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  1. 14 minutes ago, jubinjohn said:

    Mistreating or attacking women is not a regular incident in a Delhi bus.


    So true. Indian busses and trains tend to have women only sections. Men don't sit next to women.

    As a young woman travelling in South America there was a distinct advantage  in travelling with a man. TBH I don't care one hoot about having my own agency. If  am (and was) happy to have a man step in such situations.


  2. This happens occasionally when I am writing in Word. I don't know what causes it. Today it's quotation marks.

    Here's an example:

    ‘Ihre Papiere, bitte.’


    ‘Wo fahren Sie hin?‘


     ‚Nach Colmar.‘



    Do you see how, after "hin" I get a different (backwards) quotation mark, and then on the next line, the mark is on the bottom instead of the top. I have done all I could to find out why this has suddenly changed, and to change it back. Nothing works.

    WHY? And what to do?



  3. My daughter and her husband went an unusual route: they wanted gold from Guyana so had the rings made by a Guyanese jeweller, to their own design.


    I think the price was reasonable: 18 k gold, two rings for about €700

    I doubt this is of any use to anyone here, however, as apparently courier companies in Guyana do not transport jewellery. A friend took them to the US and posted them from there. They should arrive tomorrow.

    Originally I was going to buy raw gold from a friend of mine who has a gold mine but it was all too complicated.


  4. On 27/06/2018, 20:35:18, desdemona said:


    I agree that the trolley system in FA sucks big time. I travel frequently because of my job and I never use the trolleys, for that exact reason.

    In Singapore, trolleys are always in immediate vicinity for your use. Floors are carpeted to absorb noise and there’s always a place to sit and have a coffee. There’s free WiFi too. I miss Singapore comfort and convenience.

    YES about Singapore! As soon as you disembark there's a small trolley for your hand luggage, and then a screen where you can add your boarding pass and it tells you EXACTLY where to go to get your connection, how long it will take, how to get there (a little map) and so on. Wonderful.

    Anyway I passed through Hamburg again the other day. I had to use wheelchair service because of a bad hip. Now, the thing about wheelchair service is that they pick you up at the aircraft (if the plane is furtheraway from the building) , drive you to the airport entrance, and then at the airport entrance someone is waiting for you with a wheelchair. I've done this countless times with my mother, my husband and more recently myself, all over the world.

    At Hamburg, there were two wheelchair passengers. They brought us to the airport building and then they pointed to the security queues and we had to do the rest on foot! Yes, join the queue! This should not happen. 

    My favourite airport at the moment is Dublin. Very easy to navigate. And if you have wheelchair service they wheel you right up to the bus stop, outside the airpot, when you arrive.


  5. Barmer sent me an E121 form already half-filled out by them and asked me to get it filled out by the Irish public health organisation, which is the HSE. I managed to eventually get it into the right hands. But I'm not sure the HSE understands what is required. They wrote me asking me to fill out a very long and detailed form to see" if i am eligible for free health care (Medical Card and  GP Visit Card) in Ireland". This free health care is income-assessed and I never aspired to it. I do aspire to similar care as I would get in Germany; for instance not having to pay €50 every time i visit a doctor, free exray and so on. After all I pay Beiträge.


    The form they sent me requires me to reveal my income, which means that I'm not going to get Irish free health care, but simpy pay as usual like an Irish person not entitled to free care.


    Surely this is wrong? Surely Barmer reimburses them, so my income is irrelevant?


    I am going to call them later today but it would be good to have some background info if any one knows it.


  6. Well I finally got a reply from KSK: declined!

    But on such ridiculous grounds I had to laugh if it wasn't so frustrating.


    The reason they give is that I am not actually working as a writer any more, my last publications were several years ago (internet). Yes, they wrote (internet). I can only surmise that they did a search on and found some old out of print German translations of my books and that was their evidence.


    I have of course appealed. I had sent as proof royalty statements from last year but never thought to add the actually publication dates. I did that this time: pub dates from 2014 to 2017 plus a contract for books in 2018 and 2019. Plus a letter from my publisher confirming same.


    It's frustrating because I need to get all this sorted and they just seem to sit on applications, or mess around with them as in my case. They could simply have asked.


  7. On 10/04/2018, 22:44:24, PandaMunich said:


    • 147.975 mg/dl

    Well, sorry, but I had a look at my latest bloodwork, and I had more than you and I'm as healthy as a horse, with a perfectly sound heart (they did the entire check-up, including EKG).




    Sorry to quote an old post (have't checked some TT threads for ages) but I am the same. High cholesterol, very good health, apart from the hip.

    Sorry, but I am a cholesterol sceptic. I'm not a doctor but I am a bit of a heath freak, without jumping on to the latest bandwagons. For decades it was said that coconut oil was deadly. Now it's said that coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils around. 

    There is good evidence to show that older people, especially women, with high cholesterol live longer. That the whole good-cholesterol-bad cholesterol thing is a myth. I'm not going to post any links here but you can check it yourself. There are studies that have been repressed.

    Everyone freaks out when they hear high cholesterol. I just a blood test done and my doctor had me called to make an appoinment so I can go on medication. Sorry, but I am not going on statins.

    And that is all I have to say.


    To get back on topic?

    I was unhappy two days ago as the granddaughter of my landlady and landlord (is there a collective word for that in English? It is so clumsy!) has been diagnosed with leukemia. She is only three. They were inconsolable -- the girl is is very much a part of their family here.

    The good news is that it is treatable and she is in excellent shape and the prognosis is good so everyone is happy again.



  8. 11 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    Sounds great if you don't have a connection to make in 20 minutes at the other end of the airport.


    Yes, and that's one of the problems. If you don't know your way around it's very badly signposted, and changing terminals is horrible. You cannot take your trolley with you from one Terminal to the other, if you are using the skytrain thing. You have to unload your luggage, put it on the train, unload it onto the platform, take it down to the next level in the lift, and then fiddle about with the trolley machine which only takes German credit cards of a certain bank! How do foreigners even cope? That was our problem, and I am not even a foreigner.


  9. 6 minutes ago, LeCheese said:


    At least they have a barrier now, many years back, it was just a traffic light :wacko:


    So weird  that you posted in this thread, as I was just rereading a post in it myself.


    Someone above had mentioned Dundalk negatively and i was checking what they said.


    My ex-landlady from Germany is coming to my daughter's wedding in August and I had fixed her up in a wonderful BNB near the venue. But no, she wants to stay in Dundalk because is is near the reception venue. Even though it is over an hour's drive away from us. She is tying herself up in knots about her travel arrangements. She has not travelled much outside Germany and is in a bit of a panic. I think it's crazy to spend the first night in Dundalk; it means they will be all by themselves the whole of the first day. Crazy. Anyway it's her (stupid) choice.


  10. 42 minutes ago, swimmer said:




    Many of the old societal markers have also turned round.  Reliance on a car is more a sign of lower status.  Poorer people (who are the ones having most kids) are the ones who have them now.  It's not a sign of affluence or profligacy. 




    Now this I don't follow. At all. Only (mostly) poor people are reliant on cars? Cars are no longer status symbols? Please explain!


  11. For the first few weeks after moving to ireland I lived with my daughter in a village called R**** in Northern Ireland, just north of the border. I later moved to a place called S****** in Ireland, just south of the border, not far from R****. Ma address is D****** House, S********, (Postcode) H****** Ireland.

    I sent notice of my new address via fax to the Landesamt für Besoldung and Versorgung.

    They wrote me back to say they couldn't read my address, please resend.


    They addressed it to me, at the following address:


    (My name)

    D******  (spelled wrong) House

    H****** (nonsense Irish postcode)  R*****



    So, wrong name of house, Irish postcode (but wrong), Northern Irish village, right country but not the same country R is in.


    It arrived on time, to R****, to my daughter's house in Northern Ireland. I could imagine this happening in the same country, but in a cross-border situation?


    I guess the postpeople in the two villages chat together! 

    I was flummoxed, amused and impressed. Very efficient!

    This is also why there can never be a hard border in Ireland.


  12. Oh well. The allriza one was not fraudulent. I managed to speak to someone form the company. Seems I opened a trial account back in November and as I didn't cancel it it has been accumulating charges amounting to $ 50 which were taken off my account on the 16th. I never ordered anything from them and never used the account. And will be refunded. The other thing though? No idea.

    It just shows how careful one has to be in supplying CCdetails. I am admittedly a bit lackadaisical.

    The lady was very nice and cancelled my account on the phone.

    Strange because I had done an email search for allriza on my mail account but did not find anything from them at all.


    (ETA isn't it  a bit cringeworthy when they interrupt a conversation about orders ot whatever to ask in a friendly way, and how are you today?)


  13. I spoke to my bank and reported the transactions as fraudulent. The lady told me that a new account had been opened on Amazon UK in my name. I believe that must be it -- maybe some seller I once bought stuff from used my CC details. I already have an amzon uk account which I have used for years. 

    My UK bank is very vigilant and very suspicious. Often when I try to pay for stuff using that card they deny the payment then call me to ask if it is legit. A bit of a nuisance but it seems to make sense in the light of this little drama.


  14. Spider: I did send a mail to the address given. There has been no reply. The phone number starts with 888. I don't know which country. Thank you for your concern.


    The bank has just replied, sent me a Reklamationsformular. And it takes 14 days to deal with.

    Unfortunately, all the Reklamationsgründen on that form are legit ones, such as you paid double or Booking cancelled but still charged.

    I'm writing the Bank again. Hold tight.


  15. I do not recognise these two debits:

    15th May  €103,95, to, in United Kingdom checked website, to this:

    16th May, to, €40.95,also United Kingdom.  website:


    The first website looks completely dodgy. The second looks legit, but I have defintely not ordered any music or videos from them. I watch mostly netflix. I did buy one dvd the other day, but through Amazon.


    I wrote to the bank day before yesterday and told them. Can these payments be refunded by the bank?


  16. My O2 contract on my phone expires in August as I cancelled it. However, I'd like to keep the German number through a Pay as you Go sim card on a second phone, a nice simple Nokia, as it's a cool eas to remember number which I've registered on a few accounts as a security check, amazon, google, and others, and to avoid informing loads of people that I'm out.y

    I'll be in Germany for a few days next month. What card do you recommend, which I can just keep for use in Germany etc and top up if  needed, while keeping the old number?


  17. Two small problems.


    I have a laptop and a desktop, both by Lenovo.  The laptop keyboard is kaputt so I have a nice, quite expensive keyboard  I use with that and everything is fine. 


    But I'm having a problem with the desktop. Back in Germany I used a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with this PC and everything was fine. There is a small USB stick plugged into the PC for this. Since moving to Ireland the mouse works but not the keyboard. I can't remember if there was one USB stick for both keyboard and mouse, or two separate ones. If there were two, then one of them must have gone missing during the removal, because it is gone. Any idea if it is possible to replace such a missing piece? Or maybe it is just the battery that needs changing? (Just saw this possibility in one of Panda's earlier posts.)

    It's a nice keyboard. I'd like to get it functioning again.


    I tried using my other keyboard with the PC - the laptop keyboard, which has a cable.


    This problem is slightly complicated...

    take a look the keyboard in the link.

     See the keys on the right, which are numbered 0-6 at the top right? (U I O J K L M) 

    When I use this keyboard on the desktop, I am getting those numbers instead of  the letters. The letters on the other keys work fine.

    This doesn't happen when I use it on the laptop. 

    When using this keyboard on the desktop, there's a small blue light on at the bottom right, the left one on the three little symbols you can see. It's not on when used on the laptop.

    I've tried all kinds of keys on the desktop to get this light to switch off. Without success. I assume that is the key to the


    It seems like a small problem to have but is frustrating as I need to use the desktop.



    On 13/05/2018, 13:21:48, jacksogh said:


    The Künstlersozialkasse will not accept me because I work internationally, but not in Germany itself.

    Many thanks in advance


    Once you are resident in Germany the KSK should accept you. I can't be 100% sure but I know that as a German resident whose income is derived 100% outside of Germany I was and can be again pflichtversichert. I'd advise you to enquire/apply again. They do take ages, however!



  19. Santander uses sms sent to phone. This can prove difficult, for instance, the sms sent to my German number never went through and there was no alternative but to get a UK sim as well as a cheap UK phone which I could use in Germany. But while travelling in India, for instance, there were more problems as the sms didn't arrive there either. And honestly, I truly dislike this dependency on a phone for banking. I actually prefer paper. I also found some of the apps some banks use far too confusing. They talk about things like PushTan and never explain what exactly they mean by that. In short, I prefer paper.


  20. Etepetete.


    I always loved this word but never knew how it was spelt. But of course: phonetically!

    It sounds exactly like what it means: a fussy oldish lady who always wants everything JUST SO and not a hair out of place. But is has indescribable nuances not translatable in English. Very subtle. Like you can imagine her sniffing and looking down her nose at you.


    I also love the expression: wie aus dem Ei gepellt (like a peeled egg) which descibes this lady's appearance perfectly.