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  1. Coin counting machine locations?

      I agree. Why do people find it necessary to reply with everything except the requested information? What is the use?
  2. Coin counting machine locations?

      Do you live in Germany? Certainly not in Berlin
  3. Coin counting machine locations?

    In case anyone comes across this thread: Commerzbank in Alexanderplatz has three machines. I was able to deposit my 11kg (1300 EUR) of coins in just a few minutes. It's free, but of course you have to be an account holder.
  4. Hi Everyone,   Do any bank branches still have coin counting machines? This was asked a while ago, and apparently some Sparkasse and Commerzbank branches had them, but that was quite a while ago.   I know that some supermarkets have them, but they charge 10%, which I'm not willing to pay.   Please, if you know of a machine, give me the specific branch location.   Thanks!
  5. That's what I've done. I just used the seller's normal return process, instead of specifically the Widerrufsrecht. Hopefully it is not an issue.
  6. I recieved it last Monday and have tried to use it 3 times. So no, it's not heavily used or used in any kind of unusual way/situation. But, unlike a lot of items, and by design, it gets dirty on any use.
  7. I don't think it works as described. It's claimed that it always re-docks after finishing, but mine almost never does.   But is that important? The Widerrufsrecht states that no reason has to be given.    
  8. Hi Everyone,   I bought a robot vacuum via the internet and received it a few days ago. I am unhappy with its function and I would like to return it... but, I have already used it. Does the Widerrufsrecht apply in this case? Or is it only for items which have not been used?   Thanks!