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  1. Climate change

    Wind speed has been a bit closer to, if not over, three figures here in the Eifel. Generally it's lovely living in a log cabin up a mountain, but at 5/6am this morning it felt like the whole house might take off. No unseasonal damage (as yet) though. I've just got to collect my cement mixer from the field next door (for some reason that always takes off), and gather about 10kg of walnuts from under the trees (most have already been gathered over the past few weeks).
  2. Perhaps a half-way-house for you guys would be an ETF specialising in EVs? Something like KraneShares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETF (KARS) gives Tesla a heavy weighting.    
  3. Bathroom refurbishing (DIY)

    Google provides this company:  Containerdienst für Berlin und Potsdam – Container mieten (aru-berlin.net) Give them a call and tell them what you are getting rid of, and they'll give you the price.
  4. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    Here is the basis on which they have agreed they can discuss: Ergebnis der Sondierungen.pdf_bn-234442324.pdf (welt.de) There are an awful lot of platitudes about cutting red tape and digitalisation, which is a lot easier to say that put into any practical form: particularly given that both of those words form the basis for the vast majority of the programme. For example, cutting red tape and digitalisation are going to be responsible for building more renewable energy plants and also more houses. Knowing how much fuss gets kicked up as soon as someone suggests building a wind turbine here in the Eifel, I wonder how many people consider the right of local residents to be involved in planning discussions and appeal decision to be pointless red tape? There are a few concrete points though, including not to impose a general speed limit, and increase minimum wage to 12 euros. Enjoy reading.   
  5. Cool stuff worth sharing

    It was 75mph, so fast enough for the motorway. I guess whilst the weight would make it thirsty, as long as there is scope to charge it via the solar panels, that doesn't really matter.
  6. Cool stuff worth sharing

    I think this is a really good idea. One of the benefits of electric vehicles should be being able to move beyond the shape/space requirements which have been the norm for petrol vehicles, so I've been surprised how much electric vehicle manufacturers have stuck with the pre-existing format (I can only assume they think consumers will only buy what they know). This idea seems to make excellent use of the freedom provided by electric vehicles. I can't help but think they missed a trick on the extended solar panels, which could have doubled up as an awning for an even larger tent though. Students’ solar-powered camper van turns heads on 1,800-mile road trip | Electric, hybrid and low-emission cars | The Guardian
  7. Why are you happy today?

    I'm guessing Immensa Health Clinic in Wolverhampton is offering cheap deals:  Covid PCR tests: at least 43,000 in UK may have had false negatives | Coronavirus | The Guardian
  8. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    Decriminalising possession sounds like one of those nice "half way houses" to people who agree that the "war on drugs" has failed, but are more concerned that their middle class kids at uni might get a criminal record for smoking a joint and miss the big picture. I think that is flawed. If you legalise drugs, you remove the criminal element from the supply chain: that has to be the real potential upside...and of course, once production is lawful, it can be taxed (as well as quality controlled) and still remain cheaper than an illegal product.      
  9. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Being in the EU didn't mean that everything was brilliant. All of the examples you have given are a direct result of domestic policy by governments elected by the UK population. Financial deregulation in the 80s has fuelled the house price boom and resulting owner/renter inequality, foodbanks are Cameron's legacy to those on lower incomes and university fees were introduced by Blair and set wild by Cameron. The EU didn't implement them, nor was it able to stop them. The fact that the EU is neither perfect, nor a sure route to success for all Member States on all fronts, is no justification for leaving.
  10. Covid & driving Germany-NL-Belgium-France-UK

    Thanks for the info @AdHa, I'm coming around to the idea of a trip back at some point, so that update is useful. 
  11. I know a few of us use Transferwise (now Wise), and when transferring some cash last month I bought some shares (not a huge amount) because I like the business. They seem pretty volatile (regular 5% daily swings), which makes me wonder whether there is some day trading going on, or existing stock owners cashing out. I usually invest and forget so don't really care about daily changes, but as I bought these via an online platform I get lots of updates. Anyone else invest? 
  12. Covid & driving Germany-NL-Belgium-France-UK

    What did they ask for?
  13. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Going down like a bowl of sick
  14. Savings & Investments Germany

    If you want an easy online platform for investing here in Germany, I have an account with scalable capital, and found it very straight-forward. It costs next to nothing (off the top of my head, I think it is about 10 euros a month for unlimited trades). There are plenty of other similar platforms for Germany though (trade republic, etoro usw) and you can google reviews comparing them. From the SC platform you can invest in many individual stocks/shares, commodities (also crypto currencies) and thousands of ETFs.  To my mind there are three apparent downsides to scalable capital: 1) their prime funds (the ones they recommend) haven't performed that well. That is of course only a problem if you want to follow someone else's tips. However, from your messages, it sounds as though that may be precisely what you are after/need; 2) there is a lag of about two or three days between you transferring the cash into the platform and that money being available to invest. These days there is no real justification for that, other than that being one of the ways SC makes its money (sitting on deposits); 3) shares are limited to those traded on Gettex (which is still quite a lot). So, now I'll end with the caveat that I'm not a financial adviser, and it sounds like that may be your best first step!  
  15. Why are you happy today?

    Kid 1 has returned home with the results of his first Klassenarbeit from Gymnasium (he was previously at a Waldorf school, so it was also his first ever school test in Germany). He got a 2, in German.