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  1. Hi there,


    Has anybody else sought clarifcation regarding child care issues, in particular how much one has to pay? The state of Hannover do kindly provide a translation of their rather heavy-weight rules, regulations and red-tape into English...


    ...Whose income will be considered?


    The income of the parents/the parent (item 1 of the compensation scheme) and of the cared for child itself is taken as a basis, as well as of further children if they are considered in the income limit. Decisive for the calculation of the parents’ contribution for joint children is the sum of their income as long as a parent entitled to custody lives in cohabitation with a parent not entitled to custody (item 14 of the compensation scheme)....


    1) my cared for child itself has an income and any further children i may have may or may not have an income and may or may not be consiered in the income limit?


    2) joint children? sum of their income - but only if the income of the second child is to be considered? - what?


    I have to admit that clarification is not a state I feel myself able to achieve with such puzzling notions. Looks like I will have to re-read the original 300 page document in German then!!!




  2. Hi there,


    Basically you don't have to go to the foreigner's office - good news. You have to go to your nearest Bürgeramt to register your change of address. You will need to take along your passport and proof that you are living at the new address - normally this is either the rent contract or an invoice from the Stadtwerke or something. You do this after moving obviously but don't leave it too long.


    Also don't forget to get a Nachsenderantrag at the Post Office so that your post gets sent to your new address.


    Good luck with your move.


  3. Hello there!


    Am not new to Hannover as have been living here since 99 but am brand-new to this forum. Currently living in the Oststadt at the foot of the Lister Meile. Am a new mummy with a baby boy who is now 2 months old and am happy to meet other english-speaking people in the area who want to speak gaga and have pram races.


    Well. here I am...





    Hello all,


    We shifted to Hannover in November 2007. I am looking for shops where I can find reasonably priced Home Preg tests (HPT). Also, wanted to know more about the medical services, especially the Gynecology dept in MHH. Are there any English speaking doctors there? Unfortunately, our German is quite basic... Are there any other hospitals here that we can look at during the pregnancy and the delivery phases?



    Hello there,


    Am new to this site so hope am not completely messing up this thread. I gave birth to my son in Feb in the Vinzenzkrankenhaus in Kirchrode. Every single doctor who dealt with me spoke english to a very high level. The hospital itself is extremely clean and the clinic is excellent - nurses and docs. all friendly and prof and has v. good reputation. They have info evening every month and its worth going to visit the ward.