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  1. usajobs question

    Even if you did have Tricare, you could still use German doctors.  My husband is retired military, so we get Tricare.  But when he needed to see a urologist, he saw a German provider.  One of his colleagues’ wives got cancer and got all of her treatment from German providers, mainly because they had immediate availability when Landstuhl didn’t.    
  2. My husband sued our former landlords because they took over 80 percent of our Kaution.  Fortunately, we do have legal insurance and we're also in the Mieterverein.  Even with the lawyer, ex landlady was very difficult and dragged things out.  We sued her and she settled with us, but it took a long time.  Still, since we won, she had to pay our legal fees, her legal fees, court fees, and most of the Kaution she kept from us.   If the Kaution means that much to you and you strongly believe you're right, it may be worth it to fight.  At the very least, you'll have the satisfaction of not letting your landlord get away with thievery.  When it comes down to it, that's why we sued.  Because by letting ex landlady get away with her scheme, we would be encouraging theft.  It felt like the right thing to do, and ultimately, I think it was.
  3. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

    My card doesn't specifically say it was administered in Germany.  There's a stamp from the clinic, but I imagine if I took the card to an area where the local pharmacists aren't familiar with the military clinic stamps, there could be a problem.
  4. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

      Yes, I got my vaccines in Wiesbaden and I noticed people there with the yellow book (I do have one, but it's in storage in the USA).  I did see one lady in Wiesbaden getting her info recorded in the yellow booklet.  I don't know if she was German or American.    Everybody getting the shots on the installations get the white CDC cards by default.  We were lucky enough to find a local pharmacist who didn't have an issue giving us the certificates, anyway.  Not everyone is that lucky, from what I've read.
  5. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

    Yes, I have one of those yellow books, too.  I meant the app.     Also, I was trying to be nice, so there's no need to be snarky.
  6. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

    I wish this system could be made more simple and global.  It’s in everyone’s best interests for people to be able to easily prove they’ve been vaccinated.   Good luck!
  7. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

      I got vaccinated in Wiesbaden on the Army installation.  We were given US CDC vaccine cards.  My husband and I took our CDC cards to a pharmacy in nearby Wallau and got our E.U. certificates with no hassle at all.  I even wrote a blog post about the process.  Not to pimp my blog, but here's my post on it if you're interested.   I recommend you ask another pharmacist, or maybe consider going to a pharmacy in an area where there are a lot of Americans.  We emailed the pharmacist in Wallau before we visited, just to make sure we wouldn't be wasting our time.
  8. I have moved here twice from the USA.  Both times were to Stuttgart.  The first time was in 2007, and temporary apartments were less popular.  We stayed in a terrible hotel for six weeks.  Well... it was terrible in that it wasn't very clean or comfortable.  It was convenient, though, and the staff was nice.  We had two loud beagles with us, so that was a plus.   The second time, we stayed in a hotel for about a week, then moved to a temporary apartment for about three weeks.  We were able to find a more permanent address after that.  Of course, now looking back on what happened when we moved to Wiesbaden, I now wish we'd spent more time in the temporary apartment.    Good luck!
  9. Anti-vaccination people

      I empathize.  Phobias are a difficult thing to overcome, especially when they are coupled with a traumatic experience.  I haven't seen a doctor in 11 years because I had a very traumatic experience with one years ago.  I did get vaccinated, though.     I hope your friend will be able to overcome his fear.  
  10. This thread makes me cringe.  I have a phobia of mushrooms.
  11. We saw the Stones play in 2018 in Stuttgart.  It was our first time at one of their shows and I will never forget it.  We had seats on the 13th row.  I am so glad we went.  After the show, I told my husband that will probably be the only Stones show we will ever see... and they were magnificent.  Mick even spoke a little Schwabisch.   I knew this was going to happen eventually, but I am still so sad.  He was so classy and elegant… and he was just perfect. RIP, Charlie Watts.  
  12. New tenants want to come to our handover

    When we moved into our previous house, the former tenant was there clearing out.  She was "buddies" with the former landlady, though, even though she was moving out sooner than planned.  I remember her stuff was in the trash cans as we were moving in.  This was okay with ex landlady, as was most everything the ex tenant did.  She had somehow convinced ex landlady that she was the daughter she never had, despite moving early, yet staying in the area.   Four years later, when it was our turn to move, ex landlady was a total nightmare.  We ended up suing her, in part because she tried to make us pay for things the ex tenants did.  Like, for instance, she charged us for having stuff in the trash cans, even though we paid her rent and Nebenkosten for the month we weren't even living there.  Fortunately, we prevailed in our lawsuit, but it wasn't without a lot of stress, expense, and irritation.    To be honest, if I had to do it again, I would not want to meet the previous tenants.  The previous tenant in our situation ended up being in cahoots with the ex landlady as she tried to screw us.  I would not want to be involved with the next tenant's business at all.  But take that with a grain of salt, since I am also in the military community, and people tend to act more like they're still in high school in that population.
  13. Shipping two dogs from Germany to the U.S.

    If, by any chance, she has military privileges, she can also use the vets on military installations.  They are all USDA certified.  But I realize not everyone has that option.   Most of them are well versed in what needs to be done.  I still suggest the Facebook group, because there are many people in there who are very experienced in moving pets abroad and back.  I have done it three times myself, but there are people in there who have brought dogs from war zones.
  14. Shipping two dogs from Germany to the U.S.

    Lufthansa is regularly considered the airline of choice if you’re flying with pets.  They have light and temperature controlled holds, and they are very pet friendly.   However, recently, even they have been imposing temperature embargoes.  There are also some specific requirements in order to travel with pets.   Also, be aware that if she wants to bring the dogs back to the USA, there could be a problem.  The CDC has really cracked down on importing dogs from countries where there is a high incidence of rabies.  Germany is not on the list, but Lufthansa was recently denying transportation of dogs from Germany due to the new rule.  I am not sure if this issue has yet been resolved.   Military folks are really up in arms about it.  It’s causing huge issues with people trying to rotate home with their pets.     She may wish to join the Military PCS with Pets Facebook group for advice or advice on shippers, should she want to go that route.  If she uses a shipper, they would fly cargo.  It will cost a hell of a lot more than if they went excess baggage (or fly in cabin if they are small enough).  But the shippers take care of everything.  Cost of flying depends on the airline and size/weight of the dog(s).  We flew our two beagles excess baggage on Lufthansa in 2014 for $400 total.  But prices and policies have changed in the wake of COVID.  If we have to fly with our new dog, he will probably have to go with a shipper because he’s tall and long.   Edited to add:  here’s the link to the Facebook group.
  15. I got Moderna.  Sore arm and a rash with first shot.  Sore arm with second,  That was it.   Husband had a slightly worse time.  He had fever and fatigue with the second shot, for maybe 12 hours.