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  1. They tried to pull that one on us many years ago here in Berlin, but it was the Jugendamt, not the Kita itself.   A letter to the JA saying that we both parents are foreigners who do not speak German at home is a reason for the kids to receive a full Kita voucher and even the second one received a full voucher when he was one year old and my wife was still on Elternzeit.    Not sure in your situation how is the language thing.
  2.   Garbage collection is not really the issue here.  In Berlin, by default you have to take the bins yourself outside and they collect them from there, if you want them to collect from somewhere else inside the property then you have to pay for the "comfort" fee. This can be from 3 to 42 EUR extra per trimester depending on the size of the bin and the distance, they pick up the bins by foot, the truck wouldn't go inside there.   If there is a gate, lock, door, whatever, you simply provide the BSR with the keys, as far as I know.  If you give the garbage collection the keys to enter then you will have to pay 14 extra EUR per trimester of build a special safety box for the keys that would costs around 250 EUR one time payment.  This is how it works in apartment buildings, they have to pay for that because no one will take the bins out.     My assumption is that the box was strategically built there exactly at the border to that they do not have to take the bins to the street but they do not have to pay for the extra fee.  Again, this is only an assumption, only the OP knows how much he pays for garbage collection and if he is paying for the comfort fee or not.      But all that would be possible to be solved, it is only a matter or money, the neighbours will be pissed with the new costs though.   The real issue is that as far as I know, you can't block them from the access to emergency services.   
  3. I have no idea about the box, I assume it was built there so the people from the BSR can take the bins directly from there and you do not have to bring them outside yourself.   So I am sure your neighbours will be pissed if you remove it.   But the box seem small for three houses now that the bio bin is mandatory as well (except if you compost).   What I am sure is you can't gate that entrance road.   It should be access free to emergency services.  That situation is crappy because you have to maintain it but it is not really "yours".   I expect you knew this before buying.     Well, you can have all the bad attitude you want, have but @McDee is correct.  You made it sound like the problem is that they can't speak English when the problem is the opposite.   You could find a German speaker to translate for you and go and talk to him and discuss things.  
  4. Work culture clashes

    I want to separate things, first and the most important, calling you when you are on holidays and making you go back to work is totally unacceptable.  This can be done only in exceptional cases and under mutual agreement mostly in advance and with the company covering any costs that the change of plans might represent to you.  And you do not have to be available over phone, sms, email, etc at all during your holidays.   So in this point you have to stand for your rights because no one else would do it for you.   Now the rest, you say the company hate foreigners, if they did they wouldn't hire you.     Maybe some Germans do not enjoy having to Germany-train foreigners with little "German" experience, but to some point this is true, some foreigners are unaware of the most simple German things, which might not a big problem if they had open minds, but in some cases they refuse to learn the German way because they think their way is better, which to some point might be irrelevant, even if you want to introduce changes you first have to respect the local way and they try to change it.   You mentioned you were having some sort of problems and went to HHRR or help, this shows lack of understanding about Germany.  HHRR in Germany is totally different compared to what you might know from back home, they are not there to help the employee, nor to mediate between the employee and the company, they are completely on the company's side and they are not there for you.   If you have problems you go to your workers council.   If you do not have one then you have to deal with things yourself directly.   Finally, I think you are having a combination of both things, so it is probably a bad scenario.  Your boss seems to be bad at being a boss, maybe it is just him/her or maybe it is the whole company.  And you need to work a bit more in understanding Germany.  After two years you still seem to be confused if people are actually arguing or not based on the way Germans speak.  You have to learn to pick your battles, some bosses like to think they are part everything and must put their hands on whatever you do, you have to learn to manage those situations.  And even to fight for your rights and to get why things are happening you have to understand the cultural thing.    I wish you the best.
  5. President Donald J. Trump

      The Supreme Court voted seven to two.  To me it is very worrying that there are two people there thinking the president has total immunity to any sort of crime.
  6. Dinner meat at age 41

      Yes, forgot about that one.   Actually now I think that "comida" is "dinner".  
  7. Dinner meat at age 41

      The basic names are desayuno, almuerzo and cena, they are used mostly everywhere.  But in some countries people think "cena" sounds posh and they say "comida" instead, which is a bit confusing and silly because comida means food.
  8. Dinner meat at age 41

       @MikeMelga is not a Brit, so for him dinner means the meal you eat at night.        PS., Mike: for Brits "dinner" means the biggest meal of your day, for some people it can be lunch and for other people can be what we call dinner.   Or you could be Asian and have three "dinners" per day.
  9. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    BVG in Berlin has finally decided to change the name of the Mohrenstrasse station because of the obvious reasons (except to @jeba).  The new name will be Glinkastrasse.
  10.   That would be better (except the touch touch), but they were really finding the one with 510g instead or 500g.
  11. So, I just came from Kaufland.  There was this couple, around 50+, choosing a package of strawberries.   They decided to find the one package with more grams among the all of them, so they were taking them to the weighing scale two at a time and checking package by package.   Who the heck does that?  And for what?  to find the one package with an extra half strawberry?   Touching all the damn packages ... even there are signs everywhere in the produce area saying to touch only the items you want to buy.   I never saw something like that, so I wonder if people are getting dumber and dumber every day.
  12. E-Bike / Pedelec recommendations

    Bringing back again this zombie thread.  Just to complain about people not understanding the markets.    There is a current boom of eBikes and there are some amazing ones right now, but I can't find anything that fits what I am looking for.     My major complain is the Chinese not understanding anything in this matter, probably because for once in a while they are actually trying to innovate and they are not blatantly copying anyone.   The Chinese are making bloody cool cheap bikes at the moment, and they are sold like hot cakes, but they are at the same time crap because they do not understand the markets.     Their mistake is that they are making one model that should please everyone but instead they are not pleasing anyone.  Most of them have decided to block the speeds to 25 km/h to fulfill European requirements, so the American customers are pissed because no one buys slow eBikes over there.   And the irony is that the bikes are not street legal in the EU because they have a throttle which was banned in the EU since 2017.    And they insist in keeping the throttle to please the Americans.    Those dummies do not understand they should make two models, a European one and an American one.    It is a shame, because they really have nice bikes in the sub 1000€ bracket.   And the European made bikes are either really crap and heavy or super cool but mega expensive.
  13. Neighbours musicians

      This does not mean you are not allowed to do anything in your place.  And to be honest, it is very difficult not to "disturb" people with "sensitive ears".  I know it because I have a neighbor like that and she tried to bully me too.      
  14. Neighbours musicians

      Oh, I see where this is going ...
  15. Neighbours musicians

    You can play a music instrument from one to three hours per day except very loud instruments (acoustic drums).   Maybe you could invest in some good quality noise cancelling headphones.