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  1. What made you smile today?

      Scotty! Scotty! What ARE you waiting for? Beam us up!!! It's freezing here!!!!      
  2. What made you smile today?

    My kids & I have been planning this for years. Their father gets one hoursglass, I another. The kids can play "Race the parents" ". When my father passed away, I asked for some of his ashes. The funeral director asked if I was planning on cremation jewelry (which is not allowed here in Germany), I just smiled.
  3. What are you cooking today?

    Couldn't decided where to post this, so it's landed here w/you foodies: " Neulich habe ich mein Risotto aufgepimpt, ..."    Das Rezept, SZ today.   ("Lately, I've pimped my risotto..."). Will be laughing all day, and probably forever now when I look at rice.   Have a Happy New Year, everyone. Sauf safely. 
  4. Any Alaskans out there?

    Oh thank-you everyone! This is a happy subject. Lots of things that I can use. Keep things coming please! @katheliz: those pictures are SPECTACULAR!!! and @slammer: thank-you for the moose! Moose is one of their vocabulary words. Class is (of course) too short for films, but I will show them a short video of ice carvings/sculptures. I think that the chain saws will get their attention   
  5. Any Alaskans out there?

    @katheliz: thank-you! This is exactly what the kids would like to hear. I'll reach out to you today when I get back from school. Happy Soltice! The sun rises here in Munich today at 8:00 a.m., and yes, we too will be happier by the end of January!  
  6. Any Alaskans out there?

    My 8th graders are learning about Alaska in English class, and I'd like to teach them a bit more than what's in the books. Any native Alaskans out there? Or even someone who has spent time there (preferably more than 1 year, so that we can talk about all four seasons). P.m. me if you'd like, or post here. Thanx in advance. Merry Christmas!
  7. Dealing with ageing parents

    My sincere condolences to you all. My father passed away this past August, three weeks shy of his 97th birthday. Oddly enough, the stars aligned and I was able to fly to the US three days before this happened; three of my four brothers were also able to visit (the 4th couldn't fly, having recently had back surgery). We are spread out between various US cities and me here, so getting us all together was the happy event that came out of the sad event, more so because it is so rare for our family to be together (say, once every 20 years or so...?) @BonnBonn: I too experienced the absence of masks in the US, the complete indifferent attitude towards this pandemic. But what was more distressing was the lack of empathy now toward any death. It used to be, "I'm flying home, we've had a death in the family" and people were sympathetic. Now, it's more like "Right. Everyone has had a death in the family. Take a number, stand in line, next please", Changing of societal mores. You will get better. Your body, mind and emotions have been strained of late, all at the same time. Travel, vaccinations (which introduce foreign substances into the body), and loss of life are all stressful, you've just experienced a triple whammy. Be patient. Easy to say, hard to do, but do allow yourself as much leeway as possible to cope with all of them. The dreams will stop. You will recover. Life will go on. Baby steps. Much positive energy is being sent your way.  
  8. @ex-essex: Gute Besserung! Get well soon, Curry Night needs it's Dictator ...
  9. What made you smile today?

    "Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright, The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light; And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout, But there is no joy in Mudville—joy riding's been struck out."   apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer
  10. 1. ex-essex (Paul) 2. LisaJK 3. Lilol 4. Cragrat 5. billybob  6. MAM 7. Metall 8. Yesterday 9. food mom
  11. Cheesecake

    'Tis the Season!  Spekulatius cookies (biscuits to some of you) are in stores everywhere just now. They make great crusts. I always buy a bunch at the end of the season, grind them into crumbs, and freeze them in ziplock bags. So handy in the summer when I'm too lazy to bake my own cookies for pie crusts (especially ice cream pies ...."
  12. Facebook to change its name

    This just in:  Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook) has just announced its new venture into toy manufacturing with the release of "Meta Man." The action figure, whose countenance oddly resembles founder Mark Zuckerberg and is dressed in his signature round-neck t-shirt and jeans, will jump up and down when the button underneath its feet is pressed. Pull the string in the middle of its back, it yells "Crush! Kill! Destroy!". Push and pull simultaneously, the figure's head will explode.    
  13. Happy Halloween

      "Ghapama" is an Armenian stuffed-pumpkin dish (with rice and seasonings). So this is the Pumpkin Song. Although not a particularly catchy tune, judging from the delighted faces of the audience and the fact that they are singing along gives me pause for thought ...
  14. Hello all,  I'm looking for someone in the Munich area to translate two (short) documents for the EBE Landratsamt. One is three sentences, the other is a certificate. I need an official stamp. Please PM me, thanx. -fmom