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  1. Coronavirus

    CDC recommends to wear cloth masks.  The WHO still "considering" it.
  2. Coronavirus

      Just check the news.  He deployed the US Navy several days ago and they are now close to Venezuela waters.  And yesterday there were sightings of US troops in Colombia close to the border with Venezuela.   Not sure if the thing is real or he is just making some smokescreen.
  3. Coronavirus

    And he is now threatening to invade Venezuela.   Shit is going to hit the fan.
  4. Coronavirus

    The main thread is closed so I post this here:   UK, France and Germany ignore the US sanctions to Iran and send them medical gear to help with the situation.   Trump's sanctions to Iran were actually increased last week showing lack of common sense.
  5. Coronavirus

      Well, I could technically go another day of course, but during the week I still have to work and take care of two kids and by the time I could go I am extremely tired (more than in the times I went to work in the real world).   And in our Kaufland the fruits and veggies area sucks after 6 pm.   After the "holidays" the wife and I would most probably start doing Kurzarbeit, so I will have a free day of the week to do it.  
  6. Coronavirus

      I was a pro-mask person from the beginning because to me it is obvious, that's what the Asians do in these situations and they seem to know better, why would the western world who never went through something like this know better?   To me we should have all followed what the Asians did from the beginning and then if we realized something was wrong then change actions, but no, we decided we know better and that jogging is a critical activity no one can stop.   If you want to add some irony to the mix, a lot of people in the third world countries ARE wearing masks.   Why?  Because governments lying to us is part of the normal day activities.      Last Saturday I went to the supermarket we were a grand total of two people wearing a mask.  Let's see today.
  7. Coronavirus

    Capitalism, Free Markets and globalization failing.  Who would have thought.
  8. What made you laugh today?

    This is the best thing I've seen this week.   Good to see something positive nowadays:        
  9. Coronavirus

      France numbers from yesterday are distorted because they put 884 deaths from nursing homes that happened in the past days and they were not included in the statistics before.
  10. Coronavirus

      Spain and italy are tiny compared to USA.  And the health system in Europe is much more better than in the US.   Plus the US is very big with plenty of rural areas.   Spain and Italy might look bad now, but probably it will be nothing compared to USA in two weeks.   I hope I am wrong.
  11. any car mechanic opened now?

      I buy from my normal garage.  I stopped buying expensive ones long time ago because the cheap ones are good enough nowadays, I have Matador tires in one car, which is a sub-brand from Continental, and I think Hankook in the other one.   Of course if you do not say anything they will sell you Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli, GY, Michelin, etc.  
  12.   Not been able to cancel planned holidays is all OK.   Cancellations must be agreed by both parties.     The bit with the 75% holidays taken by end of Q3 is just a wish, but I guess these are not the best times to fight the people trying to save your company.
  13. Coronavirus

      That's not what I said, of course they can be understood, but it is not as simple as Googling, at least if you really want to understand it.  And living in a place for a while doesn't mean you really get them either, I have lived in several other places I don't really get their politics, i.e. Mexico.  
  14. any car mechanic opened now?

      Germans have one saying about changing tires to remember when to do it.  Oktober bis Ostern.  October to Easter.
  15. any car mechanic opened now?

    Well, in that case I guess it is not really essential.   As I said, you can run your car on winter tires with no big downfall AFAIK.  The other way around would be totally different.   The OP was offered a two weeks appointment, and considering we are at the beginning of April and the temperature outside is still low, it is not that bad.