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  1. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    yes  on monday  we have appointment wit the lawyer about this case.and then i will go to local AB to let them know about this stiuation .we will look what will be happen.i will write and share with you guys 
  2. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    it was not be able to carry by taxi 
  3. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    on the application date or appointment day for PR through blaue karte  for instance 21 plus B1 or 33 plus A1 . how they do that ? is there any german language interview  when you guys applying PR on appointment day.and when the desicion will be given ? right there or later ??
  4. English Speaking Baby Groups

    sparkymark in frankfurt or arround frankfurt ?
  5. Groß-Gerau district - Any English speakers?

    elizebella where will you come over here ?? i live in weiterstadt near by gross gerau may be 5 min distance between grosgerau by driving car
  6. Any Americans around Darmstadt?

    well you guys know that any family in weiterstadt who speaks english language and who came from us or uk ??and who have kids under 5 years old
  7. Life in Weiterstadt

    in weiterstadt are there any families whom   speaking english language and have kids under from 5 years age 
  8. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    i took her car because i had no choice if i did not drive ANY car on that day  then i would charged 10.000 euro fine from somewhere 
  9. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    yes i kept it from my wife
  10. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    i took her car .she did not know that i had a fahrverbot .she did not know that i sent already mu DL to polizeiamt.she just know that everything was regular
  11. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    mr or mrs alderhill  according to you  my english is not good but for me  it is enough  because i am doing all things that i need anytime or anywhere. i was been there for 4 year ok just for year when i was 25 years old i went i said to you  i did not go to drivingschool or somewhere else.we did not have Adac.know this it is not necessary to  member of Adac.i was know this is illegal behavior to make a U turn on highway.but we did not have any choice.yes the car is registered on my wife .shit  she was not know that
  12. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    basicly i explained it to you all the way i had i think 3 or 4 point on my german DL
  13. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    actually i came to here from usa and changed my us DL to german DL.that means no fahrschule no studying or learning rule of german traffics law.this is the story of my first fahrverbot.i was helping to my friend to fix his car on highway A3 to frankfurt when his car was broken.i was changed my car direction on highway to opposide side .to connection our battery.and i got fine.they charged money and 1 month fahrverbot.after that i sent my german DL to polizeiamt.1 month later it would come to me but without my DL i drove my car but no speed nothing i mean i did not break any traffic rule.police has stopped me just normal.einfach verkehrs was occur before 1 week ago.unfourtunately i drove.i know i must not drive.but it was really necessary.i was in hard time.if i did not that i would have again fine from otherway.i wrote an e mail to AB to let them know about that.i am very worried about that .what kind of suprizes are waiting me :((
  14. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    and i think yes i must inform that i have this criminal case to the auslanderbehorde 
  15. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    you guys know that my DL still can come to me or not ?