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  1. Iam urgently looking for apartment and need to find and move in ASAP (latest by 24th Feb).

    Area: 35-50 sqm min

    room: 1 - 2

    Furnished: prefer furnished but non or semi furnished is also fine

    budget: within €850-1000 per month including heating etc.

    Distance: within 5-7 kms of St. Martin Straße, 81669 Munich 

    Ready to move in earlier in February.

    No. of people: 1 young couple, no kids but only one person will stay initially and my spouse will start staying after few months of me moving in.

    If anything suitable pls contact me on +49 15783737356


  2. Inside Sales

    ok thanks.
  3. Updated list as of now from my side as few people cannot make it! Nearest station U4/5 Lehel and 18 tram.   1. ex-essex.   2. ulrike   3. Prakriti (Praxy)   4. Valeriia    5. Begum   6. Jessie   7. -betsy 8. Climber 9. Metall
  4. Nearest station U4/5 Lehel and 18 tram.   1. ex-essex.   2. ulrike   3. Prakriti (Praxy)   4. Valeriia    5. Begum   6. Jessie    7. Vana (most probably - will confirm by lunch time tomorrow)   8. Vipin (most probably - will confirm by lunch time tomorrow)   9. Siddharth (Sid) - will confirm by lunch time tomorrow
  5. Hello there...I have another colleague from my office who is new to the city and would like to join. Can I get her along please??
  6. Hello Prakriti,


    I am Paul (ex-Essex) who organises the curry night.

    There are no extra changes you just pay for what you eat and drink. So shall I add you to the list?

    Hope to see you tomorrow.

    1. Prakriti Dutta

      Yes pls add me :) 

    2. Prakriti Dutta

       I will bring along one more office colleague who is new to the city too. Hope its okay? :) 

    3. Prakriti Dutta

      hey...It was so silly...We got confused about that it is on the 12th instead of 11th and went to the Dhaba and found that we are late for the event. So sorry for the confusion. We are in for the next wed curry night. including me 4 people for next wednesday curry night

  7. Available Today -- sublet 4 months

    I am interested please. Can we schedule a visit to the apartment once this month please? Have emailed you my details, pls have a look and let me know  
  8. room in flat-share vacant 15th Jan

    mmmm ok  
  9. room in flat-share vacant 15th Jan

    Hello, Would you like to offer for one of the rooms for a couple please? I am new to Munich and do not have much budget. Currently just adjusting in an airbnb apartment. I am a project management professional working as a full time employee with incadea GmbH and my spouse will join me in Munich by March so for Feb onward I need a room just for myself and then later in March/April my spouse can join me in the same room if possible? Please let me know. Regards, Praxy
  10. Hi, What is the per month rent? Looking for a small one room apartment from February onwards. Regards, Praxy
  11. Shared accommodation Available

    Hey...if there is anything available for long term...pls post back  
  12. 2 room furnished flat near city centre

    too expensive  
  13. Hello, Just emailed with you my details. Looking forward to your response. I am in need of apartment from Feb onwards Regards, Praxy
  14. Inside Sales

    Hi John. So you are the one who has posted this requirement? I have sent the CV to few mins back  The current situation is that my husband is in the visa/work permit application process and he moves in Munich by Feb end or the March beginning so I am trying to find something for him before hand. If his CV is suitable for this job may be a at least a first round of discussion can be arranged via webcon or skype (I did the same for my job  ) Hence just to check the possibility for my husband too I sent his CV. Hope its okay? Sorry if not as I am just new to MUC and still settling down. Regards, Prakriti
  15. English Team Assistant

    Hello, I sent you a reference CV, pls have a look and let me know if this suitable?   Regards, Prakriti