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  1. Getting a loan and then leaving Germany

    Thank you everybody
  2. Staying abroad with a DA-EU

    Please can someone please help? I could not find any information whatsoever about this in the law text.   Thank you
  3. Getting a loan and then leaving Germany

    Are there such loans in Germany? I couldn't find anything online that offers susbtancial amounts
  4. Getting a loan and then leaving Germany

      Hey Karin. Yes that makes sense. I have a steady paid job now, but I won't have it of course once I start studying. That's why it's crucial, I guess, to get private loan from a bank that won't ask for the purpose of the loan. Any chance such banks exist? :-D  
  5. Getting a loan and then leaving Germany

    I have a steady paid job now, but I won't have it of course once I start studying.
  6. Getting a loan and then leaving Germany

    Hello everyone,   I am a non-EU citizen currently having a Niederlassungserlaubnis. I would like to go study abroad for a bit, and this would unfortunately make my German residency officially void. To finance my studies, I would like to get a loan from a German bank - which I will of course pay back.   My questions are the following: Does leaving officially Germany has consequences on the loan? Namely, do I need to be a resident of Germany at all time until the loan is paid fully?  I would like to have a grace period until I start paying the loan back. Do you think if a private loan would do it? Do I need to state the reason of me getting a loan?   Thank you!
  7. Staying abroad with a DA-EU

    Hello everyone,   I used to have a Blaue Karte in the past but I have now a Niederlassungserlaubnis. I intend to apply for a DA-EU next year. My questions are: 1) Assuming I fulfill all DA-EU requirements, can my application be rejected because I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis? Namely, would the authorities see my request as "redundant" and therefore reject my application? 2) Assuming I get the DA-EU, can I then stay outside the EU for 24 months (because I had a BC in the past)? Or am I only eligible to stay outside the EU for 12 months (because my pre-application permit wasn't a BC)?   Thank you! 
  8. Getting my old Blaue Karte back?

    my final question is: if I get a DA-EU, will I be able to stay 24 months abroad although I am applying with a valid NE and NOT a valid BC (I used to have a BC before the NE though)?   Thank you!
  9. Getting my old Blaue Karte back?

    Ok thank you.    The advantage of keeping a residence permit is making smaller the years needed towards being naturalized. Also, having the possibility to find easily a job upon coming back and not having to go through administrative hell again. It's a security. I know that I want to come back to Germany.   So the only two ways are to either to get married to a German or postpone my Ausland plans until I can get a DA-EU.    My following question would be: is it possible to get a DA-EU if I have already a NE? Thanks!    
  10. Getting my old Blaue Karte back?

    I know, and that's why I said I would come back for a couple of weeks. 
  11. Getting my old Blaue Karte back?

    I know. I meant if I had a Blaue Karte instead.
  12. No I understood them very well. But my life plans changed.
  13. Getting my old Blaue Karte back?

    Hello,   I entered Germany with a Blaue Karte years ago. I changed this about a year ago to a Niederlassungserlaubnis, because of the obvious advantages that it offers for someone willing to live in Germany. My life objectives have however changed since then. I want to go abroad for about two years without losing my German residency. This is for my case not possible without asking from the city's permission. The city has unfortunately denied my request and said that leaving Germany for my case isn't considered of a temporary nature, and my NE would be hence void.  I have two other ways to counter this: either get married with a German (jokes), or maybe get my Blaue Karte back (I can't ask for the EU Dauerhaftaufenthalt because I have lived just a bit more than 4 years in Germany). My question is then the following: is it possible to get my previous Blaue Karte back? If yes, how?  My plan would be then to go abroad for one year (not EU), come back few days/weeks, then go again for 10 months.   Thank you so much for any insight!
  14. Hi, it really depends on your situation. I changed from Blaue Karte to Niederlassungserlaubnis a year ago and I regret it now big time. I want to go abroad but the NE isn't as flexible and doesn't suit my objectives. If you're sure you are staying in Germany over the next years, an NE has its advantages. 
  15. Hello everyone,   I am a Blaue Karte holder and will soon reach two years of residency in Germany, which allows me to apply for German permanent residency (Niederlassungserlaubnis). However, I am debating if this is the best tactical move and would need some brain power to help me. Here is my reasoning:   - Niederlassungserlaubnis allows staying "forever" in Germany but it doesn't entitle automatic working in other EU states.  - EU permanent residency gives same benefits of Niederlassungserlaubnis + possibility to work in other EU states without going through the hassle of work permits as a third-country national. However, applying for it requires 5 years of residency in Germany. - Blaue Karte allows the possibility to work in other EU states without that hassle too - after two years of holding it I believe.   First of all, am I missing anything? If not, does it mean that it's better to hold on to the Blaue Karte as long as possible then convert it to a EU permanent residency instead of converting it as soon as possible to Niederlassungserlaubnis?    Another important question: would the time needed before applying for German naturalization be different depending on which move I decide to make?   Thank you all for the help.