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  1. My natural gas rate doubled

    I just got another letter that the price is now going up to 15ct/kWh. WTF? I don't get it. The storage tanks are all full and there are ships full of LNG idling in the sea waiting for space to open up.
  2. When I sell a car do I need to hand over Teil I in addition to Teil II of the Zulassungsbescheinigung? I thought so but it seems I need to keep Teil I (the small one that rides in the car) to de-register the car at the Zulassungsstelle. Which is it?
  3. Since September I'm now paying nearly 11 cents per kWh, up from 5,5. Is there anything being discussed now about capping increases or any kind of credits from the goverenment? My family's going to be pissed when I lock the thermostats at 18°.
  4. I've begun selling some items on ebay and Amazon and am classified as a Kleinunternehmer. When I sell something to the UK on Amazon they automatically collect their 20% VAT. In France they don't collect it but I get messages about how I may owe sales tax to the French authorities. As a Kleinunternehmen am I obligated to collect and pay sales tax outside of Germany? Do I then have to register with each country's tax authority for this? I tried looking it up on the French tax website but, well, couldn't make any sense of it.
  5. DB Train late by 2 hours for airport

    You no longer need the paper form to file for reimbursement due to late arrival. I just did this through the DB website and got 50% back within a couple weeks.
  6. My kids will need braces and I'm reading up how it's graded on a 1-5 severity scale. If it's 3-5 then it's paid by the statutory insurance we have. I'm also looking at supplementary orthodontic insurance and they also have coverage for KIG 3-5 (for example, 90% up to 2500€). What's confusing is, if statutory insurance already pays for level 3+ why would we even need the extra private insurance? And is 2500€ even worth it to get private insurance? I was under the impression that braces are more like 4-5k€.
  7. Buying a home in Germany 2022

    Do you have permanent residency here? You have to have this to get a loan.
  8. Where to purchase motor oil for car ?

    I order Liqui Moly and filters from Amazon. It's around 20€ cheaper per 5L jug than the auto parts store. Used oil is collected at the Schadstoff center for 1€/L. There are also mobil collection trucks that come around in Stuttgart pn a schedule.   That's good to know about ATU. I'll see if there's one nearby. 
  9. Telc B1 exam experience(Horrible)

    In my B1 exam I had a partner that was also taking the test. We had to discuss planning a barbecue between each other. Then I had to explain to the interviewers what I saw in a picture of kids in a school. It was fairly relaxed and I had the feeling they were looking for me to make myself understood, even if I butchered the grammar, and to understand their questions. 
  10. You could also try UPS small business; the prices there are significantly lower than standard UPS for private customers.   One question about sending gifts to the US: What paperwork/waybill should I include to mark that the package is a gift? Is this provided by the shipping company? I want to make sure the recipient doesn't have to pay any customs fees. The value is below the $100 threshold.