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  1. What about going to Westerland by train? By car it might take 10 to 12 hours one way, especially on holiday time

    rather more. By train you might also be 10 or more hours on the way, but much more relaxed.

    A car is not really needed on the island, if you like to walk or go by bike. Keitum is lovely. Westerland is imho very expensive and a how it is called in german: schickimicki.

    If it will be the right destination, depends on what you are interested in doing in your holidays and how long they are. For water sports, golf, bike riding, beach, aquarium and shopping it is okay. On Sylt appartments with a little bit of garden are really expensive. I do not know the prices from Keitum...


    The North Sea also has lovely villages on the mainland, Husum, Büsum and St. Peterording e.g. There you can have all what you have on Sylt and more. E.g. Seehundstation Friedrichskoog, Sturmflutwelt Blanker Hans (at Büsum), Multimar Wattforum, tour to the Seehundbank in the wadden sea. Btw it might be (not only) a bit cheaper. But you would need a car.


    Or the Baltic Sea. There the various possibilities are so different: museums, sports, beach life, theme parks, aquariums, shopping, city trips for a day, workshops, Piraten Open (at Grevesmühlen), Experimenta and Hochseilgarten (on Fehmarn), little zoos, Erlebnisbahn Ratzeburg (with an track motor car), Tolk-Schau (near Schleswig), Haitabu...And you also would need a car.


    And yes, the possibility to have rainy holidays is not really little. But think about this: there is no bad weather, there are only false cloths. Schleswig-Holsteiners are not always seen with umbrellas and we do like our liquid sunshine *g*