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  1. einburgerung

      If it is already subjective, then steps should be taken to make it objective. The way you described could lead to unfair assessments, depending on the person making the assessment. And even briberies etc. can take place.   To have a concrete evidence would be more fair.
  2. einburgerung

      That would make the assessment subjective. You would then see people with similar language levels getting different results. I think, asking for an exam result is more reasonable.
  3.   I think it falls under the category 3 --> https://mdi.rlp.de/fileadmin/isim/Unsere_Themen/Buerger_und_Staat/312/Anlage_Bundesrat.pdf   If you look at the previous law changes effecting the citizenship law, you see the below sentence " Das Bundesministerium des Innern wird ermächtigt, mit Zustimmung des Bundesrates durch ..." .   I am not a lawyer, but have been following the declarations of politicians, and it's always mentioned.
  4.   Yes. They also have a say in this.
  5.   1 year looks reasonable. They'll have then hopefully won 3 Landtagswahlen in March and May..
  6. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      In the next 6 months there are elections in 3 states, which are Saarland, SH, and NRW. If the current coalition wins in these states, they will also have the majority in the Bundesrat.    I am also curious about the new reduced conditions to apply. What we know so far is that, the required duration of legal residence will be reduced, and the language requirements for the first generation guest workers. 
  7. einburgerung

      Language requirement is not mentioned anywhere yet. They only say, they will reduce the language requirement for the first generation Gastarbeiter.   "Wir schaffen ein modernes Staatsangehörigkeitsrecht. Dafür werden wir die Mehrfachstaatsangehörigkeit ermöglichen und den Weg zum Erwerb der deutschen Staatsangehörigkeit vereinfachen. Eine Einbürgerung soll in der Regel nach fünf Jahren möglich sein, bei besonderen Integrationsleistungen nach drei Jahren." 
  8. einburgerung

      Don't they need the support of the opposition in the Parlament to make these changes? If i am not mistaken, they need 2/3 majority.   
  9. Since when it is required to submit a citizenship test result at the permanent residence application? I wasn't asked that back in 2018. Are the blue card owners exempt from this?
  10. German citizenship after 6 years

      Sorry, not the constitution, but citizenship law. 
  11. German citizenship after 6 years

      I wouldn't bank on that. Each coalition partner has a different view on that, and to make a constitutional change, their votes are not enough, which means they will need the support of opposition anyway.
  12. I wasn't aware that, children in Germany can be issued 2 different passports. The question is then, why would you get a child's passport instead of a normal one? Advantages, disadvantages?
  13. DKB Bank (Deutsche Kredit-Bank)

    There are new conditions. The Credit card will not be free of charge anymore.   https://www.dkb.de/groups/presse/pressemitteilungen/pm_211025/
  14. Blue card application - questions

      Sure. It was Medici Living.
  15. Blue card application - questions

      No. The room wasn't booked at the time of the application at the consulate. I filled in a form named "Antrag auf Erteilung eines nationalen Visums", and left the question of address in Germany unanswered. It wasn't compulsory to fill this part of the form. Next to the question "sofern bekannt" was written.