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  1. 11 minutes ago, john g. said:

    True! Yet, on the other hand.. all those bands we loved in the 70s..ok, mostly on dope🙏🏻


    True, and it may be hypocritical. Yet there is a huge difference between the effects of cannabis/acid and alcohol... which was always our argument, no?
    And having given up both (mostly!!!!) I still see a difference.


  2. 13 minutes ago, BethAnnBitt said:

      On my frig I still have a magnet that my mom gave me umpteen years ago that says "Being married to a German builds character."  😂


    It does, but in my case it's living in Germany that builds character. My husband was pretty easy going, if a little "stur" (stubborn) in some areas.
    But living in Germany was def. good for me, coming from an easy going, happy go lucky culture where things are a little sloppy. I actually enjoyed learning from the perfectionism, learning how to do things thoroughly and precisely (I'm still not good at that) and just pulling up my socks generally. I like to see myself now as a blend of the two extremes.


  3. My late husband never did it, but my ex-landlady was constantly doing it. Constantly explaining how I could do this or that better, very forthright and in my view quite intrusive. It used to get on my nerves -- she is such a perfectionist! She must be freaking out in this CV crisis, she is already so pingelich (lovely word that); I can just imagine her going around with her spray and cloth and disinfecting everything. Mind you, I'm a bit like that myself these days.
    Also, one of my close friends, whom I haven't seen for ages, is like that; always pointing out what could be better, what could be improved, what I was doing wrong.


  4. 8 hours ago, jeba said:

    Being Germany myself I can´t see what´s wrong with that. He was just trying to be helpful.



    :lol:  That's the point!!! I would never, ever, not in a million years, tell a stranger they are doing something wrong in order to be helpful. It's the last thing I would say.  I find it hard to even tell people I know, friends, that they are doing something wrong! The only people I ever correct at all are my two adult kids.
    It's a mentality thing.  Germans think they should do it and wonder why not; the rest of us don't. And of course, NAGALT.


    (*not all Germans are like that)


  5. Yesterday he went missing again, and came back in the evening as happy as Larry.


    My curiosity has got the better of me, I've ordered this GPS cat-tracking device. It seems to be a German company, but they deliver to Ireland as well. It's hard to find the English language site, though.


    This page is very interesting for an inexperienced cat-parent:


  6. On 3/28/2020, 4:46:13, arsenal21 said:


    According to the above you should have filled your son's name to the form but not made payment.


    But once it gets to court, I think judges don't have much discretion.




    Apparently  the first notice, which I never received, had the option to fill in the driver's name, then he would have got the  payment demand a few weeks later, and I would have been out of it. But I never got that.

    When I got the final letter I refer to here, there WAS an option to fill in the driver's name but only in the payment section. 

    Luckily the "receipt" I got from the PO when the payment was declined gives the reason, "driver number not accepted" (or something like that).It is proof that I did try to pay the increased amount with the correct driver.




  7. Working this weekend. Got a book to proofread, deadline is Monday, and only 70% finished. 
    After that, a nice pause!
    I'm very fortunate in that little changes for me in quarantine. The worst is not seeing my daughter and granddaughter.


  8.  Journalists don't write headlines, btw. Headlines are mostly clickbait.


    Germany is doing the opposite. A friend of mine who is in India posted on Facebook photos of the Germans gathered at the German Consulate in Delhi, suitcases in hand, all ready to fly back. Non-Germans are being brought back too if there is space. People can enrol at




  9. 2 minutes ago, snowingagain said:


    But the airport set up is for convenience, flights coming in from multiple places.   Irish and British do not need a passport to travel between the two countries.


    I'm just saying that it was a new procedure that we had not seen before. It's a good thing; I liked it, as it's much quicker. That was not the problem. In fact there wasn't a problem, just this rather silly man saying that Ireland was part of the UK! He DID say that.



  10. 20 minutes ago, snowingagain said:


    , I found your comments (as did my Irish husband) on complaining about people living on the border having the temerity to cross over it grating. 




    Complaining about people having "the temerity to cross the border" is something I have NEVER said! A complete misunderstanding! In normal times I cross back and forth, as do all my family members, all the time! There are so many border crossings and I love the openness of it. 

    But in times of Covid 19 everything is different. When two countries have different quarantine measures in place, the stricter one should close the border imo.

    I would have liked Monaghan to isolate itself from the rest of Ireland, even, in the early days before we had a single case! This is not some kind of xenophobia. It's being sensible. Just the way China locked off Hubei at the start of their problems. 



  11. Another innovation, which was delightful, was on the way back, when we were preparing to go through security, an airport staff member told us to go through the family route. So we went. It was fabulous! NO security queues. Just a few families with small kids, and you get through speedily. This is a wonderful development if you are travelling with kids.


  12. No. I've passed through Gatwick many times from Dublin, and normally we would all go to the main luggage retrieval area. And we did have to pass through a security area previously; granted, a very simple one for "all EU passports". This has changed.

    This is unlike flights from Belfast, which is regarded as a domestic airport. I've done both.


    (I meant, in my first post, not security but immigration. Will correct this. Still half asleep, sorry!)

    This was the first time that, along the corridor itself, a single luggage band, just after disembarking. I've never seen this before -- usually we all have to go to the main area.  Gatwick has been renovated and there are some new procedures, and this is one of them. 


    Trust me, the worker was not just saying the countries "are regarded as one". He was saying they ARE one.


  13. Just don't mix up British/English and Irish!


    When my kids and I arrived at Gatwick airport from Dublin in February, we were surprised to see, soon after disembarking, a single luggage conveyor bringing in suitcases, before security. Usually it's a big hall with all the different arriving flights. So we asked an airport worker standing there if there would be (security) edited to Immigration. sorry. We were actually waiting for things like baby car seat, baby buggy. He pointed to a sign which said "UK and Republic of Island arrivals) and said, "It's all UK here, no border. See, Ireland, is UK."

    I said, quite astounded, "Ireland isn't UK! It's UK AND Ireland." He insisted: no, Ireland is UK. It's all one. Look at the sign! It's UK! All British!' I tried to educate him that UK and Ireland are two separate entities but he refused to understand. My leaving shot was, 'Just don't tell an Irish person that they're British, you might get stronger language than this!'
    He still didn't believe me. The British, especially the English, are woefully uneducated when it comes to Ireland.


  14. For once in the last 25 years or so, both my kids are not only on the same continent, not only in the same country, but right on my doorstep, even in my home (son)!
    The only relative missing is my Austrian granddaughter. For once we are all together, and I'm so glad that is so in this crisis.

    I had a few trips planned in May, June, July and August. The May one is cancelled completely, the June one is still open but not yet booked; these two were to meet up with friends and colleagues. A pity, but no huge deal.


  15. I will never use Opodo again.
    Expedia is better. I recently booked two flights through them on the same day by mistake, Ryanair flights. So I wanted to cancel one of them. I called and I got through to a real person who told me to call Ryanair directly as it was their call.

    I did, but unfortunalely I couldn't cancel. (If you make such a mistake they do cancel without cost, by the way; but I had booked flights from two different London airports so I couldn't.)


  16. 59 minutes ago, katheliz said:

    But making fun of people by mocking their name is so juvenile, it makes me annoyed at the name-callers and thus weakens their message, in my mind.


    I agree 100%...   I see a lot of this on Facebook: calling him names, etc, like that thing with the coffeefee or whatever -- it went on forever!

    . Now, I can't stand him as much as the next Democrat but this is really so childish. Also those stupid balloons and statues they made of him. It just shows them up as Kindergartners. I do like intelligent jokes about him, though -- irony and puns especially.

    I suppose a lot of it is release of frustration and anger, but there are better, more mature ways to deal with such emotions.