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  1. turmech i wrote to you from pm
  2. first of all thank you so much for your answer to here dear turmech  . turmech are you turkish ?
  3. without integration  course  just bring B2 and volunteer worked at somewhere. then  direct apply with  6 years can someone??
  4. space cowboy thank you very much actually i need to this instruction it will help me 
  5. i know it is over the 6 months but i have acceptable reason actually why i left from germany .. although  still no chance?
  6. 10.12.2013 first registration at meldeamt 15.04.2014 start date on first resident permit 14.04.2015 end date on first resident permit i canceled my resident at meldeamt on 14.04.2015( abmelden beim meldeamt) Again back to germany on 01.01.2016 and still staying germany   a little bit mein story in germany..
  7. i have a question about the 8 years rule. the first time that i came to germany and make registrated  at meldeamt  myself on 10.12.2013 .  on this date 15.04.2014  i received my resident card ( this date on my first resident permit) .and it was for 1 year.So my question is that  for 8 year must be start from 10.12.2013 or 15.04.2014???