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  1. 25 minutes ago, Krieg said:

    Next Friday Thread:  How to recover deleted emails from Google Mail?   :ph34r::D


    I just feel so... Clean! All that unwanted mail, all that inbox clutter, has bothered me for a long time.

    Nothing in there I want back, ever. I still have all my "good" mails.


  2. It's working! Only 7000 mails left in the Bin!!! Slowly deleting them all, automatically! This is wonderful. 


    ETA: Bin is empty! all 110000 mails deleted! Now all I have are my Important mails.

    Gmail is now only 4.9 GB of my storage.


  3. I found over 35000 more mails in my Unimportant folder. I was able to add them all in bulk to the Bin. At present there are 110000 mails in the bin and I am doing a bulk delete by a method to what Krieg suggests above, found by clicking around. Hopefully in a few minutes the Bin will be empty...


  4. 14 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    Ah, I should have read your post more attentively.


    I would rather not delete E-Mails to save space: who knows if that will be needed in future. Google offers 100 Gb space for 20 euro a year. That is not much (you can use it for backups also).


    I have not deleted any of my mails from the "important" folder. There are still over 12000 mails in there! I only have to bulk-delete the 53000 unimportant ones.


  5. 7 minutes ago, yourkeau said:

    I am GMail user since 2005 and I have never needed to delete any E-Mail... 

    Spam folder is cleaned automatically after 30 days, nota bene.


    The storage is for all Google services, not just Gmail. Google Photos, Youtube, Google Docs, Drive etc...


    You go here:


    2. Click "see details", if will show what service is occupying most space

    3. Then go to that service and clean it. I don't think it's GMail.






    It wasn't strictly Spam -- it was all those mails that go into the "unimportant" folder beneath the "important" folder. They aren't deleted automatically. 

    That link you posted -- it was the one I was using, that told me I was full with 15 GB. After deleting hordes of emails, I'm now down to 13.8 full.


    It's definitely mail:

    Details zum Speicher


    13,87 GB belegt
    1,51 GB
    12,36 GB
    Google Fotos
    0 GB
    15 GB Gesamtspeicherplatz

  6. Over the last few days I've also opened all my spammy mails and unsubscribed from every one of them. It really annoys me the way as soon as a business has your email they automatically subscribe you. Not any more, not with me. Already I'm getting far fewer of them.


  7. 1 hour ago, Marianne013 said:

    I go to "My Account" in google and the "Delete your account or services" button is on the first page. I don't really want to delete my google account just to prove a point, but it doesn't seem to be particularly hidden to me.


    I don't want to delete my account, just de-junk it.


  8. 3 hours ago, pappnase said:

    EDIT: Re-Read see you haven't emptied the bin. OK...


    They try to hide it for some reason.





    The reason I would guess is so you buy more space. The bin is REALLY carefully hidden; as I had a lot of labels I nearly missed it, and it wasn't even in that list under "b".

    Up to now I was looking under Trash but Trash was empty; however, when you go to the Bin, it*s called Trash. Very sneaky of them.


    Eta: it does say that  "messages that have been in Bin for more than 30 days will be automatically deleted) "

    So now at least the bin is a bit less full and I guess if I wait a month the rest will be automatically deleted.


  9. 1 hour ago, pappnase said:

    EDIT: Re-Read see you haven't emptied the bin. OK...


    They try to hide it for some reason.


    In the list of folders on the left click 'more'.

    Then select bin (or the folder with the trash-can icon if you are using a language other than English).

    Then At the top of the folder view should be an 'empty bin now' link which will clean up a lot of stuff.


    If you have done that and you are still using lots of space you can try searching for emails with large attachments.


    Try these example searches:-


    Or you can setup an external mail client to read your gmail and use its tools to manage large files. The details of that will depend on the client you choose.




    Ha! Thanks, found it. It has 56000 mails in there!!! About to delete them all... unfortunately apparently you have to delete one page at a time, with 100 a page. This will take forever...  or is there a way to bulk delete?


  10. I've had Gmail for a long time and I've used that option whereby you never get to see most of your spam, but only get "important" mail. I'm lazy and never bothered to delete my spam so it collected over the years.


    A while ago i got a notice on my gmail account saying I'll soon be out of storage space and I can either buy more space or clear out, otherwise I won't be able to send or receive mail. So I cleared out. My spam is now virtually empty, as well as a LOT of old inbox mails especially those with attachments. But I still have that warning, and now it says I'm out of storage space, ie 15 Gb used of 15 GB. Going into the details, it says that 13.49 GB of that is from Gmail, 1.51 from Drive, and 0 from photos.


    I am wondering now how best to clean up. Is there some system? what is taking up the space, is it attachments, or what? M< attempts up to now, removing thousands dating back to 2006, have not made the slightest dent apparently. I don't really want to do a radical cull as you never know if certain mails  (esp. with attachments) might become useful in the future so to go through everything seems like a chore I'd rather avoid. What kind of mails take up all that space?


    My spam is not absolutely empty as well as my unread mail except for 2017 and 2016. All of that went apparently to a Bin which I'd like to delete forever -- how?


    Grateful for all clever tips.

    Of course I could just create a new gmail account... which is a hassle.



  11. KSK takes ages (several months) to approve, even in clear cut cases. They were on the brink of accepting me and then they discovered I had moved to Ireland. They sent a questionaire asking if I was permanently living abroad, if I still had work in Germany, how much of my time I would be working in Germany, so i assume they will only cover me up to the date I left Germany.

    In your case it's different as even though you are travelling you'll be based in Germany. This is regarding the KSK. I don't know the answer regarding your Niederlassungserlaubnis. Just be warned, that the KSK is not a quick process!


  12. 11 hours ago, LeonG said:


    Those I know who've had kids at kita generally only have 4 hrs. a day. I know someone whose kids are in an extended program because they are supposed to learn German and that is still only 6 hrs.  School is not all day either.  A coworker told me that her 7 yo. would have days that she's starting at 8 and done at 11 and others where she's starting at 10 and done at 1pm.  It's kind of hard to schedule a job around those hrs.



    Sorry for being a pedant but I'm fussy about words ... surely you mean DURING or IN those hours! "Around" those hours would mean you work outside of those hours... 


    Back to the OP... I can't imagine entering into a marriage with such fears and reservations and "what ifs". Surely a marriage can only be well founded if both parties are confident that it is for life... that the divorce rates don't apply to US because we have a solid, strong relationship and know how to work  together to, well, make it work. You might STILL get divorced but, well, you cross that bridge when you get to it?


  13. Almost all the young mothers I know  and knew opted for part-time work afte having kids (myself included with my first child, with the second I never went back). I don't know of any who went to work full time with young kids, except those whose husbands were at home (I knew three house husbands -- all three full time at home, never went to work). The good thing is that many jjobs in Germany have very flexible contracts -- often they are patched together, 30%, 70% 25%, and so on.  At my ex-job three colleagues have been replaced with four at various part-time hours, three of them being mothers with youngish kids.


  14. I was working happily on Microsoft Word, cutting texts and pasting them elsewhere, when suddenly the Paste function stopped working, seemingly for no reason. Whether I use the mouse, the touchpad, the menu at the top: Paste is greyed out, except that my laptop language is German so it's Einfügen, not Paste.

    I had a bunch of text I needed to paste so I thought I'd just paste it into an email and send it to myself. But it's not pasting there I either, so it seems not to be a problem with Word but on the computer itself? It's a Lenovo Yoga laptop, the same one my daughter spilled tea over at Christmas, and I'm working on an external keyboard.

    It's a very serious problem as I need to copy and paste a lot!!!

    And yes, I have tried restarting the laptop. Same problem.

    Can someone help`?

    btw Copy and Cut work fine. Just paste is greyed out. And yes, it's greyed out here on TT as well. So it really isn't a Word issue.





  15. Strangely, I just got a refund from them. 180 €. I'm not asking questions --  we had a Rundfunkbefreiung (exemption) due to my husband up to his death in November, and after that I paid a few months and then I cancelled from March on. They told me they'd be reimbursning me and wanted my account number. I gave them and they paid. I have no idea why. And I'm not asking.