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  1. German right of way laws

      No one has the right of way, someone has to make eye contact with the person blocking him and agree to fo first.  And proceed with care.  
  2. Brexit: The fallout

        Of course non-UK business will want to continue doing business in the UK and they are taking measures for it.   What do you expect? that non-UK products and services disappear from the UK market completely after Brexit?  
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      But that wouldn't be fair with leavers because you clearly divide their votes in two.   A second referendum can be only a binary choice.   To make it fair you would then need a third referendum, if leave wins then you ask deal or no deal.
  4. Bleeding a radiator

    It is based on water pressure, not in temperature.  While different temperature might slightly change the pressure, it is not really that relevant.   However, if the pump is not switched on and there is no water circulation, you might have issues bleeding them depending on the layout.   It is easier to bleed them with the valve open.
  5. Ok, I think I solved the puzzle about all these new users from everywhere in Europe asking for Best Invites here.   If you Google it:   Google: best secret invite   We are the first hit in the search results.
  6. Need ELSTER online help wiso steuer Anlage EÜR AVEÜR UR   brings:   So, I guess yes, but you might need the professional version ... or not.   Be aware I am not their customer service, so I have no idea.
  7. About the employment situation in the city

      Why can't we just combine things?  What would you say about a mostly OO language but with some functional programming features?  We could share syntax with Java so people can get convinced easily to move to it and even let them use Java itself too withit in.   Well there you have Groovy.   My limited experience with Groovy (using Gradle) has been a love-hate relationship.   Sometimes it feels like an Apple product, it just works (and I have no idea why).
  8. About the employment situation in the city

      You cleverly edited out the most important part of my post related to polymorphism and moved to the next sentence leaving my now edited comment without a context.   Again, if you try to define polymorphism as a general thing you have to be extremely short, one simple sentence would be better.  Something like "The ability for a function, variable or object to take multiple forms".   When you start to add more things to that someone will tell you "Oh, but that's polymorphism in <insert language here>, it is not like that in <insert other language>".   If I am conducting the interview and I asked a silly question like "Tell me what polymorphism is" and the applicant told me whatever that points to polymorphism, that's good enough for me, even something silly like "Java already has polymorphism by just extending every class from the Object class".   Not that I would ask those kind of questions anyway.   I actually wouldn't care if a person applying for a programmer position does not know every single detail of all this.   These are things that can be easily learned.       P.S., We do not let managers conduct technical interviews because they might end up like @MikeMelga asking about relative new standards and thinking that not knowing them means you are not worthy.   The manager of the position can be present in the technical interview, but it is normally conducted by a technical person, like a lead programmer, an architect, and so on.
  9. About the employment situation in the city

      There are plenty of things any random good IT guy can't explain, because IT is huge.   You might think that polymorphism is something every person should know, specially if you've been working in oo for some time.   But actually, working for long time in the same company normally ends up in you working and becoming specialist in a small set of things and losing/forgetting plenty of other things.   Then in your example, if you want to explain polymorphism in general you have to do it in a very short way.   Normally a programmer will think polymorphism is how polymorphism is implemented in the language they know the most.  But Java polymorphism is not really the same as C++ polymorphism.    Then you can start the discussion if method overriding and method overloading are polymorphism or not.   And even if the person is totally wrong about all of that, that still wouldn't say if the person is a good programmer or not.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      Maybe, however they distanced themselves from the Antifa and Antideutschen long time ago.   Even the SPD did.   The AfD will not distance themselves from the NS movement because they know their core supporters have plenty of closet NS.
  11. About the employment situation in the city

      It will be probably very difficult.  But it is like that in plenty of places if you do not speak the local language and your work can't be done in a common third language like English.   The problem here is that plenty of people come to Berlin without a plan, they come for a weekend, fell in love with the city and move here without doing any research or only listening what friends who work in a totally different segment and do speak German tell them.   A nurse who does not speak German will have the same problems finding a job in Argentina without speaking any Spanish.   And it is a job for which Germany has plenty of openings.
  12. About the employment situation in the city

      If you are skilled and you speak German and you have German experience it is not that difficult to find jobs nowadays.   I can't vouch for every industry segment, but things are really not that bad nowadays compared to 20 years ago.      The problem is mostly in the unskilled labour and the people who are already unemployable.
  13.   And it can become very complicated.  Part of the income might be technically tax free, depending on which other income you have.  But then it will count toward the decision of which tax bracket to apply.  So it can make you jump to a higher tax bracket for your WHOLE income.  
  14.   Yes and no.  They deliver only to the country you are registered, it is in their website.   But I think I figure it out, maybe the invites are "universal" and you can use them to register in any country.
  15. I wonder why all these people not living in Germany want to have a Best Secret invitation.  They do not delivery outside of Germany.   What a mystery.