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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    You keep talking about "Merkel statements" check them again, she even came to say that what the UK media was reporting was wrong.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      It has been always a negotiation, because any solution to the border has to be accepted by both sides.   The EU has been actually very open to accept any solution, even technological ones, the problem is such technology does not exist yet.  But it is stil, you bring it and if it works then it is OK.   The backstop is there precisely because no one can think of a solution, maybe because there is none yet.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      That's not what she said.  It is "If we find a solution then the backstop goes".  It has been like that since the beginning.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      Maybe you are "listening" to the Leave translation of Merkel words.   
  5. Climate change discussion

      Run Forrest, Run.
  6. Climate change discussion

      Which kind of backwards thinking is that?  Just because there is a demand for something that is not an excuse to destroy the world in order to supply that demand.   Then a pickpocketer is just doing the correct thing because there is demand for the smartphone he is stilling from you.   And then you end with the worst argument ever, whataboutism, what about us?  Maybe you should add WHAT ABOUT THE AFRICAN KIDS!!!1!! THINK ABOUT THEM!!1!!1!  
  7. Sold my car in Berlin - need advice

    Only commercial sellers are bound to give warranty, a private seller is allowed to put "Sold as seen" in the contract.   This is totally normal when selling old cars.  Who is going to give 1 year warranty on an 18 years old car?   And that's the reason dealers do not sell old cars, normally.
  8.   He looked at the sky and called himself the chosen one.   Sometimes I think it is all an act, but days like today I think he is really nuts.
  9. Climate change discussion

    Decades of leftist corruption    Brazil like most of South America has been ran by right wing governments since like forever.  It was just lately that some countries had leftists government for a short while.   In the Brazilian particular case, Lula was president from 2002 to 2010,  And then Lula was followed by Rousseff (same party as Lula) and she was impeached in 2016.  That's all the "decades of leftist corruption", basically 3 and a half periods, or 13.5 years.   There was a leftist president in the 50s when South America was turning to the left, but then later on his party was dismantled by the army when they took the power and ruled the country.   After the military time only two political parties were legal, a right wing party and a "center" party what was more a "catch-all" party that was really conservative.  And then the right wingers were in power for some time until the mid 80s, when the center-conservatives took power for several periods until the right wingers won again with Henrique Cardoso who was president from 1994-2002.  And then Lula won.   What a sad thing to live in a country and have no clue about what happens around.  
  10. Travel expenses for a job interview

      Sure, you can start by Googling it:   Google - bewerbungskosten kosten bezahlen   And choose from there, for example, the first one:   It is actually very informative because it has a graphic explaining it.   If nothing else was agreed then the employer must pay the costs.   But then it mentions something I actually didn't know until now, if a HEADHUNTER invites for a pre- interview you then you have to pay everything yourself if nothing else was agreed in advance.  
  11. Travel expenses for a job interview

      Wrong.   In Germany the travel costs must be paid back if nothing else is agreed.   And depending on the circumstances maybe hotel and food expenses.   If the employer does not want to pay for such costs then they must inform the candidate in written about it and the candidate should decide if he/she still wants to proceed forfeiting the right to claim back the expenses.   And then it is still possible that the Jobcenter pays for the expenses instead.   About the USA of course I have no idea.
  12. Climate change discussion

        And then to make things worst, Brazil voted for Bolsonaro, the mini-Trump who gave more mining licences to exploit the Amazon and who gave more licenses to JBS to take down more trees in order to have more cows over there.   In case you do not know, JBS is a giant (originally) Brazilian corporation producing 10% of the world's beef and it is the biggest producer of meat in the world.
  13.   The person who rented him the apartment.   You can rent a property via a Hausverwaltung, o via a third person, or company, etc.   But I think the landlord should have made clear from the beginning that he was not the owner.  Maybe that's why he is pissed, that the OP found out that.  Anyway. I am not a lawyer, blah, blah.
  14.   That's not what I understood.  The name in the Grundbuch was ANOTHER name.
  15. With the fine there is a form to reply in case you were not the driver.  You put there the buyer's data you have and maybe include a copy of the contract.   Send a bill to the buyer with the costs of insurance and give an adequate time to pay (i.e. a few weeks).