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  1. As it should be. It beggars belief to me how lightly the Good Friday Agreement has been taken in all of the Brexit squabbles. 
  2. You can't afford NOT to get a lawyer. If you have legal insurance, use that, but I'm guessing you don't. You can try for free advice from the citizens advice here: https://www.berlin.de/ba-neukoelln/service/buergersprechstunden/   Of course Google will provide you with plenty of English speaking lawyers in Berlin. Look for ones with a free initial consultation, and be sure to start the conversation by stating that you have no money, prior to making any request that they represent you...otherwise you'll be facing two unpaid invoices.    
  3. Movie recommendations

    Talladega Nights was on last night, and there were some vintage Ferrell moments. I really like "Christmas Jesus is my favourite one":  Here's the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUQLZfEPjMM
  4. bike and car accident

    Oh they'll definitely provide a breakdown. Of course, it will all be in German.... (sorry couldn't resist!)
  5. bike and car accident

    Ok @Reexvan, here's why you haven't had too much sympathy: you admit that you were cycling the wrong way down a one way street and yet the focus of your mail implies you feel the accident was the fault of a driver who from your description was 1) pulling out of the correct lane, 2) driving in the correct direction and 3) conversing with you in the correct language. If you've damaged her number plate, I'll be she'll manage to find a scratch too, and her insurance company approved bodywork specialists will try their best to squeeze four figures out of it. If you want to prove that the car driver was at fault, good luck, and yes, you'll probably need a lawyer to help: definitely worth seeing what your own insurer will cover, in case of a claim from her though.
  6. Looking for some English tea

    I haven't been back to the UK this year, so my tea supply ran out, and I wasn't looking to pay over the odds for PG bl00dy tips (far weaker than it was a few years ago by the way) at some expat shop. Thanks to a very friendly neighbour, I've now finished testing nine different teas available from a tea shop here in Germany. Specifically Hemmesser Tee Kontor in Bad Neuenahr (the samples were free, and it's a great shop, well worth visiting, they are also online and deliver from: http://www.hemmesser-tee-kontor.de). The winning tea is definitely good enough, not to panic buy tea in the UK anymore. I got there by blind testing each tea a few times and recording the score separately. I was (probably unduly) pleased at the consistency of the scoring, and also the clear patterns (Assam being constantly more popular than Ceylon for example)... ..oh my God, I've just realised how German all of this makes me sound!   Anyway, here are my results: 1st place: Kenia FOP Tinderet (a clear winner) 2= Assam Namdang 2= Assam First Flush Orangajuli 4: Assam Mokalbari Golden Tippy 5= Schwarzer Tee Ceylon Special Ratnapura 5= English Breakfast Tea 7: Schwarzer Tee Ceylon OP Blackwood 8: Ceylon OP Shawlands 9: Ostfriesland Auslese (no surprise, but seriously don't even bother)       
  7. I've just finished a year on the Vorstand at my kids' Waldorf school here in NRW, so here's some up-to-date info. Generally speaking, 83% of the teaching costs are refinanced by the state here in NRW, with the remainder to be privately funded. That is largely because some of subjects in Waldorf schools aren't refinanced (including of course the notorious "eurhythmics", which is the one where they learn to "dance their names"). However, the 83% varies if the school decides to provide teachers in a way which the state considers "excessive". For example, in my kids' school we offer French from year 1, have a teaching assistant as well as a teacher in every class, and...(dramatic pause, but seriously it works)...a dog trainer: each class has a trained dog! Those roles are not entirely refinanced, and have to be privately funded.  As for the cost to parents, there are a variety of funding models, but ours runs on the basis that parents will pay an average of €150 per child per month. I've spoken with various other Waldorf schools (in NRW and RLP) and the financial requirements are broadly similar. For our school, some of us have agreed to pay above the average, whereas others pay less. A decision we took as a school was that no child would be refused a place purely on finances. However, we have long discussions with all prospective parents so that they are aware that there is a collective responsibility to achieve the "average", and that if too many parents think they can pay less, then the school will have to close. Other Waldorf schools depend on sponsors (either businesses or large donations from parents), but again, that was not something our school was keen to choose. I know another nearby Waldorf school which has funding arrangements in place to enable parents to spread the costs.  In addition to cost, there are other aspects about sending your child to a Waldorf school which you'd need to take into consideration: in particular, the amount of parent activity expected, but that's been covered in other threads.        
  8. Why are you happy today?

    After whinging about my diminishing tea supplies to the natives (before getting the delivery above), a very kind lady from my village took it upon herself to speak with the owner of a tea shop to prove that Germans do like and can get decent tea. Yesterday evening she provided me with a selection of ten sample packets of strong, black tea. I'm happy (but somehow also a bit disappointed) to confirm that it is indeed possible to get decent tea in Germany. The first one was successful: it's called Kenia FOP Tinderet. Admittedly, I used more than recommended and left it to brew for ten rather than three minutes, but it does the job. Once I've gone through all the different packets, I'll give a review (on another thread).    I'll give the tea shop a plug too: it tea was bought at Hemmesser Tee Kontor in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. Possibly not a place many of you will go to unless you're tea-obsessed petrol heads (it's just down the road from the Nuerburgring), or want to get hold of the massively underrated Ahrtal pinots.  
  9. Why are you happy today?

    After an hour picking a few buckets full of cherries (and eating about another half bucketful), the trees are still so full it looks like I haven't touched them. Cherry marmalade is made, cherry cake is on its way and I'll be making cherry wine for the first time later. Also, a delivery of just under 1000 tea bags turned up today (one of which will add some tannin in the cherry wine, according to a recipe I've found). All good in the glorious Eifel.  
  10. Sorry to hear about that. Some folk on here will probably ask you about legal insurance, and getting lawyers etc, so I thought I'd jump in with some more practical points you could try.  I assume you are talking about their direct or express sales? Have a look at the original email sent to you by the garage: I imagine they included an asterisk by the price, and underneath the comment:  *Bitte beachte, dass Dir Dein konkretes Angebot erst nach der individuellen Fahrzeugbewertung vor Ort erstellt wird.  The reason they include this is to give them some reason to reduce their offer (I actually used it to get a better price when selling once, so it cuts both ways) if the car turns out to be different than as described in the few questions you have to answer online. So, you state that your husband was:  Can you explain how/why you feel that was the case? Did the buyer point out some flaws/defects to justify a lower price (which could be reasonable) or just swap some paperwork/change numbers whilst it was being signed (which sounds unreasonable)?  In the former case, there is probably little you can do (save as explained later). In the latter case, it may be worth getting a lawyer involved. However, in either case, I would suggest the following steps: 1) check mobile.de and see how the garage is now advertising your vehicle for sale (the price, and any defects listed); 2) speak with your husband and the garage to get the reasons why the price was changed; 3) if the reasons are unfair/unreasonable and/or don't match up with their new sales advert for the car, ask the garage to change it (don't expect much, but if you don't ask you don't get); 4) tell the garage you will contact Mobile.de and explain the situation to them, and how you feel that the garage should no longer be an accredited purchaser (that may be a pain for the garage and they may show some flexibility) or alternatively, if they tell you there are defects (i.e. the car was in a crash), and aren't including them on their advert for re-selling your car, explain how they shouldn't be allowed to advertise; 5) (if the above doesn't work) contact Mobile.de an explain the situation to them. 6) If you really want to: consider getting a lawyer involved.      
  11. The Formations Company - has anyone used them?

    If you want a UK Ltd, cut out the middle man and do it via Companies House. Here's a link: https://www.gov.uk/limited-company-formation The best thing about that link is that it starts with a section telling you to consider whether a UK Ltd is the correct type of company for you, which I'm guessing is the first question you should be asking too. Your point about "managing it from afar" would suggest you might be barking up the wrong tree.   
  12. English Homework

    The cook
  13. Buying an apartment without seeing it - Berlin

    ...I'm no financial adviser, but I'm pretty sure banks generally don't lend money against collateral neither you nor they have ever seen.   The fact a makler is involved isn't great news in itself, but the fact a makler is there, and yet you estimate the price is way too low, would suggest that there is something keeping the value down.   Oh, and you might be of the view that you will renovate the flat in 5 years, but 1) the tenant may disagree you can wait that long and 2) the common parts of the property may be due for some work too.   Please keep us updated though.      
  14. Why are you happy today?

    Blimey @emkay that's some achievement, particularly in G8, you (and she of course) must be very proud. Was she in the German system throughout, or did she spend time in UK/International schools beforehand?
  15. Hairfall clinic.

    I (now) like it too, but it took a few comments until I realised he was just balding. Mind you, I also assumed "microblading" was a type of sport (possibly one which involves a sort of small wakeboard, which seems to somehow float above the water). "Hairfall" makes going bald sound very dramatic though, so I'm guessing its an attempted translation. Let's hope the OP doesn't have dodgy guts or we'll all be hearing about his Throughfall.