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  1. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    You can transfer your Mieterverein membership.  We moved to Wiesbaden from Stuttgart and it was very easy to simply request a transfer of the membership to up here.
  2. Thanks everyone...

      Yes, we are planning to do the DNA test.  We'll probably do one with Arran, too.  I suspect Arran is beagle with a hefty dash of German Shorthaired Pointer, but I don't know for sure.  He was born a hunting dog in North Carolina.
  3. Thanks everyone...

    My husband says Noizy (or Noyzi if you want to spell it like they do in Kosovo) reminds him of an ostrich.  I have to agree.  He's got a very graceful gait.  When I used to show horses, we referred to the ones who moved gracefully as "good movers".  That's how I would describe Noizy, too.  <3     All week, he's stayed in his safe space corner, but sometime last night, he moved four toys to his bed.  So I think he's coming out of his shell.  I hope to have him better leash trained soon, so he can explore the environment more and impress all of the neighbors.  :D
  4. Thanks everyone...

    His rescuer had a very hard time giving him up.  I chatted with her for an hour tonight because she’s worried.   But under the circumstances, I think he’s doing well...  of course, once he’s settled, that’s when the chaos begins.
  5. Thanks everyone...

    Yes, that’s the breed.  I couldn’t remember it offhand.   He’s about two and very timid.  Poor guy submissive pees a lot.  But he’s very sweet, and I have no doubt he’ll settle down.   He’s been through a lot over the past few days.  A week ago, he was in a big pen with a bunch of dogs.   Now he’s in our house with resentful Arran.  It’s always a challenge breaking in a new dog.  
  6. Thanks everyone...

    The dog in my picture is sweet old MacGregor.  We had him the first time we were in Germany, from 07-09.  Jonny, the dog who inspired this post, reminded me so much of him.  We lost MacG in 2012, and that’s when we got Arran, who is still with us.   As for Noizy, I have no idea what he is.  He might be part Dodge Dart.   The lady who rescued him thinks he’s part Balkan Hound. She mentioned another dog— herding type— from Serbia that might be in the mix.  He looks like an enormous English Foxhound, but I doubt that’s what he is.
  7. Thanks everyone...

  8. Thanks everyone...

    He really is striking.  Poor thing is dealing with a lot of changes, though.  Every day, there’s a new milestone.     My landlord hasn’t met him yet.  I just thank God we live here instead of where we used to live.  Ex landlady would probably shit herself.  She could barely tolerate my beagles.
  9. Thanks everyone...

    Thanks so much!    
  10. Thanks everyone...

    Here's an update...   This past weekend, my husband and I went to Slovenia and picked up our new dog Noizy.  He is from Kosovo.  An American who used to live in Kosovo and now lives in Germany has arranged a street dog rescue down there.  Noizy is huge, and not at all what we were expecting when we decided to adopt a new dog.  He's very sweet, though, and a fast learner.     Yesterday, my husband showed up to court to be a witness against the pet taxi driver, who was sued by the pet rescue.  However, though the court had sent him a summons threatening him with a fine and jail time, they decided they didn't need him and neglected to tell him.  That meant we rushed back to Germany for no reason.  Oh well... it worked out anyway, although the pet taxi driver still has no remorse whatsoever.   Here's a link to a blog post with pictures of Noizy, who may or may not get a new name.  He's a biggun and will be quite a pandemic project!  I would have uploaded a picture, but I can't seem to make one small enough.   Our other dog, Arran, is not that thrilled with him yet, but I think they'll make peace.    
  11. We subscribed in 2015.  First, their payment system was messed up, so I kept getting notifications that my payment failed, when it didn’t.  One week, I ended up with four fruit boxes and three classic boxes, for which they blamed me when I complained.  They ended up not charging me after I raised hell, but they still blamed me for their wonky system.   After about a year, we decided we wanted to cancel the service, so we did.  Then, in November 2018, right before we were moving from our last house, I got an email dated from February 2015 welcoming me to Hello Fresh.  Since it was obviously a mistake, I ignored it.  But then I got a notification from UPS that they sent a box and my payment failed.  I raised hell again and refused the box, but they still blamed me for their wonky system.  It worked out in the end, but it was definitely extra stress we didn’t need right before a move.     Their customer service sucks, and I didn’t enjoy the food very much.  I would never risk trying them again.
  12. I had a horrible experience with Hello Fresh out of Berlin.  Never again.
  13. Finding Golden retriever breeder

    Sometimes adopting dogs in Germany is hard, especially when you are an American.  Last year, my husband and I lost our beloved beagle to lymphoma.  In March of this year, we decided to try to adopt another dog.  We already knew to steer clear of the local Tierheims, because they won't allow Americans to adopt from them, thanks to the number of people affiliated with the military who have abandoned animals.  We consulted a pet rescue and were approved to adopt.   Some folks might remember what happened, since I wrote about it here.  It's a sad tale.  The dog we chose was located up north, and we live in Wiesbaden.  We had planned to go up and get him, but then COVID struck and we weren't allowed to travel.  The dog rescue hired a pet taxi to bring him to us.  The lady who drove the taxi mentioned that she'd been driving for seventeen hours as she was about to unload our new dog.  I guess she was trying to rack up a few fares before she was locked down, too.    For some reason, she didn't have the dog properly secured in a harness and took him out of the car completely unrestrained.  As she was about to slip a lasso leash over his head, the dog backed up suddenly and took off running.  Unfortunately, because he didn't know us, there was no way for us to catch him.  He ended up getting killed on the Autobahn, and we never even had the chance to pet him.  It was absolutely heartbreaking.  To make matters worse, the pet taxi driver refused to take any responsibility for the fact that the dog wasn't even leashed when she took him out of the car, and she lied to us, saying that the dog's foster mom hadn't sent him with a collar or harness (she'd tried to give the driver the equipment and, for some reason, was refused).   In a couple of weeks, we're hoping to have a new family member via an American woman who rescues dogs from Kosovo, which also has a pretty bad street dog problem.  It's taken months to get to this point, since the dog had to have a blood test and a waiting period before he could travel.  To be honest, I'm not even 100% sure it's going to go off as planned, thanks to the COVID crisis and the fact that she's bringing several dogs to their new families.  We still have our other dog, Arran, but I'm looking forward to having a new family member... first one since my husband and I married who hasn't had some beagle in him.   For sure, it would have been so much easier if we could have just adopted from a local Tierheim.  But I guess I can understand why they discriminate against Americans in some areas.  And I know that a lot of Americans will go to breeders because they get instantly rejected by many shelters simply for being American.   Edited to add:  Annnnd...  just now, I found legal paperwork for my husband to appear in court the day we would be coming home with our new pooch.  He has been called as a witness against the pet taxi driver, who is now being sued by the rescue.    
  14. How to separate and maybe divorce

    My husband’s ex wife was abusive.  He lost contact with his daughters for fifteen years.  The younger one now speaks to him and we have learned what it was like at home with her.  It was pretty horrible.     I can recommend  It’s a good community for men in abusive relationships.  
  15. I’m so sorry for your loss.  The pandemic situation just sucks on so many levels.    Peace and comfort be with you.