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  1. Relocating nearby to Munich

      There is nothing you are not an expert.  The sky is the limit.
  2.   Oh the bloody ivermectin.  We are having serious problems with that thing back home.   If it is true or not that it helps I have zero idea, but the problem is that ivermectin is a purgative/purge medicine mostly used in ANIMALS in South America.   Now because of those rumours that it cures CV people are self-medicating with the pills meant for cows.
  3. Relocating nearby to Munich

      If I had a penny for every time I heard that ...
  4. Coronavirus

    There are multiple solutions and possibilities when you really want to implement them.  For example in Berlin we have Tegel, the airport that just closed down.
  5. Relocating nearby to Munich

      If you have 420 EUR you won't miss and you do not have any cryptos, buy exactly 0.01 BTC and keep it safe and forget about it.   In 10 years we will be drinking piña coladas somewhere in the Caribbean.  Or not. 
  6. Relocating nearby to Munich

      I don't know man, you sound like a reasonable guy and of course I do not know your life better than yourself.  But if you really wanted to buy you could compromise, that's what most of us did.  We do not live in the palace we dreamed, but we accepted our fate and tried to do the best out of it.       I had a colleague who "looked" for a house literally for 20 years and never bought anything and then he decided he was too old to buy.   Every property they saw had a problem and it seems nothing could be fixed to what they wanted.   Now he still rents and apartment and pays 1400 EUR for a 2 bedrooms flat, far as hell from the city.  By now he could have paid whatever if he would have settled with something.   But who knows?  maybe he was happier all those 20 years in his rented flat.   Different people think different.   Maybe your decisions are the best for you and you will be happier in the place you are.   Another bit to consider is if you are going to depend on your German pension, they are actually quite low.  To me it would be a 40% downgrade from my salary if I ever reach the age of pension.   So a huge rent like that would be a big pain.   And people talk about the "freedom" of being a renter, that you could move any day you want and they won't be attached to their property.   But they forget the big difference in the prices between an old and a new contract.   You may be happy with your 800 EUR rent but if you move you may have to pay more than double.   While a person who owns a property can sell it and buy a new one and upgrade or downgrade with more freedom.
  7. Coronavirus

        I didn't say they do not exist, I said they are not that many anymore, so basing a national plan in something almost non existent does not sound like a good idea.      Most companies now use a normal doctor with a normal practice as their company doctor.  They just refer the employees there.  
  8. Relocating nearby to Munich

      You are talking to financial whizzzes.   I don't understand why they do not take a 1% mortgage and put it in super safe 3% ETFs.   It is a braindead plan, it is literally free money.
  9. Coronavirus

      Company doctors is a thing of the past, very little companies keep them nowadays, that service was another victim of the cuts and savings.   We don't have one since like 15 years.   Yes, some companies still have them but they are not that many anymore.
  10.   I can Google as well:   Steal  : to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as a habitual or regular practice  
  11.   Must be a german?  Discriminating much?     It is indeed stealing, voluntarily or involuntarily only the OP knows.
  12.   It seems you (and Mike) have no understanding of what being clinically depressed is.
  13. Relocating nearby to Munich

      Get used to it, Porto is the new-Berlin.  And hipsters do not buy, they share-rent.
  14. If you plan to shop in a far away place then better buy a shopping trolley like this.   And use a shopping cart so you can stop "forgetting" to pay for small high price items.   Your story has all the "frequent shoplifter that was finally caught" signs, true or not, it looks bad.   If it is first time it will be probably dismissed and you will receive a fine and a ban.   Do not break the ban, that would be a criminal offence, if they tell you you can't shop at any Kaufland for 1 year then shop somewhere else for 1 year.
  15. Coronavirus

      This is all understandable, but what Mike is talking about is the general situation when taking blood, taking injections and so on.   I was used to that been a nurse job and back home (third world country) there were pretty good at it.   I have small veins and it is not an easy job and if the person is not good at it I will end up with an arm full of blood bruises for a couple of weeks, that happened very seldom back home, but in Germany I am lucky if I get someone who does not suck at it.   The wife has the same problem and had had similar experiences.