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  1. Any Healthy Food Catering Service For Homes?

    I’m glad you’ve had a good experience with Hello Fresh.  I was just sharing my bad one.  And it was legitimately terrible.  Imagine opting out of a delivery service only to have it mysteriously start up again two years later.  And then then having the people who run said service blame you for their glitch!     I seriously do hope Hello Fresh has improved since I finally got them to delete my account in 2018.  If they have, and you enjoy the service, then good for you.   My husband did enjoy the convenience of it when they had recipes we both liked, but their customer service was legitimately terrible when we used it.  We don’t miss it.  Oh, and his German skills improved, due to following the recipes in German.
  2. Any Healthy Food Catering Service For Homes?

    I would NOT recommend Hello Fresh.  We used to use it, but quit due to not enjoying the meals and very poor customer service. From the get go, we had a bad time with them, when their payment system kept telling me my orders weren't going through when they really were.  I ended up with four meal boxes and three fruit boxes, and they blamed ME for it.  In spite of that mishap, we still subscribed for two years, before we finally had enough.   Two years after we canceled the service, a "glitch" in their system somehow restarted it, and we ended up with an auto-delivered box we never ordered, plus a nastygram that the payment method didn't work (because we had canceled two years prior, and the credit card expired).  It took several days of emails and phone calls before they finally deleted my account.  That situation was annoying enough, but it also happened a week before we were going to move and created stress we sure didn't need.  
  3. Toytown Forum equivalent for Italy

      Yes, of course, but finding an insurance company was the problem he explicitly mentioned.  Eventually, he got it all sorted.
  4. Toytown Forum equivalent for Italy

    My husband has a coworker who bought two apartments on the eastern side of Italy a few years ago.  It was a good deal for him.  The previous owners left all their furniture, and people in the town have kind of "adopted" them.  There were some hurdles to overcome.  Seems like the worst ones had to do with finding insurance.  Sometimes he goes down to Italy and brings back delightful wines for us.  I'm hoping we can visit... maybe we'll take the plunge, too.  
  5. I made a video for our 20th wedding anniversary...

    Thank you so much!  We went to the concert on Saturday and it was so great!  James was signing stuff and we could get very close to the stage!  I am so glad we were able to see him.  I hope it wasn’t the last time.  
  6. I made a video for our 20th wedding anniversary...

    I have been a fan of his since I was very young.  This will be my fourth time seeing him, but the first time in a somewhat intimate venue.  I think his son is also going to be there.   Thanks for checking out my video!  I really enjoyed making it.
  7. I made a video for our 20th wedding anniversary...

    Oh, that is a wonderful concert!  I love them together, especially with their original band.  That was the best era for music!
  8. I made a video for our 20th wedding anniversary...

    Thank you, both!  We are lucky enough to still really like each other after all these years.  And, of course, we love each other, too.     
  9. My husband and I are celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss on Wednesday.  Since we're going to France on that day, I decided to make a music video to commemorate the occasion a little bit early.  I actually sang on camera, which I rarely ever do...  I usually set the songs to photos.    I chose "Secret O' Life" by James Taylor because I think it's a great anniversary song, even though I used to dislike it.  Also, we have tickets to see him play in Frankfurt.  We were supposed to go last week, but he got COVID and had to postpone the show, which will happen on Saturday if he's well enough.  We were going to stay in France until Sunday, but if the show goes on, we'll come home early.  It's a really nice problem to have-- spending a Saturday night in Alsace, or in the second row of a James Taylor show...   Hope some of you enjoy...  It's the thought that counts, right?
  10. I live in Breckenheim, which is a suburb of Wiesbaden.  It’s an awesome little village, maybe 20-25 minutes from Frankfurt’s airport.  I don’t know if I would call it “affordable”.  It would depend on what that means to you, but it’s definitely a very family friendly area.  Maybe Hofheim would be a good bet, too. 
  11. Info on what animal shelters are like in Germany

    Congratulations to you and Chips!  
  12. Info on what animal shelters are like in Germany

    The rescue we tried to adopt from was called Pro Tier.  They are legit, and their dogs and cats mostly come from Sardinia.  Unfortunately, our situation ended very badly, mainly because of COVID.  We were trying to adopt just as the pandemic was starting, and had to hire a pet taxi because we weren’t allowed to travel.  They wouldn’t hold the dog for us until we could travel.     The pet taxi driver the rescue hired got him to our front door, but didn’t have the dog on a leash or in a box when she took him from the car.  He panicked and escaped, and would up a victim of the Autobahn.    That was an extraordinary situation and not the rescue’s fault.  We would try again, as long as we could get the dog ourselves.  I have also heard good things about Polis Pound out of Cyprus, but I do not have direct experience with them.
  13. Info on what animal shelters are like in Germany

    I’m so very sorry for your loss.  We lost one of our dogs to lymphoma in 2019, and now our other dog who came with us to Germany has it.  We did manage to adopt another dog from Kosovo in 2020, after a heartbreaking and disastrous attempt to get one from a German rescue.  Our Kosovo dog is a delight.   When our dog with lymphoma passes, we might just stick with one dog for awhile.     There are rescue organizations that will work with you, although that might be more expensive than adopting through a Tierheim.  We found our newer dog through Facebook.
  14. Airfryers

    We have one.  My husband uses it occasionally to cook things like fries or similar snacks.  He's also used it to make brownies to surprising success.  The only hitch we have experienced is that one of our dogs gets disoriented when we use it near him.  I did some reading on dogs and air fryers and read that in some dogs, it causes an inner ear disturbance that can, to them, make it seem like they're in a very loud environment.  Our dog was acting weird for about an hour after we used the fryer near him, so my husband uses it in our basement, where it won't bother the dog.   Our is also a Philips.     We also like our Instant Pot, although we don't use it as often as we should.  
  15. A really painful experience at the dentist!

      I am fifty years old, and I still have a baby tooth.  I lost the one above it in 2015, when it abscessed and Dr. Blair pulled it.  I suspect the one baby tooth I have left will need to come out soon, as last time I saw the dentist, he said it needed to be refilled.  I never developed permanent teeth under those teeth.  Never got wisdom teeth, either!