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  1. I'm hoping to hear about your experiences with having a roof redone and things to look out for. We are now planning this for the house we just bought. I have one offer where the insulation between the rafters will be replaced and then some additional insulation panels will be added on top for a total of 30cm of insulation, and another offer where the new insulation is added only on top (this option is about 7k€ cheaper) and is 18cm thick total. Both meet the 0,14 U-Wert requirement for the KfW grant. All else being equal, is there any reason the cheaper option is inferior? It means the roof will grow a bit higher than the first option but that's not an issue.
  2. Buying a house without realtor

    Deutsche Bank is telling me that my wife cannot be on the house loan because she does not have an unlimited residency. This is ok, I guess, because I can still get the loan under just my name, but will it be possible to still get her name on the Grundbucheintrag? Must the name(s) match what is on the Kaufvertrag? If we add her name later, once she gets permanent residency, do we have to pay the full 0,5% Grundbuch cost again?
  3. Would this part exempt her? She has basic language skills and was not required to take the integration course upon arriving here. "Ferner wird davon abgesehen, wenn der Ausländer sich auf einfache Art in deutscher Sprache mündlich verständigen kann und er nach § 44 Abs. 3 Nr. 2 keinen Anspruch auf Teilnahme am Integrationskurs hatte oder er nach § 44a Abs. 2 Nr. 3 nicht zur Teilnahme am Integrationskurs verpflichtet war. "
  4. In 2017 I got a Blue Card and my family came along on the family reunion/dependent visa. In 2019 I received the Niederlassungserlaubnis and as I recall it was explained to me that my wife can also get this after five years without taking a language exam or integration course. Do I understand this correctly or will she have to take one/both of these for an Unbefristet permit?
  5. Buying a house without realtor

    Yeah, the house prices are eye watering (I'm in the Stuttgart area). At least compared to the US the interest rates and property taxes are very low. In the US we might pay $6.000 per year property tax on a $300.000 house but here it's like 500€ on a 500.000€ house. So at least much more of the payments go to building equity instead of just flushing it to the banks and tax collector.
  6. I don't have a contract yet. I'm in the prep stage and just want to be prepared for negotiations with the lender.
  7. Is it common to refinance mortgages to another lender? For example, to avoid the prepayment penalty or for a better rate? Does the prepayment penalty have to be paid if the loan is refinanced?
  8. Is there a limit on how much a mortgage rate can change after the fixed rate term ends? Or does it just adjust to the market rate? With rates so low now I'd like to lock it in for 20-30 years (we plan to stay in the house a long time) but this increases the mortgage rate about 0,4% compared to a 10 year fixed-term. I'm inclined to take the slightly higher rate now in case rates go back up to 5%+ in ten years.
  9. Buying a house without realtor

    Yes, I'm aware of the notary. Does the notary create any of the sale documents or do they just review and stamp them? I'll look into the Bausachverständiger, thanks.
  10. I'm looking at buying a house directly from the owner. What paperwork needs to be prepared if I buy it? Is the seller responsible for creating the purchase contract? Should I have my own realtor review it?
  11. Purchase precision rotary lathe spindles/shafts in Germany

    Did you find what you need? A mechanical shaft would be called Stahlwelle. Something like raw bar stock for turning would be Stahlstange. Here is a place that sells H6 tolerance precision shaft (0,1mm per meter straightness): What are you making? I've been looking for an alternative to MSC/McMaster/Grainger also. There is Würth but you have to have a business to have an account.
  12. liability with Einzelunternehmen

    I'm getting ready to start a small side business and was advised by an accountant to form a Einzelunternehmen rather than a UG to save on the notary costs. However I'm a little worried about the personal liability. Does that liability include, for example, being sued by a customer? Like if I sell a widget, it breaks for some reason, and this causes injury. Or would I be able to get insurance for this? Or is the liability only on any company debt?
  13. US capital gains tax on foreign property

    Also, when is a business considered NOT a Controlled Foreign Corporation? If I'm the sole owner of a GmbH is that enough to satisfy the CFC definition?
  14. US capital gains tax on foreign property

    Wow, morass is definitely a fitting word. If I buy the property as an individual do the PFIC rules still apply? To claim that I actively manage the property, how is this evaluated? Meaning, how many hours or Euros do I need to spend to claim it's active? Either way the foreign tax credit can reduce my US burden, right? I scheduled a call with a US CPA in a couple days. Hopefully that will add some clarity.
  15. I'm planning on buying a rental property here and holding it for >10 years so that the profits are not taxed (in Germany) when I sell it. However, this would still be considered taxable gains in the US, right? (I'm still a US citizen) Would it make sense to start a company and buy the property through the business? The gains would stay in the business and I would only take relatively small amounts out yearly as additional income and pay tax only on that in the US. Most of it would be reinvested into other properties.