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  1. I got myself registered for the Einbürgerungstest last week in VHS, and will take the test on 10.02.  I see that there are many apps in the appstore in order to prepare for this test. Is there any broadly used "favorite" app for this purpose?   I know there are many websites (e.g.  https://www.einbuergerungstest-online.eu/, http://oet.bamf.de/pls/oetut/f?p=514:1:4728971578507::::: etc. ) and also a PDF on the page of Bamf for the complete list of questions, but i would like to study from my phone while i commute.
  2. German citizenship after 6 years

      In this case, is the requested language certificate from the spouse also B2? (Same criteria as the main applicant)   Or a B1 result would suffice, which is the minimum for application, but after 7 or 8 years?
  3. German citizenship after 6 years

    Does the spouse of the person, who makes the application to be naturalised under 6 years rule, also need a language certificate and citizenship test result to be naturalised together?    I know that the required time is less for spouses.    
  4.   That is valid for the Blue Card holder himself/herself. The spouses must wait until completing 5 years of residence.
  5. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    My wife has gone to a driving school this year, and we have paid an amount, which can't be considered as a small expense for her driving hours. Can we partially claim these costs in the tax return of next year?
  6.   You don't have to do that. You can use the NFC function of your mobile phone. Watch these videos.   And this topic
  7.   According to this article, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages was developed between 1989 and 1996, and recommended by the European Coouncil to assess language ability since November 2001.    So, what you used should be something else.
  8. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

      When the PR is applied for after having a Blue Card, the priviledges of the Blue Card are retained. But as i said above, your wife can't have a Blue Card without a job and must wait for 5 years for the PR.
  9. I sent an e-mail to the VHS about this topic, and received the reply below, which implies that, there are 2 different tests. I plan to go there when i have the time, but a clarification from experiences would also be nice.   Sehr geehrter Herr xxx,   wir bieten sowohl den Einbürgerungstest als auch den Test Leben in Deutschland an. Bitte kommen Sie für eine Beratung und Anmeldung zu unseren Öffnungszeiten ins Zentrum Deutsch als Fremdsprache:
  10. Did B2 for citizenship - worth doing C1 or C2 now?

    I am in the same boat now. I took the telc B2 exam in October, and received the results yesterday. The plan is to make a citizenship application after living 6 years in the country, that is about 3 years from now.   My original plan with the language development was, to stop studying for the exams at this point, and focus more on conversations and colloquial speech, because further certificates will be of no use for me (C1 is required for university admission, and by the doctors AFAIK). On top of this, studying for a language exam is getting boring, and time consuming, when done together with a full time job at a relatively later age. There are also other things requiring my attention in life.   What would you do? Go for C1 or not? through a language course or self study (if possible). Or natural progress further with tandempartners, TV, Newspaper etc. ?
  11. EU Blue Card - Unemployment

      To be eligible to receive an unemployment benefit (ALG1), you should have worked at least 12 months. You say that you have been working with a Blue Card for the past 8 months, did you work with another permit before that?
  12. It is possible. A friend of mine has done it. He couldn't have found a job before his language school visa expired, and towards the end of his duration, he applied for a job seeker visa and received it. The only thing to consider is that, he wasn't allowed to apply for this visa in Germany, and was told, he could only apply it from his home country, which he then did.    As you are American, it could perhaps be possible to file the application without leaving, but needs to be confirmed.
  13. Dual citizen US and DE moving family to Germany

      This should be B1 or higher.
  14.   Sorry, i don't get it. What kind of difference does it make to be in Germany, or elsewhere, when a retiree is sick or can't care for himself/herself? 
  15.   seems there is no better alternative :).