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  1. Hi all, Thankfully I am not in this situation but I am trying to extract an answer from my liability insurance company regarding the following potential scenario. Maybe someone here has more insight while I try get answers from my insurer. If I personally replace a water tap and the associated water pipes (in my kitchen) and sometime in the future these replacement parts develop a leak and flood the place, am I responsible or does the liability insurance policy generally cover this scenario? Or, must I or the landlord get a professional plumber in to do the job in order to be covered by insurance? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Any impact on Schufa by simply checking it?

    Thanks for your clear inputs Space Cowboy and engelchen. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I am curious to check my Schufa rating, maybe going for the onine version which one has to pay for as I believe it may be more detailed (I could be wrong there). I know one can order a paper copy for free once a year.  My question is, will the mere fact that I order my own Schufa report have an impact on the rating itself - say for example I need an updated one for real in 6 months for whatever reason? I know in the UK that multiple checks in a short time frame can have an impact - although that would usually be by a company doing checks on the individual.  So in summary, my question is whether there is any impact on my Schufa rating is I order one now, and then maybe another in a few months if I move house or buy a car or similar? Should I rather preserve the Schufa order for when I really, really need it? Many thanks in advance!