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  1. Pointless plastics..

      From where did you get that info?  You are in Berlin, so the responsible for garbage is BSR, you can see in their website they state that whatever that is not recycled is burned to create electricity and heating.   
  2. Favourite picture of yourself?

        In Linux, using the ImageMagick package and from the command line:   $ convert -geometry 50% myPicture.jpg myPicture-Small.jpg
  3. Pointless plastics..

      This is done via the Internets nowadays and plenty of German cities are thriving with it.    For example, in Facebook, you can find your local group to give things away or to request things, for example "Free your stuff Berlin",  "Free your stuff Hamburg", and so on.      To sell second hand things you have eBay Kleinanzeigen and it is huge.
  4. Pointless plastics..

      This as well an important thing, our levels of consumerism are ridiculous because things are extremely cheap, and the irony, they are cheap because they have pretty bad quality and they are all plastic-y.   How is it possible that you can buy a pair of shoes made in China and shipped to your door for 10€ or 20€?  They have crappy materials so they last a couple of months, they get dumped and the cycle repeats.  Because people nowadays prefer constant new stuff instead of something decent that last a few years.
  5. Pointless plastics..

      This one I disagree, they are used multiple times and for years, so no big deal.  We should care more about single use plastic.   Germany has reduced the use of plastic bags by 65% compared to 2015.  However plastic bags are only 1% of the single use plastic problem.   I think the biggest offender is food items.
  6. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Hybrids suck anyway.  All the hassle just for 15-50km range.
  7. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      It is cute how you became Musk white knight and defend whatever he does.   And do you think both services can be compared?  In an ICE car it is not critical to find gas stations because they are everywhere.  In an EV you need the car to find the nearest charging spot in your way.   Of course you can hotspot the car via your smartphone, the problem is hotspotting is limited in the USA and not as free as we have it here.
  8. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Tesla USA is now charging for some connectivity services, they decided to call part of those services as "Premium" and charge for it.   
  9. The Vent - No Chat!

    There were some driver updates for the motherboard of my gaming PC and silly me decided to install them and had the spend one and a half hour figuring out why the sound didn't work anymore.  When finally managed to fix the problem it was time to do something else already.   Damn PCs.
  10. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      Because they are not AAA batteries.  Like half of the weight of the car is the batteries.
  11. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      And our friend was schooling is how transporting fuel is a waste of energy and electricity can travel very efficiently ...   "During instances when Tesla drivers are expected to make long trips, like the holiday season, Tesla can roll out Mobile Supercharger units powered by Megapacks to several locations to – in theory – make wait times shorter."   ... very efficiently in .. trucks.  LoL
  12. Climate change

      I think it is deeper than that.   Even if the wealth was distributed in a completely fair way, still the economic system needs growth just to be stable.   No growth deals to recession and inflation and then all snowballs from there.
  13. Climate change

      What it is very flawed is the economic/financial system, I am not talking about the political system, democracy is the best we could do until now.  And if we can improve that would be a different subject.   But the economic system is the one very flawed, we depend on permanent growth, so we have to keep increasing the population and the consumerism.  But we live in a planet with limited resources.   What would be the solution? I have zero idea of course, because it is something it doesn't exist yet.   Our current economic system is relatively new, so I assume we are still very young in these areas and something could be improved.
  14. Climate change

        These all would be good, but the problem is first we have to change the economic system because it depends on growth and consume.   But the economic system won't be changed voluntarily, I guess we will continue growing until it is not sustainable anymore and then we will have wars and cull ourselves.  And maybe repeat everything again.
  15. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      5% salary increase every year is not a realistic alternative for a country like Germany in the long term with the current market.   Good for you that you are getting it, but probably the people under you and the ones under them are not getting a good deal like yours, and it is actually an example why unions are needed.  Because otherwise the upper cast get all the good salaries and bonuses and the lower bracket gets peanuts.   I am not saying managers do not deserve good salaries, I am saying it should be more fair.