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  1. HI All I need to send 120,000 pound sterling from my account in UK to real estate seller account in Berlin. The money must be converted to Euros first. I found that my bank rate will be lower by EURO 1400 compared to TransferWise. However, I found horrible Review about TransferWise online. Anybody here used it before for similar amounts and it was useful ? I even read about users who send money to TransferWise and it did not reach the recipient.      
  2. There are a lot of bad review about TransferWise.  Some used it and say it is good Others say it is a nightmare. I think to be on the safe side one should avoid it
  3. I am thinking of using them to transfer money from UK to Berlin  to pay for a real estate I am buying (EURO 160.000) but I find a lot of very bad reviews about them.  
  4. Does the FAX in Germany show received confirmation on the letter ?  I think this will proof the content of the letter. But is FAX a legal document ? I know that emails are not legal proof in Germany.  
  5. HI All, I send registered mail last week ( Einschreiben Rückschein). I am just wondering how this proves that a Notice was send ?  I mean the recipient can claim that the envelope was empty. Or recipient can claim the letter he received did not mention some information. No one knows the "content" of the letter or what was "actually written in the letter". So how is this ( Einschreiben Rückschein) used as a proof that I notified a person that he should do something by a specific date ? Thank All         
  6. (Electronic) Home Banking

    The instructions of the TAN generator screen is in various languages  ? 
  7. Mobile TAN outside of Europe

    I have postbank account. I tried to by TAN generator but it takes 7 working days. Is it available in a store ? 
  8. I send an email to the tax office and they confirmed to me that all Ground tax is paid. So at least now it is clear that the property manager problem is that he never made an (account sheet) that shows incoming cash or outgoing expenses. That is why everything is mixed on his side. But at least he is paying groundtax 
  9. I think for a Heating system to pay 30.000 is actually low estimate. It may cost more if it is outdated. 
  10. Energy Certificate

    HI All Is this energy certificate bad enough to exclude a nice property from being purchased ?  http://tinypic.com/m/k479ro/4
  11. Getting a survey done when buying a house

    same thing happened to me last year. lost an apartment after 2 weeks of reading and consulting lawyer. But you know what, the estate agent did not make a reservation agreement. They refuse. And because the market is so demanding buyers may have to accept starting the process without reservation agreement. In my case it was worst. The seller cancelled the sale just one day before the date we were supposed to sign at the notary. The notary had already prepared the contract. This is the case now in the market. So much demand.      
  12. Regulations on installing central heating

  13. Role of a notary when purchasing a property

    I bought an apartment in Berlin  in 2015 and it is not registered yet !!!  
  14. I purchased a property in Berlin in March 2015 and paid 95% of the price but it is not registered until now.  If I paid the remaining 5% in March 2018 and registered in the same time of the year, would I be considered subject to waive from capital gain tax in March 2025 ? or March 2028 ?