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  1. Coronavirus

        That's awful about Guayaquil. I'm quite worried about Guyana tbh. Nobody seems to be taking it seriously there. I see photos on Facebook of crowded areas, for instance a bunched-up queue of old age pensioners today, queuing to get their pension which they have to pick up in person. Such an antiquated system -- why isn't it paid into their bank accounts? And then I had an argument on FB with a Guyanese guy who posted a Youtube about how it's all a hoax because G5 is responsible, and people agreeing. I tried to talk sense into them but all I got is laughing faces. I give up. I only hope that it's true that it doesn't spread so much in hot countries. But then, it's also hot in Guayaquil, which is on the coast not in the cooler mountains of Ecuador.
  2. Driving to my garden during quarantine

      It does, but in my case it's living in Germany that builds character. My husband was pretty easy going, if a little "stur" (stubborn) in some areas. But living in Germany was def. good for me, coming from an easy going, happy go lucky culture where things are a little sloppy. I actually enjoyed learning from the perfectionism, learning how to do things thoroughly and precisely (I'm still not good at that) and just pulling up my socks generally. I like to see myself now as a blend of the two extremes.
  3. Driving to my garden during quarantine

    My late husband never did it, but my ex-landlady was constantly doing it. Constantly explaining how I could do this or that better, very forthright and in my view quite intrusive. It used to get on my nerves -- she is such a perfectionist! She must be freaking out in this CV crisis, she is already so pingelich (lovely word that); I can just imagine her going around with her spray and cloth and disinfecting everything. Mind you, I'm a bit like that myself these days. Also, one of my close friends, whom I haven't seen for ages, is like that; always pointing out what could be better, what could be improved, what I was doing wrong.
  4. Driving to my garden during quarantine

          That's the point!!! I would never, ever, not in a million years, tell a stranger they are doing something wrong in order to be helpful. It's the last thing I would say.  I find it hard to even tell people I know, friends, that they are doing something wrong! The only people I ever correct at all are my two adult kids. It's a mentality thing.  Germans think they should do it and wonder why not; the rest of us don't. And of course, NAGALT.   (*not all Germans are like that)
  5. Yesterday he went missing again, and came back in the evening as happy as Larry.   My curiosity has got the better of me, I've ordered this GPS cat-tracking device. It seems to be a German company, but they deliver to Ireland as well. It's hard to find the English language site, though.   This page is very interesting for an inexperienced cat-parent:
  6. Coronavirus

    Ireland seems to be following a similar trajectory as South Korea. This is a good site to compare individual countries directly:      
  7. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

        I didn't found it -- I was involved in the charity that founded it and donated quite a lot of money to it at the time. Back then it was to be a  small maternity hospital for poor women. I still have some photos of the building of it, but that was almost 30 years ago. It is still running, but no longer as a maternity hospital - it's grown into one of the leading and best hospitals in the area. It's not free for anyone -- if I were to use it, I would have to pay for instance -- but afaik poor local people are given treatment free of charge. website:
  8. Coronavirus

        The people who are actually in quarantine (returning residents/citizens) would not go in or out (of their quarantine).     
  9. Coronavirus

    Let's just say: it can't hurt, and it possibly/probably helps. If only masks were available... I have suggested to me daughter that she starts sewing them.
  10. Coronavirus

    The trouble is, one person might think, "I'm just one person, I'm the exception, there's so much space." But then 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 people think the same.   It has to be one rule for all, no exceptions. Go home and stay home. I don't care how young you are. Stick with the rules your country has imposed and you'll be OK.    
  11. Coronavirus

      No, I am too stupid to understand.    Explain it to me, without reference to "the discussion".   Where is the contradiction in a ) closing the border b ) allowing residents/citizens still outside to enter, combined with a quarantine period.    
  12. Coronavirus

      You obviously have not watched this.  
  13. Coronavirus

    If it is combined with quarantine, what is the problem? Of course people should be allowed to go home. 
  14. Coronavirus

      Yes, that is great. Now I want to see a strict face-mask policy enforced, on both sides. Have you heard of any kind or repatriation scheme in place? My daughter's friend's husband is stuck in Mongolia for at least six weeks and needs to get back; he is Mongolian but this is his home. He has a wife (Irish) and two small children.
  15. Coronavirus

      I agree. We (in Ireland) are in an ideal situation as an island and imo strict border measures would seem the obvious thing. But it's too late now.