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  1. How to date without tinder

    Blimey, things have changed since my day. Just go somewhere and do what you normally enjoy doing. Don't bother with "dating". Grab a mate or two and go to a bar somewhere, sink a few glasses of personality enhancer, and see where the night takes you. You might even meet someone you like doing the same sort of thing. If not, don't worry, at least you'll have had a night out.     
  2. Company name

    This is cheap, easy and sensible...and, may help give you some pointers as to a suitable company name. So, if you look on the EU database of trade marks https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/017180126 you can play around with different potential company names. As you'll see from the search attached, UWB was an abandoned application which could have covered services like yours. There's probably a good reason why it was abandoned. From a legal branding perspective, it would be best to avoid UWB testing as a company name for a company which offers UWB testing. A simple google search for UWB shows that the term "UWB" is a common description for Ultra Wide Band/bandwidth. So...five years down the road, and your company is doing great business. So much so, that another unscrupulous company decides it fancies some of that business. It calls itself UWB Checker. You try to bring a claim due to your lovely new trade mark, only to be told that UWB is "descriptive" and as such, the trade mark is unenforceable (for any IP smart ar$es out there, I've made that example purely due to trade marks, I accept that under Irish law there may be an issue of passing off). For what it's worth, I prefer Light Inch.   
  3. ADAC battery replacement

    ...and this isn't just on new cars. A few years ago I had a 2001 SLK and changed the battery myself only to put the damn thing into limp mode. The extra cost of getting Pit or ADAC etc to do it will be minimal, and you avoid that risk. In fairness, to the old SLK, the nearest Mercedes garage did reset it for free, but even getting it there took the best part of an hour due to the restricted speed.
  4.   Theresa in Trousers' (The Guardian's John Crace described him as "a man who has never managed to find an audience he couldn't underwhelm"): his handling of the NHS doesn't exactly inspire confidence. From pre-health minister days when he was in favour of "denationalising" health provision, to the days in office when he managed to get the junior doctors to go on strike, attempted to close wards in London, lying about the amount of money he was going to put into the NHS, lying about the cost of overseas doctors...there are a few more. Oh, and how about that trip to China as Foreign Secretary when he told the audience that his (Chinese) wife was Japanese?, or on a more deadly note, his efforts this year in trying to get the Germans to lift the ban on arms sales to Saudi, and support for the UK arms sales to Saudi (which was blocked yesterday). Sadly, all of that, doesn't make him necessarily the worst of the two available options. Where are the John Bellinghams of yesteryear? Is it wrong to want a (small and well targeted) terrorist incident during the head to head debate on 9 July?       
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    ...and now there's just two of the b@ggers. Without wishing to sound like an Apprentice Soundbite: one of Boris or Jeremy will be the next...Prime Minister. Jesus Wept (not that Gove, or for that matter any of the other clowns, would have been better).    
  6. Template of Vollmacht für Wohnungskauf

    uh...except for ensuring the legal ownership of the property is as you had intended. Of course, to save €200 you could just google for something which "might" do the job, what have you got to lose?...oh yeah, the entire value of the property! Bite the bullet and pay the guy. If you want to save money on your deal, you could try to push back on the Makler, or better still, see if there are any fittings which will be part of the sale but which so far are included in your offer price: if the notar agrees to reduce the value of the property (whilst keeping the overall purchase price unchanged), you might be able to save some tax.    
  7. Why are you happy today?

    Got the kids playing cricket this lunchtime, and had one of the boys sitting with me to watch England beat the West Indies this afternoon. I've been concerned that living in Germany would mean the end of cricket for me / my family, but perhaps there's some hope after all.
  8. Shall I seek support from a lawyer

    Save the money on lawyers, and if necessary spend it on improving your German language skills instead. From my experience, the authorities have a certain level of discretion, which they are far more likely to exercise in favour of someone who 1) asks questions in a way they can understand and 2) shows that they are genuinely trying to fit in.  
  9. Taxed on UK rental income in Germany

    My understanding (as a tax payer in the UK and Germany, not an accountant!) is that this is not an EU point, but something covered by the Double Taxation Treaty between the UK and Germany. Assuming you are a German tax resident you are taxed on your worldwide income, which would include rent you receive from your property in England. If you have already paid tax in the UK on your UK income, you should be able to offset that amount paid against the amount you are required to pay in Germany. Your German accountant should know that, and can appeal against the decision of the German tax authorities. Give him a call!  
  10. Spachteln

    Too true. I've had lots of goes at skimming walls and I've not been happy with any of them. I still don't really know how I go wrong. I've  watched pros do it (after I completely b@ggered up my first attempt in the UK), watched loads of Youtube tutorials, read diy manuals, but somehow I always end up with more muck on the floor (and me), than goes on the wall.  As @AlexTr mentioned, at least with drywall you can tape and skim over, which is much more achievable for a DIYer.  Good luck if you decide to do it yourself. However, I will expect your next post to be something like: "how easy is it to sand down recently plastered walls"?
  11. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I had my appointment at Bad Muenstereifel Rathaus on 22 March 2019 at which I handed over all of my documents. I received my letter telling me that my application was accepted last Friday, and called for an appointment yesterday. This morning I received citizenship. So, all in all I think that makes 11 weeks start to finish. I doubt anyone will beat that. I love the Eifel.  
  12. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    It was for me. That's exactly what I took to the first appointment at the Rathaus...and I got my German citizenship this morning. As it happens they didn't even  take a copy of my tax return, but I think taking as much supporting evidence as you can shows willing and can only help.  
  13. Why are you happy today?

    Last year we found that putting some mint oil in one of those tea light candle things did the trick. Obviously, that's only good provided you don't mind the smell of mint with whatever you're eating. It isn't 100% perfect, but it definitely keeps the majority away. Whilst I'm sure the grapes would work, my concern with the grapes is that we'd end up attracting even more wasps from even further away.     
  14. Why are you happy today?

    My Einbuergerung application has been accepted, along with the entitlement to keep my British nationality. Only made the application on 22 March, so a pretty quick turnaround. So...I'm happy with German bureaucracy! Now I really don't have to care too much whether those clowns back in Blighty really are stupid enough to choose Boris.
  15. Polite and courteous way of English expression

    Blimey, whatever have you done wrong? Three points: firstly, if you want the apology to be heartfelt remove the words, "with all my respect". I always think that whenever a sentence commences with a reference to showing respect, the speaker is just about to be disrespectful. In the Commons for example, it is not at all unusual to hear comments along the lines:  "with all due respect to the honourable member for Chipping Sodbury, his comments to the House reflect a clear lack of both understanding of the subject matter and basic intellect."   Secondly, unless you are about to be sentenced by a judge, skip the apology completely. Cut yourself some slack. Perhaps you said something you now regret, but it's unlikely the other person remembers it as well as you do.   Finally, can you think of many examples in the literature you wish to emulate where a character has made such an unreserved apology, and the recipient of that apology has responded: "oh brilliant. Let's agree that it never happened" or similar? Or is it in fact far more usual in such books for the person receiving the apology to become entrenched in their view that the action was unconscionable and/or unpardonable?     Good luck with it anyway.