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  1.   Send him this link --> https://youtu.be/kHEjGku-ai8
  2. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      I can define a limit/stop order with the desktop version, but not with the cell phone app. Is there a way to do this in the Kraken App (iOS)?
  3. Has TUI got a future, or will it also file bankruptcy somewhere along the lockdown?
  4.   Within 2-4 years, wrote MikeMelga somewhere here..
  5.   With regards to action #3, how would it be,if you get in with a savings plan of 100-150€/month and wait for the crash, and then make an all-in with the remaining amount at that time?
  6. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    What is the best platform to buy and sell crypto currencies in Germany?
  7.   I like it, and plan to continue with it, as it is very user friendly, and as you said low cost. But you can't always find the ETF/Share that you are looking for. Vast majority of ETFs are from Ishares, and unlike DeGiro, you can not buy any share traded at any stock exchange.
  8.   I am with Trade Republic, but also hearing that Comdirect is also nice. Why do you want to change?
  9. Tax on foreign income

    If the capital gains from abroad is lower than the annual Freistellungsbetrag (<801 €), should i still declare it in my tax return?
  10. Brexit, New residence permits

      Only when they previously had a residence permit. (But an expired one)   https://www.info4alien.de/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.cgi?num=1602876406
  11. Future of Germany

    An article with the headline of Germany's Fragile Future, which kind of matches with my observations and views, was published in the Businessweek this week.   Germany is still a manufacturing based economy, mainly standing on the auto industry, and although the concepts of digitalization, industry 4.0, etc. are always topics of discussion, the transformation, if there is one, while the manufacturing, and a great deal of engineering work slides to Asian countries,  doesn't seem to be happening fast enough. At least that is how i see it.   What are your thoughts?
  12. Sozial Plan & Transfer Gesellschaft

    The company i work for is currently undergoing a restructuring, and there have already been many people laid off during the last several months from the company facilities located outside of Germany.   The next phase is expected to be in Germany, and i have been hearing rumours about the discussions between the worker's council and the company, which are all new terms for me like Sozial Plan, transfer gesellschaft, etc.    I have already done the googleing along with asking colleagues, and read a lot, but maybe there are specifics that i need to know, that is why i created this thread (search function showed that these terms do not exist in the previous threads).   Can anyone share knowledge, and maybe experiences?