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  1. Rental Scam - What should I do?

    Yes, as mentioned above. I did number 1 and 2. I didn't face any issues after this incident but just kept the police report as proof. Just be sure to bring your own report to the police station preferably in German and attach either the advertisement or the email communication between you and this scammer or both if you can still find the ad.    Best of luck and don't worry too much. Just get the report in hand.  
  2. yes, very unlucky for me and I guess I will have no choice but to go to court if she insist not to pay. She has previously placed me in a lot of danger as the apartment had electrical issues that may have led to a fire and I only found out about it after waiting for almost a year to get something repaired due to damage caused by a previous tenant. So there is a trend of not taking things seriously and not wanting to take any responsibility
  3.   i do not usually panic but as this was a burning smell from the electric switchbox, I could not sleep the whole night and all online references as well as a call to an electrician company who could not provide any technicians due to the new year holidays, advised not to take this situation lightly and get it checked asap. Otherwise I would have did more research and found cheaper ways to get things done. 
  4. she did not explicitly say that she will pay but she explicitly asked me to confirm the appointment with the electrician. the charges are in 3 figures and the guy checked for about half an hour, he also calculated the travel distances and what he checked etc. the report is quite detailed. 
  5. she said to go ahead with it and get it checked. 
  6. Hi, I see that most of the replies here mentioned that the landlord is responsible to pay for these kind of issues. I had a problem with my switchbox where I detected a burning smell. The smell was quite strong and I informed my landlord that it need it to be checked. While waiting for the electrician, I switched off the switches for most of the appliances and the burning smell went off overnight.. otherwise it was still there.  I found an electrician who was willing to come asap and informed our landlord about it. But the electrician could not find any problems and suspected that it could be from our neighbours as he found that the apartment unit is not isolated meaning that a switchbox burning issue from another apartment could reach our apartment as well. Now, he has charged quite a big amount of fees and our landlord is trying to refuse to pay for it. What should we do? We are not members of the mietverein. 
  7. sorry I just saw your post. I hope your issue was resolved eventually. I gave up and just waited for an appointment which came 1 month after my permit ended. 
  8. Hi all, my residence permit is about to expire very soon. I have submitted my application to KVR a month ago but still no sign of any appointment invitation. What should I do in this case as I am getting worried about going around with an expired residence permit. I am employed. I have so far sent an email to the immigration office but an auto-reply stated that they will not entertain such questions and my case do not seem to fall under the "emergency" requirements. Has anyone else been through the same situation? Do you just go to KVR directly if you have not received any appointment on the day your permit ends?  Thank you. 
  9. Rental Scam - What should I do?

    I am posting my problem here because I was looking for an apartment in Darmstadt:   i believe i have been a recent victim of this rental scam, young 21 year old lady claimed that her late father owns an apartment and she has 2 rooms to rent out.. she introduced herself as a student and that her mother is working overseas. she then asked me to provide her with details of when i was going to move in and out and a page of my passport. i really thought this was a genuine offer as she also included pictures of the apartment and a long email about herself to convince me that she is a good person. so i sent these details to her (at first without my passport page and then she went silent so i sent another email this time with a page from my passport) she replied with another email in all caps and now it became weird as she asked me to bank in 950 euros into a foreign bank account belonging to her mother within 24 hours to secure the place apparently due to high demand. She also sent a page from her passport to assure me that I am dealing with the correct person but I grew very suspicious about this foreign account details and I couldn't find much about her online. Now I am very worried as I sent her a page of my passport and also my current address here in Germany. What will be the implications of the information 'she' has about me now and what should I do? Has anyone else received such emails when looking for a place to rent?