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  1. Pros and cons of having a US LLC vs. GmbH for tax purposes

    StephenGermany (and others): after creating the LLC in the us, how did this impact your tax filings in Germany & and how did this impact your health insurance?   Tax: did you file the German tax return including the us calculated net profits? Do you file the German return jointly with your spouse?   Health Insurance: did you have to get you own health insurance or could you stay with you spouse’s coverage?   Thank you in advance     StephenGermany     22 Posted 11 Jan 2017 ·  Just to wrap up my own thread from months ago... I ended up creating an LLC in the US. The Finanzamt told me that since I'm the only owner of the LLC, they will treat it as a Personengesellschaft which ends up meaning that I'm a Freiberufler (I'm an engineer). So I got the limited liability I wanted in the US (where my customers are), and no separate tax return or accounting requirements in Germany that a GmbH or UG would have required. Since I live in Germany, I could create the LLC in a state with the best liability protections and cheapest fees. Thanks to everyone for your help!