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  1. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      Oettinger is the king of sales in Germany, but you never see people drinking it in pubs, dinners or parties.   It is something heavy beer drinkers with no budget drink in the privacy of their homes, when there is no one there to judge you.   What I mean is that while in general I agree with what you said, real life is always full of surprises.
  2. My two local Shell gas stations had made changes so my original question is not valid anymore:     The signs saying you are not allowed to use your phone were now removed.
  3. Buying first car up to 7000€

      The most valuable thing in an old cheap car is the HU (formerly known as TUeV).   Because in an old car a new HU is anything from 100 to 2000 EUR.  So it a 3000 EUR car a new HU that goes over 1000 EUR you would think twice if you want to do it.   You can take the car to a Dekra and ask for a check and they will tell you how the general status of the car is.  I think it costs something around 50-100 EUR.  Or you can take it to a garage.   26K KM in 14 years is low, it was probably driven only short distances which is not that good.   But 3000 EUR is still a good price, the Jazz is a nice smallish car.
  4. Sharing address on ebay kleinanzeige

      Two problems.  First I consider giving my phone number much worse than giving my last name.   Second, if you start with this kind of strange behavior (I won't give you my name) then your potential customers will go away.    
  5. Company employed with invalid permit and fired afterward

      AFAIK this would be only for citizen of privileged countries (USA, Australia, etc).   Someone coming from a developing country has to go back home and apply for a permit there.     Of course, except when they were already working here and they are just changing jobs, that can be done here.    
  6. Company employed with invalid permit and fired afterward

      Sure, but put together all the OP's info.   His profile says he is Colombian, so he can't enter the country as a tourist and apply for a permit here.  He has to come with a permit from Colombia.  In order to apply for a work permit he has to get a job offer and apply for a job permit, all before coming.   If he was the spouse of an EU citizen he would have access to a work permit on the spot.   If he was and dependent of a non-EU student, it could make sense, but he just moved to Germany.   Not many remaining options.   What I think it could happened is that he applied for the job permit in Colombia and he had that first visa just to enter the country, he was supposed to go to the aliens office and change it for a real one.   But he didn't know he had to do that and/or there were no appointments, so it took too long.   But in that case there were solutions, he could just go early and queue up in a day they take walk ins, so no need to wait for an appointment.   But then, AFAIK he would be allowed to work with that initial permit.   And he was talking about getting a Fiktionsbescheinigung in the mean time, but that would only extend the previous permit, so it would mean the first permit would be OK.   There are missing bits.  And I think there was a massive misunderstanding.  The OP seems to think HR would do the process for him, and AFAIK it is your own responsibility to follow up the process.  Some HR in big companies might help you to make appointments and so on, but they won't take over the whole process.  Or maybe if you are a high profile manager, but the OP doesn't seem to be one, and still you have to go to the aliens office yourself.   Why he says his only option was a Blue Card? That doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Company employed with invalid permit and fired afterward

    Why did you have the wrong permit?   You mentioned you had an Aufenthaltstitel already, as long as the permit included that you can work then you should have been OK.   A Blue Card is just another permit with more perks, but a normal permit should be OK as well.   Your profile says you are Colombian, so you could not come here as a tourist and change your permit here, you should have applied in Colombia for the permit before coming.   There are not many situations in which your story makes sense.     Just curious about the situation.  
  8. Sharing address on ebay kleinanzeige

    Maybe he made some conclusion based on your last name and decided not to do business with you.   
  9. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      Jagua.  Used for hundred of years by the other Indians.  (Red Indians).
  10. Game of Thrones (TV series)

      Plenty of US series shown almost at the same time as in the USA.  And all SKY own TV series.   And I think some Netflix series are there as well.   At least House of Cards is, but HoC had always a different licensing.  
  11. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      It is called Henna and Indians have been using it for several hundreds of years.
  12.   Now I don't know if you are replying positively to my honest C&A question or you are teasing me and the joke is flying over me, I mean with the way you spelt C&A.   The thing is there is some "crossover" of safety labels between different shops and how they mark them as "invalid".  When you buy an item in the shop, they rub the label against a device installed in the counter to mark the label as invalid.  The problem is that sometimes you take one item from one shop with the label that is marked as invalid (meaning you bought the item and paid for it) and the label is wrongly read in another shop and it activates the alarms.  The funny thing is that you can take the item to the original shop and you won't have any problem.   The biggest offender I know used to be C&A some years ago.   Specially when taking the items to a Lidl.     Edit: You can just cut all the labels in the coat off to avoid future incidents.
  13. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      Mostly because they do not want to pay anything at all.  So asking them to pay for a seedbox of a VPN would go against their goals.    They want the latest stuff and for free.   The illegal streaming sites might be a solution for some people, but other people really want to have the downloaded files for whatever reason.   Maybe to watch them again and again.  Or to watch them online.   Most times it is just data hoarding.
  14.   Now I understand why Pepe was showing up in memes again.   P.S., I had to Google "honkler".  I wish I didn't.  So now, it seems that Pepe with a rainbow wig, so Clown Pepe, is somehow the next OK sign.  And that a weird left media ran by hippie leftists are informing us that Right Nationalists have adopted Clown Pepe as their symbol.  Damn.   
  15.   That was more like a 4chan joke that spread everywhere.   But it is the first time I see actual 4chan screenshots in a "high profile" twitter which is not a joke.   Or maybe my Twitter stream doesn't have enough tinfoilers.   Or maybe 4chan is now serious business.  Not sure, I've not been there in like a decade.