be used the most.    And some cities/towns are super strict, Berlin is one of them.  So we still have to wait and see how this will be handled.
  6. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    9 EUR tickets are available online.
  7. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      It is basically the same.   It depends on how strict your local controllers are.   In Berlin they are mega-brutal, sometimes they wanted to see the passport when you had a physical monthly pass with your name on it.   However, all tickets you buy from the app are personalized as well, and I have not been asked even once for an ID since I've been using the app.   If you want to be sure, you need your passport.  Or take your risks.   I personally do not carry my passport, but I understand I might run into problems.   P.S. The fine in Berlin for lack of ID is still 60 EUR, but if you go and show your ID is reduced to 7 EUR.
  8. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      As someone mentioned before, there is the law and there is the practicality.  Some people will accept other sorts of IDs, most times the (German) driving license is accented, sometimes even the insurance card. and so on.    But sometimes it can be the opposite, actually if you want to be technical, just the passport is not enough as an ID because it has no residencial address, the real ID is the combination of passport + domicile registration (Anmeldung).   So far, in 21 years in Germany only once we had someone wanting both, and it was in the worst circumstances, our car broke down in the middle of the nowhere, our kids were small, and some guy from a small rent-a-car partnering with ADAC didn't want to give us a car without an Anmeldung.   After calling ADAC a couple of times they convinced him.  Since then I carry a copy of my Anmeldung in my car and another one together with my passport, however I never need it again.
  9. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      The eAT is a half assed solution, because it is still extremely important for us not to lose it.  It is not something you can easily replace in a couple of days if you lose it.   And you will need it if you want to travel internationally.     And the eAT must mostly be together with the passport.  So they made a card that has to be carried around with the passport, it is again, like a bad joke.   On top of that, there are still plenty of people with just the sticker on the passport instead of the eAT.   Germany should give us some sort of ID for foreigners, just like almost every other country in the world that issues IDs.     P.S., But to be fair, it is going shit for the Germans as well, at least in some cities, it is not like before that it took a couple of days to get an Ausweis or a German Passport, now just the appointment takes months.
  10. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      Sometimes Germany feels like moving backwards.   We moved from paper subway tickets to electronic tickets that need a physical form of ID.   Even my crappy third world country implemented already electronic IDs you can carry in your phone.  Maybe Germany will do it in 20 years and of course, not for foreigners.
  11. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      Except in Berlin. The (free) BVG Ticket will be automatically upgraded to 9€ ticket at no cost.
  12. The War in Ukraine

    Fietsrad would be like a Chai Tea, or a Sambal Sauce or an ATM Machine?
  13. Biometric Passport Photos

    Just go DM and tell them you need a biometric picture for a document.    P.S., It is just a picture with certain rules about the size of you head and so on.
  14.   It doesn't have to be for free.   The whole point is been able to charge your can in the most obvious place you could charge it, instead of taking away street charging places needed by others.
  15.   Giving E-plates and e-perks and e-benefits to plug-in hybrids was the worst decision ever.      I would bet that 90% of every plug in hybrid sold is never plugged.  And it becomes 99.99% when talking about company cars.
  16. And at least the higher management will have enough money to buy EVs.  Those EVs been charged at the workplace is already a win for everyone.  
  17.   Your friend sounds like me, I see no problem there.  YOLO.
  18. The definition of rich is subjective to our own reality.   
  19. The War in Ukraine

    Considering Ukraine has serious chances of wining this war, I suggest that Russia should think in appeasing. 
  20. The War in Ukraine

    To be fair, the Lada Niva was a good off-roader.    Probably still is because the market of real off-roaders is almost non-existing.
  21. What are you cooking today?

      That chili is missing a bit of cacao.  Otherwise (y)  
  22. Changing car tires

      It depends on the car.  AFAIK the puncture repair, either cold (plug) or hot (vulcanized) brings you only to the ''H" speed index, and that's 210 km/h.  If you car goes higher than that it might be a problem, so check the max speed in your tacho.   Damages on the side of the tire can't be repaired.  And if you already used Reifenspray the tire can't be repaired.
  23. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      You are cherry-picking, I already wrote two long posts explaining you there is the stable side, which is not really different from buying a TEF from a bank and there is the high risk super volatile market, which is extremely dangerous.    You can't compare USDT with Akita Inu.   It is like comparing buying shares from a 500 company with investing in a five people startup from Bangladesh.   I am sure you understand at least part of what I have explained, but your general anti-Crypto feelings does not let you see further.   They will stay and it is the future, maybe not exactly in the way they are now, maybe there will be e-Money run by the government parallel to the free cryptos, or whatever, no one knows. But they came to stay.   Same with the Blockchain, which you hate as well, it has grown a lot in the past couple of years basically in every sector, financial, health, entertainment, energy, manufacturing, retail, public sector, etc.   The pandemic accelerated the Blockchain development by a lot, mostly because of the uncertain times.
  24. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      As I expected, it is a waste of time.   Nowadays there is all kind of investments in the crypto market, some are so "traditional" that even the most traditional investors already realised it and moved there.  For example you can buy stablecoins that are fully backed by real assets and then put them in a "Crypto EFT".  Your profits would be just slightly better than in the traditional market, but safe enough to convince people who are unsure.  I think our own @RenegadeFurtherhas some investments in this way, IIRC.   Or course there is the other extreme, the extreme volatile investments.   And to be honest, I myself do not have the balls to put anything really worthy there, I have made some decent money, for example, I bought Shiba Inu at a very low price, but it is a shitcoin (and it has been stuck for one year), so I would never risk anything big there, but If I had put 1000 EUR at the time I bought I wouldn't be talking to you here, I would be drinking Margaritas in a small beach in Belize.   Or course all these dramas with volatile cryptos is what shows up in the news.   And yes, people are losing money, but they shouldn't be investing money they can't afford to lose, specially not in such high risk "investments" that are just a lottery.