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  1. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

    What is the expected language level of a 6 years old? Is there concrete information about, at what age should the kids be capable of, in terms of language competency?    What i have heard is that, they can use Konjunktiv 2 structures at the end of the Primary school. Is there a resource, where comprehensive information about this topic can be found?
  2. Buying a used car

      This, of course, requires the proof of the claim, doesn't it? Only making an official complaint shouldn't be enough.   Anyway, my question was, if that's the right time to transfer the money or not.
  3. Buying a used car

      Actually yes, but the question in my mind is that, after registering the car here, it will be officially mine, right? Then i will be owning a car whose full price i didn't pay, and wouldn't this be unfair to the dealer?   A dishonest person could then go and pickup the car, claiming that he/she has made the payment in cash.
  4. Buying a used car

    I had been looking for a second hand car to buy for a while, and last week i went to another city to see a car at a dealer, examined the car, made a test drive, and decided to buy it. We signed the Kaufvertrag, and then i came back to Hamburg.  I will go and pick-up the car next weekend, after registering it this week in Hamburg.   There were a few things, which need to be fixed/replaced before picking up the car, and we wrote them on a paper (Werkstattauftrag) and he signed it. These are; One of the parking sensors was not working, and will be replaced The bumper on the back was full of scratches, and will be painted New HU/AU 4 New four season tyres Oil and filter change Retouches to the scratches on various places on the body I transferred 500€ as the Anzahlung for him to start the process. I received the Fahrzeugschein, Fahrzeugbrief, and the new HU/AU papers by post yesterday. So, it seems that i have everything to register the car in Hamburg in hand now (taken care of the insurance as well).    To my logic, i could transfer the rest of the money now, but i would like to hear the views of the experienced users of TT before doing that. Your feedbacks will be appreciated.
  5. How do I privately sell a car?

      For future reference, i received the relevant letter (Kraftfahrzeugsteuerbescheid) 16 days after informing the Zulassungstelle about the sale .
  6. How do I privately sell a car?

    How long does the refund of unused tax and insurance premiums take after the sales of the car?
  7. How to retain Niederlassungserlaubnis?

      Although i have heard and read this information, the same as explained here on various resources, that is still not how i understand it, when i read the law.   wenn der Ausländer ausgereist und nicht innerhalb von sechs Monaten oder einer von der Ausländerbehörde bestimmten längeren Frist wieder eingereist ist,   Has this definition been elaborated else where? 
  8. Here's another question about housing search.

      These figures are either outdated, or including the rents that long time in the same flat tenants pay, those who rented these flats 5+ years ago. I would add a minimum 200 € to these.   When i rented my current flat 2 years ago (btw it is a Baugenossenschaft, but my Kaltmiete is still higher than these), many people also told me how high my rent is, but that is because they compare with what they pay, and they rented their flats a few years ago, so they don't know today's market value.
  9. Need advice on damaged car

    My car was hit by somebody, while it was parked on the street, and i don't know the perpetrator. Since it is an old car, i want to continue driving it as it is, without getting it repaired, as the repair costs can be high.   My question is that, could the damage seen on the picture be a reason to fail the Car at the Tüv check?
  10. German citizenship after 6 years

      6 years option for the citizenship is in the Ermessenspielraum, unlike 7 or 8 years options, or the NE after Blue Card, which means, even when all the requirements are satisfied, they can still choose to reject the application. That's why, from my point of view, it would be better to have whatever is needed in hand before the application.   Afterwards, further tries to impress the officer with the advanced and sophisticated use of the language, can of course help :). I hope i come to that point in the next 3.5 years :).
  11. German citizenship after 6 years

      Received 2 replies.   First one was that, as the exam results do not expire, it will be valid at any time.   Second person said in addition to the reply to the first, "...unless the officer has an impression at the personal interview, that the speaking competence has been lost since then. If that's the case he/she could demand a new certificate.   I think there won't be any issue. There are also real life examples, from people, whose old exam results (older than 5 years) are accepted. On top of that, those who finished an Integrationskurs can reduce their citizenship application times to 7 years, and their 6 years old B1 (and leben in Deutschland) results are accepted.    PS: That was also my first post on info4alien, and for that reason i made a registration. You could do it, it's quick and easy.
  12.   Your comments lead me to do a short research at where i work :). I asked my German colleagues, how much help they received from their parents for their home works and exam preparations, and their reply without a single exception was "nothing". These are all mechanical engineers who are graduates of German universities.   I acknowledge the fact that my small circle may not be representative, and the educational system is different in each German state, but i also have a similar view with ilyann with regards to the case of the OP.
  13. German citizenship after 6 years

      Below is the reply I received on info4alien, for future reference.   http://www.info4alien.de/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.cgi?num=1561739332
  14.   Could you please elaborate a bit? Do you think education in Germany is bad?
  15. German citizenship after 6 years

      I agree, but i worry that i might lose motivation at some point in time. Preparation for the exam, and improving your language skills are two different things in my eye. Exam preparation requires a more structured effort like attending classes, doing home works, letter writing practices etc. (more difficult with a full time job and a family). The other is more freestyle, like chatting with colleagues, watching news, listening to music and so on.   Most likely B2 will be the last language exam i will take (and need), after that i plan to focus my energy more on my professional skills.