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  1. This week I have reserved a table at Dhaba, Belgradstr. 16. Everyone is welcome. Please add your name to the list here before 17:00 on Wednesday. (I have no other app for signing up.)   Thanks.   1 fraufruit 2 bettina 3 
  2. Rosenheimer Str. 75, East corner with Metz Str 1. LisaJK 2. bettina 3. Emma 4. Julian 5. Andi 6. MrD 7.
  3. an old favourite this Wednesday, the Bombay Tandoori in Rosenheimerstr. Small, with a relatively short menu, but more than made up by the quality of the food.   As usual, add your name to the list:   1. LisaJK 2. bettina 3.