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  1. Notarial services

    Hi @AdHa,   I can't find any Bürgeramt services for this... I found this, but I don't think it's what I need:   Do you have any links?  
  2. Notarial services

    Hi Everyone,   I have to have several documents notarised for submission with an application with the German immigration service. The insturctions say the following:       Any photocopies of original certificates must be officially certified or certified by a notary.       Only the following persons and bodies may certify photocopies:     - notaries (public) or     - registrars of the body having made the entry in the civil-status register or Bundesverwaltungsamt Page 6 of 9     - German administrations (such as the residents’ registration office, registry office, or mis-sion abroad).       As a rule, foreign public documents (such as civil status documents) are to be legalized or to carry a ‘Hague apostille’   I have seen elsewhere in these forums the recommendation to use my embassy services to get notarise documents. But it's very expensive! The Australian embassy charges AUD$71 for certifying a copy and $81 (50€) for an Appostille certificate. The US embassy charges USD$50 (45€) for a certification. I have 5 documents that need certification, so at current rates I'm looking at 225€ - 250€.   Any suggestion on how I can get these certifications cheaper?        
  3. Puppy school in english

    Can anyone recommend a good puppy training school, in english, which is located in Prenzlauer Berg or nearby?   Thanks.
  4. Hausratversicherung or Wohngebäudeversicherung?

      Even the non-common walls, etc.? As in the interior walls of my apartment? Also, what about windows and glass doors? Is the glass then also usually covered by the Haus Wohngebäudeversicherung?   What about things that are not "moveable"? E.g., I installed a kitchen -- is it "movable"? Are my granite counter top, cabinets, and appliances insured by Hausratsversicherung?
  5. Hi Everyone,   I'm finding it surprisingly hard to find a definitive answer on a question about home insurance. Here's the situation:   I own an apartment in a newly built building in Berlin. There are 22 units in this building, and we own the common areas in common. The building association has insurance for the common areas.   For my individual apartment, I want to insure all contents against damage, theft, fire, etc. And I want to insure my interior walls, doors, appliances, bathroom, kitchen, etc. against fire, water damage, damage by others, etc.   So my question: Do I need Hausratversicherung or Wohngebäudeversicherung? When I read about Wohngebäudeversicherung, it usually seems to be directed at people who own the entire building (like a house), or perhaps part of a duplex. But, there it's not clearly stated that it applies to apartment owners.   For example, I was advised to use Axa, so I went to their online Wohngebäudeversicherung calculator, but the wizard only gave two options for building type: Einfamilienhaus or Zweifamilienhaus. So, it seems apparent that this does not apply to apartment owners.   But, Hausratversicherung appears to only apply to contents (i.e., moveable items), so that does not seem to be enough.   Can someone clear this up for me?   Thanks!