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  1. Clarification on Der Bebauungsplan

    @vivanco also what is the difference between E1 and E2, is that one within the circle ,38 and ,76 should be taken as WF ? why are there two ,38 in E1 and 0,38 and ,76 in E2 ?
  2. Clarification on Der Bebauungsplan

      Thank you @vivanco for the explanation... but someone who recently built a house told me that "Garage + Carport + Balcony + Garden Deck" is part of this Wohnfläche, is my understanding incorrect ?
  3. Clarification on Der Bebauungsplan

    Hello People,    Hope you are doing fine and safe.   I am planning to buy a property about 620 sq. mts in a town, it has as attached shown in the  Der Bebauungsplan   I am getting conflicting information from each builder,   1. could you kindly let me know what is the maximum wohnfläche I can build `? 1.1) will this also include wohnfläche i build should include keller + Garage + carport what will be I left with ? 2. I could see that I can only build Ground + dachgeschoss? is that correct ?   Thank you so much for your help and support in advance.   Thanks in advance, much appreciated