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  1. DA-EU..Details are given in the link below.   https://www.info4alien.de/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.cgi?num=1643629477
  2. I see frightening numbers here. In Berlin, 26.000 applications are pending, among those 10.000 is from the year 2021. In Hamburg, the number of applications currently in process is 18.000.   https://www.rnd.de/politik/einbuergerung-mehr-als-100-000-auslaender-warten-auf-einen-deutschen-pass-DKNCCKPJS2IPPTNMUOUDN5QDAM.html   Is there anybody, who received his/her citizenship certificate very recently, and can share the processing times?
  3.   Have you considered/tried contacting with them by any means, and asking?   Will you take an action for failure to act (Untätigkeitsklage)?
  4.   Rights of living, working, and owning property in Turkey are kept after renouncing the Turkish citizenship. One can not vote in Turkish elections, can not be a Turkis state officer, and most importantly can not retire in Turkey in many cases. There is also an emotional side of it. You should expect a really huge wave, if this draft law will be legislated.   I sent out my application on Monday (09.01.2023). Let's see how it will evolve..
  5.   That's a very helpful link to have an overview on the waiting times in Hamburg. Thanks for sharing it.
  6. new dual citizenship law

      The new law is not yet in place. Current applications are processed based on the requirements of the current law. The link you shared is just a draft.
  7.   Required tests are really easy. if you're not already 66, i wouldn't bother waiting :).
  8. Einbürgerung in 7 years

      There are also many threads, in which this question was raised on Info4alien.   https://www.goethe.de/de/spr/kup/prf/ogf.html#:~:text=Wie%20lange%20ist%20das%20Zeugnis,%C3%A4lter%20als%20zwei%20Jahre%20ist.     Die Zeugnisse des Goethe-Instituts über die Goethe-Zertifikate A1 bis C2 sind unbegrenzt gültig. Viele Institutionen und Arbeitgeber verlangen jedoch ein Zeugnis, das nicht älter als zwei Jahre ist.
  9. Einbürgerung in 7 years

      An internal referendum will not cut it unfortunately. They need to apply for the membership, and this time, they won't have the freedom to stay out of Euro- and Schengen zones. I don't see it coming.
  10. Einbürgerung in 7 years

      Thanks for sharing the rules in place in France. Currently, language tests don't expire in Germany. Only at the university applications, some universities as for test results, that are not older than 2 years.
  11. Einbürgerung in 7 years

      They don't expire!
  12. 70k EUR gross for life in Dusseldorf

      Above average doesn't necessarily mean good, when the average is too low. He talks about covering the needs of a family, not a single person.
  13. Speaking German like a Native

    I have never met or seen anybody, who learned the language in his/her adult years, and speak like a native.  In the video below, you can listen to somebody, who successfully passed the Goethe C2 exam. You can judge yourself, whether it sounds like a native.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8VN2keDjzk
  14.   Go through this site..   https://www.personalausweisportal.de/SiteGlobals/Forms/Webs/PA/suche/anwendungensuche-formular.html?nn=14626784
  15.   At least, you can now enjoy the online services available using the card..