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  1. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Does it plan to stop only in chargers with gourmet food?   Sorry, nothing against you, actually I appreciate your input because it is super honest, not like you know who's.
  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      It is funny how you are a reasonable guy except when it comes to EVs and Tesla, then you start drinking their Kool-Aid in gallons.    Yes, driving long distance with an EV is totally doable for plenty of people, but there is some level of compromise.  You have to plan your trip around the charging places or increase the number of stops.  I myself am not willing to eat crap food just because that's the place with a charger.  I would accept the compromise of stopping for charging and having a coffee and watching Netflix in the car and then stopping for aceptable food, that's what we do with our ICE anyway.  I accept the compromise.    And then for some people the scenario is not acceptable at all, like some business cars.  Some companies are already using EVs, mostly the ones that can go one day with one charge, some don't.  Companies with products that are mission critical have no time for their hardware support guy making detours to find chargers and just waiting there.  @slammer tried to tell you it does not yet work for him but of course you have to know better.
  3. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Imagine you lived your whole life and you didn't realize what happened around you.
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      You have a weird way of looking at things.   Before Covid you could buy a brand new ICE for 7000 EUR.   That was a good price and plenty of families could afford it.    We were already on the way to democratized cars.   But Covid happened and now you will have to pay at least 11000 EUR for a car.   Still doable for plenty of families, but not as easy as it was before.   It is the electric revolution the one taking those chances away.   So until Covid ICE cars were really getting cheaper.  Of course premium cars were getting expensive.
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      I am very pessimistic here, for this to happen we will need some new technologies that make batteries dramatically cheaper.   The price of the battery in an EV can be more than half of the retail price of the car, so swapping the battery in an old car might become financially complicated.   We can already see this effect with the tons of old Nissan Leafs with unusable batteries that are being trashed because it makes no sense to replace their batteries.    Current technology is a bit better than what happened to those Leafs, but still I don't see current EVs having a life longer than 12 to 20 years without battery replacement.   And cheap second hand cars is the only way plenty of people have access to cars, if that option is taken away it will be horrible.
  6.   I don't need any support myself, I am only pointing out how the rules are bad designed and the help normally ends up in the hands of people who do not need it.    
  7. It was announced government support for heating oil users, but like it happens often, the rules to get the support are crap.  It seems you will have to prove your total bill for 2022 was higher than 2021.  The problem?  Usually people fill up their tanks, but because the prices in 2022 were so high, plenty of people (like me) bought just enough to top up the balance and survive the winter, so effectively the bill from 2022 is lower than the one from 2021.    
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      The Lupo 3L gets a special treatment because it is a "Three Liter Car", that's the 3L in its name.   It has a small engine and it was super efficient for its time, the Lupo was produced from 1999 to 2005.  The Three Liter Cars was a program created by the government to incentivize the production of small efficient cars, they were called Umweltautos (environmental cars).      The mega star of the program was the VW Lupo 3L, you can't then 4 years later take away everything and give them a yellow sticker.   More info (In German):
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      People who do not have the 40k to buy an EV?   People who have the money but think it is too much money to spend on a car?  People who still do not believe in EVs?   People who think the inconveniences of having an EV outweigh the advantages?    People who do not want to wait twelve months for their car?   People who are not convinced EVs are good for the environment?   People who drive a car type that has no EV option?   People with high towing requirements?  People who only buy second hand cars due to financial advantages?   People scared of lithium batteries?   and the list goes on ...   Plus ICEs are not dead yet, hybrids are giving new life to them.  And while I do not like hybrids that much, specially plug in hybrids, I must accept they are achieving amazing things nowadays.   The Fiat 500 hybrid can do 100 km with less than 3 liters of petrol, but yes, it is a very small car, however the upcoming new Toyota Prius hybrid claims 100 km with something around 2.4 liters of petrol, and it is a normal size sedan, and it looks quite good as well.   Totally amazing fuel economy, and the most ironic thing, with current energy prices that would be much cheaper than EVs.
  10. Fired from work

      Lawyer insurance is called in German Rechtsschutzversicherung.   It should cost around 200 - 300 EUR a year for the whole family.    While it is not cheap, it is good to have it, specially if you already know your work situation is not that stable.   This insurance will cover legal costs in most cases that is not negligence, the total cost for the whole case would be the deductible that is around 150 - 300 EUR.   They as well might provide legal counseling for free in plenty of situations.  If your interest is to be prepared in case of been fired, you have to make sure the insurance covers as well settlement negotiations, i.e. you are not yet fired but you want legal counsel with the settlement negotiation.   It is recommended to have lawyer insurance from a company that only sells legal insurance, for example in case you have to sue some other insurance company.   I use DEURAG and have used them before and had a good experience, but there are many options around.
  11. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Small correction here:   Around 2008 when low emissions zones started they already knew about PM emissions and diesel motors, so the government created a program to retrofit particle filters (DPF) into EURO4 diesel cars, they paid more than half of the costs of installing such filters.   After that diesel cars with DPF have lower PM emissions than petrol cars and they received a green sticker.   Banning EURO5 cars is even crazier, those were produced until 2015, so they are banning cars that are 8 years old, what a waste.  
  12. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      The PDF you posted has the values for Nitrogen Dioxide and the limit is 40 μg/m3 average a year and up to 200 μg/m3 in an hour.   The limit of 25 μg/m3 is for fine particles, that's not what the table is about.   And I would assume they posted the table for Nitrogen Dioxide because it is the only one that can be in theory influenced a lot by diesel.  So they are cherry picking and still the situation is not bad at all.   Any diesel car with a green sticker has already a fine particle filter.   And the ones without a green sticker are not allowed in the low emissions zone since 2008.
  13. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

        Your comment confused me.  Those numbers in that PDF are excellent and would suggest that a ban is not needed.
  14. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      This was another stupid change pushed by the greens.    They actually wanted to make the whole Berlin a 30-zone.
  15. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Eating the cake and having the cake.   Most SUVs were diesel because they said diesel was better for the environment.   If you try to find a BMW X3 from 2005 - 2016 in Germany you will see that most of them were diesel.     Government is now telling as electric cars are better for the environment.  Imagine in 15 years they decide that so many batteries is bad for the environment and then ban all the EVs and say we all have to move to hydrogen.  Sounds crazy?  Well, that's what they did with diesel.