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  1. Brexit: The fallout   This chart (allegedly) shows who to vote for tactically if you just want to try and stop Brexit via a Peoples Vote.  I don't know who the guy is who compiled it, but it appears to tally with what you can cross-reference by the individual tactical voting sites. It is being constantly updated as more research is done.  
  2. Brexit: The fallout   Will be pleased to see the back of this bloke come 13 December.   Remember, the Brexit secretary who just discovered how close Dover was to Calais.     Or this announcement from his then position as Brexit Secretary   Hoping the good voters of Esher and Walton do their duty.  
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    I know. Still needs repeating 
  4. Brexit: The fallout   Why oh why don't we get more political journalists like this guy. Prepared to  ask Gove the tough questions and not allow him to spin his way out. And Gove is one of the best at political b***shtting.  
  5. Brexit: The fallout   This has to be one of the funniest stunts I've seen for a long time. Somebody (agressively Anti-Brexit) bought up the domain name and is using it to embarass Farage and Co. But also offering it to him to buy back for £1 million with the price rising. All proceeds to be donated to an immigrants charity.  Has put Nigel in a bit of a pickle.  Should he buy it back and look a bit of an idiot or just let them carry on. Apparently Farage has got his lawyers onto the case. Anyway, couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke!  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      If we can have another Gen Election 2 years after the last one, why can't we have another Referendum  3.5 years after the last one?  People are either allowed to change their minds or they're not. 
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Not very clever of the EU if they go ahead fining the UK in advance of the Gen Election. That's unless they really want to get shot of us! 
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      More daft are any people voting for him. 
  9. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    I checked the week after also, and there are no Championship fixtures in the Calendar at all for November. 
  10. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    Are you sure about Championsip football? I checked their calendar for the rest of the month and couldn't find any fixtures planned.  
  11. Non-Smoking Bars/Kneipe in Hamburg (Lack of)

      Thanks Tor but I'll give this one a miss.   My original post was really more about authentic German bars nof the non-smoking variety. Not so much about  an english meet-up..
  12. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    Not according to their homepage. No mention of Premier League either.
  13. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

      So the VPN is to get the national IP server Location, and the Now TVBox gets you extras like Sky.  If NowTV Box is just a one-off cost, then most of the expense will be the running Sky subscription (or whatever Pay tv channels you choose).  BTW, will Sky UK not refuse payment if its coming from a foreign source?  
  14. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    Wouldn't surprise me if I ended up having to pay separately for Sky, and they don't come cheap!  I was rather hoping I might be able to by-pass that!  As for your connection for English football via Canada, i would imagine that is mainly Premier League. Being a West Brom fan, not sure they would cover them. 
  15. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    @ either of you.  Can you get live Sky football from the UK via ExpressVPN?