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  1. Krav Maga, self defense sport etc. on odd hours

    Thanks Frenchguy. This is super helpful! I hope to try it soon. 😊
  2. I'd really like to start some training and self improvement, but unfortunately with my work hours, commute and dog, it seems like almost everything of this sort is closed in Munich by the time I can be free around 8 or 9pm. I'm in Berg am Laim. I guess it is a long shot in Munich, but I thought I'd reach out in case there was anyone interested, or had any ideas. 
  3. German lessons (all levels)

    As one of Nike's students, I have to say she's an excellent teacher! In addition to using fun tools for language learning, she identified my learning style and was able incorporate it into our classes in order to keep my interest and motivate. I can't recommend her enough. :)