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  1. Health insurance for unemployed/returnees

    Although Beth Ann was kind enough to contact me, I was hoping that perhaps some of the resident experts might have a comment or suggestion?   Otherwise, once we get a response from the German Pensions people that they have no control over the krankenkasse's rules, we'll likely try and see if the Austrian public health fund will take my wife on the basis of the German refusals - I'll update the thread if and when we get a result.  
  2. Health insurance for unemployed/returnees

    Thanks very much!   Also, should add to my post that it may be possible for my wife to register as resident in Germany if she needed to, to be accepted into the German system - her brother and sister live there - after that she could de-register and come back to Austria for another year, till we can all leave together.   While we are paying private health insurance (which we needed to get the Austrian residence permits), we have those now. We're paying the Austrian public insurance too for my son and I, but it's quite cheap - and the private cover we have is quite expensive! In about 3 months my son and I will be active members of the Austrian public health system, and be able to cancel the private insurance. My son has his Austrian disability assessment in early March - he's 23 but extremely disabled, so I think once that goes through, he'll be added to my cover as my dependent for free.
  3. Health insurance for unemployed/returnees

    Well, it's been a while since I got involved in this thread! So it's time for an update, and for a further request for suggestions and help if possible!   Myself (62, Aus pension, Aus and UK national), wife (67, German and Aus pensioner, German and Aus national) and disabled adult son (German, Aus and UK national) want to live in Germany for our son's long-term care.   We found out I couldn't get public health insurance in Germany, so we moved to Austria - once in the public health system here for 12 months, we can move to Germany and transfer to public health insurance there.   We thought it might be hard to get public health insurance here in Austria, and they did want us to be permanent residents, and we couldn't get that approved without health insurance! So we got private insurance which was enough to get the permanent residence permits for all of us. Then we applied for public health cover here in Austria. My son and I have to pay for 6 months until the Austrian public health cover kicks in, but we have been accepted and paying for about 3 months so far. We've checked with some German public funds and they say yes, my son and I can transfer to them if we move to Germany then, once we have at least 12 months public health membership here in Austria.   The problem is with my wife. She is German and gets a small German pension of about 200E a month and about $700 a month Age Pension from Australia.    The Austrian public health system says since my wife has a German Pension, Germany should insure her, so Austria can't.   We've tried applying with AOK, KKH and TK and they all effectively say the same thing. No, because she has not been insured in Germany within the last 5 years and/or elsewhere in the EU. Also because she doesn't live in Germany.   We've also spoken with the official Deutsche Rentenversicherung people since they handle the pensions and entitlements - they have said they have no control over this, it's up to the Krankenkasse's to decide.    I'm aware of the basistarif, but when speaking to the TK, I said it can't be right that my wife might have to pay 800E a month for that, when her total income is less than that! They suggested that perhaps some kind of Sozialamt subsidy might come into play. I think any ordinary pensions zuschuss would be very small as her German pension is so low.  The person at TK also said that when we do return to Germany, if my wife has income of less than 450E, then she could be added to my public health cover then, as a dependent. My income is only about 2200E a month Australian Govt employment pension until I get an Age Pension in 4 years time, son gets about 1000E a month disability pension from Australia   So at the moment, (and I could be wrong of course), my thoughts of what to do next are to double-check whether we can get my wife into the German Public system - whether some clause overrides the reasons they are refusing her - but given that 3 krankenkasses have said no, I'm not very hopeful of that.    Next, whether she can get into the German private system and at what cost - her income is only about 630E a month (and we could actually cancel either the German or Australian pension she gets if need to reduce her income - for example, later, when we move to Germany so she could be added as a dependent on the public German health insurance that I should be able to get then).    I'd be happy to pay a broker, berator or makler for advice.    It may be that the Austrian public system would accept my wife now, as we have clear written refusals from 3 krankenkassen. If so, I'd hope they would just add her to mine as a dependent. They waived the requirement for past membership of a public fund for me and my son, as we came from Australia, but instead required that we both serve a paid 6 month waiting period, which is fine.   But before I ask the Austrian health system, I'd like to find out whether we can get my wife into the German public or private health system, as I suspect the Austrian health people might just ask this - the krankenkasse refusal letters may or may not be enough for them to allow her to join, and so I want to explore what options she has regarding Germany first. and whether she'd need to pay the full basis-tarif, or how the system deals with this. I can't believe that a German national returning to Germany could pay more for health cover than their income, but I do know that they have to have health insurance...   I suppose the other option would be to move to somewhere where she could get cover if she can't get appropriate cover in Germany or Austria, maybe to the UK (even after Brexit I think our income and savings would be ok for her to go there) or to Cyprus or France - again these would only be as temporary measures to get into the existing public health insurance in one of those countries before transferring to Germany after a year or so.     Any suggestions, opinions, help or referrals most gratefully accepted. :)  
  4. Opening a new bank account

    Yes, DKB is an online bank set up and owned by Bayerisches Landesbank. 
  5. Opening a new bank account

    I have an N26 account - works well, the phone app is reliable, and it is in English, and free. I also transfer funds to it using Transferwise (the Borderless account) which I fund from my Australian accounts. Very fast and effective. I also have a separate DKB account - the app is fine, but setting it all up was a bit of a hassle, and its only in German.
  6. SPF Clothing

    Still a fair distance away, but perhaps somewhere like this, that may ship to you:  https://www.solbari.com/  - I just googled SPF clothing Australia to get a few options. There will always be more in sun-affected places than most of Europe!   Or once you've found a promising company, you could plug that name into amazon (.de or wherever) and see if that company advertises there too.
  7. Hamburg to Munich

    Pick your day if you can - we drove back home yesterday (Saturday) to our place near Linz, Austria from wife's family near Frankfurt, about 600km. In many areas the roads were full, and I mean full. Seven hours going up there with long stops, 10 hours back with short stops, a few 30 min+ staus although we diverted around a couple. Even without so many trucks on weekends, If it's holiday time expect a lot longer than 8 hours and with the family onboard you may want several stops too. The train is good if you don't need a car while you're there.
  8. High quality mattress in Munich

      Sounds almost a bit like stealth advertising! What do you call reasonably priced? We moved about 2 months ago from Australia to Austria. The first month in an Air BNB place, until we found a rental. Which we needed to furnish. We're still doing that actually! We actually waited to move in until we had some mattresses, and we bought them online and had them delivered to us (near Linz) from Germany in less than a week.    I took out a subscription to Stiftung Warentest, and went for Bett1.de's Bodyguard (3 of them) - and we are about to buy another 2. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01CGVNC3W/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=bodyguard+matratze&qid=1574544231&s=kitchen&sr=1-3 These were 200E each for 2 90x200's and somewhat more for a 140x200. We bought the bed frames from Ikea, as wee needed them fairly quickly too, although I looked at a lot on Amazon. We got one slatted base here for my son:  https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00ZRLNFE0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1  and two for my wife and I (I have a bad back) that have a more expensive system, here:  https://www.ravensberger-matratzen.de/lattenrahmen/fix-starr-oder-variabel-verstellbar/variflex-teller-lattenrost.html?number=413.4467   Even so, these were all very cheap by most standards. The mattresses are harder or softer depending on the side you use, and the ones we chose were one of only 6 of over 300 models tested that got a "good" rating. We are satisfied with them, and as I said, will be getting more (daughter visiting soon).   As with most things it pays to do your research and not just believe a salesperson - no matter how nice, their job is to sell. Beds and mattresses, well they are often massively overpriced in Australia too. Just like the lounge we have ordered - quoted 4000E in a shiny store here in Austria, (and admittedly they often have up to 30% off specials), they are only a few hundred less in similar stores in Germany, but got the identical thing ordered from the same factory for not much over 2000E - with expensive material, pocket boxsprings, etc, the fourth and highest level of quality by that manufacturer. I generally try to buy good quality, and expect things to last, but I won't pay more than I need to. I'm not sure how true the cartel story on Bett1.de is, but I do know their mattresses rate very well, sell hugely well (Germany's most sold, apparently), and the price is good.