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  1. Annual English Book Sale for Charity

    'tis the season:   SALE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING BOOKS Books for teachers and teacher trainers SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, 9.30 – 14.00 PARKSTR.8, 85540 HAAR (3 MINS WALK FROM HAAR S-BAHNHOF) All profits will go to Plan International, an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.     A three in one win-win morning awaits you! ·        Meet up with some colleagues, ·         Add to your ELT library at bargain prices, ·         Help a good cause.       
  2. Annual English Book Sale for Charity

    ENGLISH BOOK SALE Fri. Nov. 11, 2022 from 2–7 pm and Sat. Nov. 12, 2022 from 10am–3pm Gesellschaftshaus, Ringstr. 36, 85540 Haar on the grounds of kbo-Isar-Amper-Klinikum (next to Cafe Jedermann) All proceeds are used to benefit our ILEMBULA Partnership, which supports humanitarian ventures in Tanzania. Email: Facebook: Munich English Book Sale Info:
  3. Induction Cooktop - model recommendations

    @Krieg: I think you've misunderstood. I did not mean a particular cooking field on the cooktop, but the entire cooktop itself (out of four separate cooktops, one does not function as quickly as the others). This is the station that we use mainly for baking; as the oven is fine, I think it's just a fluke with this particlar machine.
  4. What made you laugh today?

    Heinz is selling a collection of ketchup-stained clothes, under the brand "Heinz Vintage Drip".
  5. What made you laugh today?

      "Word of the day: xocolatophobia noun [koh-koh-ley-tuh-foh-bee-uh, shoh-koh-lo-]   an irrational or disproportionate fear of chocolate."   Ha. As if.
  6. Where can I find nuts with reasonable price?

    Apologies. Dark humour got the better of me. Hope that I didn't insult anyone.
  7. Where can I find nuts with reasonable price?

      How about here?
  8. Curious little cars???

      That's because they get no points if they hit you. Unless it's dark outside.Then they get points for taking out the (smartphone) light
  9. Curious little cars???

      Unfortunately, Mme. Obst, not everyone is as conscientious. I have two such car owners in my neighborhood who often think that they're Stealth Drivers, one of which purposefully likes to sneak up on cyclists. True, he's an exception. By the same token, I am annoyed by cyclists who do not ring their bells when overtaking. There's problems on both side, to be fair.
  10. Hello all, Does anyone have experience teaching kids with either dyslexia (Legesthenia) or ADD/ADHD? This school year I'll be working with grades 5-10 at our local Mittelschule, where many of the kids have been recognized as having one or both of these disorders. Any and all info is helpful! Thanks in advance- you can reply here or PM me. -b
  11. Curious little cars???

    @keith2011:  agree! Saw them yesterday zipping along the Tal, around 19:00. Happy people! Reminded me of Charlie Brown's Snoopy.       Much safer than those electric/hybrid cars that sneak up on one (engines make no sound) which, as a cyclist, I find intensely annoying.
  12. Please clarify "We have more than sufficient this child is severely disturbed." Are you his parent? Caregiver? Teacher? Neighbor? Sufficient ... what? What kind of mental illness are you referring to please? I ask because I've lived in some very "Christian" areas of the world where kids going through a Goth stage have been regarded as "mentally ill". I think that this also happened right about the advent of Heavy Metal music...
  13. Induction Cooktop - model recommendations

    To return to the original post: Five years ago I moved into my apartment, and needed some kind of electric cooktop. I'd been cooking with gas for years, so did the research. *What do you want to do? Meaning, how do you normally use your cooktop? Big family? Small? Cook every night? Throw parties often? *How long do you want it to last (other than forever)? Not a silly question, really. I bought an stove for my mother last year (US), and the dilemma there was that she was 91 and didn't need anything to last for 20 years (for her, at least). *What features are necessary/can't live without? Timer, steamer, etc. Separate the wishes from the must-haves. *How much do you want to spend? Remember that most AEG/Bosch/Siemens have the same "guts", just different casings/knobs/etc.   At home, I bought a Miele induction, and never looked back. It is the simplest version, because I usually cook for only me. I do not need a kettle for tea, with the turbo boost I can boil water in under 2 minutes. The surface is scratch-resistent and extremely easy to clean. It does take some getting used to (yes, I've boiled pots dry if I don't pay attention), but after adjusting (as with anything new), you'll wonder why you've not switched before. In the VHS kitchen, I work with 4 Siemens cooktops and 4 Siemens ovens. They all perform differently (and are all 2016 models). They're nothing fancy, but I wouldn't personally buy any of them for at home, but then, I'm picky. They heat unevenly (tops and ovens both), one cooktop in particular takes an extremely long time to heat up. Though they all do have child-protection modes, if that's an issue. My dream "classroom" kitchen (Berufsschule) was fully Miele. Yes, Miele is pricey. Yes, it lasts for 20+ years (I moved our Miele 1990 kitchen 3 times, from Baden-Württenburg to Bayern, here twice) and when I left it in 2017 we had only replaced the fridge). Miele is made in Germany, which is a tremendous plus. BUT, due to current supply chain problems, their range of models from which to choose has shrunk drastically, and gotten costlier.   I'd suggest going to all the manufacturers' websites, and make a chart as to models/features/costs. In 2017 my basic Miele induction cooktop wasn't much more expensive than a Siemens or Bosch. Then watch the sales (yes, there actually are some out there). You can occasionally still get some nice deals.   Hope this helps. -b
  14. What made you laugh today?

      "Hard selzer" has been a big seller in the US for the past few years. Finally, from the country that sold bottled air, comes ... Tito's.
  15. Only in America

    ... and now this:   and, congrats, UK. Your bouncing blob has resigned.