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  1. Active duty to SOFA status

    Are you wanting to be GS or do a contracting job?  
  2. Teenager neighbor's noise driving us nuts

    I sympathize, and I live in Wiesbaden, too.   That is very inconsiderate behavior and potentially dangerous, as well.  Hopefully, the mom will be open to a conversation about this.
  3. 2020 COVID-19

    That is hilarious!     Yesterday, our current landlord stopped by with three bottles of bubbly and a box of chocolates.  He likes dogs, too, and doesn’t act we should be grateful that he lets us rent his house.   The best revenge is living well...  and I thank God we got out of the previous hovel before the plague struck.  I would hate to deal with ex landlady in this mess.
  4. 2020 COVID-19

    This year, I lost my cousin, another cousin’s spouse, and my father in law.  None of the deaths were COVID related.   We tried to adopt a dog in March, but he ended up getting killed before we could get him into the house.  The pet taxi driver who brought him to us didn’t have him secured and he ran away.  You could say that was kind of COVID related, in that if we weren’t quarantined, we could have picked up the dog ourselves.  The pet taxi driver was later sued by the rescue organization.   But this year wasn’t all bad.  My husband went to the USA on business and got to see his younger daughter for the first time since 2004.  He met his son in law and two grandchildren.  In October, we successfully adopted a beautiful street dog from Kosovo.  My husband and I both started learning guitar.  We managed a good vacation in August, before the virus heated up too much.  And my husband’s work is still steady and he can do it from home.  I love having him around.   We also settled a lawsuit we brought against our ex landlady, although she hasn’t yet paid the settlement.  So now I have delightful visions of our lawyer enforcing the court order and making ex landlady pee her pants in a rage.
  5. Introduce yourself

    I used to have a neighbor from South Africa, when we lived near Stuttgart.  Welcome to Germany, Bird!        
  6. My former landlady never gave us our Nebenkostenabrechnung the entire four years we lived in her house.  We ended up suing her because she illegally ripped off most of our Kaution.  The fact that she never reconciled the Nebenkosten with us was one way our lawyer forced her to settle the lawsuit.  If we had gone to court and prevailed, she could have had to pay us over 9000 euros, plus the legal fees.     Of course, as it is now, we're still waiting for her to pay us the settlement she agreed to several months ago.  
  7. Recently moved to Germany - any advice?

    On personal liability insurance...  My husband and I are American and we had a mishap with an awning at our former residence.  Because the guy who used to board our dogs required pet liability insurance, we ended up buying personal liability insurance, too.  Lo and behold, we used it.  Our ex landlady was not expecting us to have it and was probably disappointed that we did, since she wanted us to buy her a new awning (she claimed 2800 euros) and the insurance would only pay for the value of her 17 year old crappy one (about 300 euros).  She made such a huge deal out of it, that we also ended up getting legal insurance (also very good to have if you aren't German, IMHO), and we used that, too, when ex landlady illegally withheld our Kaution to cover the cost of her dream awning.  I'll bet it works on remote control.  ;)   We sued her and got a settlement, which she has yet to pay...  but the point I'm making is that we've used the insurance.  It doesn't cost much and if you have a problem, you can go to them for help.  Pet liability insurance is also good to have if you have pets.  
  8. Happy news!

      Yes, because we really enjoyed living in BW.  It was our favorite duty station when my husband was in the military.  That’s why we came back after he retired.  This mess with the ex landlady really did a number on us.  It took weeks to recover from her abuse once we moved to Hesse.   Her former tenant was also in cahoots with her, harassing me online.     I don’t even care that much about the money. I am just delighted that she was held accountable.
  9. Happy news!

    Some of you might recall that my husband ended up using our legal insurance to sue our ex landlady.  She withheld 80% of our Kaution when we moved after four years in her place.  She had many complaints about how we left the house, even though she never did a check in protokol, nor did she ever do Nebenkosten reconciliation with us...     She was always cheap, but really seemed to lose it when her 17 year old awning collapsed on a windy day.  I had asked her to get it fixed and she had her husband do it instead of hiring a real repair person.  One day, it was very hot and windy and it fell apart.  She was livid and blamed me.  We filed a liability insurance claim, but the insurance only gave her 300 euros.  She kept telling us we needed to give her 2800 euros for a new awning.  We refused.   When we moved out, she charged us for all kinds of bullshit, including repairs that were beyond the statute of limitations and “professional cleaning”.  It all added up to 2500 euros.  When my husband questioned, she became a total nightmare.  She claimed we stole a refrigerator and dumped an American fridge on her, not realizing that the fridge we left was there the day we moved in and was not ours...  it was a dorm sized fridge one could buy at Real (I guess she doesn’t know the US has different plugs and voltages).  We did take a fridge, but it was ours and we could prove it.   She also had her lawyer write us a nasty, insulting letter with a lengthy diatribe about American bowel habits... which we responded to on the weekend before we lost our beagle to cancer.   Well...  yesterday, we were given the news that our case was settled in our favor and now ex landlady has to cough up a lot more money than she ripped off of us.  It wasn’t all of our Kaution, but it was most of it... and she has to pay her lawyer and 73 percent of the costs for our lawyer.   It would have worked out so much better for her if she’d just been civilized and fair.  Now, she’s going to be blacklisted from renting to Americans in the military community.     Our lawyer actually settled this in August, but we just got the news last night, because her emails weren’t getting to us.  My husband sent her a hard copy letter and she responded.  And since we haven’t been paid, my guess is that she’s about to get a nasty gram.   She did say we were the worst tenants she’d ever had.  I guess we lived up to that.  Up with legal insurance!
  10. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    You can transfer your Mieterverein membership.  We moved to Wiesbaden from Stuttgart and it was very easy to simply request a transfer of the membership to up here.
  11. Thanks everyone...

      Yes, we are planning to do the DNA test.  We'll probably do one with Arran, too.  I suspect Arran is beagle with a hefty dash of German Shorthaired Pointer, but I don't know for sure.  He was born a hunting dog in North Carolina.
  12. Thanks everyone...

    My husband says Noizy (or Noyzi if you want to spell it like they do in Kosovo) reminds him of an ostrich.  I have to agree.  He's got a very graceful gait.  When I used to show horses, we referred to the ones who moved gracefully as "good movers".  That's how I would describe Noizy, too.  <3     All week, he's stayed in his safe space corner, but sometime last night, he moved four toys to his bed.  So I think he's coming out of his shell.  I hope to have him better leash trained soon, so he can explore the environment more and impress all of the neighbors.  :D
  13. Thanks everyone...

    His rescuer had a very hard time giving him up.  I chatted with her for an hour tonight because she’s worried.   But under the circumstances, I think he’s doing well...  of course, once he’s settled, that’s when the chaos begins.
  14. Thanks everyone...

    Yes, that’s the breed.  I couldn’t remember it offhand.   He’s about two and very timid.  Poor guy submissive pees a lot.  But he’s very sweet, and I have no doubt he’ll settle down.   He’s been through a lot over the past few days.  A week ago, he was in a big pen with a bunch of dogs.   Now he’s in our house with resentful Arran.  It’s always a challenge breaking in a new dog.  
  15. Thanks everyone...

    The dog in my picture is sweet old MacGregor.  We had him the first time we were in Germany, from 07-09.  Jonny, the dog who inspired this post, reminded me so much of him.  We lost MacG in 2012, and that’s when we got Arran, who is still with us.   As for Noizy, I have no idea what he is.  He might be part Dodge Dart.   The lady who rescued him thinks he’s part Balkan Hound. She mentioned another dog— herding type— from Serbia that might be in the mix.  He looks like an enormous English Foxhound, but I doubt that’s what he is.