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  1.   He took AZ because that was what was available at the moment. And he probably would take AZ as the second shot if he didn't plan to visit South Africa for which AZ does not fully protect you, and this info came after he took the first AZ jab.    He is entitled to be vaccinated in Germany because he keeps german health insurance and Germany allows you to decide which one you want.   He is even in a priority group.    I do not know what's your beef with him but I see no problem.   If I had my long term partner trapped in another country and I didn't see her for 1.5 years I would be desperate already.
  2.   He has been waiting for 1.5 years and probably has to wait for another few months, we have to go back to normality.  Even Germany understand that splitting couples for long time is not good and they allowed non-married non-EU partners to enter the country long time ago.
  3.   You mean the doctor sucks because there is not yet enough information to make an informed decision?  
  4.   But he is an old guy and he is in a priority group.   I don't understand why some of you are giving @jeba so much crap about it.  He wants to visit his partner in South Africa so it makes sense to have at least some protection for the strains of the virus running there.   What do you want?  That he takes a second AZ jab and flies there risking himself to get the strains that AZ does not have any protection against?  
  5. And you can add that some of those priority people are elderly with low to no computer proficiency.   Making the online appointment might not be easy for them.   So doing it via their house doctor might work better for them, but then their doctors are giving the shots to their friends instead of their patients.
  6.   Jain.  Remember we had/have plenty of priority people that were not vaccinated yet and had no appointment at the time they lifted the priorities.  At least that would give a chance to some of them instead of having to compete with HALF the remaining population for appointments in 6 to 8 weeks.   I understand your point, you see a zero sum situation with no difference, but the difference is WHO will get the jabs.     P.S., The weird thing in Berlin is that people seem to prefer BioNtech and are letting Moderna aside.  I just drove today in front of the Moderna vaccination center and that had already a "Kein Termin" line at noon.   It seems a considerable amount of people are making appointments and not showing up.  And it can't be that they swapped for BioNtech appointments and didn't cancel the Moderna one because doctolib does not allow you double appointments.
  7.   While this is true, if you check the data from each vaccination center you will see that everyday they use between 90% and 93% of the jabs planned for the day, this is probably due to no shows.  If we know this now for literally months, they could have started a daily waiting list at the end of the day and vaccinate some people without appointments.   Guess what, they have started doing this since a few days ago in some places.   To me this would be fairer and beats having to beg for Vitamin B.   I am talking about Berlin, I have no idea how it is in other states.
  8. Politics Gen XYZ

          Holy cow Batman.  What a gentleman full of human warmth.    
  9. A question for all you long-timers:

      40 Over Fashion
  10.   If you read carefully I am not saying they shouldn't have lifted it.  I said doing it almost everywhere at the same time was the mistake, because in some places there were plenty of priority people that still couldn't find an appointment.   And because they lifted it in the vaccination centers it does not mean the people with no priority are getting vaccinated in the vaccination centers right now, at leat here, when they lifted it you could get your first appointment 6 weeks in the future.  Everything they did was putting the priority people to compete with the non priority ones for the appointments.
  11. Coronavirus

  12.   That was actually supposed to happen in May, we were in.   But it was with J&J and then the J&J drama happened and the program for companies was delayed because J&J got German-cancelled together with AZ.   The companies program was started again with mRNA vaccines, ours is with BioNtech, the first round of first jabs were given last week and we have the second round of first jabs at the beginning of July.  Second jab six weeks after the first one.
  13.   If it is like that then I wouldn't feel bad for a second.    But my issue is with doctors that have a giant waiting list from their own patients but they give the jabs to their friends and friends' friends.  Many of those patients were at the time in priority groups.   It is a disgrace.   Even if I am not in any priority group I think the lifting of priorities was a massive fail.  They shouldn't do it everywhere at the same time, and they should have finished first most of the prioritized people.   Vaccines availability was not an issue as far as I can see, even if the numbers look really good (5 million jabs in a week) they have been vaccinating around 90% of the available vaccines daily.   I think they are now starting to implement the no-appointment-waiting at the end of the day in some vaccination centers, you go there and if there is any unused jab they give it to you, that should have been done long time ago.
  14.   I think the difference is that you have comorbidities therefore you are in a priority group.   I have no health issues and I am not old enough so I had to wait. 
  15.   Your quote to my message is so random that I have the feeling you didn't understand what I meant.