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  1. Pre-Vaccine days:  I am not going to wear a mask, I am not going to stay at home, I am not going to get tested, blah, blah, rights.   Post-Vaccine days: I am not getting the vaccine because I am isolating myself, I go out only when needed and wearing a mask, I get tested twice a week, blah. blah, rights.    
  2.   There was no Internets at the time.       P.S., Before we thought the problem was access to information, now we know that's not the problem.
  3. Permit for modifying garden

    1,5 m2, just go ahead.  Probably you just need a few "Betonplatten" from any Baumarkt.
  4. Like always, it is the world against Mike.  And Portugal this and Portugal that.
  5.   I find amusing that a project manager can't solve this situation.  Because for us it was super easy, barely an inconvenience, we support them in the subjects that we can and find help in the ones that can't.   A combination of asking the neighbors, asking our friends (you know, there are tablets and the kids can use them to video-conference with other people, amazing times), paying the neighbor kid for tuition, using the tuition system offered by the school itself, and so on.    And the WhatsApp group from the helicopter parents, that has been a godsend even if I dread to check it.
  6.   I hate to break this to you, but Germany is a federal country.
  7. Plenty of primary schools reuse the books for a couple of years and in secondary schools (where you have to buy the books yourself) they have programs to rebuy them from the pupils and recirculate them to kids whose parents want to save some money.  However every two or three years there is a new edition of the book and the one you have becomes obsolete.
  8.   If you actually bought books in Amazon you would know that they cost almost the same.  They are normally around 20% cheaper, sometimes they cost the same.
  9.   Because electronic books are for free.
  10.   Because learning in the first years is not about that.   But I guess you just can't see it.
  11.   That's actually very sad.
  12.   How can I know? it is your kid not mine.  I assume there are lockers in his school, or they keep everything in the classroom.  And your kid does not have do to homework or never study at home from his notes or from physical books.
  13.   Because you speak from the comfort of your elitism.  If you were more connected with the reality you would already know the catastrophe that was online education during the lockdown for the middle lower class and specially for the younger kids.   Berlin had to give away a gazillion of tablets and notebooks and this was still not enough.   And even if you solved the problem of the books, the kids still have to carry around their workbooks, their notes, their stationary, etc, etc.   And since we are talking about first day of school, I am sure some people would realize the difficulties of having online materials for kids who can't yet read.  Of course you might come here again from your disconnected world and tell us how your kid was writing apps when he was one year old.
  14.   Not sure what you are talking about, no school demands expensive backpacks.    And considering kids in public school carry a considerable amount of stuff everyday, I would think that a 17 EUR backpack won't cut it if you care about your kid's back.   Sure it is good in your case, but it does not apply to the majority.
  15. I heard he talks a lot about projects that never happen.   Like that time he didn't build a boat.