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  1. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Right as always, Panda. Thanks:)
  2. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    I have capital gains I need to claim from foreign investments (line 18 Anlage KAP). Elster is not adding the 801€ deduction for these, though " noch nicht ausgeschöpfter Sparer-Pauschbetrag =0" . Earlier when I had my taxes done by an accountant this would show up on the Bescheid, though. Why would this be excluded?   Edit: I think I figured it out. I split the capital gains 50/50 between my Anlage KAP and my wife's. Now it's giving the 801€ credit. Originally I just put it on mine.
  3. Child tax credit breakdown

    Thanks, Panda. I didn't realize it can be split up like that. I thought it was just all Freibetrag or all Kindergeld.
  4. Child tax credit breakdown

    Is there a limit on Kinderfreibetrag? I entered Anlage Kind for my three underage kids but only two of them show up with Freibeträge on the report out of Elster.
  5. We bought a house last year and I'd like to make sure I'm not missing any tax deductions. Is anything related to the purchase (like Notar, Grundbucheintragung, etc.) deductible? I had the roof redone but already got the BAFA rebate for high-efficiency renovation so I think there's nothing left to claim here. I had no other Handwerker expenses. Is there anything else to consider?
  6. I'm using Elster for the first time and filled in Anlage Kind for our three kids (three entries) but when I run the summary it's showing the Freibetrag for only two of the kids @ 8388€ each in the net salary calculation section: " Freibeträge für das am xx.xx.xxxx geborene Kind ".  All are under age. But later in the " Berechnung des Solidaritätszuschlags " section it says " zu versteuerndes Einkommen unter Berücksichtigung von Freibeträgen für 3 Kind(er) i.H.v. 25.164 € " so here it considers all the kids.   So why are only two kids deducted from the salary up top? I haven't been able to find anything about a limit.
  7. The new R-AUS for the EStErklärung

    Should Anlage R still be used for any purpose pertaining to international pension income? I receive Roth IRA income, shown on the US 1099-R; should this be entered into Anlage R-AUS?
  8. Tax back on Energy Efficient Renovations

    I got the rebate for having our roof redone and had to get a report from an Energieberater to submit, which also included him checking the work after it was done. I guess you can do the work yourself as long as you get the sign-off from the advisor.   I wonder if I need to also report this on the tax return if I already received the rebate? ( Anlage Energetische Maßnahmen )
  9. I'm employed full time and registered a business for side work. I notified my employer of my Nebentätigkeit and they asked if I will be making social contributions. I'm really unclear about this. As I understand it I only have to contribute to health insurance from the business? How does this effect the withholdings from my full time employer? Or should everything there stay the same and anything extra I owe gets washed out in the Steuererklärung?
  10. How to complete a monthly MwSt return using Elster

    Hi everyone, I am a Kleinunternehmer and am trying to figure out if I need to file USt Voranmeldung yet. In the letter from the Finanzamt it says I need to do this quarterly only if the following types of sales are made: 1. innergemeinschaftliche Erwerbe 2. erhaltene Lieferungen und sonstige Leistungen im Sinne des §13b Abs. 1 und 2 i. V. m. Abs. 5 UStG 3. erhaltene Lieferungen als letzter Abnehmer im Rahmen eines innergemeinschftlichen Dreiecksgeschäftes   I'd like to clarify these... to 1., this applies if I sell something outside of Germany, right? Do I then need to input this portion of sales or ALL the sales from the last quarter? Is it ok if the buyer does not pay German sales tax in this case? Or do I have to charge it? 2 and 3 I think don't apply because I'm not sourcing anything outside of Germany.   Thanks!
  11. Options for online store and payment processing?

    I ended up making an online store with Squarespace and linked a Stripe account for payment processing. This seems like a good combination with good service and reasonable fees. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the advice.
  12. ebay seized my money

    I'll give them a week or two into the new year to respond. If I go to a lawyer is there any chance to also sue for the legal costs?
  13. ebay seized my money

    I've been selling a few things on and after a few months they sent me a request to upload my identification for verification. From the list of acceptable documents it seemed that my Aufenthaltstitel would be best so I uploaded a copy. For the next few weeks the status would just say that they are still verifying it and this takes a couple days. In the meantime any sales I made were not being distributed to me. Then suddenly I get a message that my account is locked. After a lot of back and forth the only explanation I could get is that they could not verify my ID (even though it's a valid German permanent resident ID) and to protect the safety of customers my account is being deleted and my money would be seized, about 1000€. There was no attempt from them to contact me beforehand or any kind of legal process and I had zero complaints from customers. They said my only recourse is to start an appeal with a third party financial oversight authority (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg), which I've now done. Has anyone had this happen? Do they really have this authority without any kind of court ruling? If I hire a lawyer to get my money back can I ask for legal fees also, to cover my costs?
  14. Hi, For those with an online store, what do you use to host your website and manage payment processing? Looks like Shopify is a popular all-in-one solution but I'm not sure whether the payments are directly deposited to my bank account from the buyer or if it's first held by Shopify, which I'm not crazy about (like ebay does). In the US I had a store with Chase payment processing which was direct. Any other recommendations in setting up an online store?