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  1. Writing in German

    Thanks. Your answer is really what i needed. 
  2. Writing in German

    Hi guys, it has been awhile. I hope you lovely people are doing fine. Chrismast is coming!     Today I want to rant ( suprised!) . Im here for 2 years now. I speak ok german. Most people said my accent is different, so alot attention are required to understand me, but word-wise, grammatic-wise , its not bad. I normally make mistake , for example like : Sie KANN, even i know in the back of my head its KÖNNEN. Its not like i dont know it, i just messed it up. And to be honest, i like to speak in english better, feel way more natural.   My reading skill is better. Listening , well ...depends, sometimes my brain turns off on it own , then i wont able to get in any. Actually,this happened to me quite alot of time, when i was at some Seminar , or at school ... its tiring after awhile, i really need to concentrate HARD or else it would  just be background noise. With english, its different, i dont need to concentrate and still able to understand. Maybe it got something to do with the fact english has the same order as Vietnamese . German, on the other hand, is backward.   Now, now I dont mean to say my english is perfect, just for comparision. Since they are both foreign languages to me..   Anyway, main thing: writting in German. HOW EVEN? I mean, I write now and then , I dont write everyday. But  I keep making mistakes. Thinking about Endings or Cases, what preposition i need to put with this particular verb usw...makes me go totally banana. If i have time to write in peace, then its not so bad. But im not sure how i write a whole essay , under time pressure, no dictionary, and still able to get all these things right.. Normally when i write I ask someone to correct my stuff. Everytime they manage to  dig out something...its frustrating.. im not sure what i should do. How can i upgrade my writting skill? Im literally sweating when i need to write something.  So people, is there any of you did really make it to the other side ? The side of (near)-perfect writting in German...Pleaseee let me know, im losing hope. Totally.  P/s: i didnt attend any german courses. Basically, I learn on my own, do u think maybe a course would actually help? 🤔 Anyway, sorry for the rant. Have a nice evening everyone 🙂 Xox