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  1. computer printer - which to buy?

    Brother laser
  2. Why new 'discount' food shops?

    So this guy wants to stop progress.  Be my guest.   And of course comparing supermarket operations to a Church totally makes sense.  
  3. Cost of living crisis

      Hey man, relax, I am telling you I agree with you.  Do not be so defensive. 
  4. Cost of living crisis

      So you want government intervention to stop monopolies.   Yes, we agree.   I see.
  5. Cost of living crisis

      He was selling cheap gas, people wanted cheap gas.   
  6. Cost of living crisis

      I agree with you.  But what surprised me is you were always a pro Free Markets person.   Now that we have the mess the free markets created you are saying we need/needed more government control?       
  7. What are you cooking today?

        Username check passed.   P.S., We need the "love heart" reaction icon.
  8. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Several years ago Denmark had a much lower cancer surviving rate compared to the rest of Western Europe and that's the reason they introduced some tough laws/regulations to expedite the cancer treatment.   There is some rule that you have to start to receive treatment 48 hours after its detection or something like that.  And if your doctor suspects you have cancer you receive the related tests quite fast.    
  9. Oh man, I just re-watched Rollerball a couple of months ago.
  10. Airport Chaos

      Germany's unemployment rate is 2.8%, I think it is the lowest ever.   It is getting very difficult to hire people because there is almost no one else to hire, the remaining ones are mostly the unhirable ones.   But at the same time, the hiring requirements are in some segments unrealistic.  They still want to hire people with at least C1 German, which make it complicated for bringing foreign workers.   They can relax the immigration requirements but if the mentality of the people in charge of hiring does not change it won't help.   And to make it worse, in plenty or segments the hiring process is extremely slow, from one to six months, that's not acceptable and totally not attractive to foreign workers.      Germany offers a "Job Search Visa" and the list of countries that can apply for it is very large, however such Visa is mostly given for only six months, for plenty of people who try that way the time is not enough, specially if their German is not good.   I have now the feeling that the job search visa is just a business and a way to attract "tourism" to Germany, come here, live for six months, spend all your money and leave.  And help making the housing market worse.
  11.     It looks like you are saying that it is OK to screw that 7% of the market because to you that's a small number.   While many of those small cars are bought as second car in a family that already has a bigger one, many of those are bought as well by people with low-ish income.   If the industry is not ready to offer a new solution for everyone then they shouldn't ban the ICEs yet.   Find another solution, ban only ICEs with bigger engines, or whatever.    I used to support the ICE ban, but now seeing how things are developing I think it is crap.   Even the very low income families, the ones that only can afford a crappy 2000 EUR second hand car will be affected, because you are destroying the second hand market by not introducing new cars fast enough.  Which ironically it is already happening for different reasons.   The second hand market for cars and motorbikes is crap right now, everything is very expensive.
  12. Blink or Ring video doorbell in Altbau?

      Blink and Ring are two major brands (both belong to Amazon).
  13.     So the solution is to punish the lower income people.  I see.
  14.   The problem is it is very difficult to compete in that segment, small ICEs cost 10k - 14k, while a small EV still costs 20k - 25k.     In the mid and big class the difference is not that brutal, maybe 10% - 20%.   And right now when you buy only the Umweltbonus is safe, the Innovationbonus is not really safe because you get it when you register the car, not when you buy it, and officially the program finishes this December.