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  1.   Wasn't there some muslim group who were distributing free copies of the Koran some years ago?
  2. Brexit: The fallout

        As often as they like. That's a basic requirement for democracy.
  3.   The bus wasn't turning right. It was turning "left" (going straight ahead). If it were turning right it would have to be on the right lane. Look at the overhead view - the reason why the rightmost lane  extends so far forwards (big triangle on the google maps photo) is to let large vehicles turn - it's tight but there's enough space.   If it were turning right from the middle lane, it would have been easier for the police to give fault, but in that case it probably wouldn't have hit the OP. Buses often need to keep to the outside of a bend otherwise the middle of the vehicle will cross over into the inside, that's why they pull in the opposite direction (they make the circle bigger). Why normal cars do this remains a mystery 
  4.     Don't forget that you must inform your insurance about the accident in writing. Fill in the form they gave you.   Do you have vollkasko? Especially in that case ask them how to proceed. If you get your own gutachter and it ends up being (partly) your fault the vollkaso might not cover the gutachter (you need to check the contract)
  5. Rental puzzle

      Hamburg    In Hamburg, if your rental contract ends on 31.12 you have to move out by noon on 2.1
  6. GLS - too much to expect

      Contact the sender
  7.   what do you think the "christ" and the "mas" in christmas stand for?
  8.   If you don't have a data plan €15 will give you 0.061GB   If you want to see how much data you use, get the Internet Flat S (500MB) or M (1GB) and see how long it lasts
  9. Mutterschutz for partner?

      From 8 weeks before the elternzeit starts he cannot be fired. He has to apply for elternzeit 7 weeks before it starts. So that leaves 1 week where it is safe to apply. Before that he doesn't need to (and probably shouldn't) mention elternzeit
  10. First things that come to mind is whether you need certification for whatever you are doing, whether the specific title you want to use is protected, and whether there can be liability involved (which would mean you need business insurance)   Something like Fitness coach/trainer is not protected. Whether you will get clients without qualifications is another matter     If you want your courses to be accredited as preventive courses (health insurances pay for those), you will need some qualifications
  11.   If the Infoabend is meant for alcoholics then no. If the Infoabend is meant to inform the general population about the work of AA then why not?
  12.   It's a conference on islam, not a conference for muslims
  13.     And obviously: contact the mieterverein   edit: removed incorrect information, had a different case in mind (in some cases the landlord can make corrections after the one year)
  14. Rental puzzle

        If you were to consider each month as being 30 days you would still only be paying till 23:59 on 31.3 in your example (31 days in January and March plus 28 days in February is 90 days)   But a month is a month - if you pay for February you are paying for 28 days, if you pay for January you are paying for 31  
  15. German working hours and overtime pay

      60 hours over 7 days would be within the limit...10 hours a day x 6 days