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  1. Received VAT number

    Yes this is true. I won't always be on a "win" side It will really depend on a business situation. Can you just explain if proforma invoice is a valid invoice? I'm asking because Amazon once refused it.
  2. Received VAT number

      Actually after all your help and advices I know exactly what to do :-)    I'm always one step closer now! But I do have one small question. I believe that with your knowledge I could get it answered. My supplier usually sends me a proforma invoice. So I want to book them in lexoffice. But are they valid as an invoice proof? Asking because one Amazon declined it.
  3. Received VAT number

    This is exactly what I need to know. Thank you!
  4. Received VAT number

    Oh damn I haven't noticed a typo!    I meant 8/12 * 25,000 =  16,666.66€   Can I calculate like this at all?   The reason I put 25,000€ is if I predict that this turnover will be till december
  5. Received VAT number

      I've noticed this "8/12 * 17,500€ = 11,666.67€" somewhere in this forum already. So for example if till the end of the year my turnover for be like 25000. Can I calculate 8/12 * 25,000 =  16,666.66€   Is it ok?
  6. Received VAT number

    My biggest supplier is from Poland which charges 23%.   So for example I buy one T-shirt for 6.50 + 23% = 8€. So I sell this shirt for 15,95€. And after all ebay and paypal fees my profit as Kleinunternehmer is 4,01€ If I charge VAT then I buy t-shirt without VAT for 6.50 and sell for 15,95€. After all ebay and paypal fees my profit would be 6,01€. So 6,01 - 19% = 4,86€   So the difference is 0.85 cents. Or am I missing something. It's 23.30 now so please correct me haha.   Another thing is that in one month my turnover will be 20.000  
  7. Received VAT number

      I thought that I could do it alone but I was wrong I guess. Anyway since I'm purchasing goods and selling online, charging VAT is still a better option for me because of the expenses. My biggest mistake was that I forgot that it is calculated for a calendar year. And you've just told me that even as a Kleinunternehmer you have to pay German VAT on purchased good.  So at the end everything is good right? It's just that will have to book everything again in lexoffice. And I can claim VAT refund of my expenses since the beggining of the activity right?
  8. Received VAT number

  9. Received VAT number

    I thought that if I check that box in line 135 I will be as Kleinunternehmer.  I have also check the line 150 which is:   Soll-/Istversteuerung der Entgelte 150 Ich berechne die Umsatzsteuer nach vereinnahmten Entgelten (Istversteuerung): ja
  10. Received VAT number

    How do I do this now? Since I already filled and sent Fragebogen. I have an option to delete this one. Can I just make a new one?
  11. Received VAT number

    I have not mark any of those
  12. Received VAT number

    I screwed up I guess? No chance to change the option?
  13. Received VAT number

    No I have not
  14. Received VAT number

    Actually I started business on 01.5.2019. After I applied for VAT number  
  15. Received VAT number

    So I have to book again in lexoffice for 19%? And basically pay tax from the beggining of the sales?