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  1. I have lived in Germany for over 25 years and have just closed my operating business (GmbH and a USA Corporation) that was in a niche IT/Photo market and operated world wide.


    My job hunt has become extremely depressing and very frustrating. I think the Germans have serious misconceptions about people that have run their own companies and the age factor is probably also a factor.


    I am curious if anyone out there has any tips or ideas that might help.


  2. The free filling is with amalgams (metal) and the premium is usually a white "plastic" of some kind. I just had one filling replaced with the "plastic" and regret not having him do it with the amalgam - not sure why, but it feels strange and like HEM, I have a few amalgam from my teenage years and they are still fine.



  3. I certainly was not trying to talk you out of getting a dog - I love mine and although I do sometimes curse myself for getting a dog (notice that I didn't say him), I love him dearly and don't mind the organizing my plans around him when needed.


    I must admit though, he is a really easy going dog and even though he is a big (35kg) I can take him to restaurants, business meetings and so on and he ends up being with me almost 24/7.


  4. I got a dog at once. The mom came into the shelter pregnant and we picked up one of her puppies at 8 weeks.


    Remember, the idea of the forest being near you now is great, but what about in 10-15 years. Like many before have said, no quick weekend trips with the plane, day trips need to be planned around the dog - it is a 24 hour/day big cuddly baby (or monster if you mess it up).


  5. There is a Post Identification process for verifying people for banks here in Germany. The service is free and you simply bring your passport to the post office and they will verify your signature and send the documents in a sealed envelope to whom ever.


    I have used this to open bank accounts in Germany but am not sure how the British Banks would react. It is free and easy though.


  6. On 06/11/2008, 16:18:31, UrbanAngel said:

    I have this problem too and I air the bathroom out after showering when I can. The filler around the bath is getting black speckles that I can't even scratch out and the paint is getting mouldy. The Anti-Schimmel spray sort of works on the paint but not where the problem is bad. Am afraid that the landlord will take all my deposit when I move in a few months.


    I have been through this as well and found out through my lawyer that the Owner is responsible for eliminating the problem because it is often occurs due to incorrect insulation. They cannot keep your deposit due to this.


  7. I would recommend that you call your local Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK). If they cannot help you directly, I am sure they will be able to put you in contact with someone that can.

    The laws seems to change so fast and their application varies from city to city from my experience.