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  1. einburgerung

    well guys  the first entry to germany and officialy registred by einwohnermeldeamt 28.04.2014 after 1 year i mean 27.04.2015 i went o back my country because of many important stiuations,and went back to germany as officialy 19.01.2016 till now living in germany   that means 1 year and 6 years  with B2  ,, so  can i apply to german citizen
  2. einburgerung

    unfourtunately i live in darmstadt
  3. einburgerung

    Any advice please to implement naturalization in the state of thuringen? I guess there are not many applicants there, so there are not many immigrants living there, so the processing time can be much faster than in other states, for example I live in hessen and in here the applicants can be waiting long time ...