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  1. Hi,   I have some questions about the creches in Hamburg. I'd appreciate if you could share your experiences.   It is a well-known fact that, it is very difficult to get a place at a nursey, and one should apply very early, but i see that, the nurseries do not accept any application before the birth, for a date 1.5 years later. The idea is to reserve a place for a starting date, when the child turns 1 year old. An application after the birth could be too late, because a year ahead of the starting date seems to be late according to the experiences of the people around us. So, what to do in this situation? The day care voucher is granted for the first 5 hours of childcare, and the cost of anything more (6, 8 or 10 hours) should be undertaken by the parents. Is it true that, the nurseries are reluctant to accept people, who only demand a 5 hr/day childcare, and prioritize people who are willing to pay for additional hours?   Thanks a lot for the insights.
  2. Software engineers are still high in demand. Two of my friends are starting in different companies in June and July respectively.
  3.   Yes, you can. Application based on the 6 years rule has nothing to do with an integration course. If you have B2 level german, you could ask your citizenship related questions on info4alien. 
  4. Most advised tax return software for employees

    Thank you. I ended up using Steuerbot. It is free, and suitable for not complicated cases (not for freelancers). The interface is user friendly. You are chatting with a Bot, and answering its' questions, and at the end digitally signing the document, and sending it to the Finanzamt with a click.   https://www.steuerbot.com/
  5. I've been in Germany for 3 years now, and worked with a tax advisor for the tax filing of first and second years. This time i want to do it myself due to the reason that,   I don't have much to claim from 2019, so it won't be complex, I want to learn the process a bit as one of the last remaining part of my integration.   I am a full time salaried employee with a family, read the information about tax claims shared here, went through these articles --> 1, 2, 3, 4, and now in search of the most user friendly, and time efficient tax preparation software.   I would kindly like to ask your experiences and recommendations on various softwares available in the market.   Thanks a lot in advance.
  6. Most advised tax return software for employees

      Any specific reason to use WISO Steuer Office version?   This company (Buhl) seems to have various products for different needs, although the difference between each of them is not yet clear to me. --> Link   There seems to be also one option to use a web version through the browser, eliminating the need to order a CD. --> Link   The impression i am getting is that, the trend is towards using these Web versions as other companies are also offering Web versions. Is that right?
  7. Most advised tax return software for employees

    Hi @garbo,   Thank you for sharing your experience.   I was made aware about the free Elster software of Government before, but every article i read about the topic mentions that, it is relatively complex, and time consuming to file taxes through Elster. And some of my colleagues shared similar information to yours above, related with Finanzamt coming back to you with questions, when the filing is made with Elster.    On the other side, they say that, when they use one of these commercial softwares, it takes about half an hour to an hour to carry out the tax filing, and Finanzamt almost never comes back. So, i thought it would be a well invested 20-30 € to avoid some headache and gain time.     If you have got the onlineausweisfunktion activated, i believe this waiting is not necessary.
  8.   With NE, you can stay in the country for an indefinite time period, even if you are jobless. With BC, it is not possible for an unemployed person. You have to leave after a certain time period (6 months to a year).
  9. DKB Bank (Deutsche Kredit-Bank)

    If i open an account at DKB, can they take over all my payment orders at my current bank, like electricity bill, monthly rent, etc. without me having to spend an extra effort?   Is it true that they send a letter to all the institutions, which i have a contract with, and deal with this process?  
  10. 21 months social security proof

    Yes. Versicherungsverlauf from the Deutscherentenversicherung.
  11. A colleague of mine from Russia has been going to business trips in Germany & Europe by rented cars with his Russian driving licence. He has been registered in Germany for about 6 years, and the validity of his driving licence after the first 6 months is over.    Company has an agreement with a car rental company, and the booking is carried out through an internal system. During the handover of the car, he shows his Russian driving licence.   We wonder, in the case of an accident, apart from his personal responsibility, will the rental company, and our company be held responsible?  If yes, how?    Could it legally effect his line manager, because he (theoretically) let him drive with an invalid driving licence?
  12.   That is so strange. By law, it is not possible (§ 10 StAG).    Edit: It seems to be possible, based on the input from @pappnase below.   (3) Weist ein Ausländer durch die Bescheinigung des Bundesamtes für Migration und Flüchtlinge die erfolgreiche Teilnahme an einem Integrationskurs nach, wird die Frist nach Absatz 1 auf sieben Jahre verkürzt. Bei Vorliegen besonderer Integrationsleistungen, insbesondere beim Nachweis von Sprachkenntnissen, die die Voraussetzungen des Absatzes 1 Satz 1 Nr. 6 übersteigen, kann sie auf sechs Jahre verkürzt werden.   For the definition of application after 6 year residence, please see Page 30, top left paragraph in this document --> Link
  13. Hi Honigbiene,   Citizenship application after 6 years of residence is something, i am also targeting. Though i have still 2 years and 11 months until then, i started my preparations. I took the B2 language certificate, and will be taking the Einbürgerungstest in a week.   This is the thread where citizenship after 6 years is discussed --> German citizenship after 6 years However, the answer to your question regarding the processing time is under this thread --> Processing time   Have you been involved in any kind of voluntary service? I am asking, because that was advised to me to support my future application in my info4alien topic--> Einbürgerung nach § 10 Abs. 3 Satz 2 StAG (6 Jahre)
  14.   He says that, he will deregister (Abmeldung). The information you gave is for those who are registered in Germany, but traveled outside for longer periods. Deregistration kills the abode.
  15. N26 Card, Credit or Debit?

    Hello,   I only have one bank account in Germany which is a checking account in Degussa bank, and they offer account and Debit card (a maestro card) for free. So far so good, but they charge a 50 €/year fee on having the credit (VISA) card, which i do not want to pay. So i want to cancel the credit card only and keep the rest (account&EC Card) as i don't want to go into the hassle of changing everything (salary, monthly bills linked to the account etc.).    I am now in search of an online only bank which provide a free credit card. After reading many threads and googleing, DKB seems to be the most advised among those, then comes ING Diba, N26, Comdirect. I am currently A1 in german language and i don't believe i will be able to speak enough german to talk banking on the phone in less than a year when the support is needed, so i decided not to go for DKB and ING Diba for that reason.    N26 looks to be a very good option for my case, only, it isn't clear for me whether the card the provide (MasterCard) is a credit card or a Debit (EC) card?    If it is not a credit card, but a debit card, can it be used for online shopping (mainly Amazon, flight ticket purchase, booking hotels), and shopping abroad?   Thanks.
  16. I got myself registered for the Einbürgerungstest last week in VHS, and will take the test on 10.02.  I see that there are many apps in the appstore in order to prepare for this test. Is there any broadly used "favorite" app for this purpose?   I know there are many websites (e.g.  https://www.einbuergerungstest-online.eu/, http://oet.bamf.de/pls/oetut/f?p=514:1:4728971578507::::: etc. ) and also a PDF on the page of Bamf for the complete list of questions, but i would like to study from my phone while i commute.
  17. German citizenship after 6 years

      In this case, is the requested language certificate from the spouse also B2? (Same criteria as the main applicant)   Or a B1 result would suffice, which is the minimum for application, but after 7 or 8 years?
  18. German citizenship after 6 years

    Does the spouse of the person, who makes the application to be naturalised under 6 years rule, also need a language certificate and citizenship test result to be naturalised together?    I know that the required time is less for spouses.    
  19.   That is valid for the Blue Card holder himself/herself. The spouses must wait until completing 5 years of residence.
  20. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    My wife has gone to a driving school this year, and we have paid an amount, which can't be considered as a small expense for her driving hours. Can we partially claim these costs in the tax return of next year?
  21. Future of Germany

    An article with the headline of Germany's Fragile Future, which kind of matches with my observations and views, was published in the Businessweek this week.   Germany is still a manufacturing based economy, mainly standing on the auto industry, and although the concepts of digitalization, industry 4.0, etc. are always topics of discussion, the transformation, if there is one, while the manufacturing, and a great deal of engineering work slides to Asian countries,  doesn't seem to be happening fast enough. At least that is how i see it.   What are your thoughts?