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  1. Hello everyone,   I have a situation which is a bit complicated, I hope someone can advise me on this.   Im Jordanian, and I have lived in Germany with my family for 12 years; Im working in IT sector.   I have Permanent residence, and my wife has residence which is renewed every 3 years.   also, I have 3 kids   1. 1 year old, and she has German Citizenship 2. 7 Years old with the permit of stay until she is 17 years. 3. 8 years old with the permit of stay until he is 17 years.   Im full-time employed in a German company, and my work lately changed to 100% remote.   My wife wants to back to Jordan with the kids, and my employer has no problem if I work remotely from Jordan.   So we decide that we go back to Jordan, and the kids study in school in Jordan, and the family come to Germany every 6 months so they don't lose the permit to stay. And I keep moving between Germany and Jordan depending on work needs.   we already start this 2022, kids studying the 2nd semester in Jordan and right now, we are in Berlin for summer vacation, and we going back to Jordan in 2 weeks.   The "Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie" request me to de-registration the 2 kids which in school because the main place of living for them is Jordan otherwise, the Police will start coming to my apartment to ask why the 2 kids are not in the school in Germany.   So I would like to de-register only the 2 kids in school from my address in Berlin.   My question what is the side effect of that in the following topic:   1- Kindergeld, do my 2 kids still have the right to get the kindergeld if I de-register them? 2- Health insurance: we don't have health insurance for the kids in Jordan, and normally we go to private doctors in Jordan, I just would like to keep the Health insurance in Germany since I work in Germany.   Thanks in advance for the help