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  1. Will be getting mine next week.
  2. Looks like the photos are distorted to make the rooms look bigger/longer than they are.
  3. abuse of nominative pronouns?

    That makes me cringe.
  4. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Juan Joya Borja

    I had a great time reading that list.
  5. Personally, I prefer Hamburg to Berlin.  But I've only gone to either city once each, and we had my mother-in-law with us when we went to Berlin.  I love my MIL, but we didn't get to see or do as much as we might have.   There are things I miss about living in BW.  Our dentist is still down there and we are way overdue for a checkup.  I'm looking forward to booking a weekend at the fabulous Waldhotel in Degerloch, getting a cleaning, and hitting a few favorite restaurants.
  6. This neverending lockdown has given me the blues...

    I just made a new video starring Noyzi.  Last fall, just after he came to live with us, he tore a huge hole in the already holey flyscreen on our door.  We just replaced it with a new screen and Noyzi was really scared of it, at first (and kinda still).  I filmed him trying to figure it out and it occurred to me that it might fit well with a Beth Nielsen Chapman song, "I Keep Coming Back to You", so I decided to pair Noyzi's attempts to master the new screen with a new song.  Keep in mind, I'm a total amateur, especially at making videos.  :D   Here's the end result...
  7. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

    I haven't seen my mom since 2015.  Luckily, she's okay with it.  We do Skype once a month.   I haven't been to the US since 2014.  Don't miss it that much.
  8. What made you cry today?

    A Facebook friend, who used to live in Stuttgart when I did, went from the States to Uganda to meet her husband, who is working there this year.  Before she went, it was clear that her father, who had gone blind and deaf and had been very sick with dementia, could end up passing.  Her mom insisted that she go see her husband, anyway.  So she went to Uganda to see her husband, taking their kids.     Sure enough, her father did pass away.  But while that was sad enough for her, that wasn't the worst part.  While she was gone, she'd left her beautiful spotted Croatian dog, Phoebe, in the care of her sister.  Phoebe was adopted from a shelter in Croatia and I had watched her nurse the dog back to health and turn her into a loving pet.  Phoebe was my inspiration for adopting Noyzi from Kosovo.   A couple of days after my friend lost her father, Phoebe inexplicably collapsed, and my friend's sister and mother had to take her to the vet, where she was euthanized.  They aren't sure what happened, since Phoebe wasn't that old.  They speculate she may have survived a poisoning in Croatia and that had weakened her kidneys.  Anyway, when my friend explained how she got all of the bad news from home while she was still in Uganda, she added in this imagery of how she thought of her father waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for Phoebe.  And the thought of that just sent me into tears.  
  9. Robot lawnmower

    They bump into things and go another direction,  I also like ours because it’s safe around the dogs. The blades are way under the mower.
  10. Robot lawnmower

      We have the McCulloch 600, I think.   Here’s a video I made of it.  It works fine and is easy to use, as long as everything is properly connected.  Looks like Amazon isn’t selling it anymore.  It will be even better when the boundary is redone.
  11. Robot lawnmower

    We have one.  It’s nice, although our yard is small enough that a regular mower is more practical.  Also, our dog broke the boundary wire, so we have to fix that before we can mow.  I wanted to redo the boundary anyway, but that is a pesky chore.  But I do like that it’s very quiet and runs on clean energy. 
  12. Daylight saving time - Germany

      Yeah, I knew that they quit changing the clocks in Armenia.  It's probably not a bad idea.    I remember in 1996 asking at my school when the clocks were going to change and they said they weren't.  I never found out why.  I didn't have access to much local news at that time.
  13. Daylight saving time - Germany

    Fair enough.  I did learn that DST year round wouldn’t please me from that experience.  And now that I’ve been in Germany in the winter, I guess I’m used to darkness in winter now.  
  14.   The Dunkin’ didn’t last long.  Last time I was there, it was closed down.     We lived in Pfäffingen, which is about seven kilometers west.     We now live in a suburb of Wiesbaden.