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  1. Chimney sweep access to your house

    Is there something like a required service/inspection schedule posted somewhere? How do I know what's a required check for my heating system? Our house was converted to a gas heater from oil and I don't know if the chimney sweep needs to adjust their visits. They're coming by soon to clean, inspect, and measure exhaust.
  2. Energy consumption of laptop

    Ah, you're right. 21 cents is the netto price without tax and basic service charge. All-in it's 29 cents. Sorry to ruin your Monday!
  3. My company has a division in Brazil so we've had a few colleagues move here and stay permanently. From what I hear about how things are going there, I might consider that too! I think the boys would adjust quickly but they will need a lot of support outside of school to learn the language. Immerse them as much as possible before the move. Good luck!
  4. Energy consumption of laptop

    2 decimal places do make a difference! I'm paying around 22 cents/kWh through EON. We average 90€ per month for a family of five. That's with a couple computers, electric stove, and a TV being used daily. So don't worry about your laptop. I run LED bulbs helps.
  5. deduction of tax on property lease

    Thanks. Right now I'm not registered as anything; just forming some plans for a small shop that does custom vehicle work.
  6. If I am running a business from a shop that I rent, is the 19% tax completely refundable? Or even partly? Do I have to pay it up front and then get it back at the end of the year or can it be excluded each month?
  7. I'd like to find a spot in the Schwarzwald or southern Bavaria (basically looking for a mountainous area) where we can rent a small cabin or apartment for a reasonable price and have stuff to do nearby. Ideally something like a resort with planned activities for the kids and maybe lake with canoes would be great. Any suggestions? We went to a resort like this in Bibione, Italy last summer and I want something similar in the mountains. The places I'm seeing on airbnb are nice but quite expensive with three kids.
  8. Engineers are scarce now even without any clearance. You're looking for a US citizen with quite specific expertise AND Secret clearance... tall order. I would think that if this is a long term position then the employer wouldn't mind the extra time it would take for a candidate to get the clearance.
  9. The vehicles will be prepared for off-road use - suspension, tires, safety equipment, etc. It will all be for export; they will not be road legal in Germany.
  10. I'm looking at starting a small business (2-3 employees) modifying cars for a specific market. Does anyone have experience with special regulations for something like this? I'm thinking of things like workplace safety (OSHA-equivalent) and environmental (EPA-equivalent), besides standard considerations for all businesses.
  11. Cost of eyeglasses in Germany

    Ah, I see now. Well, I went with 1.5 anyway because I have a fairly weak correction (-1.00 cyl.) so the thickness difference between 1.5 and 1.6 is small. Though I probably would have gone with the 1.6 for a couple bucks more.
  12. How to cancel a BahnCard

    Hi, Your link is not working. Can you describe where to do this online? I am not able to find it. Edit: Do I just use the general contact form and request to cancel?
  13. Cost of eyeglasses in Germany

    I went over to Fielmann in Böblingen today. I wish I had thought to make an appointment because it was an hour wait. Luckily it's in a mall so I just wandered around for a while. I brought the print out from Brille24 but didn't need it. I just asked for the economy glasses and they showed me the selection of free frames without any hassle; it's not in some "secret stash" but I would say the selection isn't too big. I ordered one regular pair and another tinted, both for the same price. 1.5 refractive index was 24.50 Euro and 1.6 was 39.50 Euro. Two week delivery time. Overall a decent first experience.
  14. Cost of eyeglasses in Germany

    Will Fielmann make glasses on the spot or do they have to be ordered? I finally went to the Augenarzt today and got my prescription.
  15. Can someone tell me what, in general, the regulations are for putting up a residential wind turbine? Size, location, permits, etc. I heard there is a generous tax credit for the installation and would like to learn more about it. Is it an option to sell energy back to the grid? What's the going rate?