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  1. Any IT experts out there? Home WIFI problems

      I had similar issues and my wife is now working 100% from home with plenty of Zoom meetings every day so she couldn't afford bad WiFi.    Our solution was to upgrade to a Mesh system, there are plenty of solutions around, from different prices.    In your case two nodes should solve the issues, you put one as the main one connected to the modem and you put the second one upstairs.    The best scenario would be to send a network cable from the first one to the second one, but if that's not possible the speeds should be still OK.     In our case we can sustain from 20 to 40 MB/s upstairs, that's close to up to 500 mbs, which is very decent for WiFi.   I don't recommend you repeaters because they normally cut the speed in half.   Mesh is the way in my opinion.
  2. Alternative titles of threads

    Going rates for procrastinating work in Germany
  3. Necessary Income

      Damn, you were damn annoying with your Portugal this, Portugal that ... and look now, you have almost convinced me to retire in Portugal.
  4. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    Almost any router can do it.  Even your Fritzbox should work, you need to enter to the Fritzbox configuration and figure out what's going on.
  5. Fucking squatters

      "Krieg" in Spanish is a very popular last name.       P.S., And I have no "constipiracy" ... at least not today.
  6. Fucking squatters

      I did it already.  
  7. Fucking squatters

  8. Coronavirus

      You don't know their reality, so why judging?   For example, my wife is asthmatic, in these days at the first sign of cold symptoms I or the kids will start some sort of distancing from her.   My neighbors are 60+ and 70+, the husband has been fighting cancer for like 8 years, had a couple of heart attacks and it is in general very weak.    I see them here and there distancing from each other and wearing masks but not always, so to me it is clear they are doing it for a reason.  
  9.   I wouldn't expect decent media to report anything anti- any racial of ethnic group.    I would expect them to report what happened and don't even take sides.
  10. Fucking squatters

      Our colleague has been with this headache for years now, some Okupas took his house in Mallorca several years ago and he spent already a fortune in lawyers and still nothing.   The worst, they are renting the house or rooms from the house on AirBnB. 
  11. Coronavirus

        They were at the beach with no masks and sitting 2m from each other.  They went into the car wearing masks.  Not pointless.  
  12. Welcome to The InterNet-Flicks.   The first episode delivered but it was not that credible.   I am eager to see the next episode.
  13.   Making my point.  I am not even preaching or advocating for anything.
  14.   And while not exactly because of the language, there is another related thing about why sometimes landlords do not like foreigners, because they think foreigners do not do things in the way it should be done in Germany.    I do not want to discuss if airing the rooms a couple of times a day has to be done in order to stop mould, but the point is a German landlord would expect you to do it.   But then comes the foreigner who would argue with the landlord about it, if the foreigner has the reason or not it does not matter, the point is now in the mind of the landlord, foreigners can't follow basic rules/procedures which are "common knowledge" here and refuse to be taught.
  15.   What's the difference if you do not speak the language?   You could come with some silly arguments that English is lingua franca, but if I didn't speak English I couldn't care less.