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  1.   Maybe I am stupid but you are a horrible person.
  2.   WTF?  Why do you assume everyone who does not like Trump policies must be a Democrat-lover?
  3. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      Even a few seconds uploading is enough to get screwed if you get caught.   You normally receive the letter after a couple of weeks.   But they will have plenty of time go get your contact data.
  4.     Again you've got it wrong, I don't care if it is a Republican or a Democrat doing it.  It is simply wrong.   Your arguments are always "But Obama did it too".  If we continue with that crap then we will never solve anything, because the next one always can say the same.   Jailing children is wrong.   If you sleep well because Obama did it too then that's on you.   And even though, I would assume that the situation during Trump's administration got much worse.   But hey, Obama did it too.  
  5.   Sadly, the truth is plenty of people do not care.  Humanity have reached a new low.
  6. It is not like anyone is here chanting: We are the Wall, we jail the children ...
  7. How to date without tinder

    InterNations have regular meetups as well.  
  8.   Until now I've seen only private ones (and mostly illegal without the license plate).   I didn't know Lime is already renting them.   I am in the boring part of the city anyway.     P.S. It seems Lime received the go ahead from the government a couple of days ago, so I doubt they are everywhere already and you are probably talking about private ones.
  9. And the rented e-scooters are coming soon to Germany.   Yesterday I was buying a couple of things in Louis (motorbike shop) in Berlin-Reinickendorf and in front in a warehouse that had its gates open I saw a big flotilla of green scooters.   A quick Google search showed this:   They are coming to Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.   The company in Berlin is Lime which matches the green color ones I saw.
  10.   No, Mexico is no supplier of Fentanyl, there is mostly one single supplier of illegal Fentanyl and it is China.    Some Fentanyl is smuggled into the US from Mexico and Canada, but that does not make them the suppliers.   Just like Spain is not the supplier of Europa's cocaine.
  11.   I think you just do not get it or have no interest in getting it.    Securing the borders is relevant to illegal immigration but totally irrelevant to drug smuggling.   Most drugs are carried through legal ports of entry.  Damn even El Chapo said that in national TV.   Yes, there is some drug crossing the border, but not in unattended parts of the border, the drugs pass through the controls, carried by people in private cars or hidden in trucks and so on.   And this is not even that much, most drugs enter via sea.   This is not even my opinions, go and check official reports from the US, the ones Trump decided to ignore as well because he won't accept in public that his wall has almost no effect in bad hombres bringing drugs.
  12.   Subpeona?  What's that?  Some sort of infra-flower?   I think your Republicans are good and Democrats are bad arguments are not really good here.  Because I think US' drug on wars is total crap, I don't care if it is a Rep or a Dem policy, so save your whataboutism for another time.   The first thing US should do is starting by securing their damn ports and the postal system.     P.S., Fentanyl is the drug with biggest number of fatal overdoses right now, and it travels from China to the US via letters using the postal system.   The average person doesn't even know what Fentanyl is.
  13.   I don't even know if this is a serious question.   But in case it is, most drugs enter the US via the sea and, you will be surprised, most of them using the normal US ports.  
  14.   Of course the economy is going to boom.   The drug cartels from yesterday have more space to work, so the narco-dolares will flood the country and bring a big push to the economy.   
  15. Climate change discussion

    So, is Ozone Depletion (commonly known as the Ozone Hole) just some BS from the alarmists?  Didn't we damage the ozone layer and then we realized we were going into deep shit so we took measures and banned CFCs and a few other things and then things got better again?   We still have another 50 years to go to go back to the ozone levels we have pre-1970 though.   It is strange how different was the reception of the public if you compare Ozone Depletion and Climate Change.   Even if they are basically the same problem, Ozone Depletion was caused by putting too much CFCs and halons in the atmosphere and Global Warming is caused by putting too much CO2 in the atmosphere.