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  1. @ Sky86 - either 223€ or 270€ depending on how much Mvst they charge for it. I had some microphones sent to me and had to pay 19%. But I had bought them a year earlier and so wasn't buying offshore and importing etc. Maybe the 23% is if you bought it overseas and import it rather than having them sent.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Melodica Acoustic Festival

    21. + 22. Februar 2009 (Samstag u. Sonntag)

    jeweils 16 Uhr bis ca. 23 Uhr (bis ca. 20 Uhr im Café, ab 20.30h im Saal)

    Kulturhaus 73 (Schulterblatt 73, 20357 Hamburg)



    Line Up:


    L.F. Singer (HH)

    Graziella Shazad (HH)

    Falco ?DUO- (HH)

    Niels Kramer (HH)

    Kid Decker (UK/HH)

    Sarah Lilian (HH)

    Git'anna (HH)

    Jan & Birger (Zauberer, HH)

    Ian Hooper (US/HH)

    Someday Jacob (Bremen)

    M.F. Brasch (Berlin)

    Ines & Band (Lüneburg)

    Reaganesk (Amsterdam)

    Ivar (Den Haag, Bremen)

    Athebustop (Italien)

    Svavar Knutúr (ISL)

    Myrra Rós (ISL)

    Mysterious Marta (ISL)


    Not sure what it costs (if anything, it'll be no more than 5 euros)


    I'll be mixing on Saturday night. Come down and have a drink and enjoy the music!



    Things against the law in germany (freedoms you don't have):.
    • Walking against a red man
    • Nazi symbols and speech
    • Limits on Scientology (members denied access to Germany)
    • No garbage disposal in my sink (EU regs I think)
    • Bileidigung (personal insult fines)
    • Noise on Sunday
    • Shopping on Sunday
    • Drive without snow tires
    • EU pushing out traditional lightbulbs
    • Home schooling
    • Not registering your address with the state
    • Doing your own electrical work
    • Washing your own car at home
    • Responsible firearms ownership without going through a hunter qualification program (i.e. no anti-hunting but nonethless pro-gun types need apply )
    • Sailing without a difficult to obtain license
    • Model rocketry (except for adults using very small, simple rockets)
    • Fishing without a difficult to obtain license
    • Camping in national forest
    • Golfing without a difficult to obtain license
    • Brothels setting prices for whoring
    • Blades longer than 12 cm
    • Airsoft guns
    • Tasers
    • Nunchakus, switchblades, and brass knuckles
    • Spanking your kids!

    I totally forgot about spanking your kids! German kids are so well behaved


    Looks like the weapons law bars a bunch of things. Seems odd, I thought I had seen airsoft guns and big knives in various stores... The wiki page talks about "thrustings" with blades longer than 12 cm...

    You must be american, right? (the point about firearms ownership reveals this.)


    In Australia, pretty much all these laws apply too. Maybe except for spanking the kids (although there was a movement to ban that before I left) carwashing, registering address and the sunday stuff are all very relevant to us. The walking with a red man thing, kinda gets equalled out by the fact that pretty much everyone rides their bike over the lights when it's red.


    Anyway I think this Zivilcourage isn't so bad. I regularly execute my right to rant in the bar I mix at. When someone puts a glass of wine on the mixing desk I stroll proudly up to them and inform them of the pros and cons of alcoholic beverages coming into contact with electrical wires, and how the band (let alone myself) would be well pissed off if the faders were splashed with a few hundred mls of their French chardonnay, thus deeming the concert abgesagt.


    Quote me: Please don't put that there.

    Quote Rich guy with chardonnay: Don't worry, I've got one of these myself.

    Quote me: Then you should know better. :huh:


  4. The Finanzamt near Hagenbecks Tierpark is fine. Just a short trip on the U-Bahn and there was no queue when I went, the woman just talked me through my form (I had no idea how to fill it out even though my german's pretty good!) and I got the number in the mail a week later. Not like the ausländerbehörde in altona where you wait two hours for your turn.


  5. I saw Before The Devil Knows You're Dead on the plane over here, and my god was it depressing. The plot was basically about two brothers, in debt, hate their jobs, and try to do something insane to get out of their dead-end lives. One thing leads to another and the whole thing spirals out of control and then everyone gets shot and dies. Terrific movie, but if you're an emotionally unstable person I do not recommend it. As a 22-year-old thinking about where my life is going it was a massive headspin and I had to then watch Juno for a bit of comic relief.

    The whole title of the film is great though: May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead. :unsure:


  6. I know there's been lots of topics in this area, but couldn't find any that fit my specific issue


    Und zwar:


    I've recently started working at a bar, 400 euro a month minijob, however I'll be needing a bit more than that to survive in Hamburg paying rent etc. and have been offered another through a friend. Do I now need to get another lohnsteuerkarte? Is this possible to have more than one lohnsteuerkarten or do I just give the new employer the number?


    Thanks in advance.


  7. Warnemünde just outside Rostock is great for a weekend trip. It's a really nice seaside town with a nice beach and bars/cafes on the waterfront. It's about 2-3 hours on the train from hamburg. The youth hostel there is on a boat, but i remember the woman there was an absolute cow! (think it was because we were foreigners - she kept translating everything after she'd said it in german even though i was speaking to her in german!) We had a laugh though!


  8. I've just recieved my visa from the embassy here in australia, I'm heading to germany in a month. I got one for 8 months, as I was going to leave in january, but was wondering if it is possible to get it extended to the maximum 12 months? has anyone here been able to do this, or know what the deal is?

    I will ask the embassy directly but thought I'd try and get some info here first.