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  1. Last time i was back home, i didnt spend alot of time with her. I was busy getting used to everything again, and after such a hard time in Germany all i wanted was to travel , doing nice things. It was no fun for me, siting and spending time with my old grandma. She was always sick, everything around her made me uncomfortable in way its hard to explain. I love her to death, but she was full of bad news. I wished i can do something to help but unfortunately there is nothing. So i just blocked it off and looked the other way around, distance myself from all the things i couldnt change. Now i wish i had spent more time with her my last visit 2 years ago . If i were to live as old as her i need to live another 50 years, would she be there down the line waiting for me? So i can say sorry? 😥
  2. Hey expats, been awhile since my last post. I hope everyone is doing fine. Its such a time to be alive isnt it? Corona and all these things. My beloved grandmom died yesterday, and i cant make it home because my country closed its border.  There are no way i can be there for her funeral. I mean, the moment i decided to immigrate i knew that, maybe i will not make it to be by her side before she died, But for a funeral,  i wouldnt miss that. Then again, back then i didnt think of the whole world-wide pandemic thing. Im not sure how you guys deal with such situation. I have tried to cut every corner i can, to make things happen faster. My plan was going back next year Febuary when im done with everything. But it is just not fast enough. Was immigration a good idea? I dont really know anymore. The more i live the more loss i experience, more responsibility and no more fun.  I dont plan to suicide, but im kinda lost all motivation to do anything.  Sorry about rambling, i just need to rant. 
  3. Writing in German

    Hi guys, it has been awhile. I hope you lovely people are doing fine. Chrismast is coming!     Today I want to rant ( suprised!) . Im here for 2 years now. I speak ok german. Most people said my accent is different, so alot attention are required to understand me, but word-wise, grammatic-wise , its not bad. I normally make mistake , for example like : Sie KANN, even i know in the back of my head its KÖNNEN. Its not like i dont know it, i just messed it up. And to be honest, i like to speak in english better, feel way more natural.   My reading skill is better. Listening , well ...depends, sometimes my brain turns off on it own , then i wont able to get in any. Actually,this happened to me quite alot of time, when i was at some Seminar , or at school ... its tiring after awhile, i really need to concentrate HARD or else it would  just be background noise. With english, its different, i dont need to concentrate and still able to understand. Maybe it got something to do with the fact english has the same order as Vietnamese . German, on the other hand, is backward.   Now, now I dont mean to say my english is perfect, just for comparision. Since they are both foreign languages to me..   Anyway, main thing: writting in German. HOW EVEN? I mean, I write now and then , I dont write everyday. But  I keep making mistakes. Thinking about Endings or Cases, what preposition i need to put with this particular verb usw...makes me go totally banana. If i have time to write in peace, then its not so bad. But im not sure how i write a whole essay , under time pressure, no dictionary, and still able to get all these things right.. Normally when i write I ask someone to correct my stuff. Everytime they manage to  dig out something...its frustrating.. im not sure what i should do. How can i upgrade my writting skill? Im literally sweating when i need to write something.  So people, is there any of you did really make it to the other side ? The side of (near)-perfect writting in German...Pleaseee let me know, im losing hope. Totally.  P/s: i didnt attend any german courses. Basically, I learn on my own, do u think maybe a course would actually help? ? Anyway, sorry for the rant. Have a nice evening everyone ? Xox