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  1. it makes sense to make the application before the new law comes into effect. Then you can be in front of the mass, waiting for the new law.     That is extreme and depending on the location. My neighbours received the citizenship certificate 6 months after the application.
  2. My natural gas rate doubled

    US has its own energy and subsidizing it’s industry. Asian countries are buying Russian energy with a big discount!
  3. My natural gas rate doubled

      I do believe there is such a risk. With 10 times higher energy prices, no German company can compete in the world market. In addition, Germany is getting unattractive for Fachkräfte everyday, where they say, they need more people coming to Germany to work. 
  4. Yes, it is possible of course.. 
  5.   You can always short sell, can't you?
  6.   with high interest rates, and lower purchasing power, shouldn't the demand for real estate dramatically fall, which would lead to the reduction of prices or maybe the burst of a buble?
  7.   How about oil & natural gas?
  8.   Any predictions for the following few years??
  9.   And buy more to reduce the average Buy-in price maybe?
  10.   I think this is quite irrelevevant.. You can easily find citizenship holders, who are not socially integrated and vice versa..
  11. Future of Germany

    An article with the headline of Germany's Fragile Future, which kind of matches with my observations and views, was published in the Businessweek this week.   Germany is still a manufacturing based economy, mainly standing on the auto industry, and although the concepts of digitalization, industry 4.0, etc. are always topics of discussion, the transformation, if there is one, while the manufacturing, and a great deal of engineering work slides to Asian countries,  doesn't seem to be happening fast enough. At least that is how i see it.   What are your thoughts?