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  1. Shopping for Thanksgiving supplies in Berlin

      I can highly recommend it.   I have used the recipe for over 15 years myself and   1. enjoy the looks I get from my guests and   2. it works, every year!
  2. Shopping for Thanksgiving supplies in Berlin

    try an old American recipe for Turkey... my Grandmother started following this recipe and always works!   Turkey in a bag butter the Turkey and put in a brown paper bag with a string to tie bag   @ 350°F or 176°C 12lbs or under 25 min per pound larger birds at 20 min per pound   translated for german #'s < 5,55kg @ 5,51 min/100g > 5,44kg @ 4,41 min/100g
  3. Twat of the day

    if we are speaking of "Twat of the Day" ....
  4. Suddenly single - going out, making new friends

    I really feel for you elle_hd.   As a single dad stuck here in Germany because of very similar circumstances, it does get lonely here and the longer you are in Germany, the less "American" you are and yet are never German. I speak fluent German and until recently had a dog and day for day, I would say hello to joggers on the dog walk every morning and even after 5+ years, never got a hello back from the majority of them and have heard similar stories from others so it's not me. is nice simply to meet like minded ex-patriots sometimes. If you want to chat, send me an mail as well.   I would like to share a poem by a Turkish author:   In between Every day I pack my suitcase and then unpack it again. In the morning when I wake up, I plan to return, but by noon I get more used to Germany. I change and yet remain the same and do not know who I am. Every day the homesickness becomes more irresistible, but the new home holds me tight every day even more. And every day I drive two thousand kilometers in an imaginary train back and forth, undecided between the wardrobe and suitcase, and in between is my world.   by Alev Tekinay, Adelbert-von-Chamisso-Förderpreis 1990
  5. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    Peanut Butter is back!!!!   I walked into Aldi yesterday and was amazed to find peanut butter in the shelves again! No more yucky phooey weird tasting substitutes  - regular old american peanut butter :-)   Happy days are here again and the first jar is already gone :-0
  6. Job advice needed for creative industry

      would you mind if I sent you a message? I have a few questions about LinkedIn.  
  7. Job advice needed for creative industry

      Hey BradinBayern, since you are getting so many emails from recruiters, how are they finding you?