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  1.   And buy more to reduce the average Buy-in price maybe?
  2.   I think this is quite irrelevevant.. You can easily find citizenship holders, who are not socially integrated and vice versa..
  3.   The legislation will hopefully take place at the end of this year or early next year, but regarding the integration part, i don't agree that it will do any contribution. 
  4.   Yes. As i understand it, the change of the citizenship law regarding the double citizenship, requires the agreement of the Bundesrat after the Bundestag, that is "zustimmungspflichtig". CDU is the only party against the double citizenship law (i exclude AFD, as it is not represented in any of the governments). With the latest victories of the CDU, they can block the new draft.  
  5.   https://www.bundesrat.de/DE/aufgaben/gesetzgebung/zust-einspr/zust-einspr-node.html;jsessionid=AFCFF92AC7748046C661FF1FFF98FDEE.1_cid365#doc4353672bodyText1   I think, it is now highly likely after the SH and NRW elections!
  6.   Mine is already two years old, and i am planning to use it at the application intended for next year.
  7.   I believe, main focus is the other highlighted part, in this case the last sentence.
  8. Leaving Germany - retaining Daueraufenhalt EG

      Be careful. Not all types of permanent residences have this priviledge. It must be a DA-EU.
  9. German citizenship after 6 years

      Even if he was non-EU, he could get back the old citizenship as soon as the new law is in place, couldn't he?
  10. German citizenship after 6 years

      Actually, this topic is for those, who are interested in applying for citizenship after 6 years of residence. There are many other topics for the processes and requirements of the standard 8 years.
  11. German citizenship after 6 years

      With B1, you can make a citizenship application after 8 years of residence. You need B2 or above to apply after 6 years.
  12. Leaving Germany - retaining Daueraufenhalt EG

      Correct. You should just travel to Germany earlier than 12 months from your last departure. There is no specific period of stay. 
  13. Leaving Germany - retaining Daueraufenhalt EG

      You can even deregister with a DA-EU, and keep it as long as you travel to Germany once a year.
  14.   Not exactly so.   Bei Vorliegen besonderer Integrationsleistungen, insbesondere beim Nachweis von Sprachkenntnissen, die die Voraussetzungen des Absatzes 1 Satz 1 Nummer 6 übersteigen, von besonders guten schulischen, berufsqualifizierenden oder beruflichen Leistungen oder von bürgerschaftlichem Engagement, kann sie auf bis zu sechs Jahre verkürzt werden.
  15. Buying power, inflation and others

      Rents are rising every year regardless of the interest rates or inflation due to the supply/demand issue. As the people from Ukraine will be needing a place to live, the situation will worsen i assume.