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  1. Du vs Sie culture in office

    My heartfelt gratitude to all of you who took time to reply.   Monday Update: I talked to my job placement agency. And they were very understanding of situation. Its just not du vs Sie thing. There is some other passive aggressive behaviour too. They have decided to look for another job for me and I will also try to search personally.   Lesson learned: communicate your problems to others (even Toytown helps;) I was really getting anxious because company was going to extend my contract and I didnt want to work in that situation any longer.   Also just to clarify: Thanks to my integration course, I always approach the situation with 'Sie'. I told my colleagues that at my previous job we used to do 'duzen'. and she said that I have to 'Siezen' even if another colleague ist using 'Du' with me. I was told by my german teacher that its rude to keep on 'Siezen' when another person is talking 'per du'.   Anyways feeling very lightened up today:)
  2. Du vs Sie culture in office

    @Fietsrad, @Keleth. Thank you so much for your support. At least now I know that I am not oversensitive. I can work now without feeling I am the wrong one here.   @Keleth: Yes, I am a foreigner with a 'pushover' personality. But I love working and am here just to get some experience.   Thanks again both of you for your time
  3. Hello all,   I am working with a Job placement agency and my Einsatzort is a big company. On my first day, my colleague told me to 'Siezen'. I noticed that with other colleagues, she is on Du basis but thought that they know each other probably for years, so didnt make any issue of it. But recently they hired an employee directly on permanent basis and she is per Du even with top management. My colleage was also per Du with everyone-new or old employees. I asked why only I am under 'Sie' rule, she steered the question towards my inefficiency and frequent mistakes.   My issue that if I am inefficient, they should be firing me  but they are actually extending my contract. I think reason of this discrimination is only because I am a Zeitmitarbeiter and not a regular employee? Am I wrong to feel insulted or its a normal work culture here?   In addition to all this, I am spoken to in a very rude and agressive tone which I blame it on my stupid mistakes. Feeling too depressed. Want to complain to HR but I dont think it will help as everyone seems to be same. Will be very thankful for your words of wisdom