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  1. The fines are disproportionate to the offence. And someone, a few posts back, mentioned their fine dropped from €1,400 to €600 after the mildest of objections.

    The fact that they can get away with asking for €1,400 in the first place is not right. It's blatant overcharging.

    I wonder if the Rechtsanwaltskammer have powers to intercede.


  2. 5 hours ago, Krieg said:


    No one is spying your traffic, what those lawyers do is they join the bit torrent swarm looking for German IP addresses.  Then it is you yourself (your bit torrent client) who sends the data for all the swarm to see it, it becomes public to the whole swarm even if you are encrypting all the way until you reach the swarm.


    That's interesting. I always wondered how they got their data.

    If they need to join the bit torrent swarm to snoop for IP addresses, is it the case that they too are breaking the law by sharing bits of copyrighted content?

    If they're clever, they use a VPN :P


  3. I'm living in Schwabing-West, Munich and have a 125cm dish on the roof of the apartment block. I get about 80% signal strength and quality.

    I can't pick up BBC, RTÉ (Irish) + lots of other interesting TV channels.

    I do get Sky channels, TV3 (Irish), Comedy channel, news channels and documentary channels.


    The reception for those channels I can watch is always reliable. Am badly missing BBC and RTÉ though.


  4. I read through the entire thread but am still not sure what the status is. Thanks to all those that posted the useful info so far.


    I have a 1m (might even be 1.25m) dish and am slightly north of Munich city centre. I have a Sky subscription and over the last months blocks of channels started to disappear. Last week everything went. The straw that broke the camel's back was losing Sky Atlantic and Game of Thrones! :)


    I put the dish up myself and arranginig to make adjustments to it is fairly awkward. I'm at the point where I'm trying to decide whether to cancel the subscription or arrange to climb up onto the roof and tweak the dish a bit. Any advice from the experts?


  5. Hi all,


    I used to listen to FM4, the Austrian English language radio station, every morning until a week or two ago when it mysteriously disappeared. I presumed someone had messed with the tuner on the radio but when I went looking for it again I couldn't find it. The signal was coming in through cable, I think via cabel deutschland. Someone I work with mentioned that they stopped all Austrian broadcasts because of a dispute with ORF...??


  6. I had this problem before. Took a while to figure out why it was happening. Then I noticed the mirror on the far wall facing the window reflected the light from outside so birds must have thought they were flying through an arch... Probably trying to show off in some mating ritual. Anyway, moved the mirror. Problem went away.