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  1. It's so sad he never got to meet you! (A reversal of what I said earlier, I think, sad that you never got to meet him!)




    I keep picturing the four dogs we lost after illnesses greeting Jonny at the Rainbow Bridge and saying, “WTF man...  you blew it.” 


    Definitely! :D


  2. 9 minutes ago, knotheadusc said:

    The rescue asked if we have insurance, but that they would take care of this.  As we signed the papers the night before, we didn’t have a chance to add him to our insurance.  I have a feeling they will go after the driver.


    That seems pretty clear, since the dog was never "handed over" and thus was still their responsibility. Or did you sign any kind of receipt?


  3. 18 hours ago, kiplette said:




    Perhaps a local radio station would agree to ask people to look out for him.


    That's a brilliant idea. 
    I'm guessing that when he gets hungry he'll go looking for people. Someone will find him and even if they haven;t heard of him, will contact the local Tierheim or vet. Wishing you all the best! Couldn't happen at a worse time, but I'm sure it will work out. It's not as if he he's an incognito spy or something. He will miss humans and approach someone sooner or later.


  4. 2 hours ago, Lieblings said:

    Thanks for the comment. I am aware of all this . What I forgot to mention and no body asked  is if I have any savings or income at the Moment.Yes i do! Based on some commercial work I did, I do have a monthly income which is not much but if I add even a part time job to start with after I have my kids. It will be enough for us all.


    I was just about to ask you this. Also, very important: how good is your German?
    You should also be aware that many/some landlords will be wary of renting to a black woman. Especially one with four kids. That is a simple fact -- there is prejudice, and landlords are wary.
    I was once refused a flat point black because of my colour. My husband had seen the flat alone, and accepted it, and when he returned with me the landlady said no, she didn't want me. That was with a husband, a Beamter at that, an Amtsrat. OK, that was in 1992 but I don't think attitudes have changed that much; if anything they have grown worse because of the "Asylanten" problem. 
    Good luck.


  5. 12 minutes ago, Lieblings said:

    I acquired citizenship 3 years after living in Germany because my Late husband was German. That is very normal by German law if you were married.Sorry if it wasn’t clear. It’s hard to explain everything in details.


    Your meaning was clear to me from the outset, seeing as I was in exactly the same position, German through marriage, husband passed away! Good luck finding a place to live somewhere suitable.


  6. How distressing, especially in these difficult times of isolation. Hope you find him soon. Put up posters on lampposts, perhaps, and as kitkat64 says, Facebook groups are excellent for this.


    How tame is he? Do you think he will let himself be caught easily?


  7. Fantastic outcome, Diego!


    My daughter and son in law still have their flight booked to Gatwick from Dublin for the wedding. They are hoping Ryanair will cancel so they can get a refund. They are not going to cancel, because Ryanair's admin charges for cancelling are always higher than the flights themselves. They just won't fly if RA does not cancel.


    Does anyone know if those charges have been relaxed due to CV?


  8. We often order takeaway from an excellent Indian restaurant here. My son is friends with the owner and we get a full meal for two for €10. The restaurant is very popular, always bustling, so I can imagine they'll switch to mainly takeaway. Last time I popped in to order (next time I'll order over the phone), which was last Saturday, many tables were occupied and the waiters seemed as busy as ever. I think they also do deliveries.


  9. 11 hours ago, UpToWick said:



    I tried to contact them by phone multiple times, but their lines are overwhelmed. I then sent a message through the contact form on their website, asking them to either provide me a flight leaving from Munich (also 1 day earlier/after initially scheduled), provide me transportation and accommodation to Dusseldorf airport, or refund me the ticket.

    If they will ignore my request, I'll see if my Rechtsschutzversicherung is finally useful for something.


     So you would fly if they change the flight back if they do not refund?


  10. 20 minutes ago, oscar 63 said:

    We are due to go to Turkey at end of JUly for 2 weeks. Its a large gathering of family.


    Havent booked yet. Think prices will go down, considerably? 


    I think July will be much worse than it is today, with even more travel bans. Just a guess, though.


  11. I went to my doctor's office last Friday. I wasn't sick; I just had a document for him to sign. I was sent to the waiting room which I really, really didn't want to do. Two men walked in, one of them wearing a mask and gloves. They sat in the row of chairs just in front of me.

    I'm not easily scared but that scared me! And then I had to wait 15 minutes to get my document back. I should have gone for a walk and returned, but I'm a bit slow t=with genius ideas sometimes.


  12. I can't help being so relieved that the tenants of my Eastbourne flat chose to cancel the tenancy when they did, end February. The state agent quickly found a new tanant who moved in on the 27th. We -- I and my two kids -- went over to the UK to check on the flat, do some repairs, rewire the whole place, clear out the garage, etc.

    We returned on the 27th. After that day all hell broke loose and it would not have been possible to do anything, go anywhere.

    I and my son had actually planned to drive back to pick up some furniture end of this month but that has been postponed indefinitely. 


  13. Daughter has confirmed they won't go to best friend's wedding. I'm relieved. They are just hoping the airline will cancel so as to get back the fare. Very, very sorry for the friend though. A whole year's planning down the drain; gatherings of over 100 have to cancel, and hers is 120 guests.


  14. I just cancelled my airbnb. I guess I won't be doing any travelling outside Ireland this year.

    Now there's just my South Ireland tour in August to think about. A friend plans to fly over from Germany but I imagine she will cancel so I will too. What a shame.


    Eta: Getting a full refund btw. Airbnb have a special ruling now that you can cancel because of COVID 19 for a full refund.