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  1. Can a German be rude when speaking English?

      I lived there from 1995-97, when Yerevan was much more primitive than it is now.  At that time, there were maybe 200 Americans in the whole country!  By the time I left, big changes were happening.  The biggest one was 24/7 power!  My first year, we got it two hours a day, sometimes in the middle of the night.   I haven’t been back, but I am wanting to go.  I still know people there!  
  2. Can a German be rude when speaking English?

      I lived in Armenia for two years and I can definitely attest to the difference between there and here!  
  3. Sensitive/Difficult Neighbour Complaining About Everything

      Yes, you're right!  So get the insurance before things escalate.
  4. Sensitive/Difficult Neighbour Complaining About Everything

      This is very GOOD advice.  We had issues with our ex landlady.  I could tell she was going to be a PITA when we moved out, so we got legal insurance.  Sure enough, she tried to illegally withhold our Kaution, and we used the legal insurance to sue her.  It really paid off.  It's well worth the money, if you can afford it.  Or, at the very least, join the Mietverein.
  5. In our neighborhood, there's a family that has a barn connected to their home!  I don't mind, though, because I grew up around horses and miss the smell.  When I pass their house, which is behind a tall wooden gate, I can catch a whiff of horses, if the gate is open.     Horses aren't usually as loud as sheep are, though.  I sympathize with your complaint.

      Thank you!  I think he’s a hottie, too.  Especially when he wears his kilt!  

    Last night, I got to see a video of my husband's brand new grandson, born on May 25.  He is absolutely adorable!  I made another musical recording, partly inspired by his birth, and partly inspired by our sweet pooches.
  8. Driving from Munich to Rostock - Stops suggestion

    In 2019, my husband and I drove from Gotenburg, Sweden with our new car, and our route took us to Copenhagen, Rostock, Leipzig (a fabulous stop!), and back to our home in Wiesbaden.  We stopped in Leipzig because we were attending a Mark Knopfler concert, but it was a fabulous city, maybe four hours from Rostock.  That might be a good place to stop on the way, depending on how much time you have.    
  9. The Grand ‘ol Dog thread

      Thank you very much!  I completely agree with you.  We are a very happy family, indeed.  
  10. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    Please don’t put yourself down.  You are certainly not the first person to try to ignore bad behavior to avoid things from escalating.  My husband and I both did that with our last landlady.  All it did was embolden her and put off the inevitable meltdowns and attempted Kaution extortion.     When it comes down to it, you’re not at fault when someone is being abusive, especially when they put their hands on you.  Instead of berating yourself for what you didn’t do, focus on the future and changing how you will respond now and in the future.  You can’t change the past, but you can change the future.   I’m rooting for you.
  11. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    I'm so sorry you're going through this.  It sounds like your flatmate is a classic abuser.  I see you're in Berlin, so I imagine finding affordable housing could be difficult.  The first thing I would do is put a lock on your bedroom door (assuming the landlord approves).  Next, you have to press charges next time he lays a finger on you.  Document all injuries and damages inflicted, and be sure to take photos of anything and everything he does that vexes you.  It sounds to me like you've allowed this abuse to go on for much too long, and your flatmate has the idea that he can behave like this.  It's not acceptable, even if you were just a "tenant".       I was actually a little triggered reading your post.  It reminded me of our former landlady who, thankfully never physically threatened or harmed us, but made our lives pretty miserable, nonetheless.  We did end up suing her, and we prevailed, but it was a long and aggravating fight.  I wish you luck in dealing with this situation.  It must be hell.