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  1. UK to Germany travel

    Yes, still waiting for an answer. 
  2. UK to Germany travel

    Thank you. Yes it is indeed unclear about what kind documents will be needed so at this point we are trying to collect as many documents possible that could help but it is still upto the discretion of the border police to decide so seems to be no guarantee until the border. 
  3. UK to Germany travel

    we have checked it but there is no clear guidance on what documents needs to be provided if it is for personal important reasons. it is not very clear in this aspect and it is still dependent on the border officers. 
  4. UK to Germany travel

    neither. a British national entering Germany. 
  5. UK to Germany travel

    Hi all, I know there is another recent post for travel from Germany to UK but this is about travel from UK to Germany.  Has anyone travelled for personal reasons such as visiting spouse or for very essential reasons (i.e: funeral or weddings)? will the border police control ask for any documents etc?   Thank you.
  6. Outdoor Wedding

    We are marrying soon and yes we hv a date. The outdoor part will not be a party but rather an additional ceremony according to religion. So we dont plan to hv people sitting before us as the ceremony may just be for 15 to 20mins max. So i am curious to know if there are ppl having really small ceremonies outdoor in a park or something since the current restrictions would only allow us to meet with one other person from a different household? 
  7. Outdoor Wedding

    Haha...for sure! But i wonder if this is allowed? 
  8. Outdoor Wedding

    I am interested to know if having an outdoor wedding somewhere in a spacious park with just 5 to 10 people standing around us with masks is allowed under current conditions?