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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      US citizens do not require visa for UK for visits up to 6 months.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      UK visa fees are outrageous, that's the reason I don't go there anymore.  93 pounds for a 6 months visa, 350 pounds for a 2 years visa and 800 pounds for a 10 years visa.   And now they are crying because they will be charged 6 pounds every 3 years.   It makes me facepalm.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      This is true only if the trailer weight is higher than 750 kg (most caravans are) and car+trailer exceed the 3.5T limit.    You need the B96 class if the total weight is between 3500 and 4250 kg and this entry in your driving license is pretty simple, you only have to attend an afternoon seminar with a driving school.   Over 4250 kg gets more complicated, you need BE which includes the whole cake with classes, tests, etc.   Of course B96 and BE are for locals, so non-EUs will have to have some sort of equivalence.   If you keep everything under 3.5T you do not need anything extra.   Source: I did the homework long time ago when deciding which car and trailer I was going to get because I drive around with a trailer every weekend from March to November.
  4. ApplePay!

      Apple Pay indeed does not need data.   It works even in Airplane Mode (as long as NFC is activated).   However Google Pay seems to be slightly different.   It generates some sort of tokens to be used with the payments.  So as long as you still have valid tokens in your phone you can continue paying without an Internet connection.    But if your tokens finish you have to connect to the Internet to generate new ones.
  5.   German TV has 4 Blocks.  Pretty awesome show.  However it was not produced by public TV, I am just trying to find a very good show in the same vein, thou they are set 100 years apart and Peaky Blinders is basically Sons Of Anarchy without bikes and with cool hats.
  6. ApplePay!

      LOL.  This x 1000.   I learnt that quite fast too.  
  7. Tax class change after getting married

    The only way you can "profit" something from 3/5 is if after filing taxes you still get money back from the Finanzamt.        And by "profit" I mean getting to have that money on the spot instead of having to wait until you file taxes.   P.S., your "motivation" is not a motivation.  So again, why do you want to do it?
  8. Tax class change after getting married

    Again, it does not really matter in which tax class you are, at the end you will pay exactly the same (after you file taxes).      What's your particular motivation to apply to 3/5 ?
  9. Tax class change after getting married

    That is something you will have to decide yourself.      If you are in 3/5 then you are required to file taxes every year.   Your wife will be heavily taxed so she will have less nett income.   You will be taxed lighter, so your nett income increases in order to compensate the lower bracket you will have when you file together.   Until there it is all nice.   The problem is that the Finanzamt does not want to give you a free loan, so if for 2 consecutive years you have to pay back to them when you file taxes then they will force you to pay tax pre-payments during the year (every trimester), and they will be quite high because they will be calculated including the church tax even if you do not pay church tax.   All of these to force you to pre-pay more taxes and only be able to get money back from the Finanzamt and not the other way around.
  10. Tax class change after getting married

    When you file takes your tax class is really irrelevant.  The tax class is only to calculate the pre-payments you will pay during the fiscal year.   Then at the end you calculate the proper amounts.   And yes, you still have to change your tax classes for next year.   I suggest you research more and learn the implications of classes 3 and 5.   For more people who apply for it it is not really a good idea and most couples would be better in 4/4.
  11. ApplePay!

      Again, depends on the type of item.   For example for some type of electronics, some shops write the serial number in the receipt or in the guarantee document.   With food items they basically do not care because they just return the crap to the provider.   For non-food items Amazon does not really give a crap about anything, they will take your item no question asked because they have so much buying power that they can just shovel the item back to the manufacturer and tell them to suck it up.   While a normal shop will have to prove the manufacturer that they followed their return policies which might be very crappy.   In some cases, the provider does not even take back the items Amazon writes off as a return, so those items are destroyed or sold in bulk at low prices.   Sometimes not even confirming if the customer was right about the item having problems.  Everything is a giant waste of resources driven by financial reasons.
  12. ApplePay!

      You need the receipt.    But some places would some times take the item back or at least replace it without the receipt if you ask nicely.  Some I know are IKEA and indeed Kaufland at least with small items, not sure what will happen if you bring back a TV to Kaufland without a receipt.
  13.   Islam actually discourages to preach to nonbelievers.   That's why you almost never see Muslims knocking at your door trying to convert you.  
  14. ApplePay!

      I think what he calls an "overview" of his spending is:  Take a lot at the wallet, if there is still enough cash then I am doing OK, if there is little or no cash then I am spending too much.   He simply likes it in that way, nothing wrong with it.  The problem is that when he tries to justify why he likes it he finds strange excuses like "It does not provide me an overview of my expenses".