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  1. "Please call me by my first name"

    I am American and I hate it when people I'm doing business with call me cutesy pet names like "sweetie" or "honey"...  It's common in the South, where I grew up.  Makes me cringe.  I also don't like it when they call me by my given first name, which is Jennifer.  That also makes me cringe.  If they were to ask me, I'd ask them to call me Jenny, because that's what people call me.  But, I figure if you don't know enough to call me Jenny, you should call me "Ms." or "Mrs.".  And then I'll tell you want to call me.   I agree with Keleth, though.  The polite thing to do is call people only what they wish to be called.  And to ask them which name they prefer.
  2. Broken window in a rented apartment

    Our ex landlady did something similar.  Her 17 year old awning collapsed and she took an insurance settlement.  They only gave her 330 euros and she wanted 2800.  So she ripped off 2500 euros of our Kaution.  We are now suing her.
  3. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    Whatever.  Either way, it's a filthy, disgusting, unhealthy habit.
  4. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    Yes it is.
  5. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    Actually, it is more dangerous, particularly when someone breathes the smoke that comes off the end of the cigarette.  A smoker gets the benefit of the filter, whereas people breathing the unfiltered smoke don’t.
  6. Broken window in a rented apartment

    I take it you don’t have liability insurance.
  7. Thanks everyone...

    Well...  when this social distancing stuff is done, we’ll try again.  Been thinking about that poor dog every day and wishing it had all turned out differently.  :(
  8. Bought a cat

    What if 23andMe says you’re genetically 71% English, Scottish, and Irish, but your family came to the USA in the 1700s?  I only have about .3% Native America DNA, but I’m American... only because English, Irish, and Scottish people moved to America and fucked among themselves...  oh, and a few Germans and Norwegians, too.   i feel very comfortable in the United Kingdom.  It reminds me of Virginia.
  9. That is hilarious!  I just read up on what happened.  Very sad situation...  but what an amazing community I was a part of any didn’t even realize it.  In 2012, I was living in North Carolina, wishing I was in Germany again.
  10. Who is Poppet?  
  11. Bought a cat

      Ugh... that is just dreadful!  
  12. Thanks everyone...

    Sometimes even when you have a dog on a leash, they can end up killing other animals.  When we lived in North Carolina, our next door neighbor had free roaming chickens who would come over to our yard to eat bugs.  It was a very rural area on a dirt road and the chickens were used to coming over whenever they wanted to.  We even had a pond in the backyard.  It was originally used for irrigation, but had since turned into a wild habitat for ducks and turtles.   One day, I put Zane and Arran on their leashes to take them out for a whiz because we didn't have a fenced yard.  I opened the front door; the dogs ran out on their retractable leads, and Arran immediately grabbed the wing of a big hen who was in the bushes just outside the front door.  He had her in his mouth for a couple of horrifying minutes before he finally let her go.  She hightailed it back to the farmer's house next door.  I don't know if she survived, but I do remember one time, the farmer was crestfallen because a coyote got into his hen house and ate all of his birds.     That farmer was a cool guy.  He was retired, but still planted crops so he could have something to do.  He told us anytime we wanted anything to help ourselves, since he and his wife couldn't use everything they grew.  And when my husband told him about the hen, he was very understanding, realizing that his chickens were in our dogs' territory.   I really miss rural living.  Sometimes, it felt like living on a live set of Wild Kingdom.  
  13. I stopped following him because the BDSM themed stuff became all he was doing.  And although some of the drawings were intriguing, I liked his watercolors much more.  I also didn’t want to see BDSM themed stuff on Facebook as I was interacting with friends and relatives.   I think you might be surprised by what I find interesting.  I would recommend not making assumptions about people you don’t know.  If you did get to know me, you might find I am “full of surprises”, too.    
  14. I think he’s a wonderful artist, and I have nothing against BDSM.  I just wasn’t expecting to see it on Facebook when he had been posting beautiful landscapes and water themed art.  The switch was disorienting!  :D