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  1. I have to laugh over people who think calling other people names upsets them/makes them angry/makes them go crawl into a corner to weep  :D


    I am of the "sticks and stones" generation. Words? Ugly words? Poof! They are like little stinky farts in the wind!


  2. 27 minutes ago, LeonG said:


    I have a cat flap in my glass door.  I bought the flap, got a glazier to make me a new glass for the door with a hole in it.  He installed the glass.  I installed the cat flap.  He put the old pane of glass in my storage room for me in case I need it later.  It wasn't exactly cheap though.


    Nope, it's a rented flat. We aren't even supposed to keep pets here -- though I did ask about getting a kitten but the kitten was supposed to be rehomed later, which never happened!

    However, one flat downstairs keeps two cats. She's not too strict but she won't want the door fiddled with and anyway I won't stay here forever.


    27 minutes ago, LeonG said:


    If Finny is wearing a collar you can put a GPS chip on it and track him.  You can buy those on amazon.




    Now that's a great idea! I'll look into it. Thanks.



  3. 14 minutes ago, Metall said:


    If husband wants you to sign papers so badly, he has to pay for your flight, accommodation in Germany, cost of living. Preferably a lump sum up front.


    By the way, what papers? I would be very very suspicious of anythng HE wants you to sign. It will be in legal German and you might not understand what you are signing AWAY (alimony and other rights come to mind).



    I suspect it is Versorgungsausgleich. Maybe he wants you to renounce your rights to pension payments once you both retire. My ex-husband asked me to do this and I did, but I knew what it was about and I agreed, because he had supported me all through my studies and enabled me to put down roots in Germany. 
    Be careful.


  4. He is totally spoiled. My son orders really expensive cat food online for him. And he is so cute! When he comes home he comes first to my window and peers in, tries to catch my eye -- and then I have to go and open the door in son's room. We can't have a cat-flap because the door is glass, so he has to inform us when he comes home. 

    Just the other day we were saying we should attach a camera to him just to see where he goes and what he does all night -- it's a mystery! But he definitely has the good life.


  5. Finny is missing.

    He has his set schedule: he sleeps during the day, and at night he likes to go out on his adventures. We let him out and he returns around 6 am wanting breakfast.

    Today he did not return and we are very concerned. My son has driven around looking for him.

    He is the sweetest, most affectionate cat you could imagine. He's grown very big, but is really cuddly and loves being with one of us. He follows my son around the place, but mostly he likes to sleep on my bed during the day.

    Of course, he is now castrated so it's not that.

    What has been your experiences with cats going missing?

    Tomorrow is he is still gone we will put up posters.


    For information: we live on the edge of town. There is a main street behind our compound: if you turn left, it heads into the country -- and lots of fields and even woods around the place. If you turn right it heads into town.


  6. I don't know how to copy and paste tweets but this one has gone viral:


    My Grandma who is in isolation accidentally dialled a wrong phone number yesterday and spoke to a random lady also isolating for 20 minutes about her life. They’ve exchanged numbers so they can keep in contact and meet up once this is all over and I just think that’s lovely



    It was followed by a whole thread full of similar stories -- mostly old ladies calling wrong numbers and ending up chatting with someone else, and even becoming friends.  And the original tweet has gone viral.



  7. I think I will. Rereading the summons, it says specifically: bla bla boa "... you did drive a mechanically propelled vehicle, reg no xxxxxxxxx bla bla bla".

    It's accusing ME specifically of driving the car which is not true. I'll get my son to come with me as a witness or at least to write a witness statement. They cannot convict me of something I did not do.

    By the way, even the summons was addressed to the wrong address, as I have a new car which is now registered at the new address. It (the summons) was sent by "signed for" delivery, and since I don't live there any more, they sent the police to the old address! And they were told that I don't live there any more, so the police found out my new address and hand delivered it here.
    Thanks for convincing me! I hate court attendances.


  8. As this isn't in Germany I'm posting it here.

    Last September, my son got a speeding ticket driving my car. But I never received it, because the car was still registered to 

    my old address, which was a b&b in the country. I guess they never forwarded it. So I had no idea.


    Anyway. So the whole thing escalated and I got a summons two weeks ago, to appear at court. I could avoid this by paying a double fine of €160 at the post office.

    Paying the fine would get me 3 points; a conviction would get me 5 points.

    But I was not the driver so I put my son's details on the payment slip -- he was of course ok to pay the fine and take the points. But it was not accepted because 

    it needs to be in my name, as it's my car. So I wrote them a letter explaining.


    Yesterday they called me and very nicely explained that the only choices I have  now is pay the fine and accept the 3 points on my own licence, or go to court, explain to the judge, and  hope he lets me off. because a ) I wasn't the driver and b ) I never got the first letter. If the judge convicts me I'd get the five points on my own licence -- the first points

    I've ever had in my life! and my insurance will go up. 

    Both daughter and son think I should risk it. Explain to judge that I am 68 and never had any points and if I'd got the letter it would have been paid immediately (of course by my son).

    What do you think? My tendency is to take the easy way out and just accept the 3 points.


  9. 11 hours ago, fraufruit said:


    To be fair, I have no idea either and have no lust to look them up.


    You don't know who Jim Jones is/was ??? REALLY? I'm disappointed.  (Hint: He had an - um - community named after himself)


    But I never heard of the other guy either.


  10. I have an automatic and it will only move forward in drive if my foot is on the accelerator. I tried it, even on a hill when I had to stop for a traffic light. I took my foot cautiously off the brake and the car did not roll backwards. Stopping on a hill is always such a delicate play with pedals with manual drive; not so with automatic, and much less so on a flat road.


  11. On 3/16/2020, 10:29:26, alexunterwegs said:

    Thanks for the above advice, but does anybody know if Krankenkassen cancel membership if you are out of Germany for an extended period? And if so, after what kind of period?  


    They CAN, but I think they only do so if you apply for it. I have done it twice, both times since I was a Rentnerin. Both times, I went to India for three months and I cancelled so as not to have to pay Beitraege in that time -- it would have been almost 2000 €, yet I would not have been covered. They did so without a problem, and when I returned I was able to join back under the same conditions.


    The second time I did so it was more serious as I wanted to cancel for good, as I now live in Ireland,  and they had been arguing that I cannot under any circumstances cancel my membership. Then I remembered that I had gone to India in 2018 for three months. I submitted all kinds of proof, such as a one way flight ticket, a letter from my landlady saying that I had moved out, etc.  I should have used that argument from the start, as they cancelled then immediately!


    AFAIK they don't cancel themselves if you take an extended holiday abroad but return afterwards. Others might know otherwise.
    In those two cases, they would not have cancelled if I had not specifically applied. 

    In the first case, when I intended returning to Germany afterwards, they wanted to see my return flight ticket as well a travel insurance policy. 


  12. On 2/2/2018, 4:39:53, arunadasi said:



    That is very very 20% true!  But I just like to correct them, educate them, pedant that I am!

    Even when in Spanisch speaking countries back in the day if someone said "Guayana Britannica" I would correct them: it is NOT British any more!



    oops, a huge typo! That should have been "200% true", of course.


    In the meantime, Guyana has new problems.

    The oil has started to flow and investors are rushing in to the country but there was an election fiasco two weeks ago. Definitely, election fraud was committed. The current government doesn't want to let go. It's all pretty complicated but here's a NYT account.


    COVID 19 is an added complication.




  13. 10 hours ago, bramble said:

    It's irresponsible to let dogs run wild. In Wales when I was a kid, dogs would often kill sheep out on the hills, usually at night. Once it was found out which dogs were doing it, they were put down. I was friends with some of those dogs and couldn't believe they were killers. It was disturbing at the time, though it hit home in my young mind that dogs are predators and should be controlled. 


    That terrier I mentioned upthread, the father-in-law's? She's a right little devil, chases daughter's cat and would definitely kill her if she ever got hold of her. 
    And then something happened -- my daughter has chickens who roam free in the garden. The terrier got hold of one of them and almost bit off the head. The poor chicken had to be killed.
    The dog isn't aggressive; she's friendly and loves people, never bites anyone. But that hunting instinct...


    But as for it being irresponsible to let dogs roam free -- try telling that to the Irish.

    It would be like telling Indians to wear helmets on motorbikes.


  14. Here in Ireland I'm always astonished because many dogs are allowed to run free on the streets. You have to drive very carefully on country roads. My daughter's father in law has a little terrier who is always running up and down the village street. Sometimes she just turns up at my daughter's house. The first time I saw her on the street I tried to catch her but she ran away -- right across the road! I was worried and went to tell Danny, the father in law, but he just waved it off and said, oh it's OK she'll come home when she's ready. Coming from Germany, this used to bother me a lot when I first arrived. Now I just shrug is off. The Irish are a folk unto themselves. My cousin, who came to visit last year, says that Ireland is the Caribbean of Europe. Maybe that's why it suits me well.

    Strangely, though, I've never seen a dead dog on the street.


    Edited to add: and they most certainly don't have Haftpfichtversicherung for those dogs.


  15. I have two pending issues, one through the courts and one with Krankenversicherung. It's all paperwork, so hopefully the delays will be not too bad.

    The other thing I have is the completion of the sale of my house in Guyana. I'm guessing that will be delayed a few more months --  typical!
    I only hope the purchasers haven't lost their ability to pay in all this drama...


  16. On that subject, in January my son wanted to apply for a new passport at the Dublin embassy; you have to book an appointment online, and hourly slots fill up on a case by case basis. When he tried, there was only one date available with about three slots, the last Tuesday in January. He works on Tuesdays so he decided to wait till the next day became available, as he does not work on Wednesdays. But it never became available, and since then it has simply not been possible to book new passport appointments; the department seems to be closed. He should have taken a Tuesday slot...


    I believe that they stopped taking appointment bookings back in January because they already knew this was coming, and that it would be serious. 


  17. On 10/16/2019, 9:46:47, optimista said:

    . You should have seen them before the Football World Cup a couple of decades ago... 



    This is true. I and my kids experienced all manner or racism when they were small; World Cup 2006 was the absolute turning point -- it was like the flock of a switch, quite extraordinary. Suddenly Germans turned nice! (Obviously not all of them, as you can see!)
    Looking back, I wish I had been quicker with the repartee back in the day. My first years here I was just humble and sucked it up. I'm much more assertive now and manage to stand up for myself in such situations.


  18. 8 minutes ago, LeonG said:


    My flight to China was cancelled by the airline and the airline says they will refund it but has to go through opodo because my friend booked through them. He can not reach opodo. Nobody answering and they don't officially have an email address. He found one though and tried emailing but they didn't get back yet.

    Opodo is terrible for responding. I had some issue with them recently and they kept me waiting for ages and didn't help at all. Good luck.