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  1. Sewing classes in Munich

    I wish I had the chance to sell it, because it was worth some money, unfortunately I gave it to ex husband to take it to his father to repair it and he just threw it away..
  2. Sewing classes in Munich

    Which machine do you use @Bron, or you have any that you would recommend? I have been using a machine from the DDR, which was quite strong and good, but wanted to adjust to somethinf mordern, that can make together overlock, and buttonhole, however, many ,achines seem so weak and slow, something for beginners. I bought a singer brilliance, and it keeps swallowing threads. Can you please recommend me a relatively cheap(I know for a good one I have to invest) but strong and competent machine? Thank you, Aliya.
  3. Because... One day while I went down the Keller to get my kids Kinderwagen up, my daughter rode off her bike, und weg war sie, and my son walked his way almost making it to the road, and while doing this, my neighbours who were outside just looked at them, and while my son was approaching the road and all the cars were waiting patiently, some hooting, and  me running to get him, my neighbours were busy giving me those searching and blaming eyes, like, "Where the hell are you, look your kids are going away"... So reeeeaaaallllllyyyyyy🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  4. Mould in flat

    Go to DM and buy a cleaning spray-Like these ones for the bathroom; but this one is specifically for Schimmel, its written on SCHIMMELFREI. Spray it on the are affected with Schimmel and after the recommended minutes just clean it off with a Tuch/Küchenrolle..
  5. Which is exactly why I value taking my children back home in Africa, so many times a year. I just want them to have that taste of that life, and much as I want it, it is almost close to impossible in this country. Coz the people who are supposed to have helped us, just push us away, in referral to how nagging we-and our kids are!
  6. Tips on a slow separation for a stay-at-home mom

    I am currently separated, and also not ready to work as I am still studyin, but also my children are still so young. The thought of it is so scary but going through it? Super easy,. I was super scared of separation thinking I will not survive, but all you need here is a good lawyer, your husbands salary slips, and confirmation of separation. Your husband will have to provide for you and your child, for you, until the child is 3 years, and then further for the child, and the child´s accommodation. They calculate what he has to contribute, basing on his salary, and acoording to the Düsseldorfer Tabelle, and if you are lucky he has a good salary, you will get more than enough. From what my husband is supposed to pay to me he deducts for the kids kindergartens, rent, internet, and my ticket, and hands over the balance to me. He moved out, and finally I am making peace from the shatters of the relationship. Good Luck.
  7. I am so curious to know what kind of adult you are!
  8. Hahahahahaha... Why do I agree with you so so well?? Listen, after droppinh my children to Kindergarten, and I sit on a train, readin a book and a mother comes in with a kinderwagen, then the kid starts crying and throwing tantrums, first I get a wave of scare/fear inside of me, then I notice OOH, I am not with my kids, So I relax but again, the noise is not amazing, But i can only understand!
  9. Glad I am not the only one feeling this way!
  10.  Right. My daughter has been that type of child from day one, and i must say I didn´t really have a sweet child. It takes a lot of patience and nerves, which is why I asked OP to have some empathy. I beg my daughter every single day in a very nice tone not to cry and shout, love her relentlessly, sometimes I loose it and I break down and cry, many times I stick out my tongue and raise my middle fingers after stomping out of the room. it takes a lot of energy and nerves.   and Yes, While back home to my mother, complaining and whining, she told me we were exactly like that, no different, or even worse, I could deny it, but I knew it was the truth... So, different stages of life, different behaviours, and if I am not wrong the OP could thave been "that kid".. jokes
  11. Because all kids are different!
  12. The only thing I tell every one who is like you is; You will know better once you have kids of your own. If you are lucky and they are calm children, you are likely never to know how difficult it gets. Every parent would surely wish to have children who are calm, shout and scream less, or cry only when it is necessary. By the time you are writing this, think about how the mother herself is feeling, or what she is going through, especially that she mus thave tried and failed to keep her kid calm. Do you even know about the terrible twos? Yes, That is a period of time that normally begine from 1.5-2years through 2.5-3years, where children just scream, cry and scream and throw tantrums. And Yes, for crazier kids like this one sounds, it can even go olonger through 4/5years. Remember while being bothered that a child is waking you up at 6am, she is having a mother who went through so many sleepless nights, and still have to be awake by 6 when this kid is screaming and most likely--When you are not watching, Kicking away the bottle that is offered to her, refusing to brush her teeth, or get into clothes offered to her. Yes. this is what they do, amidst tears and screams.   I would be bothered too honestly, but I would not bring myself to open my mouth about it, or even report to the landlord, or even Toytown. i don#t know how difficult it is to get flats in your city, but here in Munich it is crazy difficult, and once you report this woman you are risking nher loosing a home for her and her kids. I would surely appreciate life if I was living alone, It is waaaaayyyy easy without the children, even if it is a neighbours kid screaming. I am a business owner, so if I wear you, if this kid woke me up at 6, I would first and foremost have so much empathy for the mother, and shift my anger and energy to other things,, make me a cup of coffee, meditate, stay positive and happy,, listen to music, see what I can do around my house, listen to music, while doing some work.   on One occasion, I was ill, tired, slept the night on the couch, I needed more sleep, my kids woke up at 6 am, and with their expectations of milk and playing with them, they started fighting and screaming, I made them milk, but they still played loudly. I was sick, tired and shattered, I got up, dressed up, dressed up kids to go out on the playground so they can not shout for neighbours like you,, and while moving ou, my neighbour came out, and told me how my children have made her sleepless and shes been out till 2am so she needs to sleep longer-Meanwhile I go out till 3 but still coz of kids, I wake up at5:45 :).. she used this tone and look of so much anger: I could understand her, but I just really did not understan her tone--Ofcourse she never greets me and stuff, I stood, studied her as she was telling me if I can make my children shut up. I finally gathered the energy to answer her, that I am sprry but while I was giving birth to my kids, I forgot the remote control to pause them or switch them off when they can shout.   2 days later I get a letter from the Jugendamt, summoning me, about how I live my kids unattended to and stuff. Long story short, from some peoples experiences, reports like this can lead a mother to loosing her children, and the pain of loosing a child(Find out about those reports on the internet) to these social workers, the pain of your children being taken away especially over such minor cases, is worse than your pain of not being able to catch some sleep. Very inense. So be patient with this woman, and shift your energy to other things, and remembering, that while she is going through this now, and super vulnerable at it, you will most likely experience the same, or have experienced the same if you have kids, and Oooh, how about you become a helping hand? Just go, knock on that door, talk to the child like; Hey, whats the matter? you know when you shout like that we canot sleep--In a very child friendly tone, and body language, that means, squatting down/getting to the child level. Or offer this mother help like baby sitting the kid instead of reporting. Yes, I know people here don´t have the zeal to open up and offer help, but you can do it, or LET IT GO! ir eve, Shift to another place! Cheers.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

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  14. Munich babysitters wanted

    Can I recommend you someone? Does the person have to be living in Munich? do you have restrictions on age?