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  1. President Donald J. Trump

        New item featured at the TrendSet Messe (yesterday, 06.01.2020). I kid you not.
  2. Ordering from USA to Munich...taxes?

    You may also need an EORI number. Here's a good info website:
  3. Big Bird. 'Nuff said.
  4. Once upon a time, my Sohn was in the 8th grade. He was in a General Music class, which meant that the kids were the "leftovers" of the student body who were not in band, chorus, etc. but who still had to fulfill their music requirements. The teacher had a former student who played for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, who still kept in touch. One day the teacher received an invitation from the Symphony Director for the class to learn how to ring hand bells, and perform at the Christmas Children's Concert, then called "Fiddlesticks". Those students, those leftovers, practiced their little hearts out. The "leftovers", who numbered only 14, played their Christmas songs to audiences of children and adults alike, four performances, accompanied by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, then directed by Mariss Jansons, who had originated the Fiddlesticks Concert Series for children. They played Heinz Hall. Today Mariss Jansons succumbed to a damaged heart.    Another light has gone out on my Lichterkette.
  5. What are you cooking today?

    @anzu: yes, it is Go Asia. Thanks for the heads up!   and today,   Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot!   It's Guy Fawkes Day! Parkin cake and ... gunpowder tea! Yes, it is black, it's an oxidized green (which all black tea is, anyway...). Smoother than the green stuff.  
  6. What are you cooking today?

    In line with all the other Asian markets. 15% off until the end of November (opening special). Let's see if they remain so, or if they're the typical new-market-opening-draw prices. Judging from the prices downstairs (Rewe Fillial), they won't climb too high though. Then again, the Asians don't put up with most western marketing tactics when it comes to food, so I expect prices to be fairly stable. The sheer availability of frozen foodstuffs is impressive. They're in for the long haul, as the electrical outfitting for these cold cases did not come cheap, I'm sure. BE CAREFUL:  do not shop when hungry.
  7. What are you cooking today?

    NEW FOOD PLAYGROUND IN MUNICH:  Karstadt/Stachus has just opened the city's largest Asian market. 3rd floor, near housewares. PG Tips 300 ct. €12.99. Soy powder. Fresh herbs. WIDE AISLES. Over 12 frozen food cases. And it's clean. Happy, happy me ??  
  8. 1. ex-essex (Paul) 2. p.p 3. Emma 4. Farfox Ache 5/6 coolerking plus 1 7. LisaJK 8. Traveler   I too must beg off. Like Metall, results of Zahnarzt's playtime in mouth still not up to speed. So sorry.
  9. What made you smile today?

    Halloween is almost here. Christmas things are already in stores.   This made me smile. When TV was worth watching.    
  10. 1. ex-essex (Paul) 2. fraufruit (interesting menu) 3. p.p 4. Emma 5. Farfox Ache 6.7 coolerking plus 1 8. -betsy (interesting spelling as well.... )
  11. Only in America...

    Port Authority bus falls into massive sinkhole:  
  12. Advice about intercultural relationships

    @slammer:    When my son was young he overnighted with a Bavarian family. When he came home, he was concerned, because the boy was taught to sit, just as you described. Sohn thought it odd. I explained that mothers often teach their sons to do so to avoid a mess on the floor. Sohn just looked at me and said, "Haven't they ever heard of decals?"
  13. Advice about intercultural relationships

    Many, many Germans that I know (BRD and DDR) do add dishwashing liquid to the wash water. They just don't rinse the dishes afterwards. 
  14. What are you cooking today?

    and don't forget these:   on second thought....
  15. What made you laugh today?

    Here's how to order every item in the Le Creuset Star Wars collection:   I found the Han Solo roaster a bit disturbing, but the Porg Pie BIrd made me realize that I've lost touch with this reality (what is a Porg anyway? Had to look it up.)   Did find some Death Star ice molds on Amazon for less money, though...