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  1. planning permission Garden Centre and workshop

    Given you are in Wuerzburg, this should be your first port of call: https://www.wuerzburg.de/buerger/aemter-a-z-oeffnungszeiten/addr_/Baurecht__Bauaufsicht/401254.Aemter-A-Z.html?detID=401159
  2. house prices

    It is definitely possible to buy a house in an unloved part of Germany for €20-40k, but it would have all the downsides mentioned by @someonesdaughter, and almost certainly require you to spend some money on making it somewhere you could even live in. In that sense, it is no different to the UK, where it is also possible to buy a house for £20k...welcome to Burnley: https://www.primelocation.com/for-sale/details/45285785?search_identifier=9fcd5ad867d1a9083319cd9eb5689690#rkSWahiDr0pBdUPF.97    
  3. What made you smile today?

    Whilst Father Ted was amusing enough, I don't think it deserved a spot on the podium. I'd like to have seen Porridge higher up the list instead.
  4. brexit and dual nationality

    Blimey, there are several existing threads and hundreds of posts on this. In summary: 1) no-one knows what will happen post-Brexit, and 2) the current deadline for dual nationality is based on having got your completed application in before Brexit (a few weeks ago the deadline was definitely 29 March, but I'm not quite sure which date we're at now, which probably puts me in the same position as the government). My advice is to use the search function in future though.  
  5. Well, as the crow (or buzzard) flies, we're only about 20 miles from the Belgian border. We get a lot of rich Belgians and Dutch who like the idea of a bit of occasional weekend hunting with their friends and pay top dollar for a territory here in the Eifel.  I hope and anticipate this idea of selling to the highest bidder will be revisited, because Johnny Weekend Hunter isn't exactly bothered about maintaining a "balanced" animal population. For example, they are way behind quota for wild boars around here (without even not allowing for the recommended cull), and the population has exploded. Consequently, they are causing significant damage to farmers' crops as they are seeking more and more territory.  By contrast the neighbouring parcel is managed by a hunter who lives and works (as a hunter) in a nearby village. Their wild boar population is controlled, the farmers crops aren't all destroyed....and most importantly, I get to eat as many wild boar sausages and steaks as I like - a win-win solution!   
  6. @A.N.Other yes, the "correct" way would be to inform the hunter, and get him to inspect the carcass (there are no vehicles involved, this is a fair way from any roads/tracks). However, the hunter does not live locally (sadly, around here all of the areas are parcelled up and auctioned, so the "local" hunter could well be someone from miles away), so the "practical" steps set out in the earlier message were just an alternative to leaving a dead animal and probably poisonous carcass lying around for a few days in an area where lots of people walk dogs.
  7. Thank you both for your answers. An update for anyone else with this situation: I called the number provided by @emkay and they passed me to the Kreis Jagtbehoerde. Apparently, the proper way to do this, is to inform the local huntsman. However, as our local hunter lives in Belgium and is unlikely to come over today because we're out of season, I was told that the "practical" solution (given my concern that a dog could eat it if we just leave the body until the hunter can be bothered to look into this) would be to bag it and burn it, but not to make the action well known...I'm not sure whether posting on an expat forum counts as keeping it quiet!  Still, a surprisingly friendly and pragmatic helpline.    
  8. Are buzzards a protected bird here in Germany? If so, is there an authority to call if you find one has been killed? Sadly, whilst taking the dog for a walk this morning, I found a dead buzzard next to a carcass, which I am guessing was probably poisoned. I am intending to go back with a sack and a shovel and burn the carcass and bird, so that no other animals try to go near it, but was wondering if I need to report it first. It is either in, or right on the boundary of a Naturschutzgebiet.  
  9. How to legally annoy your live-in landlady/landlord?

    Ok, so as everyone has already noted, clearly this is not a good situation for you, and the best thing would be for you to move into a new place. Also, it is REALLY silly to try to be vindictive, as has no real winners, can be a real waste of time and can often backfire (and it is really childish)...so in retrospect I think it was very petty of someone to have chained and locked a broken bicycle (or was it an old fridge) to the car door handle of a mean landlord...and posting things with insufficient postage is daft, or mean if the actual contents are something unpleasant in a jiffy bag. Data protection rules mean that these days you shouldn't share contact details with online marketers/telesales companies, which is probably a good thing too. On a more serious note, opening the bathroom window when you shower will stop mould. That's something you can raise as an issue.  
  10. Kitchen sink drain leaking

    ...ok, so look back at your diagram, and work your way from the bit called "kitchen sink tailpiece" up to the sink. Just before you get to the sink, you should see a pipe like a flexible bit of hose coming off the side of the tail piece (or the bottom of the sink). That hose should go around the side of the sink, and attach right where the overflow hole is on the inside of your sink.  The link below is to a youtube clip where there are various problems with the drainage, but the main point is that you can see what the overflow looks like (even if it isn't working properly.https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=kitchen+sink+drain+overflow+pipe&client=opera&hs=znh&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjfu43Goq_hAhXny6YKHRldCA0Q_AUIDigB&biw=1093&bih=502#imgrc=5Bu8OXwg4jTHNM:   From what you have said, it is possible that: 1) there isn't a hose. That would mean that the overflow holes simply allow water to spill in the cupboard beneath the sink; or 2) that the hose isn't connected properly. That would allow "some" of the excess water to spill into the cupboard below.   If you don't have an overflow pipe, then you need to buy one. Something like this: https://www.obi.de/zubehoer-fuer-spuelen/pyramis-siebkorbventil-92-mm-manuelle-betaetigung/p/1392992 . From your diagram, the "kitchen sink tailpiece" would just screw on to the bottom. As with the description in my earlier post, with all of this plumbing, put a bucket beneath the sink, clean all of the existing connections/threads, use a jointing compound to make the joints watertight, and put them back together again. As @Kommentarlos has suggested, another really simple fix would be if there was a connecting pipe for a dishwasher to drain into (there very often is), but for some reason either the connection to the dishwasher drain is leaking (in which case, detach, clean, compound and rejoin) or there is no dishwasher drain connected, but the connection has not been capped off/the cap isn't connected properly. Again, simple fix, just either buy a new cap or clean and tighten the existing one. Good luck.      
  11. Internet company

    That sounds similar to a Telekom hotspot. I've used Telekom's hotspot offering and it is just about ok if you have no other options (marginally better than an Aldi internet stick, which really isn't saying much - but is also be another option for you). You can pay for a day, week or month. However, if you need the internet (rather than just wanting to be able to be on line from time to time), you're probably better off biting the bullet and getting a contract.    
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    Blimey @jeremytwo that sounds like a nasty accident. Hope he recovers ok (and that the insurance paid out for the helicopter).
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    May's "deal" is good for the EU, but it simply delays and spreads out the pain of leaving the EU for the UK. The reason it is a cr@p deal for the UK, is because it doesn't focus at all on the trade in services, save for saying that they will try to agree something over the following two years (and we know how well the negotiations over the past two years have gone). Meanwhile, the trade in goods continues un-impacted. Given the UK is a massive net importer of goods from the EU, but is a net exporter of services, an agreement on these terms is daft.  What it does for the EU, is buy them two years to enjoy selling stuff to the UK, whilst holding the UK over a barrel in terms of services. It also allows firms in the UK, two years to gradually move over to the EU.  For those reasons alone, it would make me choose against her deal. However, I also hope that by rejecting her deal, whilst remaining opposed to leaving with no deal, Parliament will be forced to ask for a lengthier delay in leaving...ideally, long enough so that people decide to worry about other things instead, and the trigger is never pulled. My concern is that she might persuade enough Labour MPs to vote for her deal.
  14. Why are you happy today?

    Just bought a tractor. I bl00dy LOVE living in the Eifel.
  15. Describe your sex life,

    A rubbish film I watched alone in the lounge last week, whilst my wife was in another room, so it seems particularly fitting: "Divergent".