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  1. What is a „ Karen ?“

        That is pretty funny!   I used to teach English in Armenia and some of my pupils were very young, so I had to speak Armenian to them sometimes.  It's easy to swear by accident or say naughty words in Armenian.  I once said the word "tits" to a bunch of seven year olds when I meant to say "birds".  But that's not as bad as a woman I knew who misconstructed the irregular verb "to have", and gave a toast in Armenian.  Instead of saying "this wine will make me have boy babies", she said "this wine will make me fuck boy babies."   Luckily, the locals were understanding.  
  2. What is a „ Karen ?“

      Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know about that kind of "john".  But what about the hookers’ “johns”?  I guess your name is doubly insulting in some situations.   The hooker's john went to the john after he paid for services rendered.     
  3. What is a „ Karen ?“

        Bwahahahaha...  well, I hope you were finished enjoying your time with the hooker first.  
  4. What is a „ Karen ?“

    Yeah, I don’t like hijacking people’s names and turning them into insults.  I would rather call a snotty, entitled person an asshole.
  5. What is a „ Karen ?“

    “Karen”, “Becky”, “Susan”, and “Chad” are part of a stupid trend of using old fashioned names to perpetuate stereotypes.  It’s a habit that needs to die.  People need to go back to coming up with creative insults that don’t hijack an innocent person’s name.   And, for the record, my name is Jenny... but I am cranky and middle aged.
  6. I think warsteiner70 has given you good advice.  Although I am all for taking legal action when it’s warranted, be aware that it could take awhile, especially thanks to COVID-19.  Our case was filed last September and we didn’t get a case number until March, when everything went to shit.  I have heard that in normal times, it takes up to six months to go to court, but these aren’t normal times.  If you can, you should either go to the Mietverein or consult with a lawyer before you go ahead with it.  Hopefully, you have legal insurance.   We didn’t take legal action against our ex landlady until it became clear that she wasn’t going to cooperate or compromise AND she falsely accused us of theft, which could potentially threaten my husband’s job.  Also, she likes renting to Americans and her place is priced at a level that would be attractive to people with less money and time to fight her shenanigans.  The amount of money she withheld was significant— about 2500 euros— and the charges she claimed with mostly unsubstantiated or out of statute or just plain illegal.  We don’t actually care about the money, though.  It’s about stopping her from doing this to other people.  Too many landlords in American military communities get away with doing this shit.   Do think long and hard about whether you want to go this route.  But if you do decide to go for it, I wish you luck.  It sounds like your landlord is taking the piss, so to speak.
  7. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

      I wish you luck.  It’s been a long process for us, probably because of COVID-19.  We also reported our  ex landlady to the housing office in Stuttgart (we’re affiliated with the military).  This kind of crap is epidemic and the more people who give in to bullies, the more it will continue.  I commend you for fighting, if you can do it.  When I saw how ex landlady was acting, I got legal insurance and joined the Mieterverein.  Too many Americans won’t do that, either.  
  8. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

    Yep...  she basically said we were the worst tenants she ever had, even though she was paid early every month and my husband is one of most accommodating people I have ever met.  She also yelled at me in my own home on more than one occasion.  She had an entire month of rent for an empty place AND Nebenkosten, and still, we’re “dirtbags“.     She likes renting to Americans because we are often non-confrontational, ignorant of the language and laws, don’t tend to get insurance, and stay for a limited time.  I bet she was unpleasantly surprised that we had liability insurance...   And I’ll bet she was even more unpleasantly surprised that we had legal insurance...  (bwahahahaha). I can just picture the conniption now!   Sorry, I’m still pissed.    
  9. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

    Another thing ex landlady bitched about, even though we gave her three month’s notice and rent, but moved after two, and paid her rent AND Nebenkosten.  She was angry because we left trash in the bins, even though we paid for the privilege.  
  10. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

      Thanks.  She prefers to rent to Americans and I have a feeling she’s done this to others besides us.  The previous tenants befriended her, but were only there 18 months and I think we got blamed for things they did.  She never even did a proper check in.  She also falsely accused us of stealing a refrigerator .  We did take a fridge, but it’s ours.  I bought it because the only fridge in her house was a mini dorm style fridge that barely worked.  She accused us of dumping the mini fridge on her... even said it’s an American fridge, even though it has a European plug and is easily purchased at the Real.   We didn’t want to go to court, but we don’t want her to prey on other Americans.  COVID has everything backed up.  Thank God our current landlord is so much better.
  11. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

    Yeah, and when she got the court summons, she tried to settle with us and offer the bills in 2020 (we moved in November 2018).  The lawyer told us not to accept the settlement because she should have been presenting those bills when we were living in her house.  She basically went through the house, nitpicked every little scratch and charged us for it, claimed it wasn't clean enough, and charged us for bills that were her responsibility as well as out of statute, all because her 17 year old awning collapsed on a windy day and she blamed me for it-- claimed I was negligent because I can't predict the wind and wasn't actually sitting under the awning when it fell.  We even filed an insurance claim, but they gave her a very small settlement, so she decided to take our Kaution.   She's damned lucky that the awning didn't collapse on anyone and hurt or kill them.  I had complained about the awning leaning and rather than hire someone to fix it, she got her husband to do it.  As you can see, I'm still pretty pissed off about it.  
  12. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

    We are suing our ex landlady, in part because she never gave us Nebenkosten bills.  That actually wasn’t our complaint...she basically ripped off our Kaution over bullshit reasons.  Our lawyer told us that by not accounting for the Nebenkosten, she was breaking the law and we can ask for all of it back...  and over four years that is a lot of euros.   You might want to think about that.
  13. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    I always thought I would own a home by now, but my husband's job has forced us to move so many times that it was never feasible.  In our 18 years together, we have moved 9 times-- twice internationally.     I have no desire to be a landlady myself, and we would have had trouble getting a mortgage when we first married, so we're still renting... However, I am hoping that soon, that will change and we will eventually buy our own place.  We just have to decide where we can retire.
  14. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Ugh... sounds like our ex landlady.  We're suing her for similarly shitty behavior and because she ripped off our Kaution.   So glad we got legal insurance and joined the Mieterverein.
  15. "Please call me by my first name"

    I am American and I hate it when people I'm doing business with call me cutesy pet names like "sweetie" or "honey"...  It's common in the South, where I grew up.  Makes me cringe.  I also don't like it when they call me by my given first name, which is Jennifer.  That also makes me cringe.  If they were to ask me, I'd ask them to call me Jenny, because that's what people call me.  But, I figure if you don't know enough to call me Jenny, you should call me "Ms." or "Mrs.".  And then I'll tell you want to call me.   I agree with Keleth, though.  The polite thing to do is call people only what they wish to be called.  And to ask them which name they prefer.