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  1. VAT Question for Freelancer

    Amazing topic! Thank you @Mary Anne for starting it and everyone for contributing!   I rediscovered TT thanks to it, as I'm in the middle of filling my Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung     I plan to do some teaching and training and, as the opportunity arises, consulting in the fields of management, marketing, communication, PR and intercultural management. Probably also some strategy, design and production for promotional, communication and training materials (at least this is what I think I will do and plan on writing in my Fragebogen). The job offer I have right now is for teaching 5-10 days a month, with the possibility of maybe working as an employee once a full position is available. So not really much going on yet, but I had freelance ideas for a long time.   I do the application with the goal of setting up as freelance, and did not want to register for VAT, as it's a hassle I am not able to take on right now and business volume will be low. Still, I might have the opportunity to serve as consultant for companies in other EU countries, rather than Germany, as I am not exactly fluent in German. My question is: if I don't opt to register for VAT, is there any way for me to bill EU companies which have a VAT no? I carefully read the thread and don't seem to get it   Also, though I've read a lot on it, any experience-based advice on declaring the predicted income&turnover for years 1&2 is welcomed. I am really afraid not to make mistakes there. I am still not clear on dealing with health insurance, pension and social security once I go freelance (Hamburg case), so I am cautious :)   Thanks plenty and sorry that I went a bit off topic, but I read so much on this stuff these days that I'm even confused about my own name :))