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  1. Munich Blue Card processing time

    You can contact with this guy -->  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC61-j181EsRaEdvJuWV5NKA/videos
  2. Parental leave /Elternzeit and your health insurance

    Voluntary members of the GKV also pay for their health insurance themselves during the parental leave. I learned that after going on a parental leave :(.
  3. Tax on foreign income

    One more question, if i may.   My annual income falls into the proportionality zone, rather than one of the progression zones, that is, have a fixed tax rate of 42%. My foreign rental income doesn't increase my total income even close to the beginning of the next tax zone (45%).   In this case, Could i logically assume, that i will not be effected by the Progressionsvorbehalt? If the answer of question 1 is yes, do i still have to declare my foreign income?  
  4. Tax on foreign income

    That makes a huge difference, as far as the Turkish Lira is concerned.  
  5. Tax on foreign income

      Does that mean, i should declare the income in the currency, which it was earned? And then Finanzamt makes its' calculation? Or is there a table issued by them (i googled, but couldn't find anything)?
  6. What is Progressionsvorbehalt?

      Thank you very much El Jeffo. So, if my total loss in the 2 months, in which I will receive Elterngeld, is greater than the total amount of Elterngeld we will receive together, there will be no negative tax effect. Is my understanding correct?    (My monthly net salary-1800)*2>3600
  7. Tax on foreign income

    I would like to ask, how i could report a rental income from a third country (Turkey) with an everyday changing currency exchange rate? Which exchange rate should be taken into consideration during the calculation of the income? Average, value at the year end, or does the central bank declare these rates for every individual year?
  8. What is Progressionsvorbehalt?

    I am currently on a parental leave, and recently applied for Elterngeld for 2 months for myself, and 12 months for my non-working wife. I am trying to understand, whether i have to pay additional tax due to the Elterngeld, that i (1800 € *2 months) and my wife (300 € * 12 months) will receive.   In this video, Elterngeld seems to be increasing the annual income, which, although itself is a tax free income, lies under the Progressionsvorbehalt, and causing additional tax payments.   What i don't understand here is that, one is not allowed to work during the parental leave (excluding the option with a part-time work), thus receiving no salaries, and Elterngeld corresponds to 67% of the income before the parental leave, with a cap of 1800€. So, there is a clear loss. How can it cause income progression, thus additional tax payments?   Even the health insurance is paid out of own pocket (Voluntary member of the GKV)  in this period.
  9. health insurance: living in two countries?

    Hi,    My colleague is trying to find out his options regarding a case, which is not exactly the same with the OP, but similar in terms of living in 2 countries, and what to do with the health insurance, so i didn't create a new thread.   He is a dual Swedish/German citizen, has been working in Hamburg for the past 4 years, and was health insured privately. He lived in a rented flat here during the weekdays, and was registered in Germany.   His girlfriend and 1 year old son are living in Stockholm, and he used to visit them every weekend until March of this year, so before corona.    Since Corona, our company allowed its' employees to work from home indefinitely, and after that, he took a short parental leave first, moved out of his flat, terminated his residence in Germany, moved to and registered in Sweden. He also terminated (or froze, that i need to ask him) his membership at the Private health insurance.   After his parental leave, he started working from home in Sweden, and contacted with his Private health insurance to continue being insured, but he was replied that, they can not cover him unless he has an address in Germany. On the other side, our company is pushing him to provide them information about his Health Insurance.   What could be his solution?
  10. Moving to Hamburg with young children

    It is also important to note that, children born before July in a calendar year, start going to school (Vorschule/Grundschule) a year earlier than the children born in the second half of the year in Hamburg. Also, Vorschule is not compulsory, so you could choose to stay in the Kita for that year if you like. In this preschool year, children with limited/no German language skills are supported through Sprachförderung (language support) in the afternoons.
  11. Relocation agencies for India to Germany

      Hi Kapil,   Since you seem to have quite a lot of time to go through the old threads and revive them, would you consider sharing your experiences about the citizenship application process in Hamburg from the beginning to the end? They will be needed..
  12. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Would you like to share your experience regarding the whole process, from handing in the application until receiving the letter to pick up the citizenship certificate in a relevant thread?  If there is anything particular with regards to the application in Hamburg, it would also be interesting for me.
  13. Capital Gain Tax on Financial Instruments

      Which broker did you choose at the end?    Currently i am in the process of choosing one, and leaning towards Trade Republic due to its' very low transaction costs, and the taxation advantage due to being a German provider, but i would like to benefit from the experiences of long term investors like you. I am just starting.   I already have a Degiro account, but stop using it because of the disadvantage mentioned in this thread (additional effort for tax declaration). I also have an account at the DKB bank, but its' transaction costs, mainly for single share purchase and sales are also relatively high (10 to 35 € per transaction depending on the size). For ETFs, it is acceptable (1.5€).
  14. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

      Doesn't necessarily have to be from Goethe. Several other certificates are also accepted. Please see Link. 
  15. I agree with MikeMelga. My experience also shows that, French cars have lower quality than their German or Japanese rivals. That being said, under huge cost pressure, German cars are also not as high quality as they were in the past.