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  1. started a new job and have not much to do

     german women are just ... in general. I purposedly took this job because the haft of the work place are men. But sadly , didnt dodge any bullet
  2. started a new job and have not much to do

      thanks for the input. Yes, i have been thinking about asking my boss directly but i dont want to be that person who always complains or having that problematic vibe
  3. Hi guys,   after i finished my Ausbildung, i took a 6 months break before finding a new job. I got like quite a few offers and decided to start at an audit company with a tax department. My job would be doing accounting, filling out tax reports and help out where it is tight. I have been here since end of July, but i feel like the work is pretty slow. In the interview i was told, there is alot of work to be done, but by the look of it , it seems not to be true. I have week where i just have little work and there are weeks i need to stay abit longer. Mostly because the clients are new and i need to get used to their system. I have been asking around, but either they have no work or have no time for me. This is geting super frustrating because im eager to learn and trying to improve myself.   There is this woman, who supposes to train me, but she always says she has no time. But to be honest ,she only doesnt have time FOR ME, because she still has alot of time having good laughs with her coworker. Beside, i wouldnt mind if she just gives me work without any explanation. I can still try to figure it out on my own, but she gives me nothing. Soon there will be another one starting . They already told me this in my interview ,so this isnt a suprise. But little back then did i known that there is not much work. Im not sure what should i do? Wait it out abit, or just look somewhere else. Because i dont want to get fired if they have too little work to do. It will put a hole in my Resume if i dont manage to pass Probezeit   Any input is welcomed ! Thanks.