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  1.   I think the flour crisis was at the time when we were not supposed to go out and most of us were going out to the supermarket only once a week max.   German breadding means you buy fresh bread in the morning and again in the late afternoon, or at least once per day, I guess that was what people were trying to avoid by buying all the pre-baked bread and then all the flour.   But then buying enough flour for six months was really dumb, if the chain of supply were broken for so long then we would be in serious deep sh*t and flour is not actually what you should be buying.
  2.     We buy reasonable amounts of flour all the time, for cakes, bread, quiches, empanadas, etc.  But we never really needed to stock too much.  I assume the issue is basically the bread, last time people either couldn't or were scared to go out and buy bread every day, then the pre-baked ones were all sold out so people had to bake their own bread, remember bread is very important for Germans for two meals a day (breakfast and Abendbrot).   But then I guess they hamstered too much.
  3.   Yep, it seems we didn't learn the lesson, toilet paper is again flying from the shelves and I heard in the radio it is sold out in some areas in Bavaria.   P.S., I bought TP yesterday
  4. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Blah, blah, blah, of course you are always right, even when you post articles you never read.
  5. Email from police - stolen PSN codes

      Because Sony knows your email address and a few other things about you.  They might even have your ID (needed to confirm your age in some situations).
  6. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Far from reality, first I could buy a one or two Teslas if I wanted.  Second I like when people enjoy their things, specially when they buy them with their hard earned money.  The point is more about you being so obtuse and everything that is not Tesla must suck.   I bet the cheap-ass Dacia will have nicer interior than a Tesla 3.  
  7. Email from police - stolen PSN codes

    Kinguin is a market place, so it is the jungle out there.   You probably would be OK by providing the information from the transaction, however I am not a lawyer.
  8. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      We know, nothing compares to your Tesla, nothing.  
  9. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      You mean the car I mentioned some weeks/months ago and I said it could be a very good city solution for its price and then you said it was going to suck.   Suddenly it is exciting news?   295 km range is short?   What should be the range for a city car? 1000 km @ 250 km/h with a trailer as @CincyInDE mentioned?   I would expect this car to be around 18k and if by then the bonus are still there it will sell like hot cakes (and I would not be able to get one due to excess demand).
  10. You can sign an Aufhebungsvertrag and not be penalised (not losing three months of ALG-1), for that the correct wording must be used.   But going to a lawyer to check it would be recommended, too bad you have no legal insurance.   If there is other people in other departments doing the same or something similar to what you did then you would have some ground to fight the termination, but then again, no lawyer insurance.
  11. Coronavirus

      So not free.
  12.   While I understand your point, the damn thing is actually much more complicated, you can go and take a test and the result will be negative, but if it was taken too early you could be infected and not register in the test.      P.S., Then if it was taken too late, the test would come negative and you wouldn't know you were infected if you do not take the other test type to look for it.
  13. Coronavirus

      If you had the slightly clue about being a parent in Germany you would know that mostly only SMALL kids are sent by the parents to the school.  Once they are a bit bigger almost of them go by themselves, even if they live far.   Yes, of course there are some helicopter parents but they are a minority.  And there are cases where bringing them is actually the best option (poor public transport and big distance).
  14. Coronavirus

    Sure, good for you, I as well walked to school about 20 blocks away and later on cycled there, but it was a small town and quite safe.   Every situation is different and you can't just throw blanket statements like our newish resident Besserwisser.   It is not the same a seven years old kid walking to his primary school five blocks away on low traffic area than a 6 years old kid cycling to his school in the next village 8 kilometers away on a Landstrasse.   Actually I don't recommend letting smallish kids go to school by bicycle until they attend the cycling classes in the school which is normally on fourth grade, except if the route is extremely safe and the kid is mature enough for it and the parents actually trained the kid on traffic rules.   We have in Berlin way too many bicycle accidents every year.  But of course, every parents decide by themselves what they see better.
  15. Coronavirus

    And this thread is teaching us that small kids should not be sent by car, they should go by bicycle to make some exercise.  When they are 6 years old.   LoL.