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  1. I have one of those racks that straps onto the trunk to carry our bikes. I already have a number plate to hang on it, but I'm wondering if I also have to have one of those big red reflector squares that I see on RV's sometimes. I'll be driving through Switzerland and France with it, so maybe the rules are different there also.
  2. I see a lot of excellent threads on filling in the Mantelbogen ESt 1V form but it seems this has been replaced by the Hauptvordruck form in Elster? It seems more in depth than the Mantelbogen. This is my first time filing and I could use some help. Is there a guide on this form?   Specifically, is this the form where pension insurance and health insurance payments are declared? Or will that be in Anglage N? What about employment expenses like commuting and home office deduction?   Thanks!
  3. Wow, I would have thought that starting salary for an architect with a masters is more like 50k-60k. They're offering basically 16€/hour which is not all that much more than the 12€ you'd get working at Aldi... doesn't make sense to me. Find some reliable salary data (like from a government labor department) and use it as a basis for negotiation. If you want to stay in Germany then accept whatever you are able to negotiate and then look for a new position while working. Or suck it up for a couple years to get experience and then make the jump.
  4. I need Help with Tax Calculation

    Do I understand it correctly that for income like capital gains and interest outside of Germany I need Anlage-AUS? And N-AUS is only for income earned as an employee?
  5. tax credits for child care?

    We are setting up various child care options from babysitters to extended Kindergarten during vacations, which is an extra charge. Are any of these costs reclaimable? What is the "proper" way to pay a babysitter? Do I need to get receipts of payment from her? We get Kindergeld but I am not eligible for any kind of welfare or Betreuungsgeld, if it matters.
  6. after-school childcare options

    Good hints. Thanks! I hope we don't have to wait until September to start Hort. We've had some dealings with the woman at the Rathaus regarding Kindergarten and it's not always smooth. Sometimes her decisions seem a bit arbitrary. Maybe she'll be in a good mood after vacation.
  7. after-school childcare options

    I'm curious to know what people are doing for after school care for their kids. We have kids in Kindergarten and Grundschule so they are done around 12-1PM and we need some coverage for 3-4 hours afterwards. We have full day Kindergarten and an after school program at the Grundschule but the woman at the Rathouse that does registration is on vacation so I can't get any more information right now. I suspect we won't be able to enroll them until the new school year starts in September so I need an option like a nanny or Tagesmutter in the meantime I guess. Any tips or experiences with this?
  8. On the paper it just says June, but does this mean on the 1st or the 30th? Or on the same day it was done last time?
  9. I am getting ready to open an IRA in the US and am deciding between traditional and Roth. I think that since I don't earn income in the US then a traditional IRA is pointless because I can't use the contributions as a deduction. Is this right? So I think it's better to open a Roth, deposit money that's already been taxed and then get the tax benefit on withdrawal. What do you think?   Alternatively, if I at some point exceed the foreign income limit to avoid double taxation, can I reduce my gross income by contributing to a traditional IRA?
  10. This is the VANOS issue right? I think you are on the hook for all repair costs because there is no recall for it. I would also suggest the independent shop. You may want to get on the BMW forums and ask around.
  11. preparing/filing US taxes

    Thanks! Turbotax looks good; you can link your 1099's from your banks/brokers and it'll pull and categorize the information automatically. Neat feature.   Do I still need to file a state and city return? I have a US address just for mail but it's not a residence. I can't find anything about a foreign income exclusion for Ohio. The only income would be some capital gains.
  12. preparing/filing US taxes

    I'm tackling filing my own taxes since I sold my business when we left the US and it should be relatively simple now. What programs/websites would you recommend to do the preparation? efile directly with IRS? Or something else? I need it to handle the foreign income exclusion and US capital gains. Is there a way to do it all electronically without mailing anything?