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  1. Bought counterfeit clothes

    Even if I get Gewerbe Rechtsschutz?
  2. Bought counterfeit clothes

    Quality is so bad that a blind man could determine that this is counterfeit. At the shop they also told me that is fake (although I don't think that this counts).    Doesn't matter. I'll just get Rechtsschutz.
  3. Bought counterfeit clothes

    Crime that doesn't get you punished or atleast they are slim chances. I'll search. Also did report them to the owner of the trademark
  4. Bought counterfeit clothes

    I was at the Customs now. They can't help me. I have to write an email.   Selling counterfeit goods is way to easy business in Germany.   I guess lawyer is the best thing now
  5. Bought counterfeit clothes

    If I apply for rechtsschutz (which I will do anyway) now I can't do anything about this right?    Or after rechtsschutz I buy again from this seller and then sue him? Buy maybe it's a dumb idea
  6. Bought counterfeit clothes

    On google I saw verbraucherschutz in Munich. Best thing is that I just go there and ask them.   This is what I found:
  7. Bought counterfeit clothes

    Latter. I will go to customs today. I assume that verbraucherschutz doesn't apply to me right?
  8. Bought counterfeit clothes

    So I sent a complain to a sellers bank that he sold me counterfeit clothes? I can try this
  9. Bought counterfeit clothes

    Bank transfer. I just ordered through specific. I also wrote them email about this counterfeit seller. Hopefully they will remove him
  10. Bought counterfeit clothes

    I see. So can I write him an email that clothes are defective and I want a refund? And since you have knowledge in this. I ordered shirts in "White" and "Grey" but I received them in wrong colors. So basically a wrong product. Do I have in this case right of withdrawal?   No. Price were lower compared to other wholesale prices
  11. Bought counterfeit clothes

  12. Bought counterfeit clothes

    I already wrote today an email. Hopefully I will get a response. Or maybe I should just go directly to the department in Munich?
  13. Bought counterfeit clothes

      I paid 718€. It's not just money for me. He is selling to other people as well ad as far as I know selling counterfeit clothes is a criminal offense.   What if I get Rechtschutz now and then I buy again from him. And after I get those counterfeit goods I sue him through my Rechtschutz?
  14. Bought counterfeit clothes

      That means that I will have to bear all costs? I currently don't have rechtsschutz (not yet).   How do I even start to take them to court?
  15. Bought counterfeit clothes

    As title says I bought clothes from registered German wholesale company. When I received them I noticed that they are all counterfeit. Seller refuses to return my money and does not accept "widerruf" because it was B2B sale.   I went to the police but they said that this is not their problem and they can't do anything about it. I told them  that in this case I can also sell counterfeit clothes and they said yes. I thought that this is a crime.   Does anybody know how I can resolve this problem? I want my money back (700€) ad I can't sell those clothes. They are horrible quality.   I can't believe that in this case I can't do anything about it...Surely there must be something to do about it right?